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In the middle of a dense forest there was a huge river flowing through it. It made a magnificent scene with ferocious torrents of the river with dark clouds thundering in the twilight sky. But three brothers standing at the bank of the river didn't have time to appreciate the view.

The middle of them gazed up at the sky and the surrounding forest, "We are in the right direction. We must cross the river to continue further."

The eldest answered, "Than let's continue or are you afraid of a little river?"

The youngest snorted at that, "Don't be an idiot. We'll surely drown especially if the sky starts pouring down."

The middle one was gazing backwards towards the way they just came from, "Going back is not an option."

The eldest looked offended, "Gryffindors don't back down". While the youngest moved forward and with a skilled move of his hand he created a bridge to appear on the river. He turned to his brothers and with an exaggerated bow indicated them to move forward. The eldest muttered under his breath, "Stop showing off you little upstart" but moved forward non the less and the younger ones followed him.

As they reached the middle of the bridge, right above the river, the eldest stopped and the other two stopped as well because they too sensed what the eldest was sensing. The river was flowing as ferociously as before but the rest of the forest had gone strangely silent. Not even a bird was chirping or cricket was heard. Actually they couldn't find any animal life around the river at all. Not even a stray bird in the sky. Like all of them fled the forest in fear of something. All they could hear was rustling of the leaves. Even the thundering sky had gone silent.

All of them could feel the strange powerful presence around them. They looked at each other but couldn't decide what to do. As the eldest prepared to move forward regardless of whatever supranatural power around them, a lone hooded figure clothed in a black cloak as dark as night appeared infront of them blocking their way. They couldn't see its face nor could they discern if it was a man or woman.

The eldest hesitated just a moment before asking, "Who are you?"

But instead of answering it was gazing at the mighty sword on the eldest brothers waist. When the middle brother started fingering his wand and the eldest's hand went to the hilt it started chuckling in amusement. It raised its hands and removed the hood to reveal one of the most beautiful woman they had ever seen with hair as red as blood and eyes as green as emeralds.