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The Dare, the Hand Shake and the Challenge
Summary: Before the start of the Seventh year term, Hermione and Ginny trick Draco into playing a muggle game of Dare throughout the school year. Voldemort is gone.
AN: I know that spelling and grammar are extremely bad also everyone sounds American. I have no beta! This story is now under construction.

There was a light breeze floating across the ocean, the sunny was high in the sky. It was like any other happy summer day at the beach, until Draco Malfoy stumbles upon them. Groaning Ginny looks at Hermione who was smiling evilly at Draco.

"So Draco," greets Hermione. "What brings you to a muggle beach?"

"Not that's its any of your business," snaps Malfoy. "But since its hot and we can't use magic outside of school, I decided to come some place to cool off."

"Cool off," laughs Ginny. "Don't you mean run away. Someplace where your father can't find you?"

Watching Draco struggle with his inner demons. "Ginny enough, you know even if the world doesn't that if it wasn't for Draco, Harry would have been killed."

"Yeah Weasley," sneers Draco narrowing his eyes at Hermione. "What are you up to mudblood."

"Hmm, nothing," dismiss Hermione. Putting her sunglasses back over her eyes.

"I dare you," laughs Ginny. Both girls watch Draco's facial expressions change.

"Dare what," challenges Draco as he stars at them. He was starting to get defensive.

"It's nothing Draco," laughs Hermione, waving a dismissive hand. "I pass."

"Pass what," demands Draco as he glares at them.

"Draco," dragging out his name, Hermione explains. "It's a game, a muggle game to be precise."

Looking confused. "But she just dared you."

"Yeah," laughs Ginny. "Mione, you're just going to have to explain the game better."

"Ok," laughs Hermione. "The name of the game is Dare. In which the persons playing have a set of rules. That are binding, you can't brake the rules. One person dares the other to do something or say something, the other person can except, pass or challenge. Now when playing the game, people who are not playing can't be told."

"Why not," demands Draco.

"Look Draco," snaps Ginny. "Say you and Hermione were playing, and you dared her to cheer for the Slytherins when school started. She couldn't tell Harry or Ron about it. She would just have to cheer. Got it."

Watching an evilly smile grace his face. "So, if we came to an agreement. No one would know."

"That's right," sneers Hermione. "Not even the teachers."

"Do you play this game often," asks Draco.

"That's like saying: What's your sign," sneers Ginny.


"Never mind Draco," laughs Hermione staring at Ginny. "Not nice using muggle terms."

"There's nothing good about anything muggle related," sneers Draco.

"This coming from a man who's never been to a rave," laughs Hermione.

"A what?"

"Again. Never mind Draco," laughs Hermione. "Its not like you could or would play."

Glaring at them. "I could too. I bet I'm better then Potter."

Smirking at him, "Harry too afraid to play Draco."

Draco snickers, "Really."

"Yeah, really," Ginny snickers back. "Not even Ron would willingly play this game."

"Well then," glaring at Ginny. "Count me in."

"Very well. But Draco darling," laughs Hermione. "If you're going to play and seeing how school is just about to start. Why don't we play for the game until the end of the year? Ginny do you have pen and paper on you?"

"Yes," sighing, "You really want to play with that? You know he's not up to the high stakes game of Dare."

"Yes I am," snaps Draco.

"Fine," taking the paper and pen from Ginny. "Sit down Draco, we're going to set the rules, challenges and rating for the dares."


"Yes Draco," sighs Ginny. "It's how hot things can get. Like G is pinching someone's behind, PG is kissing someone and R is shagging. Got it."

"Yeah," laughs Draco. "We're playing the higher stakes game, right?"

"Draco," groans Hermione. "First we have to set the rules. And the punishments for not excepting a dare when you have used up your passes for the day."

Several hours Later

"You can't play with Ginny, she is going to be needed to keep track," bites out Hermione.

"Keep track," confused Draco looks at Hermione. "Of what?"

"Simple stupid," snaps Ginny. "Look at your insane challenges and high stakes dares, now you tell me. Plus I'm honest unlike your friends I have to keep score since your playing for money."

"Yeah, that's right," ponders Draco. "How can I be certain you can keep this a secret?"

Laughing both girls look at him, "Because we're girls. We have lots of secrets. Now quite you're stalling and sign the contract Draco."

As Hermione watches Draco walk away, she glances over to Ginny.

"Why do I have a feeling that prat, doesn't have clue what you're going to do to him," questions Ginny as a ghost of a smile crosses her face.

"That's because he doesn't," laughs Hermione. "It should be smashing, plus Hogwarts will never be the same."

"You can say that again," laughs Ginny. "I can't wait to the first Quidditch game where you have to cheer the Slytherin team instead of the Gryffindor team."

"I am so looking forward to this," snickers Hermione.

And that's how it started!

Until Later