Hello Madness, Meet Crazy

A/N: This is the opening chapter to an old story I have yet to finish. Rereading it I felt it was was a shame to keep it all to myself so I'm posting it here in hopes others find enjoyment in as well.

Chapter One: First Love

The joyous clamour of the academy's class room came to an echoing silence upon her entry. She was not supposed to be there, that is what the students had been told anyway. Even Iruka-sensei at the front of the class looked alarmed and stunned by her arrival; she favoured him with a light wispy smile.

"N..naruko I heard you..." He began with astonishment and a mixture of horror.

"Had an accident?" She finished for him... it had been no accident. "I did, but I'm fine now. I'm returning to class."

"I..I see." Iruka at a loss could only go along with her flow as she closed the classroom door behind her and strolled across the room scaling the stairs to an open seat. Hoarse and fevered whispers popped up all around and as her eyes met those she passed, they turned away paler and more timid then before. Even they knew the truth behind her 'accident' and could not bring themselves to look her in the eye.

Taking a seat she didn't even take note of who it was by, instead focused purely on maintain her wispy smile as she stared down at the front of the class where Iruka stood sweating with guilt. Through her eyes she called him out. 'I know it was you, you're the one that did this to me Iruka-sensei. My Iruka-Sensei... you were the one who tried to kill me... Iruka-Sensei... should I try and kill you in return?'

"Ten minutes free study!" Iruka announced loudly, white knuckled hands gripping either side of his teacher's podium before he briskly retreated from the room. The silence that remained after his departure was deeper and emptier then the dead gaze in her eyes. No one whispered now, no one even breathed. The tension... oh the sweet tension... it was bliss.

Less than five minutes passed before the classroom door clattered open, Iruka had returned, but not alone. In tow were a pair of jonin going by their uniforms and only one of them spoke. It was the spiky silver haired cyclopes... he had a dangerous smell about him.

"Naruko." He called her by name. "It seems you have been in an accident. That's a lot of blood." Sure enough painted from head to toe Naruko was splattered with recently spilt blood. It splashed her outfit, her face, and even dripped from her messy blond hair.

"It's not mine." She sharply defended, as if it being hers was some sort of crime. The tension raised a few notches again while she glared down at the men. 'Are you here to try your luck as well?' She asked the cyclops with her eyes, but all she got in return was an unwavering unreadable stare.

"Well that's good." Came the completely unexpected response. So unexpected that she straightened in her seat with surprise. It put her off balance... and her confidence drained away as the man made a move. He crossed the room in an almost lazy manner, scaling the stairs with hands in his pockets... his one visible eye never leaving her own.

'What are you planning?' She demanded with her glare... a glare that deepened and grew more hostile with every step of the man's approach. Suddenly he was there, beside her, and she realized just how tall he was. It almost hurt her neck to stare up so high... was he really so tall, or did she just feel so small? She was ready for him though, whatever he did, she was ready.

'Make a move, try it... see this blood? Yours will be next. Just try something and...' She blinked astonished... feeling the man's hand patting her on the head. When did his hand leave his pocket...? She hadn't noticed.

"It must have been rough." Was all he said... his eyes steeled from emotion. This man... he could kill her at any time. She knew that now and something told her, something in his eyes, that he had no intentions of doing so. She didn't understand, she didn't know why, the confusion was killing her... the frustration unbearable. So she cried.

Without shame, without guile, she began to cry. Like a new born baby she sat there surrounded by her peers, covered in the blood of failed assassins, and cried because for the first time in her life she didn't know what to do. Maybe he was a father, a compassionate man, or just playing some unknown angle... but whatever his reasons Naruko felt unthreatened by the cyclopse and his soothing touch brushed away all the defiance she had built.

She did not protest, not even recoil, as the man bent low and collected her in his arms. Carrying her away bridal style down the stairs and from the class. The other jonin followed with Iruka-sensei remaining behind with the class. It didn't matter where they went, what the man's intentions were, nothing mattered in the world for her at that moment because for the first time... she felt safe. The hospital... she could have guessed.

The stroll had been long; the cyclops had taken his time. By the time they arrived Naruko had become listless and calm, a ragdoll cradled in the man's arm... breathing in his scent and feeling warmth she had never known before. After the heat of his arms, the hospital bed felt like ice against her skin. Nurses buzzed about cutting and tearing her cloths from her, washing away the blood that smeared her... looking for the injuries might be hidden beneath.

She stared up, a spectator of the whole event, eyes never leaving the cyclopse. Exposed, she was completely exposed and though just a child, she wondered... did her smallish breasts draw the man's eyes? A girlish thought, her first... she wanted to thank this man for his compassion, for his kindness. 'Look at me, if it's you... I don't mind. I don't mind if you see my everything...' She felt flushed... was this what first love was like?

If her undeveloped body had any effect on him, he was gentlemanly enough not to announce it. A pin prick then... she broke her gaze with 'her man' a moment to peer right were a nurse slipped an IV into her arm. The young woman smiled behind her surgical mask, eyes glowing with kindness, she looked back at her man when she felt his hand once more upon her head. She melted...

His hand so large, so strong. This was the hand of a man, the hand of strength. He soothed her and caressed her telling her through his actions that she was okay, that everything was okay. She closed her eyes as tears built again... why was he so kind, why wasn't he like the rest? She could feel his pain, his hand betraying the feelings he refused to show on his face. 'It's all right, It's all over now...' she read and found herself wonder how it could be over. Even if she survived today... tomorrow 'they' would try again. But the hand was confident... certain. 'Safe... no more pain... no more..'

Her eyes snapped open violent and horrified jerking to the right, to the IV. What followed through it was not a clear untainted fluid, but a dark green filth that was already filling her veins. Before she could even open her mouth the scream she was silenced and pinned as the man's arm fell across her throat holding her down, her forehead gripped crushing her head deep into the pillow. She tried to flail but the kind eyed nurse's hands were like a vice grip around her arm holding the IV in.

"Her legs!" The Cyclops hastily commanded as Naurko clipped another nurse in the face with her heel. The woman stumbled back, nose exploding with crimson... but she lunged back throwing herself across Naruko's legs hugging her thighs still.

Naruko screamed and screamed. She could feel it, feel it with every beat of her rapid panicked heart, the poison being sucked up into her veins and pushed throughout her body. Her panic only aided their agenda, her own heartbeat driving her ever closer to death... doing their work for them. Her eyes grew blood shot with insanity, staring at the iv through a split in Cyclops's fingers that splayed over her eyes. The fluid flowed... flowed so steadily and rapidly.

'No... no no. I don't want to die. I don't want to die like this. Their raping me... their violating me. Stop it! stop it! stop it! STOP IT!' Filled with such abject horror, such pure terror something inside her broke... and all hell broke loose. Blood, sweet crimson blood soared through the air along with the bodies that sprayed it. Like a roar from a great squall, death flowed through the room piercing through everything it touched.

A latticework of glowing white hot chakra chains filled the room end to end, cross crossing imbedded in floor, ceiling, walls, and human body alike. The nurses, there had been four in all, pinned to walls and ceiling with the chains driven through them. Still alive, each and every one, they screamed shrill and alarmed grasping at the chains. The pain... it must have been exquisite, but it was not to last as the chains coiled and pulled apart taking with them the limbs and chucks of flesh... Human bodies exploded in geysers of gory mist and painted the room in her favorite color.

To her left the cyclopse hung suspended, wrapped in chains that formed a mocking imitation of something far more intimate. She was free... and her hand wrenched the poisoned iv from her arm... the wound it left behind leaking the green sludge. Staring she felt sick, physically, emotionally, they had put their poison inside her... and she could never take it back out.

"N..Naruko." The Cyclops hoarsely wheezed. Two chains were torn through his chest where he hung spread eagle. There was no blood, none but the blood he choked up under the duress of the chakra that filled him. A sharp withdraw of the chains could tear him open and spill out his insides... but she held back such an intent. The chains remained incorporeal... like limbs of a ghost reaching through the man she had so recently felt such great attachment to.

She felt dizzy, it was not the poison. For a moment, such a short fleeting moment, had she felt love? At the moment she was most vulnerable he had had taken advantage of her... given her what she needed... what she longed for and in the next moment... took it all away... raping her. 'Betrayer... betrayer!' She screamed in her mind before doubled forward to vomited... that had been the poison.

She glared at him through bloodshot eyes, the whites of her eyes growing bloodied as the poison ate away at her insides. They knew she was not easy to kill, knew a simple poison might not work. So what was this, what had they done to her? It felt like hell itself... beginning as an itch, a pain, then a fire... a roaring endless fire that clawed its way through her veins and dug deep into every inch of her being. She was dying... and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

"W..why...? Why?" She found herself pleading like the scared little girl she was, doubled forward in bed clutching her abdomen which cramped and felt like it was liquefying. The pain... it was beyond imagining. So deep inside in the very core of her body everything cried out. It lacked the raw sting of a flesh wound, the stark urgency of being set a blaze... but all the same she felt herself dying cell by cell.

"Because..." The Cyclops responded raggedy, a tone of hurtful sympathy. "...you are a danger to the village."

"A danger!?" Naruko grit through her tears. She had known it all along, they feared her... everyone feared her. It was because she was strong... so strong. But why, why did that make her a danger? Why did they have to kill her, why... did they have to betray her!? "I.. don't want to die... I don't want to die!" She sobbed like a child with a tantrum, her wails pure and innocent broken by the rising screams of the agony inside as her body began to twist and jerk in reaction to the deadly poison.

"I'm... sorry." Cyclopse breathed and offered no more words as Naruko's voice grew shrill and progressively weaker... the light slowly fading from her eyes. Her chain's relaxed... slowly reeling themselves back within her back where their links protruded. The latticework melting away till with meaty thumps the dismembered bodies of the nurses hit the floor and a soft splash as the cyclops's knees hit the bloody lake that surrounded the hospital bed.

There was confusion in his eyes as he stared into Naruko's darkening sight. Why was she letting him live? It was simple wasn't it... because for a moment no matter how short. He had made her feel that one moment of happiness that she had never experienced before. Even if it was a lie, even if it was all a betrayal, that feeling... she would spare his life because of it. Darkness fell over the room as her vision left her, her breath growing short and weak. Her eyes closed... and as consciousness left her she never expecting to wake.

"Kakashi!" The second jonin cried as he burst into the room. He had been ordered to remain outside in case of a failure, in case something had gone wrong. He rushed to Kakashi's side, but stilled staring at Naruko who lay crumpled over and seemingly dead in the hospital bed. "Is she?"

"No." Kakashi warned. "Not yet." The man swallowed a lump in his throat, ignoring the steady rain of gore that dripped off the ceiling. He reached for a kuna... "No! Wait!" Kakashi shouted, arm flinging out to clasp over the man's hand and keep the weapon sheathed. It had been just in time too as Naruko's back gave a violent and bright warning glow. "Her power is still protecting her, if we try and act now it will kill us both."

"What do we do?" The man strained, knuckles growing white as he gripped the kuna he was unable to retrieve.

"We prey the poison does its job."

"And if it doesn't?" The man feared, and Kakashi could not answer. He shared the exact same question. If they failed, it might just mean the end of the village for everyone. It was a cruel thing to kill a child, an almost impossible obligation. But as he looked around the room at the carnage she was capable of inflicting... even at this age, he despaired. There had been no other choice, she was too dangerous to let live.

'Please die Naruko.' Kakashi pleaded internally waiting for Naruko's end. 'Please die for the sake of our village.'