Can I keep you?

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Chapter 5: Empty eyes.

These last few days had been horrible for Kagome Higurashi. Not only had she been taken from her home and her family but she had also lost her very freedom. Even though her new master was Inuyasha, someone she had known from the past and had previously cared very deeply for, he had changed a great deal in the past years. Inuyasha was no longer the kind and gentle boy she had known from her childhood. Kagome was still confused as to why he had changed so much but maybe if she stuck with him and tried to talk to him over time he would tell her...but she was sure that wouldn't be anytime soon.

Kagome frowned, glaring daggers at her "master's" back as he proceeded to march ahead of her. She could hardly keep up as it is with him walking at a normal speed, she would constantly get pushed or shoved by the youkai who were crowded onto the sidewalk. Inuyasha had told her she would be coming to school with him today. He had forced her to dress then preceded to drag her out of the enormously large mansion he lived in. Some of the servants had suggested taking one of the cars to school, but Inuyasha had flat out refused saying they would go by foot. Kagome was already exhausted. They had been walking for what seemed by hours and her feet were aching terribly, but she wouldn't complain. She would bite her lip like she usually did and keep her feelings inside...for now anyway.

"Hurry up, would you?" Inuyasha grumbled out, stopping finally and turned around with his hands on his hips. Kagome saw her chance to finally catch up to him and sprinted until she was by his side once more. "You're…going too…fast!" she panted.

Inuyasha snorted. "No, you're just going too slow!" he retorted angrily. "If you don't move those scrawny little legs of yours then you're going to make me late…"

Kagome clenched her fists together and frowned. Boy, he was in a foul mood today…and just a few minutes ago she had hoped that their relationship had begun to get a little better., but it seemed that she was wrong. "Hey, I didn't want to come in the first place. You literally dragged me along!"

"Oh, so you wanted me to leave you behind so my stepmother could get her talons on you?" Inuyasha shot back. From the expression on his face he seemed to be expecting Kagome to say something back but she didn't say anything at all to him. Inuyasha smiled, relishing his sweet victory for a moment before he continued down the street at the same speed he had before. Kagome followed after him and tried to keep up as best she could but Inuyasha was just too fast for her. She stumbled down the sidewalk and tried her best to avoid colliding with the number of different youkai strolling or rushing past her, but today was not her lucky day.

Kagome felt her shoulder connect with someone else's beside her and before she knew it she was knocked back onto the ground. She yelped in surprise then sat up, rubbing her head before she eventually turned her gaze upward to see whom she had run into. It was a chubby, bald youkai in a business suit. He glowered down at her; his fat lips were puckered together in irritation. "Watch were you're going, wench!" he bellowed and raised his fist, ready to strike out at her. Kagome clenched her eyes shut, awaiting the blow but it never came. Kagome blinked and stared up in surprise when she saw someone standing in front of her. It was Inuyasha. "Back off, old man. This is my slave. She's private property and unless you want to pay for her I'd recommend that you put your fist back at your side."

The youkai narrowed his eyes at Inuyasha then threw his large head back as a loud, rumbling laugh escaped his throat. "So, this wench is the slave to a hanyou, eh? Figures. You and your slave aren't worth my time…" with another loud laugh the youkai continued on his way. Inuyasha watched him go with his fists clenched and shaking. Kagome noticed his reaction to the other youkai's comment and was about to ask him if he was all right when he suddenly turned, glaring at her. "Get up!" he reached down and her roughly by the throat, dragging her to her feet. Kagome let out what seemed like a startled cry but Inuyasha didn't seem to notice as he then took a firm hold on her wrist and led her along down the sidewalk.

Kagome endured the pain of his powerful hold on her wrist, and used the hand she had available to her to lightly touch the flesh of her throat which was still burning. It hurt to swallow now but she kept her mouth shut and bared it as well as she could. Kagome knew that she should be grateful to him for saving her from a beating. He could have just kept walking and left her to the mercy of that youkai, but than again he had referred to her as 'private property' and as a 'slave.' He had also hurt her physically. Hearing those words come out of his mouth had hurt her needless to say. But to feel his hand clamp down on her throat for those few seconds actually managed to frighten her. It was obvious that in public she was as useful to him as a piece of trash on the side of the road. The full reality of her current situation had finally begun to sink in. This was her new reality, she exsisted only to be used and treated like a toy for someone else's amusement. What frightened Kagome even more than Inuyasha hurting her was if perhaps in the future Inuyasha just got sick of her. What would happen to her then?

.  .  .  .

Inuyasha and Kagome arrived at the youkai school establishment in plenty of time. This school was very different from the one that Kagome had attended. The building was new and the grounds were well kept. There were gardens and plant life everywhere you turned. Kagome had wanted more time to stay and admire the flowers and plants but Inuyasha continue to tug her along so she didn't have the chance. As she and Inuyasha walked through the school campus Kagome noticed how many more students attended this school. At her old school there were barely a hundred students but at this one…she wouldn't be surprised if there ended up being more than three thousand. Inuyasha lead Kagome down numerous hallways until the reached the outside of a specific classroom. Inuyasha lifted his hand to open the door when a voice stopped him.

"Inuyasha, you know the rules…you can't bring your slave into class with you." The voice was feminine, but firm. Kagome recognized it at once. It was Kikyo's voice.

Inuyasha shrugged and turned to face the miko. She looked as smug as always and there was a familiar glint in her eyes that made Inuyasha feel as if he were going to be sick. Kikyo had only met Inuyasha a few months ago. Their families had met each other at a dinner party once and they had been introduced, but that was all. Inuyasha hadn't expected to see or hear from Kikyo again but unfortunately the girl had called him often and wrote him letters, which he always threw away. Just recently she had told him that she was madly in love with him and that if things went well their families would make an arrangement for them to be married. Inuyasha hadn't taken her seriously but he learned that the girl was very persistent. "I don't have time for you today…" he muttered, shooting her an irritated look.

Kikyo chose to ignore it and instead focus her attention on Kagome. The other girl's face changed from mischievous to down right mean. "Hmph, well if it isn't Higurashi…I thought Hiten had claimed you or killed you...I guess I was wrong, unfortunately."

Kagome said nothing but frowned a little. She knew that Kikyo hadn't liked her from the days she had spent in school with her and her friends. The feeling was mutual but Kagome really didn't feel like getting into a fight today. Thankfully, Inuyasha stepped in. "Shut up, bitch. Look. I already said I don't have time to deal with you this morning. Fuck off."

Kikyo smirked and crossed her arms over her chest. "Fine, but you know it's against school policy to bring humans or slaves into class. Her stench alone will cause the whole class to go into an uproar. Need I remind you that you really don't need any more reasons to make the other students to hate you?" She paused for a moment to peer around the hallway. "Frankly, I'm the only person who can stand you at the moment besides that idiotic fox youkai that hangs around you. I know you don't really like me but I'm going to be around for a long time. Get used to it." The miko flipped a strand of her long dark hair behind her shoulder then made her way into the classroom, slamming the door behind her.

After she had gone there was a long silence. Kagome looked at Inuyasha who had his back to her. She took a deep breath then opened her mouth to speak to him but before she could Inuyasha spoke up. "Don't pay any attention to her." That was all he said before grabbing a hold of her wrist once more and moving to open the classroom door. "No, Inuyasha…!" Kagome tried to wiggle her wrist free even though she knew it was impossible to escape. She reached with her free hand to tug at Inuyasha's arm. She felt him stop in his tracks and turn around to stare at her. He had a completely different look in his eyes then he had before and this look frightened her, still she somehow found the words to speak. "I-I don't think it's a good idea to go in there with me. I realize that you don't want to hurt your pride, but there are far worse things that can happen to you if you make other youkai angry." She was going to say that she was worried about him and she was only trying to help but from the look on his face it didn't seem like it would matter at all. What did it matter anyway? Kagome looked down at the floor, she couldn't meet Inuyasha's cold stare. She almost felt stupid for saying anything because she wasn't a fan of other youkai bossing everyone around either especially humans like herself. Not to mention that Inuyasha didn't deserve any concern after the way he had treated her and yet she still worried about him…

"Just keep quiet would you…"

Kagome looked up just before she was struck across the face. She lifted a hand and placed it on her pulsing cheek, trying to hold back tears. The slap had been sudden but for some reason Kagome had expected it, she could tell that Inuyasha had held back most of his strength but the pain was still terrible. "You will not speak unless spoken to, got it?" Inuyasha growled, retracting his hand quickly as if he had been burned when he touched her face. "You're my property. You're my slave. I've had enough of your mindless rambling and it will stop now. So just shut up and do as you're told." Inuyasha let go of her wrist and it fell lifeless at Kagome's side as she stared at him. Her eyes hardened and she brought her hand away from her face, a large red mark remained, which would probably turn into another bruise that would have to heal over time. The pain was also still there but she didn't care anymore. She didn't feel anything anymore. Kagome had understood the way Inuyasha felt. He felt inferior to other youkai because he had only half youkai blood inside of him, they would torment him and ridicule him. Humans didn't treat him much better. They were afraid of him and called him a monster. Kagome could remember when they were children how he would burst into tears so easily and how she would comfort him and eventually start crying herself. She had loved Inuyasha with all of her heart. They shared each other's pain so when he was sad she was sad too. Kagome could no longer sense any trance of the person she used to love in this Inuyasha. The Inuyasha she had grown up with had such bright eyes with life, this Inuyasha had such empty eyes and when she looked at him she felt an overwhelming feeling of sadness and helplessness. No matter how much she wanted to help heal whatever wounds Inuyasha had seemed like a futile thing to do now.

Inuyasha slid the door to the classroom open and entered with Kagome right behind him. They were met with complete silence and Kagome felt incredibly uneasy with so many youkai staring at her way. Of course the looks she did get were either of those of disgust or of anger. "Hey, what the hell…this is no place for that. Have you lost your mind, Inuyasha?" a youkai in one of the front seats spat, jabbing a finger in Kagome's direction. Kagome clenched her fists together in anger, glancing at Inuyasha to see if he would say anything but he didn't. Well, she wasn't about to let herself be badgered by anyone anymore. She had had enough. "For your information, asshole, I would rather be anywhere but here. Unfortunately, I was forced to come here against my will and if I have to be here I refuse to--" Kagome had intended to at least finish her sentence but before she had the chance the youkai had already jumped out of his chair with his face screwed in rage. Kagome knew it was taboo to talk back to or even raise your voice to a youkai but she was willing to accept the consequences. Maybe if she was lucky the youkai would kill her so she wouldn't be forced to live this new lowly existence. The youkai approached her and raised his fist. Kagome prepared herself for the blow but before it could come a figure suddenly pushed itself between Kagome and the youkai. Kagome blinked in surprise, holding out a little hope that Inuyasha had perhaps stepped in to save her but it wasn't Inuyasha. It was another youkai. The new youkai was facing away from her so she couldn't see his face but she could hear his voice booming at the other youkai. "Get your sorry ass in your seat. Damn, you lose your temper for any little thing," the youkai grumbled. He turned and Kagome finally got a look at his face. He had long dark hair held back in a pony-tail and light blue eyes. He cracked a half smile at her, baring his fangs which resembled the ones that Inuyasha had. "Next time try not to be so arrogant. Youkai around here tend to lose their cool real quick." Kagome stared at him, dumbfounded. A youkai was offering her advice? The youkai grabbed her gently by the shoulder then pushed her towards Inuyasha who looked extremely pissed. "Try to keep your human under control, shithead, and next time don't bring her into the classroom." The dark haired youkai returned to his seat after that and Inuyasha went to take his seat in the back. Kagome had no choice but to stand by Inuyasha's chair the whole class and as she waited for the class to end she would occupy herself by looking out the large window in the classroom or by glancing at the youkai who had helped her.

"Damn, Kouga, what are you thinking? You're crazy…" she heard another youkai whisper to the dark haired youkai. Hm, so Kouga was his name, huh?


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