Hello everyone! I know, it's been quite a while but I'm back with a new fic for you! This is an NXT-central AU kinda world, and I really hope you enjoy it! For clarification, one of the main characters of this story is Sami Zayn, and his real name is Rami. At the beginning of this fic (specifically the prologue but it'll get mentioned sporadically throughout) the OC refers to him solely by that name. However, further into the fic, he'll be referred to solely as Sami. So I hope that's not super confusing, I promise it won't be a big distraction as the switch won't happen very often!

Anyhow, enjoy!

Helmsley Corp. was the most dangerous entity in the world. They thrived on fear of the masses, forced obedience, and the wealth to cover up the bloody dealings that were commonplace among the company. For months there'd been a small group working tirelessly to attempt to dismantle them. Their numbers had thinned dramatically, some having been captured by the goons from Helmsley Corp. and others having fallen to their forces. Rami and Drusilla were two of the most highly trained assassins working under a powerful vigilante whom they only knew as Sting. Three of their fellow operatives were being held prisoner inside the bowels of the Helmsley Corp. building, and it was Rami and Drusilla's job to get them out. The two were the most in-sync with each other; they could formulate a plan with hardly any words passed between them and carry it out with the utmost care. Sting had entrusted the future he was trying to build out of the shadows of Helmsley Corp. to them; if they failed, there would be nothing to come back to.

That night their communication was flawless. Rami gestured with his right hand; two quick flicks of his index and middle fingers and Drusilla responded with the barest nod of her head, creeping on the balls of her feet. Holding the hose to the flamethrower tight to her, Drusilla spun around the corner, dropping to a crouch, she flicked on the flamethrower and positioned pointed the nozzle down the mouth of the alley, letting it engulf everything. Screams and the smell of burnt hair and flesh filled the air and Drusilla nudged her mask back into place with her shoulder, sufficient enough to block out the stink. A hand on her shoulder alerted her of Rami's presence. She turned off the power to the weapon and shoved it aside. With a gentle hand under her elbow, Rami helped her to her feet and they headed away from the burning alley. Their target was a scant quarter of a mile away but Drusilla insisted on taking out as many obstacles in their path as possible. Rami wouldn't argue; Drusilla was wonderfully stubborn, but all in the name of caution.

Rami gripped Drusilla's upper arm, pulling her to a stop. She glanced up to catch his eye and followed his gaze to the end of the road. There were three heavily armed guards standing at the mouth of the final alley they planned to use to infiltrate the compound. Drusilla gave a slight nod and adjusted her mask, breaking off down the open alley that she hadn't burned. Rami turned left, heading up the adjacent alley. He lifted himself onto a fire escape and scaled it to the roof of the building. He spotted Drusilla across the road, taking a leap to land on the roof of the building beside it. Rami followed her lead, landing with a soft grunt as he unholstered the rifle from his back. He caught sight of Drusilla again; she was crouched atop the building above the guards. He hadn't even seen her second jump, but Drusilla was efficient and had absolutely no fear.

Rami saw her lift her arm, her hand up with three fingers raised: their countdown signal. Rami flattened himself out on his belly near the edge of the roof and squinted through the sight on his rifle. Drusilla dropped a finger in three-second increments as she crouched into position and raised her gun. Simultaneously, Rami and Drusilla fired at the guards on the outsides. The center guard yelled, panicking as blood and brain matter splattered his face. Before he could blink again, or manage to call for help, Drusilla put a bullet in his skull. Rami glanced over to her, and she signaled for them to descend and move on. Drusilla clambered down the fire escape and met Rami in the road between the buildings. Stowing his rifle, Rami followed Drusilla to the opening of the alley, skirting around the dead guards. Drusilla squeezed the handle of her gun a little tighter in her gloved hand, side-by-side with Rami as they walked down the alley and cautiously approached the unguarded rear of the auxiliary building. There was a grate leading into the ducts for the building, and Rami made quick work of removing it and sliding into the air duct.

Drusilla followed, slipping the flashlight out of the side of her boot and clicked it on, shining the light down the duct as she and Rami crept forward. Below, they heard the voices of more guards making orders and the uncomfortable groaning of what were likely their prisoners. The continuance of the vigilante's mission depended entirely on Rami and Drusilla's success. As long as they could free the hostages, they could continue to move; but if they failed, it would mean the end of the uprising and the world would be under the thumb of Helmsley Corp. until someone had the courage to challenge them. Inching to a stop, Drusilla grabbed Rami's ankle, squeezing tight once to get his attention.

"Do you smell that?" Drusilla murmured, her voice, however soft, echoing off of the ducts.

She heard Rami take a deep breath, "Fuck. Fuck that's not good. Fall back!"

Drusilla scrambled backward on her knees, moving as fast as the cramped space would allow. Ahead of them, an object clunked into the duct space, the metal-on-metal thud loud in the small area. Hissing followed the sound, and Rami started moving with an increased urgency.

"Go! Silla, go, go!" he yelled.

"I'm trying!"

Drusilla stuck the end of her flashlight into one of the pockets on the front of her vest, using her hands to push herself backward a little faster. Smoke was filling the duct, seeping through the fibers of her mask, burning her eyes behind her glasses. Rami coughed violently in front of her, his movements slowing as he gasped for a clean breath. The smoke drifted to her, catching in her throat, tasting thick and acrid. The was only a few feet behind them, she'd be able to reach out with her feet and touch the ground within moments, but when she kicked backward to make sure of their position, her foot slammed into a solid wall of metal. The vibration shimmered up her leg, making her teeth clench. Drusilla turned as far as she could, seeing no light from the outside behind them. A sheet of solid metal sealed their escape route.

"Silla, what's going on," Rami coughed, his voice ragged. "Let's get outta here."

"We can't! They walled us in," Drusilla croaked. "We're stuck, Rami."

"No fucking way," Rami yelled. "Kick it out!"

"Rami I can't! It's pure sheet metal," Drusilla said, coughing as the smoke crept down her throat. "I've tried! We've gotta go forward and try and get inside."

"We can't go forward," Rami said. "Whatever that bomb is leaking, it'll choke us before we get close."


Another metal-on-metal thud made Drusilla jump, her head banging the top of the duct. Under the clang, she heard Rami cursing; saw him shifting to lift himself as much as possible.

"Drusilla get under me. Now!"

"What? Why?"

"Don't ask fucking questions just do it!" Rami yelled.

Drusilla flattened herself onto her stomach, crawling on her forearms to fit in the small space Rami had made beneath him. His weight settled on top of her as he wrapped his arms around her, covering her with his body. She heard a spitting sound like fireworks erupting and dread curled in the pit of her stomach. Rami rested his chin on the top of her head, his breathing rapid, afraid.

"That thing is gonna blow, Silla," Rami murmured to her. "I'm gonna try and cover you as much as I can but it might not be enough."

"Rami, no…"

"Yes! Don't argue," Rami growled. "Just… Silla, I love you. I'm here with you to the end."

Sparks spilled down the duct in front of their eyes, erratic spurts at first, but they were quickly followed by blistering flames as the bomb detonated and filled the duct. Rami squeezed his arms tight around Drusilla, hunching over her as he tried to protect her. Heat and fire filled the duct, wrapping around the two of them, singeing every inch of pair it touched. Drusilla heard screaming, whether it was hers or his she didn't know, but inside her mind, all she heard was…

I love you, Rami. Goodbye.