Hey guys. As you've noticed, my updates have been delayed (very much so honestly) so I extremely apologize! The new job I have is really tough and I'm all over the place so I haven't had time to write much. Anyways. I hope your summers were off to a great start..

Sasuke slowly started to open his eyes. He could feel that his eyes were slightly swollen. He looked around him. He let the unfamiliar setting of the bedroom sink in and he took in a deep breath. He looked beside him and saw Sakura sleeping quietly with her head rested on his arm. It was strange how it came to this situation. After he cried last night, Sakura persuaded him to just stay in her room and not have to worry about walking back to the bedroom he was given. He scoffed lightly at himself for letting himself go along with her idea. He carefully examined her features and pushed some stray hairs away from her cheek. This was completely different form the first time they had slept together on a bed. He praised himself for not kicking her off this time around.

He stared at her face once more. He then sighed deeply, he really wanted to move his arm since he could feel that he had lost all feeling in it. Luckily for Sakura, he didn't mind her sleeping like this and didn't feel like pushing her off. He then used his other hand and then slid it gently across her forehead, pushing the bangs completely up and away from her forehead and face. He smiled lightly to himself and looked at her and slowly leaned in.


Completely immersed in his actions, Sasuke didn't notice that she made a sound and continued leaning in and lightly pecked her forehead. As he pulled back, he was ridden with shock as he saw Sakura's eyes wide open. She had witnessed the entire thing.

"Whoa..." he grumbled, quickly sitting up and pulling his arm out from under Sakura's head forcefully which she accepted with a groan.

Sakura's eyes still expressed disbelief. "Ow...you...what did you just do?"

"Nothing..." he lied.

"I saw the entire thing!"

Sasuke tried to brush it off and the door suddenly opened. Both Sasuke and Sakura swiftly turned their heads to see who it was. The doctor who had come in to check on her vital signs looked up from his chart and then gasped in shock as he saw Sakura and Sasuke on the bed.

"My goodness me! I should have knocked...oh no...I didn't think that you'd be..." The doctor started rubbing his forehead stressfully. "Oh dear, princess Sakura. To think that you're doing this sort of thing...I am so deeply sorry for interrupting you two." Slowly, he started backing away. "Goodness, I keep forgetting you're not a child anymore, my goodness."

Sakura sighed. "Don't be ridiculous, doc. You aren't interrupting anything...you're just making things awkward."

Sasuke felt a rush of embarrassment and got off the bed. "Seems like you've got important business to attend to. I'll take my leave."

Sakura grabbed his shirt and pulled him back. "No." She felt her hands tremble a little and she cleared her throat. "Uh, nevermind. Go."

Sasuke smirked. "Is the young highness asking me to stay with her?"

"Shut up."

"You're such a cute wife," he teased, sitting back on the bed.

The doctor who was still in the room felt even more awkward with the way they were interacting.

"Um...I'm just going to do a little check up and then I'll leave."

"Please go ahead," said Sakura, frowning at Sasuke who was obviously making things uncomfortable.

After about 10 minutes of checking her vitals and her body movements, the doctor nodded his head in approval. "Looks like everything's stable," Sakura's doctor said, clapping his hands. "You can resume your...activities."

"You're absolutely sure?" asked Sasuke. Sakura, surprised at his concern, looked at him oddly.

"Yes. I'm certain."

Sasuke sighed a huge sigh of relief and bid a polite farewell to the doctor. He then put his hands on his waist and looked at Sakura. "Well, you sure you feel fine?"

"Yes," Sakura muttered, sitting up from her bed. "It's been a day and a half since I woke up. Give me a break already." She stretched her arms and they limply fell back onto the bed as she took a good look around her room as she had done many times since she had gotten back.

"Can't believe I'm actually here..."

"Well, it's a good thing the three of us made it out here alive."

Speaking of the three, she looked at him with a big question mark plastered on her face. "Where's Naruto?"

"In his room...We've haven't talked since that fight we had."

"You mean the reason why you two got all bruised up?"


"You're not going to talk to him forever now?"

"...No...I just think he needs some time to collect all his thoughts..."

She looked at him as he sighed heavily. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing. Just don't know how you managed to stay knocked out for two days like that."

She slowly and quietly answered back, not really knowing the answer either. "Yeah..."

"They said you kept calling out to Itachi..." Sakura noticed the hint of unease in his voice as he said Itachi's name. "Do you think that's related to the letter he sent your father?"

Sakura reminded herself of the dream she had and shook her head. "No." She slowly stood up from her bed. "...Do you know what happened to your parents? What's going to the happen to the treaty?"

"Investigations are pending right now and as for the treaty, I don't really know. Rumor is that we escaped because someone targeted us and that there's a reward out for anyone who has any information on this presumed assassin. People say that my parents were collateral damage since they tried to protect us." He then looked at her and then scratched the back of his head. "I didn't want to tell you this...but the other side of the dice is that suspicions about you have also arose. Another rumor is also going around that you're responsible and that you eloped with me."

Sakura's eyes widened. "That's ridiculous!"

Sasuke nodded. "I know. Your father sent a letter to Ferravea asking them for details. I don't know what's going to happen from here on out. Just keep your guard up...who knows how long this treaty will last after what had happened. The corruption in my father's council should be erupting soon enough..."

"Hm...right..." She clenched her hands angrily, feeling useless for not being able to do anything. She shook her head and then got up from bed. "I think we should go see my father."

Sasuke shook his head. "Well...not yet. Just rest up a bit."

Sakura furrowed her brows and sighed. "Okay I'd listen to you but I'm hungry. Let's eat lunch," she said.

He sighed and shook his head. "I don't feel like going anywhere..."

"Oh come on," she groaned, pulling on his hands. "Let's go."

His eyes widened at the gesture and he looked at their hands as she pulled him along with her. He was holding his hands as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do.

"Not now," he groaned, still feeling slightly embarrassed that she was still holding onto him.

"I'm hungry...being bedridden and eating nothing but soup has affected my appetite."

He stopped and tugged on her arm. She gasped and was pulled towards him and he caught her with ease, surprising her.

"What the hell was that?" she asked, annoyed. She looked up at him and her jaw slightly dropped. His face had a solemn expression as if torn between something.

"Doing something like this will give me the wrong idea, you know," he said.

"Wrong idea?"

Sasuke sighed and he pulled himself back. "Nevermind. Where do you want to eat?"

She looked at her hands that he pulled away from and realized what she did. "Sorry...for grabbing your hands like that. Must have been weird huh."

"I didn't have a problem with it. I just don't want to assume anything."

"Assume what?"

Sasuke flicked her forehead and furrowed his eyebrows. "Nothing. You ask too many questions."

She looked up at him with an annoyed expression and he lightly chuckled before slowly getting up from bed.

"I'm going to go get ready."

As she watched him get off the bed, she watched his back as he slowly took off his shirt. Her eyes widened and she coughed loudly.

"Mind changing elsewhere?"

Sasuke turned his head with a smirk. "Conscious of me again?"

She scoffed and turned around so her back faced him again. "Nevermind."

He lightly chuckled and walked out of the room to go to his. "I'll see you later." He then turned his head slightly to look at her. "Thanks...for last night."

"...Mm," she quietly replied. After he left, she slowly brought the covers up to hide her face from embarrassment. "Damn..."