'Skye. Skye? Are you listening to me?'

Skye sighed, before answering her frantic agent on the phone. 'Coulson, I'm fine! I just want to have some time for myself. As much as I love Ward and Trip, I'm sick of them always following me.'

'Skye.' Coulson said in a emotionless tone that warned Skye how close Coulson was to snapping. 'Ward and Trip are there for your protection. I understand you want time alone, and from now on, you will have more, but did you really have to jump out of the moving car?'

'It was slowing down,' Skye grumbled to herself. 'You know Ward would have never let me get away otherwise.'

Skye heard Coulson give a defeated sigh. 'I swear you're the reason my hair line is receding.'

Skye laughed, before replying, 'Aww AC, you love me really.'

All she heard was a muttered, 'Sure, sure,' before she said, ' I've got to go, I'll be at the hotel by 5.'

'Okay, be safe,' Coulson resigned. He had no chance of reigning in Skye this time. 'And try not to get in to too much trouble.'

Skye grinned, 'Please, I lived on these streets for six months before you picked me up. I think I can handle a few hours.'

Skye promptly hung up, and made her way around the city. Truth be told, Skye didn't mind their company. Ward and Trip were hilarious, and in their down time, they were often joined by Fitz and Simmons, Ward and Trips partners respectively. They were great to hang out with, and were the family Skye always wanted. Maybe she had lied a little to Coulson, it wasn't Trip and Ward that made her want time alone, per say.

It was the paparazzi. If she truly hated anyone, it was them. She was new to the whole 'celebrity status' thing, and they were always there, intruding on her every move. It wasn't exactly hard for them, either. With Coulson and the whole entourage, it was easy to spot that it was someone worth taking a picture of. And so, Skye had snuck away, it was much easier to blend into the busy New York streets alone.

Seemingly, Skye had underestimated the Paparazzi's ability to find a celebrity like a bloodhound, as half an hour later, Skye was met with the flashing bulbs of a dozen cameras.

Skye sighed at the Coffee she had just picked up, before dumping it in the trash, and taking off in a sprint. Typically, she was followed, and Skye took great pride of losing them, one by one, to the crowds. No one knew the streets of New York better than someone who lived on them. Despite being proud of herself, Skye couldn't help but want to storm back to the cameras and shout at them. It angered her so much, how invasive they are, how they seem to get off on causing disruption to peoples private lives. It was the one thing she hated about her job.

Pushing down the urges, Skye looked around her, and saw she was near central park. Skye smiled, before heading off in the parks direction. It used to be her favourite place to people watch. All the families, taking their children to play, and couples out for a romantic walks. Everything she never had. It filled Skye with warm wistfulness.

She soon made her way to the park, and found a bench. It was a quiet day at the park, as it was beginning to get colder and Skye snuggled in closer to her jacket as she watched the few people around her.

She had been sitting there for 10 minutes or so, before she saw a flash in the corner of her eye. Skye froze, and felt the anger rise inside her again. Standing up, abruptly, Skye looked around till she saw her, a young redhead looking down at a large camera. She was surprisingly young for the usual Paps, but Skye didn't take a moment to spare it a second thought, before she was storming towards her.

'Hey! You!'

The girl looked up in surprise. Good, Skye thought smugly, they weren't used to people calling them out. At seeing Skye striding toward her, the girl raised an eyebrow.

'You people are really sick, do you know that? You never give up, always waiting for the latest dirt to dig up on people,' Skye growled angrily.

The girl looked at Skye in confusion. 'Umm, sorry, I think you have the wrong person.'

Skye laughed incredulously. 'Are you kidding me? You're pulling that card? You people must think I'm stupid. Don't you have something better to do with you time, instead of wasting mine?'

'Look. I don't know who you are, or who you think I am, but you need to back off.' The girl was angry now, and stormed past her, brushing into Skye's side in her haste. Skye stared after her in shock, as she walked away back towards the street.

Huh, Skye thought. That didn't really go as she expected.

Skye shrugged to herself, and moved to go back to her bench, before she paused, feeling something hit her foot.

Looking down, she saw it was a wallet, on the ground. Picking it up, Skye opened it. Much to her surprise, it held a drivers licence, belonging to the girl she had just shouted at.

Natasha Romanov.

It must have fallen out her pocket when she brushed into her. Skye flicked through the rest of its contents to see if it had a number or return address. It didn't, but guilt rose in her as she found an ID card for the New York Institute of Photography.

'Shit,' Skye muttered to herself. There she went again. Jumping the gun and screaming at an innocent bystander, who just happened to have a camera.

Skye quickly picked up her bag, and looked in the direction she saw the girl heading in. Maybe she could still catch her. Hurrying in that direction, she berated herself again. This was why Coulson warned her about going out on her own.

Reaching the street, Skye saw the building she thought she saw this Natasha go into. It was a quaint little Coffee shop, mostly empty. Skye looked into the window, and thought she saw the girl in the back corner. Skye sighed, and pushed the door open, wanting to get this over with quickly.

Skye stopped to order a coffee, and as she waited, she shot a couple of glances to the girl. She was looking down at her camera, probably at what ever shot she took before Skye had interrupted her. Now that she wasn't so fuelled with misplaced anger, she took the chance to appreciate the girl. She was beautiful. There was no other word for it. Skye had been staring at her for a while before she was interrupted by a cough. Looking up, she saw that her drink was ready, and the barista was giving her a knowing smirk. He raised an eyebrow, and looked at the girl sitting in the booth. Skye gave a little shrug as if to say, 'can you blame me?' and took the coffee. Shooting a thanks to the barista that had just served her, and leaving a tip, she walked over to the girl in the corner, and slid in to the booth opposite her. The girl looked up from her camera and tensed.

'Oh, its you again. Didn't finish shouting at me?' The girl glared at her.

Skye frowned. 'Look, I'm really sorry about that. I- It was stupid and I thought you were someone else.'

The girl looked at her in disbelief, searching Skye's face for a lie. Seeming not to see one there, she relaxed slightly.

'Right, well, you can make it up to me. Pay me back for this coffee, I lost my wallet and spent my last change on this,' Natasha replied, gruffly and gesturing at her coffee.

Skye quickly said, 'Sure, of course,' and gave her a $10 bill, before suddenly exclaiming, 'Oh yeah, I completely forgot!' Skye pulled the wallet out from her pocket and slid it across to her. 'You must have dropped it earlier. Sorry, I looked inside, but the money is all there. It's Natasha, right?'

Natasha lit up, 'Oh thank god, I would be lost without that. Yeah, it's Tasha.'

Skye smiled, before saying, 'I'm Skye, and really, I'm sorry for screaming at you.'

Tasha smiled tentatively, 'Its okay, no biggie. Why'd you freak out anyway?'

Skye shifted awkwardly in her seat. 'Umm, well... I thought you were the Paparazzi again.'

Tasha laughed, and scoffed at Skye. 'Oh, and you just have Paparazzi following you around?'

Skye grinned. 'At the risk of sounding big headed, you really don't know who I am?'

Tasha frowned slightly, 'Should I? Oh god, I'm probably being really clueless. I don't really follow the whole 'whose in the papers today' thing.'

Skye laughed, throwing her head back in a way that made the breath catch in the back of Tasha's throat. 'No, its fine, great really. Its refreshing someone not knowing who I am. Nowadays, people want to get to know me for the fame, and not me. It's quite frustrating.'

Tasha grinned, before raising her camera to her face and taking a picture of Skye.

'Wha- Hey!' Skye objected, slightly surprised.

Tasha laughed, before saying, teasingly, 'What? If you're as famous as you say, this will earn me a pretty penny.'

Skye giggled, and mockingly groaned, 'Ugh, not you too.'

Tasha smiled, before saying, 'I'm sorry, I can delete it.'

Skye frowned slightly, but replied, 'No, its fine. Can I see some of your pictures?'

Tasha grinned, somewhat shyly. 'Sure, here.'

Tasha handed the camera to Skye, and she hit the view button. The first one was of her, with a look of slight surprise. It made her grin bashfully, but she swiped to the left, to see the other pictures. There was one, that Skye recognised from the park. She continued to look through them. They were breath-taking. She paused on one, of an empty Times Square.

Turning the camera to Tasha, she asked, 'How did you get this? I've never seen it so empty.'

Tasha smiled. 'I took that on Christmas day. No one is ever there, total ghost town.'

'Well, its beautiful. You're really talented.'

Tasha smiled at the compliment, and looked at Skye's face as she went back to looking at the pictures. Tasha shrugged off the urge to say something ridiculously cheesy, like 'You're the real beauty here.' That would be embarrassing. Skye pressed to the left button again, and Tasha saw her eyes widen comically, and shove the camera, face down, away from her roughly.

'What? What's wrong?' Tasha asked worriedly.

Skye let out a shaky laugh, turning bright red. 'Umm, I don't think you wanted me to see that last picture.' Skye trailed off, awkwardly.

Frowning, confused, Tasha reached the camera to see what Skye was talking about. Upon seeing the picture, she blushed furiously. It was of her, stark naked, in a very... revealing pose. 'Oh, um yeah... I forgot that was on there.'

Skye laughed again, tensely. 'Yeah, I don't suppose you generally go round showing your nudes to every stranger you meet.'

Almost forgetting the situation, Tasha quipped back, 'Oh, only the pretty ones.'

Skye blushed harder, but had a slight smirk, letting Tasha know she hadn't completely embarrassed herself.

'Look, that picture-' Tasha began, before Skye interrupted her. 'Hey, its fine, you don't need to explain your self to me. We all do it at some point or another.'

Skye smiled reassuringly, but Tasha shook her head. 'No, really. Its not what it looks like. My room mate is doing a human anatomy project. She couldn't find a model so I said I would do it. I though I deleted them all.'

Skye grinned, and raised her hands in defence. 'Okay, okay, I believe you.'

Tasha narrowed her eyes, slightly. 'You're teasing me.'

Skye put her hand to her chest in mock indignation. 'Who? Me?'

Tasha laughed, but stopped when she saw the clock on the wall of the café. 'Shit! Is that the time?'

Skye looked at her phone, and said, 'Yeah, Its 4:30.'

Tasha frowned, and picked up her bag and camera. 'I got to run. It was nice meeting you, Skye... Well, at least the second time.' Tasha ended with a smirk and a teasing tone.

'Ahh, you're never gunna let me forget that are you?' Skye half grumbled. 'It was nice meeting you too.'

Tasha laughed, and shot a goodbye to Skye, before rushing out of the coffee shop.

Skye smiled slightly to herself, before realising she should probably head back to the hotel. With a resigned sigh, she got up from the booth, and headed to the exit.

Just as she was marvelling at the fact that she had evaded the paparazzi for the past couple of hours, she was faced with a burst of flashing bulbs, and the clamouring of shouts. Spoke to soon.

Skye groaned, and took of at a run, back towards the park. She could hear the thundering of footsteps behind her, as she shot around a corner. Almost immediately, she cannonballed into the back of someone.

'Fuck,' she exclaimed, as she tried to stop them both from falling.

Turning to see who had almost knocked her over, Tasha's eyes widened at seeing Skye.

'This is really becoming a habit of yours, huh?'

Skye placed her hands on her knees, breathlessly.

'Sorry... Running from.. The paparazzi... Again.'

Almost as if to punctuate what she said, they heard the footsteps of a dozen or so people fast approaching.

Tasha's eyes widened, before she said, 'Quick, take your jacket off.'

Skye did what she said, unquestioningly, and Tasha dropped it to the floor.

'Now what?' Skye asked, still slightly breathless.

'Now kiss me.'

Skye looked at her in surprise, 'What-' Before Skye could finish speaking, Tasha launched herself at her, surging into a kiss.

Skye squeaked in surprise, but after the shock wore off, she returned the motion against Tasha's lips. It was none to soon, as the second the kiss deepened, a crowd of men clutching cameras careened around the corner. They barely gave them a glance as they hurtled past them, down the path.

This occurred all at the back of Skye's mind as she was solely focused on the woman in front of her. Skye felt Tasha trace her tongue across the bottom of her lip, and parted her mouth slightly, allowing her entrance. She let out a moan, feeling it reverberate between the two, as they danced in a swirl of tongues. Tasha pulled Skye closer, from her grip on Skye's hips, till there bodies were flushed together. Skye trailed her hands up, one resting on the nape of Tasha's neck, and the other tangled into her hair.

After what seemed like a lifetime, and altogether too soon, Tasha pulled away. Skye removed her hands away from Tasha's head and placed them on her biceps, but Tasha's hands remained surely on her hips.

'Whoa,' Skye whispered.

Tasha smiled, 'I know.'

'You kiss every stranger you meet?' Skye asked breathlessly.

'Only the pretty ones,' Tasha joked, remembering her words from earlier. 'Public displays of affection make people very uncomfortable,' Tasha reasoned, in a serious explanation.

Skye smirked, 'You didn't seem very uncomfortable.'

Tasha didn't hear the words, she was too busy staring at Skye's lips, in that smirk that made Tasha want to melt. Without thinking, she surged forward and once again, kissed her. Skye reacted in surprise, although, it didn't take long for Skye to react this time. Skye melted into the kiss, immediately pulling Tasha closer, and nipping at her bottom lip. Tasha gasped, and Skye took that opportunity to slip her tongue in, exploring her mouth.

Regrettably, they eventually had to pull away, and Skye grinned, nervously.

'There wasn't any paparazzi to hide from that time, Tasha,' Skye pointed out, smugly.

Tasha smirked, before she muttered, 'Well, yeah. That one was for me.'

Skye laughed, and pecked Tasha on the lips, before asking, some what regrettably, 'Weren't you going somewhere?'

Tasha frowned, and replied, 'What? Yeah, I was headed to my friends, I actually really have to go now.'

Skye pouted, before reaching into Tasha's back pocket for her phone, where she had seen Tasha place it. If she happened to linger slightly, well, who could blame her?'

Quickly turning it on, Skye put her number in to a new contact, and placed it back into Tasha's back pocket. Again, who could blame her?

With another quick peck, she whispered, her words ghosting over Tasha's lips, 'Call me sometime.'

And with that, she pulled away, taking off down the path, and leaving Tasha staring after her. It wasn't till Skye was half way back to the Hotel, that she felt her phone vibrate.

You totally felt up my ass ;)

Skye laughed, and saved the contact as Tasha, before replying, 'Who, me?'

If Coulson or the others noticed the ridiculous grin on Skye's face when she returned to the hotel, no one mentioned it.

And when she went to an interview later that evening, and the interviewer asked, 'So, Skye, is there a lucky fella in the picture?' Skye just smirked knowingly, and replied, 'Oh, not quite.'

Hey, so I'm not sure if this should be a oneshot, or if I should continue with this. Depending on the reception this gets, I'll decide whether I will continue. I hope you liked it.