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Wonder Woman and Catwoman Mix It Up! by Steve Zink and Eric

Selina Kyle had heard through the grapevine that Batman would be away from Gotham City for a few days, off on some mission with his partner in the World's Finest heroes, Superman. With only Robin and Batgirl left to cover for him, Catwoman figured she'd have no trouble putting the special display of Middle East jewels into her own collection. She made plans to get in and plunder the glitter on Saturday night, actually well into Sunday morning. Activity in the museum would be the lightest that evening, and as she'd noticed in the past, the guards were least alert at that time. It would be easy. TOO easy!

It would be like taking catnip from a kitten.

Catwoman sighed, and her magnificent breasts strained again her sexy, royal purple lycra spandex costume. That was the problem, these days. Life was getting flat. There was only so much robbing one could do until it became - well, a job!

Often she thought of perhaps giving it all up and marrying Batman, but every time she sort of hinted this to him, the bastard lost interest in her. Men! As long as she was Catwoman Batman thought she was exciting but wouldn't marry her, but if she gave up being Catwoman he didn't find her sexy or exciting. Bruce was so damn irritating! She guessed, too, it was also his position. How would it look if the virtuous Bruce Wayne married a career super villainess?

Selina's sexy laugh echoed in her safe house. Batman thought he had hid his 'secret identity' from her. Men were such boys! She had known who he really was for years!

Of course, she could make the thievery more difficult, but it went against her professional pride!

Getting past the door guards and security systems easily by using a maintenance access hatch on the roof, Catwoman made her way down with her usual cat like grace to the display floor and cut the wires powering the sensors on and around the treasure. She then used her claws to open a hole in the display case. The large bag she'd brought along was rapidly filled, and when she tied off the top, many of the gems were spilling over the sides. This was turning out to be one of the best hauls she'd ever made.

As Selina came back out of the maintenance hatch, and before she could even get any footing, she felt the bag being snapped from her hand and tossed to the rooftop to her right. Batman, she wondered? Batgirl didn't have that kind of strength, and neither did Robin or most men! She didn't even have time to look down at her loss when she felt her hands being irresistibly drawn together up over her head, and tied together. Her struggles were to no avail!

The person who grabbed her was even more powerful than Batman!

"It's too bad for you that Batgirl asked me to spend the weekend with her, Catwoman. Shame on you, for trying to take advantage of Batman being away."

It was a strong, very cultured female speaking.

Catwoman recognized that self-righteous voice, even without being able to see behind herself. "Wonder Woman?! How the hell did you get alerted to my being here tonight? I figured I'd see that shrimp the Bat Bitch at most, if anybody."

Wonder Woman laughed. It really annoyed Catwoman to be laughed at! "Batgirl told me that this would be a likely night for you to try something, Catwoman. When I did a computer check on what valuables were on hand outside of normal, I saw that the Emir's collection included quite a few Cat's Eye Jade pieces. I figured that they'd be enough to draw you to the whole jewel collection. Now, you're coming with me. Understand?"

Selina felt the power of the magic lasso sapping her will. "Yes, I'm coming with you." That damned lasso of hers...

As Catwoman stood, she felt the lasso loosen a bit, while still wrapped around her wrists. She saw Wonder Woman reach down with her right hand to grab the bag, while her left hand held the lasso. That lasso, since it was only wrapped and not knotted, wasn't as tight as it could have been, had the Amazon used a bit more time in securing her prisoner. Thanks in part to the slickness of her shoulder length, polished black leather gloves, the lasso seemed to slip even more as Wonder Woman leaned over. Wonder Woman was too damn confident for her own good, decided Catwoman! Maybe she could make her pay for that!

Catwoman hadn't heard anything about not trying to escape, just that she was to go with the Amazon. Well, that covered a LOT of territory! Using all her world class agility, she slipped her body back down into a crouch, practically yanking her hands free of the lasso. As she was about to turn and clobber Wonder Woman, which likely wouldn't have hurt the Amazon very much, Selina spotted a loose brick near her left foot. 'That's gotta hurt the bitch!' she figured.

It did.

Wonder Woman slumped to the tarred rooftop after being knocked in the back of her head by Catwoman's well placed brick. The bag of jewels fell to the roof once again, spewing a few more baubles out the loose top. Catwoman was about to collect the scattered loot and get away when she got an idea. How often do you capture Wonder Woman!? Now she had the magic lasso! She laughed gloatingly and looked down at the most powerful female in the world.

"Not so tough now, are you?" she sneered.

Catwoman decided the bag and its valuable plunder could sit tight for the time being. It was only loot! Carrying the heroine would not be as easy as the bag, but Catwoman felt she had more than enough strength to carry Wonder Woman. Surely, using a fireman's carry the Amazon wouldn't be that much of a problem. To make it a bit simpler, she unclipped the dressy star spangled red cape from Wonder Woman's shoulders, and placed it over the bag to sort of hide it from view, just in case any of the guards woke up from their usual naps! Then Catwoman hefted the tall, beautiful brunette's body up and over her shoulders, and made her way back to the fire escape on the left side of the building.

At the bottom was a plain looking Camry. The world's most popular 'family' car. Batman could run around in a Batmobile that was widely recognized - Catwoman got around in a car that blended right in. She laughed again, thinking how silly boys were.

To make sure her captive stayed out of it, Catwoman laid her out on the back seat, then reached into her glove compartment for the vial of chloroform she kept there for odd purposes, such as this. Often, Selina wondered how any home or vehicle could possibly be without it. She soaked a few napkins, then laid the pile over the heroine's nose. Satisfied, Catwoman then got into the driver's seat and took off her cowl, to be a bit less obvious as she drove.

After she parked the Camry in the alleyway next to the brownstone she was using as a safe house, Selina put her mask and cowl back on, then went to unlock and open the door. She went back to the car and retrieved her still unconscious package from the back seat. Now that she had all the time in the world, she looked more closely at her prisoner. She was stacked just a bit more than herself, was incredibly beautiful, and aside from being a tad taller, wasn't all that extraordinary looking, considering she was an Amazon. Batgirl was tiny in comparison, so it wouldn't do to let down her guard. Wonder Woman could even knock Batman's head off without working up a sweat.

This was going to be an interesting evening - that is, if she survived!

End of Part one