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"Team 7 will consist of Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke." Iruka read out from the scroll anticipating some sort of extreme reaction.

"Hn." Sasuke smirked at Naruto, "I'm stuck with you for a while it seems."

"I don't know why I thought I'd get rid of you in another genin team." Naruto returned flatly with a trace of amusement.

The third team member shot both of them looks from under her pink hair.

"Sakura-chan was it?" Naruto turned to face her. He smiled suddenly and his face seemed to light up, "It's very nice to meet you."

"It's very nice to meet you too." She spoke back somewhat hesitantly. It seemed the other two members already knew each other, so she was the only stranger. Would this turn into a repeat of her class again? With her being left out as everyone knew and laughed with each other?

Sasuke raised a hand in greeting. The girl didn't seem too bad, quiet, nice so far…then again he hadn't spoken to any females other than Rin for years. He had no idea how this was going to turn out.

Iruka kept an eye on all the teams that moved to sit by each other. This year was a test run of a radical new approach suggested by Jonin Nohara. She felt that educating children to become shinobi at such a young age should be revised so that the boys and girls trained separately until it was time to graduate. Iruka agreed wholeheartedly, the girls often hit puberty first and so the hormonal mix the Academy could become was a disaster for potential kunoichi. This way the future kunoichi would have a more focused education without becoming 'useless fan girls' as Jonin Nohara argued.

It seemed to be working so far Iruka noted critically, the girls were focused and quiet and already he could see them checking out the boy's class not as targets but as competition.

He smiled slightly before rolling up the scrolls. "Your Jonin senseis will be around to pick you up after lunch. Dismissed."

Naruto stretched in his seat, "Hey, what do you say to having lunch with us Sakura-chan? Sasuke and I know each other well so it'll be a good chance to include you in our team."

She nodded and slowly got up from her seat. "Got any ideas where?" She noticed he called himself and Sasuke a team already like Sakura was an outsider.

"No." Sasuke interrupted almost immediately. She turned to look at the handsome dark haired boy who was sending her an amused look, "First thing to learn, never let Naruto pick where to eat." He slammed his hands on the table and pushed himself up and stretched his arm. "You pick."

"Umm." Sakura thought for a second, Naruto snapped at Sasuke something about ramen but she didn't listen, "What about Yoshinobikaru's?"

"Sounds good." Sasuke shrugged and moved towards the door conspicuously taking the role of leader.

Sakura turned slightly to see Naruto send her a carefully measured look.

"Problem?" She asked lightly her lips feeling like lead.

"You're civilian born aren't you?" The blond boy smiled strangely.

She frowned, "What of it?" Were they prejudiced clan children?

Naruto laughed, "Nothing maa, it's perfectly fine by me! It's just odd to see a girl talking normally to Sasuke."

He grinned and it reminded Sakura powerfully of a fox, then strode past her. "Come on." He called back cheerfully, "We're going to be late."


The food was hot and so Sakura blew on it to cool it down.

"Sasuke." Naruto stabbed his food warningly.

Sasuke paused in the mixing of his food. "Hn? Oh right."

He placed his chop sticks down.

"First thing you have to know is that we're an odd team." He spoke to Sakura bluntly, "Naruto and I weren't meant to be on the same team period. And there's a bunch of other issues so basically this team is going to be under a lot of scrutiny to make sure we're up to standards."

"Why?" She asked furrowing her eyebrows.

Naruto coughed and it sounded suspiciously like bastards. "Because he's an Uchiha." He pointed with his chop sticks and I have a really unstable kekkei genkei." He chewed on his food, "Sorry to say this, but you were put on here to try and balance us out. You weren't put here out of consideration what was going to be best for you but what would be best for us."

"Just so you don't go into this with the wrong idea." Sasuke continued idly snapping his chopsticks together.

Sakura's grip nearly snapped her chopsticks.

"Your point is?" She breathed.

"Ah…" Naruto rubbed the back of his head, "Don't take it like that, we don't like it either. But you have to be careful, if you feel like you're being ignored or overlooked it's because you are." He looked at her seriously over the top of his food. "Our sensei can't help it, it's not his fault and it's not yours either."

Sakura's chopsticks creaked in her hands. So she had been moved from a class of thirty to a team of three and she would still be ignored.

"What are you two prodigies are something?" She snapped. "And you know who our sensei is already?"

"Yes." Sasuke picked up a rice ball with his chopsticks and stared at it thoughtfully. "We are." He chewed on it and swirled the soup, "There's only one possible candidate for our sensei." He spoke calmly.


"My cousin; Obito Uchiha." He answered easily.

"Because he can help you the most." She replied bitterly. She knew the world wasn't fair but she would have liked to pretend it was for a little longer at least. "What's so special about you?"

Sasuke looked at her with hooded eyes but didn't answer.

Naruto looked at her in pity, she hated it. "Obito's a good guy. Honestly, he'll do his best by you Sakura chan. But…"

"He'll focus more on you." Sakura's chopsticks shattered in her hands and she calmly picked up another set. "Because to him I'm the place holder in the team to make it even out."

"Pretty much." Sasuke agreed callously.

"Sasuke." Naruto snapped. "There is enormous pressure on this team and you are not helping."

"Pressure?" Sakura asked.

"Our kekkei genkei are legendary." Naruto explained, "And I'm the last of mine, Sasuke's one of three people who holds his. On top of that my reputation around the village isn't that great. The Hokage himself is interested in this team, we're going to be under scrutiny from all the Jonin to the secret police to make sure nothing goes wrong and to make sure-"

"We're shaping up to be good little soldiers." Sasuke cut in a bitter note gracing his tone. "So I hope for your sake you have a skill you can exploit. Or you'll be eaten alive."

"But I'm normal." She almost stuttered.

Sasuke looked at her pityingly as if he was already choosing the flowers to put on top of her coffin.

"But we are a team." Naruto clicked his chopsticks together, "You can count on us, if we can count on you. We're not happy with this either and we have to work together to survive this."

She chuckled, "Ahh I always thought prodigies had easy lives coasting through ahead of everyone else."

"Such a naïve girl." Sasuke smirked, "Eat up, you'll need it."


She sat stiffly back in the classroom waiting for their Jonin sensei. She wondered if he would have the grace to look her in the eye and explain what he would be doing. She snuck a glance at the two boys either side of her, true to their words they had given everyone else in the classroom a pretence of them including her in their unit.

"Sasuke, Naruto." A strong female voice greeted them from the front of the classroom. A strikingly beautiful woman with brown hair and purple stripes on her cheeks smiled kindly at the boys. Then she turned to face the rest of the classroom and barked, "Team 8, line up."

Kiba, Hinata and Shino hurried up instinctively wary of the commanding tone in the woman's voice.

"Good." The woman mused, "If you can save three lives by sundown I'll take you on as my students." She declared, "If not." Her eyes darkened, "You'll be sent back to the Academy in disgrace."

Naruto huffed in laughter next to her and even Sasuke smirked.

"She's going easy on them." Naruto explained lowly to her. "Note she didn't specify what kind of lives they had to save." She felt her face twist in respect, the woman noticed it and a razor sharp smile winked at her mouth before flickering out.

"Who are you lady?" Kiba asked suspiciously, "Are you even the right person?"

"My name is Nohara Rin." The woman answered eyes stern slits. "Jonin of Konohagakure. Now get going genin, you've lost five minutes."

Team 8 rushed out of the room. Rin strode over to Team 7 in three strides and placed a slender hand on Naruto's desk.

"Don't worry, he won't be late." Her eyes flashed dangerously, "If he is, tell me and I'll sort it out."

"Hai." Sasuke answered lazily, "Is that him I hear now?"

Indeed a cheerful whistling could be heard getting closer and closer.

"Yes it is." The woman smirked slightly before straightening.

The door flew open with bang as a person on the other side kicked it hard. However the hinges couldn't take that sort of strain and they gave, the door collapsed to the floor with an almighty crash.

A tall handsome man stood in the doorway. He smiled at the staring children and raised a hand.

"Yo. My itty bitty genin team here? Ahh Rin chan…! Which of the babies are yours?" The man swaggered forward obviously exaggerating.

Rin shot him a very unimpressed look. "Obito you're here to guide the 'babies' to becoming shinobi."

The man, Obito, was obviously Sasuke's cousin. They shared the same aristocratic bone structure and spiky black hair but Obito had the grace and confidence Sasuke didn't and more importantly he had a sense of humour!

Obito laughed and looked around until his eyes locked onto Team 7. His grin broadened and he crossed the distance between in a few loping strides.

"Team 7?" He asked rhetorically and then barrelled on before any of them answered. "Meet me at Training Ground 7 tomorrow morning at …say 6. I'm frankly too busy today to test you so I'll do it tomorrow." He smiled down at the three of them as if he had not admitted to blowing them off for hours.

"Sasuke, Naruto legally you can't come home tonight." He changed track just as fast talking to the boys who blinked in surprise, "You can't live with an untested Sensei, it's an actual rule." He sighed dramatically, "It's very troublesome so just camp together at your third member's house kay?" He bent suddenly so that his face was level with Sakura's. "Hello!" He greeted her cheerfully, "I'm Uchiha Obito your new sensei, these two will fill you in about me, take everything with a grain of salt and remember if you're late because you're helping an old woman cross the street it's all fine." He grinned slyly at her then straightened to his full height.

"I'll be off kids, remember Training Ground 7 at 6. Ta ra." He wiggled his fingers, ruffled all their hair once and was gone in a poof of smoke.

None of them had even had the chance to open their mouths.

Naruto and Sasuke rolled their eyes obviously used to the whirlwind named Uchiha Obito.

"Is he always like this?" She asked in slight awe.

"Yup." Naruto confirmed.

"Do you want to know why he's blowing us off tonight?" Sasuke spoke in disgust, "He's taking advantage of the law which says we can't come home tonight."

Sakura thought about that for a second then went red.

Naruto laughed at her face.

"He's great." Naruto spoke fondly, "But anyway do you mind us staying the night? We can always camp out in a training field."

She shook her head still in shock from her new sensei. "No it's fine, as you said. We're a team now. You both live with him?"

Sasuke nodded, "He's the only member of the family I can stand." There was irony in his tone but she couldn't quite place it.

"He took me in after I was orphaned." Naruto explained, "Apparently he knew my mum." He rubbed the back of his head and laughed, "You'll really like him." It was the genuine honesty in his voice that finally melted the last of her doubts towards Obito.


"Mum." She called out pushing the door open, "We have guests."

There was no reply, she beckoned for Naruto and Sasuke to come in and shut the door behind them.

Naruto peered around curiously, Sasuke shut the door to the silent house with a click.

"No one home?" There was rare sympathy in his voice. He knew what it meant to have no one home to celebrate when a child graduated.

"It doesn't matter." Sakura replied shortly, "Come in, I'll cook something up."

Instead Naruto steered her towards her own dining room. "Oh no Sakura-chan." He chirped, "We can't impose that much, leave the cooking to me!" Sasuke didn't say anything so she assumed that wasn't another rule she had to watch out for with Naruto.

Sasuke swivelled on his heel taking in the decorated room. It was very cluttered; books, vases, pens and paper piling up on the sides. Pictures of abstract colours dotted the walls and on one wall an enormous swooping bookshelf took up the entire space. A creaking dining table was in the middle with train tracks made out of toys ran across the surface and every so often the clock on the wall would click oddly.

She had thought he'd feel uncomfortable with the silent house but he settled right in, perching on a chair. Naruto disappeared into the kitchen chatting small talk and she pointed out where most of the things were.

"Why did you want to become a kunoichi Sakura?" Sasuke asked with his eyes closed.

She flicked a look over her shoulder, "I'd rather not be the lower class citizen in a ninja village." She replied simply.

He smirked.


"It's a family thing." He shrugged, "Gotta knock Obito on his ass sooner or later."

She half smiled, it was clear the dark haired boy was making an effort. "Naruto?"

The blond boy poked his head out of the kitchen, "Oh I want to be Hokage." Then he promptly disappeared to the sound of clashing pans.

Sasuke looked around the room, "Is it usually like this? Or is your graduation day just special?" He asked quietly.

Sakura sighed, "She doesn't like ninja ok? That's all, it's nothing major." Sasuke was staring at her with intense eyes over the back of the chair.

"Family should value family." He muttered quietly. "Obito taught me that."

They fell into a silence, Sakura not willing to discuss the issue.

"Well this is cheerful." A man's voice interrupted from the doorway.

Sakura whirled around, how had someone even got in? And that voice did sound familiar?

Obito leant against the doorway, Jonin jacket and black trousers giving him a professional image despite his fly away spiky hair.

"Sensei." She spoke surprised. "How did-"

"Get in?" He smirked, "Really Sakura, I am a Jonin." He plopped down in one of the spare seats and brought up an ankle over a knee and leant back.

"Obito." Sasuke was startled, you could tell by the slight change in tone. "I thought you had a date."

Obito cracked open one dark eye, "Sasuke-chan." He groaned, "Please be a little more intelligent, if I went on a date on your graduation, Rin would never go out with me and frankly that's quite worrying. And plus it gives us some leeway." He leant forward suddenly deadly serious. His cheerful air vanished and a fully trained Jonin was sitting at Sakura's table.

Meanwhile Naruto had wandered into the room when he had heard Obito's voice and he took up a spare seat at Sakura's side.

"You have a plan Obito-Nii?" He asked quietly.

Obito's gaze flicked to Sakura.

"She knows the basics." Sasuke interrupted.

"Good." Obito quirked a slight smile, "You're looking out for each other already."

Sakura twisted her fingers, "Is this about this team has a lot of political pressure riding on it?"

"Yes." Obito said simply, "I don't know you. I don't know if you can handle the pressure. I don't know if these two can handle it. But I have no choice, one way or another I have to get you to Chunin as fast as possible." His eyes were dark and serious, "Sakura-chan, if you think you want to switch teams this is your only chance." He stressed softly, "After that you're stuck I'm afraid."

"Why are you giving me a choice?" Sakura asked quietly. "You could have just focused on those two and ignored me so I stumbled along after them."

Obito smiled sadly, "Ah but I like to think I'm a better man than that." He ran a hand through his hair, "As long I'm your sensei, I will not favour anyone above the team as a collective. Meaning the bastards on the council can screw themselves, they can tell me what goals to achieve but they cannot tell me how to get to them." A grim tone rang through his voice and it was a stark contrast to the whirlwind of earlier.

It was more than she had expected. Naruto had been right, she could feel herself starting to like the older Nin.

"I want to be on this team." She spoke out loud.

Naruto whooped and Sasuke nearly cracked an expression.

Obito sat back with a smile. "Oh good, that means I don't have to return this."

He slid three pieces of metal across the table with a finger. Naruto picked his up first.

"Hey, we have headbands already." He spoke in confusion turning it this way and that.

"They have a special function don't they?" Sasuke asked sounding oddly excited.

"Yup." Obito grinned, hair falling over an eye. "If you're ever in trouble, wipe some blood on the leaf and the other headbands will freeze up signifying danger. Unfortunately." He admitted, "There's no way of telling who set it off but you'll be warned that someone is in trouble."

"Aren't these blood locked?" Naruto asked idly, "You probably had loads of chance to get mine and Sasuke's blood, how did you get Sakura's?"

"Jonin." Obito sing songed. "This really is fun, I see why sensei did it all the time now."

Sakura stared at him. "Sensei, that does not make me feel safe at all…"

Obito waved a hand dismissively, "Snuck in a backwards kunai in your pouch yesterday so when you drew it out, you bled and I was the instructor who gave you the bandage and I stole the kunai back."

The boys did not seem surprised at all. So she swallowed and accepted the explanation.

"So we all know you're going to be one of the passed teams so I'm debating just giving you the test for the hell of it." Obito admitted resting his chin on the palm of his hand.

"You're really taking this seriously." Naruto commented. Obito gave him a strange wistful smile, "My sensei did the same for me." He answered softly, "I'm just repaying that debt to the next generation…Uh Sakura mind channelling some chakra down all your limbs for me? Don't release it though."

What would that do? It wasn't like he could see the chakra could he?

Obito's eyes flashed a bloody scarlet and she nearly screamed. In her kitchen with his face in shadow, the red eyes added to his image as a devil.

"You didn't tell her about the Sharingan!" Her sensei growled at the boys.

"Did we not?" Naruto blinked sounding sheepish.

Obito sighed and whacked Sasuke up around the head, "Brat. I can understand Naruto forgetting to do it."

"I just wanted to see her reaction." Sasuke confessed without a hint of shame.

Obito rubbed the corner of his eyes for patience. "This is the Uchiha Kekkei genkei." He slipped into a bored authorative tone and Sakura felt like she should be making notes, "It's called the Sharingan and it has the ability to copy jutsus, cast genjutsu and predict motion in a sense. I'm not going to harm you so can we try the exercise again Sakura-chan?"

She felt her chakra path work light up as she guided her chakra around once, it wasn't that hard at all. It was relatively easy to control. So Obito and Sasuke were two of the three holders of the Sharingan, who was the third?

Obito raised one eyebrow. Was something wrong? He shot her a measuring look and looked away.

"Was whatever you did ok?" She asked cautiously.

"Oh it's fine." He sounded a bit too gleeful for her liking, "I've just realised I've ended up with the chakra capacity and the chakra control monster on my team."

Sasuke choked on his drink.

"That's great!" Naruto yelled swinging her around suddenly by the wrists, "If you have a talent of your own, they'll need a really good excuse to split this team up if worst comes to worst."

She grasped his hands to stop herself from spinning away, "You're the chakra capacity monster?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "Most people usually guess Sasuke but yeah it's me."

"You're just too energetic to be anything but pumped full of chakra." She responded flatly.

"That's enough." Obito sounded to be fighting laughter and she found herself being plucked off the floor and back onto her seat by her collar. "Right this goes for all of you. Don't go talking casually with other Nin, doesn't matter if they're people you know or if they seem trustworthy. Spies rarely seem untrustworthy. This includes even Rin you two." His eyes sharpened to razor sharp points, "I love that woman but as a Nin first and foremost she is an unknown variable."

They both nodded seriously.

Obito turned to her, "Where is your mother Sakura? I need to talk to her." There was a strange note in his voice. "Why is all the heating off and food cold? Why is she not here to congratulate you?"

"She's busy." She defended.

Obito raised both eyebrows coolly, "I see. And how …long…will she be busy?"

"It's not her fault!" She cried out the judging tone in Obito's voice rubbing the wrong way.

Obito stared at her coolly. "Why are there no pictures of you in the house?" He inquired lightly almost pleasantly, "You'd think there's be at least one; on the mantel piece, by a bed or something."

Sasuke winced and pulled Naruto away into the kitchen. She was left alone with Obito.

"Sakura." Obito spoke gently, "Sometimes civilians have a difficult time grasping their child is now a shinobi. It's nothing to be ashamed of but as your sensei I do need to know."


"Because they don't understand." Obito's words were carefully worded, "They don't understand the gap between their world and yours and they try to apply their logic and motivations to you. It ends terribly, trust me." His eyes flicked to the bookshelf.

"Stand up for me." He ordered suddenly springing to his feet, eyes intent on the shelves.

She blinked and did so.

"Now reach the highest you can." He ordered bizarrely. She tip toed stretched as far as she could. Obito marked the place she could reach, then strode to the bookshelf and brushed his fingers along the shelf higher than that height. They came away caked in dust.

"How funny." He smiled at her, "All the heights you can reach are spotless, the heights you can't are filthy."

She shrugged.

His eyes were suddenly very, very cold and she felt like shivering.

"Sakura." He asked calmly, "When was the last time you saw your mother?"

There was a clatter from the kitchen and a yelled whisper and then a sound of sandal hitting flesh.

"Sa-ku-ra." Obito spoke dangerously. "This is not an optional question."

She mumbled the answer.

His eyebrows flew up, "Three weeks ago!?" He sighed explosively and paced up and down obviously restraining his anger. "Pack your things." He snapped at her during the pacing.

"I'm staying here." She dug in her heels defiantly. He glared at her and it was quite terrifying.

"You are not." He hissed in a low voice. "I am not leaving a twelve year old child to live alone."

"I'm not alone." She clenched her fists, "She comes back!"

"For how long?" He didn't raise his voice but she flinched as if he had shouted at her.

"For Kami's sake." He hissed explosively muscles tensing. "Why do I always get the stubborn ones with family problems?"

"You said legally Sasuke and Naruto can't go back tonight." She reminded him, "They have to stay here so there's no point."

He laughed mirthlessly, "One flaw in that dear." He rubbed the bridge of his nose, "All I have to do is say you passed as an official team and you're one whether you pass the test or not. So they can go home and I do have the authority to drag you there you realise?"

"That's kidnapping." She tensed all over.

"Senseis have permission to do whatever we like to our students." He refuted flatly, "As long we don't turn missing Nin or permanently injure them we're good. And it's all legal."

"I'm not going." She crossed her arms.

"Sakura." He strode over so that he loomed over her, "You are a target now. In this empty house you are vulnerable. My house is a shinobi's house, you will have a safe place to relax, whereas here you will have to watch your every move. There could be cameras slipped in anywhere and you couldn't know."

She paused. She had not thought of that.

"But if she comes back?" She asked hesitantly.

Obito sensed her wavering resolve and pounced. "I'll leave a note." He shrugged, "With chakra so that it can't be changed. She'll know that you're safe."

He flashed her a kind smile. He was planning no such thing. The moment Sakura's mother touched that paper it would send an alarm ringing at the child protection agency and the woman would be arrested and since this was a shinobi village and she was neglecting a kunoichi, a grand student of the fourth no less, she'd probably never see her daughter again. And Sakura would be free of the burden of her civilian mother.

His smile took on a malicious edge but Sakura missed it completely.

"So are we going home?" Naruto poked his head out cautiously.


"Right." Obito stopped outside his house, "You two get her comfortable, I haven't registered you lot yet so I can't step inside the property until I have. The meeting still stands by the way. If I come back to find it a flaming smoking wreck I'm making you run laps until it makes a ditch around Konoha." He poked all of them in the forehead and popped away.

"He's really kind." Sakura murmured.

"Told ya." Naruto shrugged. "He's like that. Harming family is a really easy way to piss him off."

"She wasn't harming me." She protested.

Sasuke scoffed and pushed open the door with his back, "Emotional neglect is still harm Sakura. Welcome to the Uchiha compound."

"We might get renamed as Team Uchiha at this rate." Naruto joked, "Seeing as half of us are Uchiha and the other half are Uchiha wards." He smiled at her and beckoned her in.

The house was cosy and it was even messier than her own. But the things scattered were of a decidedly different nature. Kunai and all ninja weapons were neatly put in rows at the side as were scrolls. Everything else; clothes, food, decorations, products and good knows what else were scattered everywhere. It was cosy but the stench of male was overpowering.

Sasuke pulled her by the elbow to point out a white door. "That's Obito's personal study, never go in there. He keeps village secrets in there and he would have to execute us if we snuck in and glimpsed them."

She stared at him. Execute?

He nodded grimly. "Obito's room isn't off limits if you need something from him. He will kill you if you need something and you were too shy to go in though. Other than that yeah we leave it alone." He pointed out two room, "Those are mine and Naruto's. Yeah you can come in, yeah you really should knock first and we'll do the same to yours. Uhh…take the one next to Naruto. Decorate it any way you like." He finished and walked off to the fridge apparently done.

Naruto rolled his eyes and hopped up on the frame of the couch. "There's no curfew." He told her cheerfully, "Obito's of the opinion if you're able to function the next day you can do pretty much anything. Training ground's out there." He jerked his head, "We might end up using it a lot to get some privacy. Rin drops by most nights, she really doesn't trust Obito on his own with two kids. Well now that we have a girl he's got a lecture on feminine lifestyles to look forward to." He snickered. "Err what else." He pursed his lips, "Oh no bringing friends back without his permission."

"That's fine." She murmured. "I'm not staying here forever."

He shot her a totally innocent look.

"Once Uchihas make their minds up, there's no way to change them." He told her lightly.

She crossed her arms and half turned away. A smile tugged at his mouth.

"Oh Obito-Nii never brings back women." His speech was heavy with meaning, "He might joke around and say he might but he won't. So if you do see one she's an imposter. Rin's a regular and so are ANBU, just leave them alone and they'll stay out of your way. Some other Jonin do drop by, ahh you'll pick it up." He waved a hand. "Questions?"

She shook her head and turned her attention to the photos on the wall. There were several of Obito, Sasuke and Naruto. One of a young Obito and what looked like his parents, and a team photo with a clearly recognisable Obito.

"That's Obito." She murmured, "And that's Rin right?" The girl was pretty with elements of the woman she would become, she shifted her gaze to the third member. Fly away silver hair hung over one eye, a mask covered the lower half of his face and what could be seen of it was serious.

"He looks dangerous." She didn't realise she spoke out loud until Naruto hmmed in agreement.

"He's Hatake Kakashi." His voice was quiet, "He was on Obito's team until he turned missing Nin. Obito's got this dream of tracking him down and shaking him until he fesses up why he did it."

"One of the Fourth's students became a missing nin?" She asked in shock.

Naruto cracked a smile, "Crazy isn't it?"

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