A/N: For kiri-chan, who wanted a sequel to "The Not And The You." Yeah, I'm a request freak. I try to take most of them (though usually only if they're from people who've actually read my stuff and commented beyond a cursory "i loved it write me one pleaz," no offense). ^_^;;

However! I'm afraid that "The Not And The You" is only intended as a one- shot, and on top of that, the storyline was done exclusively for beloved mixe-sama. So I wrote a new little drabble for kiri-chan instead.

Ahem. The warnings are: This is a 100-word challengefic! Da rules: write a story using exactly one hundred words, excluding those contained within the title. Shounen ai, Max speaking to Takao. And these author's notes are officially longer than the fic. ^_^;;

"The Study of You"

Have I ever mentioned that seeing you smile makes me smile too?

Yeah, I always seem to be anyway, but really . . . I do it so much more around you. But I might just pay more attention to those smiles. I'm not sure.

Maybe I could count them sometime. Like keep a tally and compare the odds and ratios and add it all up in my head like a math problem. I could go to college; become a scientist- be an expert in the study of you.

Or I could just kiss you, and see what happens then.

* ende *

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