Only drabble where SPLAT fail to defeat the Headmaster. This is his time to relish his victory.


His speech came to an end and the country was now his. Men, women and children would become his slaves and his Prefects would rule over them, making sure that they were obedient to the end. And those worthless cretins, the Immune brats, they would be under lock and key, away from his slaves who potentially could be contaminated. The brats would be his, but the sweetest prize of all would be Dinah Glass.

With Dinah on his mind, the Headmaster clapped his eyes on her. The girl, having not moved from her position, was swishing her head from right to left, brown hair springing free from behind her ears, the hair whipping through the air. He watched as nervousness dashed across her face, only to be replaced with grim determination. She was a sight to behold, eyes steely and fists clenched tightly. Dinah raced off like a whippet and the Headmaster watched the green blur speed off, smug smile unfolding across his face at the sight of her swift capture. Two teachers, stationed by the hall doors, grabbed her under her arms and the Headmaster smiled in satisfaction. His little prize was now his.

A cry rose up in the hall, and the Headmaster watched keenly at the frantic dash of Lloyd Hunter, the leader of his enemies bolting across the hall to save his foster sister. Emotions were worthless, but it intrigued the Headmaster to see this display of heroism coming from such a cautious child. Unfortunately for the eldest Hunter boy, his brave act got him nowhere as he was swiftly grabbed by his own teacher and his struggling self was brought over to Dinah.

Mandy's reaction was more interesting, as the girl froze upon seeing her friends immobilised. Expecting an easy capture, the Headmaster was astounded to see the girl kick into action. And she literally kicked. Her attackers were pounded with wild kicks as the girl desperately lashed out and the yells of pain that were heard indicated that the kicks landed hard. The girl spun round, fists flying and legs lashing. Her frenzied attack only came to an end when half of the Prefects held her in place, the three of them smirking at Mandy as she crumpled from exhaustion and shock.

The Headmaster spotted Ian grappling with Eddy Hair and speculated that the boy was attempting to break his idol free from the hypnosis. Well, he would be there forever. Eddy Hair would not be easily broken out of the hypnosis and the efforts of the Robinson boy were futile. But it was amusing to see him try, and not even those long legs of his that started pumping desperately to move himself out of the area, could save him. As children converged onto Ian, dragging him down as he yelled at the top of his lungs, the last set of brats caught his attention. So predictable they were, holding hands. It made the Headmaster want to retch. What was intriguing though, was that the boy was leading the girl to safety, not the expectations he held for the two children. Perhaps the boy had unearthed bravery at some point during his triumphant speech, but the most likely version was that the girl had forced him into 'protecting her'. He watched them at the back of the hall, wrenching at the sealed fire exit door. It had been sealed by himself earlier, as little brats fleeing that way was an action that he wanted to prohibit.

Loud screams erupted at the back of the hall, the two children trying to fend off the numerous hands tugging at their clothes and arms. In the midst of the struggle, the couple's hands were forced apart and the Headmaster smiled in victory. All six children had been caught and the entire country was under his power.

Years of planning had led him to this day, this moment.

His parents had always said that he had the potential to run the country one day.