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This story is a little close to my heart because it is a non-fan fiction story based in Australia I started writing a little while back. I realised it wouldn't probably be believable as a Klaroline story based in Australia so have changed the location, but most of the content is exactly the same. I promise some very witty and sexually charged moments between our favourite two characters. Think Klaus in jeans and a checked shirt and Caroline in cowboy boots.

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Southern Comfort

Chapter 1: Long Hot Summer

June 7 2016 2:23pm (154 days until the US General Election)

Caroline Forbes watched from the window as the wide brown parcels of land passed by. She'd grown up in New York and was now living in Los Angeles so the rural surroundings were new to her. Now that she thought about it so too were small planes and she had to admit was a little unnerved by the experience.

In hindsight she really should have caught the bus even though it would have taken longer. Although she'd already been flying since early morning travelling from Los Angeles to Dallas and now she was on her way to Jefferson in Texas.

From what she'd read in preparation Jefferson was situated in Marion County in East Texas, with a total population of 3000 people something Caroline couldn't get her head around after living in such populous cities.

When she'd been approached for the job Caroline had immediately turned it down but after a messy break up with her long-term boyfriend Tyler, suddenly being in a small town far from LA had its advantages. One because her ex would be miles away and two because she could mourn in peace without her family and friends constantly asking how she was feeling.

If Caroline was being honest with herself their relationship had been over for a while but neither of them was willing to admit it. The thought of not seeing someone you'd been close to for five years was difficult but at the same time Caroline knew it was necessary.

They had been growing apart for a while and as painful as it was she knew it was right. She felt the plane rock and dug her fingernails into the hand rests trying to calm her nerves. If she'd known a tiny plane was involved maybe she wouldn't have agreed to this assignment.

Trying to keep her mind off being crammed in the twelve seat Cessna Caroline reached for her handbag and pulled out the black folder inside. She opened it up her eyes resting on the coloured head shot of Matt Donovan, the guy she was hopefully going to get elected to the US House of Representatives.

Caroline was a political adviser and spent her time coaching candidates in the run up to elections. She'd done it for a number of metropolitan based people but this was her first foray into the country, a place she wasn't familiar with and she'd be lying if it didn't worry her.

Historically Texas was a red state and although the Democrats had made some headway in recent times the current candidate in the 1st District was a popular Republican and she knew they had a huge task in front of them.

Although from all reports Matt Donovan, the blonde haired blue eyed looker with the cheeky smile in front of her was well-known and probably their best chance of beating the sitting member. Caroline knew the women would love him but he also looked like a genuinely nice guy that every male would want to be friends with too.

She turned the page looking at his biography with interest. Matt Donovan had a double degree in law and agriculture and was a member of the powerful American Farmers Federation. He had worked extensively in Dallas before inheriting the family cattle ranch, working the land and raising his young brood. She looked at his young, attractive family, Matt and his wife Lexi had three gorgeous children, Max, James and naughty looking Emma.

Caroline looked at their family photo wistfully thinking how much she'd love to have a family like that but she'd need a boyfriend to even consider the prospect and right now that seemed impossible.

Tyler had been her high school sweetheart and she thought their love was forever but over time they had both changed and the guy she fell in love with at sixteen was so different and although she hated to admit it, so had she. They both had different career and life goals and it was impossible to stay together.

After shakily getting off the plane at Cypress Airfield she noticed a waiting truck nearby. Matt had offered to pick her up and she was happy her journey was almost over. As she walked over she felt the sweat dripping from practically every pore. Los Angeles could be warm but out here the sun was scorching. Caroline had read the weather report earlier but for some reason didn't believe it was going to be 105 degrees until now that was.

Matt was resting lazily against his truck dressed in a green checked shirt, boots and jeans his beaming smile obvious from far away as he removed his large brown hat. Caroline realised she was well and truly in the country now and sub consciously looked down at her overly dressy appearance.

She wanted to impress her client and had worn her usual black skirt suit and white shirt, her matching black louboutins clicking on the runway. She smoothed out her wrinkles from the flight and sent back a smile in his direction.

"Miss Forbes I presume?" He asked opening the door as she approached. He had a warm smile and gentle eyes which she knew would be an advantage come election time.

"How did you know?"

"Truth be told you don't look like one of us Miss Forbes." He said looking down at her designer shoes grinning.

"It's Caroline." She smiled shaking his outstretched hand. "I guess I'm going to have to start dressing a bit differently."

"I have a feeling even if you did everyone would still know you're a city girl." He laughed taking her bag and placing it in the back. "That's heavy, let me guess more designer shoes?"

"You've caught me." She conceded realising her packing wasn't that practical.

"I'm sure Lexi would be more than happy to get you all decked out, she lives for shopping."

"Well that's something we both have in common."

"Before you know it you'll be a local with your jeans, cowboy boots and a Stetson." He said opening the passenger door for her.

"What's a Stetson?" She asked curiously.

"I can see I have a lot of things to teach you about the country Caroline." He joked walking to the other side of the truck.

Caroline was beginning to think he was right, she had no idea what she was getting herself into. She knew she needed a drink that much was obvious, not just to acclimatise herself but to stop herself from melting in the searing afternoon sun.

After a quick drive past some stately houses and green fields they drove through what Caroline assumed was the main street lined with cute heritage buildings pulling up outside what looked like the local pub. It was a quaint building, red bricked and covered in dark green strands of ivy.

She unstuck her sweaty legs from the car seat feeling just how much she needed a shower. Her once clean skirt was wrinkled from the journey and her blonde hair stuck to her neck and forehead. They walked inside and she noticed a few tables scattered through the middle and a long bar with numerous stools placed underneath.

"Matt how's it going? Lexi and the kids well?" A short middle aged lady inquired warmly from the bar as they approached.

"Great June, this is Caroline Forbes she'll be visiting us here for a while." You had to love small towns she thought.

"Good to meet you dear." She regarded her closely before continuing. "If you want to use the toilets they're down the hall and to the left." She asked signalling her towards the hallway. Obviously she looked as good as she felt. Caroline smiled and walked in that direction holding her hair off her neck wishing she had a band to fasten her hair. Before she could walk into the ladies room a tall figure brushed past her quickly making her stumble momentarily.

"Watch where you're going." She cried at the same time the large oaf who ran into Caroline did the same thing.

After getting over the initial shock Caroline looked upwards inhaling sharply at the six foot tall stranger who had run into her. She cranned her neck to meet his eyes and what beautiful eyes they were. Cobalt blue boring into hers, the same shade as his checked blue shirt. She took in his rough stubble cheeks and crimson lips that were curved into a cheeky grin.

This guy was an oaf but a gorgeous oaf. Caroline was immediately thrown off by his good looks and was struggling with what to say next. She didn't have to wait too long to find out.

"Are you right?" He asked cocking his left eyebrow curiously. She was surprised to hear a posh English accent emanate from his tantalising lips.

"Last time I checked you ran into me, the least you could do is apologise." She snapped unable to help herself he seemed that arrogant. Maybe she had technically not been paying attention but he didn't have to be so rude.

"Well that's your view of events love." He baulked not moving. Caroline was trying not to pass out his spicy aftershave was that overwhelming.

"Obviously you weren't taught any manners as a child."

"Oh I was but like to use them sparingly, especially when I'm not at fault." He said mockingly making her bristle further.

"There's no need to be facetious."

"Now that's a big word coming from such a little girl." He countered making her madder if that was even possible.

"Wow you're such a charmer, the girls must rush to you in droves."

"Yes it's difficult being this amazing." He drawled. Caroline couldn't believe she'd stumbled into this small town and found a guy with such an inflated ego.

"Yes it must be tough for you." She replied sarcastically. "As great as this conversation has been I've got to go."

"Probably a good idea given that panda look you've got going." Before she could object he had stalked away his scent hanging in the air.

She shook her head wondering if that actually happened and the egotistical Brit wasn't just an oasis. Caroline went into the ladies room and busied herself in front of the mirror only looking up later to realise just what the stranger had meant.

Her once straight hair was now curly and the make-up she'd applied had well and truly melted from the heat leaving a smudged trail of mascara under her eyes. She winced realising exactly how she'd looked in front of him. Caroline was always impeccable and the fact that this arrogant stranger had seen her looking less than that irked her immensely.

She determinedly wiped away the stray mascara and ran a brush through her unruly locks and applied some nearly nude Chanel lipstick, it was the best she could do for now.

"I hear you've been making friends with the locals." Matt laughed as she approached.

"I should have known you knew him." She said shaking her head at what a small town this really was.

"Going on about three years now." He smiled. "His bark is a lot worse than his bite."

"Good to know, now how about that drink?" She asked desperate to change the subject. Caroline had no intention of letting some arrogant guy from the middle of nowhere rattle her she was there for work after all, nothing else.


The Donovan ranch was a single story property with a large porch wrapping around the outside. It was framed by large green fields filled with an impressive herd of brown cattle. They stepped out of the truck and Caroline could make out three inquisitive faces peering out of the front door.

Matt smiled warmly and opened the door ruffling his son's hair and picking up his daughter in one hand. "These are my three rugrats; Max, James and Emma. Say hi to Caroline guys."

"Hi Caroline." They chimed in unison.

"Hey, your dad has told me all about you." She said knowingly. Max and James could have passed for twins with their freckled faces, sandy hair and blue eyes like their dad, Emma on the other hand had messy dark haired pigtails and expressive chocolate brown eyes.

"Are you Barbie?" She asked her eyes widening in amazement.

"Emmy this isn't Barbie, you heard your dad her name is Caroline." A voice exclaimed from the door. She looked up to see Lexi with her blonde hair and the same brown expressive eyes as Emma. "I bet you're tired from the trip?"

"You could say that." She smiled. "It's lovely to meet you all and thank you so much for letting me stay, it really wasn't necessary."

"You're helping my husband, it's the least we could do." Lexi smiled ushering her inside the house.

An open plan kitchen made way to a large lounge room with a big open fireplace and two generous looking three-seater couches. After being shown to her bedroom complete with an old fashioned four poster bed she had a much needed shower, the relief washing over her as the dirt and sweat disappeared. Caroline changed into her most practical outfit consisting of a white polo shirt and dark jeans and went to dinner.

Caroline approached the table thinking how much she missed having a big family. Dinner usually consisted of a microwaved dinner in front of the news or a quick bite out to eat with Tyler when they had time. Unlike tonight which was a table full of delicious home cooked food and a gorgeous looking family crowded around.

"I hope you're hungry, I wasn't sure what kind of food you liked but I figured everyone likes a roast." Lexi smiled the dimple in her left check accentuated.

"Oh I'm sorry, I should have told you I'm a vegetarian." She said apologetically. "But those roast vegetables look amazing."

"What's a vege thingy mum?" Max asked curiously.

"Someone who doesn't eat meat." Matt answered for her. "I don't think anyone in this entire county is a vegetarian."

"Well that's hardly surprising given we're in cattle country." She replied sitting down next to Emma who was busy stuffing mashed potatoes in her mouth.

"So Matt tells me you had a run in with Nik Mikaelson earlier." Lexi said handing her the vegetables across the table.

"Who's Nik Mikaelson?" She asked helping herself to a pile of pumpkin, carrots and peas.

"The pub?" Matt said triggering her memory, something she was trying to forget he was that infuriating.

"Oh the idiot in the blue shirt?" She asked.

"Ouch, I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of you." Matt laughed.

"Hey some manners wouldn't go astray." She spluttered blushing at the memory. It was a shame that someone that gorgeous was also that arrogant.

"And Nik is known as a ladies man around here, he must have really annoyed you."

"Well he's certainly not this lady's man." She muttered hoping she'd never have to cross paths with him again, although given the town's population was 3000 she figured unfortunately that might be a possibility.