p style="text-align: left;"19/09/2015, Tuesday. I'm standing right in the middle of the main corridor in school, I'm oblivious of what's around me, people see me but I don't see them. All I could think about was her and how perfect she is with her sparkling eyes and her long lushis hair falling down her back and shoulders, *thinking* she's so beautiful, I just wish I could turn back time and make her mine again. But now she's with "him", the other boy, she will never want me back. I see her in class looking over and waving, I smile and wave back but then I relise her friend is sitting behind me, I quickly swipe my hand down onto the table. Her friend moves closer to her, Im so embarrest, my cheeks go bright red, I start looking shy. *bell ringing* I get out my seat and walk out of class, I wait for Tommy to appear at the class door he exits the door, I start talking to him about sum random stuff that I saw at the weekend, but before I go on I saw her at the corner of my eye looking happy and smiling, then her boyfriend walks in and wrapes his arm around her waist, I stop and just take in what's going on around me, I'm in my own world where me and her are together, where we can't do anything without each other, I then start hearing Tommys voice around me. *tommys voice* freddy, freddy you ok fred?, im back in the real world, I answer his question "yeh I'm fine just daydreaming that's all". We then head off into the Astro/ feild to my surprise I find her, her boyfriend and his friends all at the rocks laughing and smiling, I walk past with my head down and I glimce over to them every few seconds, I see her boyfriend staring at me with a angry like expression on his face, he does nothing, I keep walking then find myself at the courtyard where all my friends are sitting in a half circle. They all greet me I then say hey and sit. *4th block* She sat right next to me, I don't say word to her, we've never spoken since the break up. She drops her pencil and asked me to pick it up for her, I just look at her and say, "you haven't spoke to me since.. Sin.. Emm yeh sure I can pick it up, *picks pencil up* there u go. *her* thanks, the rest of the block went by, *bell rings* its lunch time and I'm sitting right at the end of her table, on my own, Tommy went home he was ill, I'm sitting there staring at my food when I hear a voice come from the other end of the table,*him* HEY YOU CANT SIT THERE, THATS OUR TABLE ! , *me* but you guys sit at the top of the table,*him* NO! WE SIT AT THIS END OF THE TABLE SO MOVE!, I move and leave them be, I look back and see his arm around her, he looks at me and smirks, I suddenly fall to the ground with my tray of food flying up and crashing right on my head. I've crashed into a teacher, she gives me detention for not looking where I was going. *detention* I'm Sitting in the middle and she is sitting in front of me, the teacher is at her desk marking work, *her phone ringtone* *teacher* who's phone is that?! Whoever it is give it here, she's about to pull out her phone. *me* its mine miss sorry must just be my dad wondering where I am. * teacher* well you can tell him when you get home, for now do your lines!.*end detention* *her* why did you do that ? *me* I couldnt let your phone get confiscated now could I. *her* well thanks, that's very kind of you,*about to walk away* *runs back* *peck on the cheek* THE END/p