Despite Natasha's hints about what would happen on their third date, their relationship - the physical one, at least - hadn't made much progression. As the third date, and the fourth, the fifth, sixth, seventh date passed, it seemed to have come to a standstill. Not through lack of trying either. It just seemed that they barely had time to fit in a few coffee dates and the occasional dinner as their lives picked up speed.

Due to the euphoria of seeing Natasha, touching, feeling, kissing her, a spark had lit her muse into overdrive, long writing sessions spewed out a half dozen songs in the month that had passed. The hours spent waxing poetic about the vibrancy of her hair, the emerald of her eyes, the taste of her lips, the feelings she inspired within Skye lent to even longer hours in the studio. Melinda May was as good as the industry famed her for, and once she had escaped the heteronormativity of her previous label, she had the freedom to create as she was wont to do. Her style had removed slightly from the preppy up-beat of her single debut and had moved further into her own style with a heavier guitar and bass and less of the synth and techno. Her music felt like her. Part of Skye worried that she was too far removed from what had originally drawn in her fanbase but she knew that they wouldn't be her fanbase if the music wasn't truly a representation of her.

Whilst Skye's career went into overdrive, Natasha's course load also increased. She was moving into the last stages of her degree, putting together her final portfolio of her photography and writing more essays on various case studies and design themes and styles. She had also taken more work hours at the gym, due to a pregnant co-worker and an unfortunate incident in the ring that lead to another employee with a cast and a strict six-week ban on all strenuous activity. Whilst she welcomed the extra pay check, it was exhausting balancing school with a practically full-time job and a budding relationship. Luckily most of the school work could be done electronically but it still meant that the coinciding free time between the two was severely diminished.

However, they made it work. Quick coffee breaks every couple of days, long message threads and almost nightly phone calls was slowly but surely building their relationship over the course of the busy month.

It was on one of Skye's rare few free afternoons a month later that she saw Natasha for longer than an hour. It was a Saturday, and she had finally been released from the studio with a non-expression from May that she was sure meant a job well done and a pat on the back from Coulson. She was quickly on her way back to her hotel, relaxing in the back of Coulson's work car - not lola - with Trip and and Ward.

"Jheez Girl, I was starting to think May busted out some ninja knowhow and killed you!" Trip exclaimed with a impish grin. Skye chuckled quietly, it was no exaggeration. With the lack of public appearances and travelling straight from her hotel to the studio, she had barely seen her two bodyguards turned best friends for what seemed like weeks.

Skye felt Ward silently laugh from beneath her, slouched over his side as she was. "Fitz and I were thinking about seeing the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie tonight, I think he was speaking to Simmons about joining as well?' He directed the last part and Trip who nodded with a smile. "You're free to join if you want."

Skye had been looking forward to seeing it, Skye mentally debated, but part of her really wasn't looking forward to spending the evening as a fifth wheel on the two couples. Honestly, all she wanted was to feel Natasha. It had been too long since she had held her hand, let alone kissed her.

"You know what, guys, all I really want is a night in with take out and longer than 4 hours of sleep. I think I'll pass on the movie night."

The boys both hummed in agreement, as Skye snuggled closer into Wards side. She was already half asleep.

"Tell Fitzsimmons I say hey," Skye mumbled into Ward's shoulder. "And you better not give me spoilers or I'll jump out of a moving car on your watch again." There were more chuckles from the boys at Skye's sleepy declaration, Coulson's clear look of disapproval in the rearview mirror going ignored. Before long they were at the hotel where they escorted Skye to her room and left with a hug and plans for breakfast the next day.

Changing into sweats and an old flannel shirt, Skye lounged around her suit in boredom. She lasted a half-hour before she reached her phone and went to her most recent contacts.

To Tasha ;) : I know you're doing school stuff but can I come over?

To Tasha ;) : I promise I wont distract you, I just want to feel you next to me

To Tasha ;) : I miss you

Skye cringed at how needy she sounded, but she blamed how tired she was. Nothing would be more perfect right now than to be curled up next to her Tasha as she worked on school stuff. They wouldn't even need to talk. Being there would be enough. God, where had that come from? Her Tasha? She needed coffee, stat, before she went and did something stupid like declaring her undying love for her.

She was interrupted from her musing by a text tone, and she quickly snatched her phone, almost dropping it in her haste to read the text.

From Tasha ;) : That sounds perfect. I miss you too :*

The text was followed with an address downtown not too far away.

To Tasha ;) : See you in 20 xx

From Skye :* : Buzz me up x

Natasha smiled at the text and quickly shut her laptop, getting up to do as the text asked. She felt a flutter of nerves as she hit the buzzer, waiting by the door for Skye to arrive. It felt like forever since she'd seen Skye. She didn't have to wait long before there was a knock at the door. Flinging the door open, she ignored Skye's surprise before grabbing her and pulling her into a hug. They stood there for a minute, just sharing each others space, revealing in the feeling of one against the other. This. This was what she was missing.

It had been a long time since she had felt anything remotely similar to this. Sure, she's had relationships in the past few years, but nothing had felt so… right, in a long time. Not since the days of high school romances where you couldn't get enough of each other and it seemed like true love. Not to say she loved Skye, it was still early days, but nothing had ever felt like it was leading up to the possibility, so quickly. They just clicked.

Eventually, they had to separate, they couldn't stay in the doorway forever. Natasha pulled away, bringing her palm to Skye's cheek, staring at her face as if it would disappear.

"I missed you,' she sighed, changing her grip to Skye's neck and pulling her in for a soft kiss. All tension of the past week seemed to leave her at the taste of her lips. She pulled Skye's bottom lip between her own and gently suckled chastely, before finally stepping away.

"I missed you too," Skye softly replied, hands squeezing briefly on Natasha's hips before letting them drop to her sides. "So much."

With a smile, Natasha pulled Skye further into the apartment, kicking the door behind her as she went. She watched as Skye took her first glimpse of her home, from the ratty craigslist couch, and the pile of dishes in the sink and the godawful colour of the walls. It was the best three barely adult part-timers still in education could afford but Skye looked at it like it was a palace. Skye saw the photos on the walls and the well loved books and the hand-knit blankets and thought it felt like home. It warmed Natasha's heart, the leather clad, tattoo riddled, self proclaimed badass with multiple blackbelts turned soft by that small wistful smile of Skye's. Yeah, she was a goner.

"So, we have the place to ourselves. Maria's working and Clint's on a date." Part of Natasha wanted to blow off finishing her essay and just revel in being with Skye, but she knew if she didn't finish it now, it wasn't getting done before the due date on Monday, so with a sigh, she led Skye to the couch where her laptop sat. "I have another hour or so on this but then I'm yours. Is that okay?"

Skye grinned, "Of course thats okay. I promised no distractions and honestly, I'm probably just going to nap for the next hour. It's been a long few weeks." And nap she did. Within five minutes of getting comfortable, feet tucked into the edge of the cushions, knit blanket draped over her, head on Natasha's shoulder and a hand clutching the back of her shirt as if afraid she might leave, Skye was out.

Despite promising no distractions, Natasha couldn't help pausing every now and then to look at Skye. She looked so… young and soft. Natasha had leant that whilst Skye often came off as witty and energetic and happy, a lot of that hid the hard side of her, Natasha wasn't a fool to think that Skye had an easy childhood. Skye had freely told her about living in her van, about those few months before then where she didn't have even that luxury. That wasn't even touching the nightmare that was Child Services. There was a brief time in Natasha's life, she had just testified against the Russian gangs who had murdered her parents and all but pillaged her town, and before her Aunt Peggy and Angie got the approval to adopt her, where she stayed in an orphanage. She was new to America, barely spoke passable English, and was still recovering from living in constant fear from the gangs. To say the Child Services system was unpleasant for her was an understatement. That was only for 3 weeks. Natasha couldn't imagine the horrors that came from surviving it for 17 years. So no, Natasha was no fool. Behind Skye's sarcasm and pretty doe eyes, was a fighter. But to see her so soft, so peaceful as she slept, safe in the comfort of Natasha's proximity almost brought tears to her eyes.

God, she was turning into such a sap.

Natasha forced herself to finish her work, a tedious task but one she finished faster than expected - sure, she might have half assed the conclusion but who reads those anyway? Pleased with herself, Natasha sank into Skye, content to just sit there for a few moments. With a quick look at the time, she realised it was probably time to eat something. She briefly debated waking Skye up to decide on something, but quickly threw the thought away. Skye had been working non-stop, barely taking time for herself. Natasha figured she deserved a little longer to sleep. Pulling her laptop from where she had put it aside, she opened it and quickly ordered some food. From a previous, spirited conversation about the merits of pineapples on pizza - Skye swore by it, but Natasha wasn't sold. She had never tried it but the though seemed ridiculous - she knew Skye's favourite.

The wait was spent snuggled with Skye and checking in with her roommates. Apparently Clint's date hadn't gone well. He was spending the evening drinking away his sorrows at a local college bar, Maria had followed him after work to make sure he didn't do something stupid….again, and keeping him far, far away from any form of dart or projectile. Natasha was suddenly very thankful she had told them about that essay she needed to finish and omitted the fact that she was already done. She didn't think Clint would appreciate the fact that she was currently cuddled up with a beautiful woman, with pizza on the way and a high chance of making out and heavy petting. Yeah, there was no chance she was ruining her evening telling him that.

Just as she had that thought, her buzzer went off, signalling the arrival of the pizza guy. She gently moved Skye so she was leant against the back of the couch rather than on top of her, and hurried to let the delivery guy up before he pressed the buzzer again and risked waking Skye up. Mission successful, she waited in the open doorway, so when the pizza arrived there wouldn't be any loud knocking. Mission successful, pizza paid for and drinks made, Tasha set everything on the table and returned to Skye.

"Hey, Skye," Natasha gently shook her shoulder, resulting in a nonsensical mumble followed by a moan and the most adorable pout. "Come on, Skye. I have pizza."

Eyes still closed, Skye perked up noticeably. "Pizza?"

"Mmmhmm," Natasha chuckled, "Yep, fresh pizza from that place you like."

With a groan of defeat, Skye blearily opened her eyes and squinted up at Natasha. "Pizza?" She repeated, dumbly.

"Yes, you goof, now come sit up so you can actually eat." With a nudge from Natasha, Skye finally sat up, visibly brightened at the sight of her favourite pizza.

"You, Natasha Romanov, are an actual goddess." Skye moaned happily, snagging a slice from the table and shoved what looked like half of it in her mouth.

"Oh, I see how it is," Natasha teased, reaching for a slice of her own, "You only want me for the food provided."

"Mmmmmmm," Skye hummed in food induced happiness.

Natasha pulled a look of mock-indignation. "Hey! You're not supposed to agree! See if I ever buy you food again!"

Skye gave an exaggerated gasp, putting her slice down. "Nooooooo!" Skye threw herself on Natasha, leaving small kisses all over her face, apologising after each one.

"Skye!" Natasha shrieked, trying to shove her off whist simultaneously rubbing away the pizza grease left behind from the kisses. Finally, Natasha managed to shove Skye away, tackling her on her back and pinning her arms. They both stared at each other for a second before they both burst into laughter, Natasha still on top of skye, both shaking with laughter. Once the giggles receded, Skye looked up at Natasha through her lashes, exaggerated pout in full force.

"Forgive me?" A flutter of those lashes followed.

Natasha sighed dramatically, sinking down onto Skye with her chin rested on her collarbone.

"I forgive you… You big goof. Now come on, lets see whats on netflix."

Two hours later, the pizza was gone, and they had shifted so Skye was seated against the arm of the couch with Natasha lying with her head in her lap. Skye's hand was slowly running through the soft tresses of Natasha's hair, melting her to soft putty under her fingers. Both had their eyes were fixed on the TV, watching reruns of Buffy. Neither spoke, only releasing a loud exhale of air whenever something particularly funny happened. They were content to just be together.

About halfway through the episode, Natasha's phone chimed with a flurry of texts. Skye simply raised a brow in question. Natasha pulled her phone from the table and checked the notifications.

"It's Clint. I… I don't even know what thats supposed to mean…" Natasha tilted the screen to show Skye who chuckled at the gibberish. Another chime, this time from Maria.

"Maria says they're on their way home. Clint's absolutely pissed…. Huh, he apparently lost his shoes. How even…?"Natasha started to type a reply before pausing and erasing the text. "You know, I don't even want to know." Natasha looked up to Skye who was still chuckling. "So, how'd'you feel about meeting my best friends? Clint probably won't notice but Maria is relatively sober."

Skye nodded along with Natasha's words, "Yeah, I'd love to meet them. You said that Maria's actually your adopted sister?" A hum of acknowledgement came from Natasha. "How'd you meet Clint?"

"The Circus," came Natasha's quick, nonchalant reply.

"The… The Circus?"

Natasha grinned, "Yep, although that story's gunna have to happen at a later date, Clint and Maria are outside. How'd you feel about messing with a drunken idiot?" The grin turned practically cheshire-like and Skye couldn't help but agree.

Natasha quickly got up from Skye's lap and sat across from her, "Put your feet on the table. Don't react," was the only warning Skye got before the sound of keys in the door were heard and the door swung open.

" - 'm tell'n yaa, ah could'a taken 'im, mm tell'n ya. Dick'ead tryn' ta slap ya ass," the slurred ramblings came through the door, followed by a heavily inebriated Clint hanging off Maria's haggard shoulders.

"I'm sure you could, buddy," Maria placated, "but we like that bar, we do not like getting kicked out of said bar."

" 'Mm protectin ya honour," came Clints response, before they entered the living area and came upon the two women, barely holding on from laughing. "Oh, N'tasha! You m'ssed it. Some dickhole tried'ta- Woooah, wha? Skye!?"

Skye didn't even look up from the television screen, whilst Maria stifled a giggle.

"Wha ya'do'n here?" Clint let go of Maria's shoulder and reached towards Skye. "C'nn I get 'n autogra-" Clint's words were cut of as he suddenly lurched forward, dropping to the floor. They couldn't hold it anymore, all three women burst into raucous laughter.

Clint could barely manage an " 'm I dreaming'?" unheard through the laughter, before he promptly passed out.

Hawkeye_Barton : Had the weirdest dream that ItIsI_Skye was in my apartment watching Buffy with my roommate #ShitIDreamAbout #IWish

*Favourited by ItIsI_Skye*

DM sent from ItIsI_Skye: But was it dream though?

DM sent from ItIsI_Skye: [Image attached]

Clint stared in confusion at the selfie Skye - The Skye - had sent him. The Skye shouldn't even know he existed, so why was he staring at a selfie of Skye, tongue hanging out, next to a passed out Clint, with the words 'Uh oh' scrawled across his forehead. It was a dream. It was supposed to be an alcohol-induced, not at all real, dream! What-

DM sent from ItIsI_Skye: Just incase you were wondering who Tasha's mysterious girl was…. :P


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