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-10 years later-

Harry sat at the hospital, a baby in his lap. Hermione came rushing in, "Any news yet?"

He shook his head, "Sirius is still back there with her."

"An Hermy!" Pudgy little fingers reached toward Hermione and Harry gave up his godson to his wife.

"Well hello there," she bounced the black-haired baby boy on her hip, "Is Uncle Harry no fun?"

A rapid head nod had Harry pouting and Hermione chuckling. She kissed her husband, "I left as soon as school let out." Harry nodded and stood, stretching his legs. "She's okay right?"

"Yeah. I called your parents and Daniela's parents and they're on their way. They have more traffic to get through than you do." Hermione worked at Vogora as a teacher, a profession Harry fully supported. He'd learned the best when she'd taught him and as a Charms teacher she was very well loved by the younger students she worked with. She taught years 1-4, with 5-7 being taught by an older Charms master.

She gazed at her godson, "Can you imagine Sirius with two children? I couldn't see him with one until they had Rafael here." Harry still smiled at the name. It was a nod to Raffy the house elf who had told Sirius that Katabisi could help Harry's scar and Raphael the vampire who had introduced the two of them before he'd ended up working for Harry. The little boy was quite smart, which had Harry hoping that Sirius' pranking nature was not inherited. The last thing they needed was someone with Daniela's genius and Sirius' pranking ability.

"I'd love to see him with a daughter," Harry said.

"That would be entertaining," Hermione nodded. "I would wager he'd be putty in her hands though."

"Well that goes without saying," Harry grinned. "How was school?"

"It went well. Banishing charms today so we had a pillow fight."

"So you're the favorite teacher then," Harry laughed.

"I wasn't already?"

"You're my favorite teacher," Harry said, kissing her, "always have been."

"Smooth talker," she teased.

"Maybe a smidge," he conceded. Hermione sat down and Rafael snuggled into her. Harry sat down next to her and slid his arm around her. He knew what was coming next. The Grangers would come in and comments about grandbabies would start being thrown around. Not that he and Hermione didn't want kids; they both did. But after two years of trying without any progress, they both felt rather raw about the issue. Sirius and Daniela getting pregnant so easily both times did not make it easier for either of them but being named godfather and godmother to Rafael was a pleasant surprise.

Thus far, the pair had kept quiet about everything. For Hermione, he knew she saw it as a failure on her part. For Harry, he was worried other people would voice what Hermione already thought and make things worse. He was pretty good at talking her out of her being to blame but if family or friends said something he was worried he wouldn't be able to talk her out of it again. Her fears did not need validation. "It's not your fault," he whispered to her.

"I know Harry," she leaned into him, "I just…I want it to happen for us."

"I know love," he pressed his head against hers, "we're still young. And adoption isn't a bad idea."

"That's true," she nodded. "I love you."

"I love you," he smiled. "I got everything I wanted when I got you, you know. Everything else is extra."

"Harry that's a line."

"It's true though."

"Doesn't make it any less corny or lame," she said. "But the sentiment is appreciated and shared."

While Hermione and Harry might have been struggling to get pregnant, Cedric Diggory and Cho Chang had no such problem. They'd been married right out of Hogwarts and in the eleven years that followed they had three little girls. Cedric worked in Gringotts, below the surface because of his skin, and Cho worked for a shop in Diagon Alley. Amos Diggory was a proud grandfather and happy babysitter, having never found work after standing up to Albus Dumbledore. While magical Britain was under new management, most magicals were bitter and purebloods did not hire those that they deemed as betrayers. Amos Diggory had spoken out against Dumbledore with venom and Dumbledore still had many friends.

Neville had finished Hogwarts and married another pureblood, Susan Bones. He worked hard to become an auror but failed the exam, so instead he opened up a plant shop. He'd always loved all things Herbology and he decided to do what he was the best at. Susan worked in the ministry like her aunt and father had.

The Weasleys had it harder. After Ron's expulsion and Arthur's termination from his job they had found themselves destitute. Charlie managed to get a job for Bill in Romania, but the rest of the family was on their own. Arthur found small jobs in the non-magical world but his utter fascination with muggles found him in trouble with the ICW and he was charged with violating the Statute of Secrecy.

Percy and the twins eventually moved to Australia and changed their last name to escape the cloud that followed it. Percy settled down with an Australian witch after a few years there working in their government. Fred and George worked various odd jobs before opening the joke shop they'd always wanted. All three sent money home to their parents each month to help out.

When the British government had taken over the magical side there were no reprieves for the youngest Weasleys. Ginny was placed in St. Mungo's to determine any mental health issues. Several were found (damage from the horcrux she'd been using her first year and some other issues relating to obsessing over one Harry Potter) and she was hospitalized. Ron's role as the ringleader of Gryffindor's bullying, which he'd been so proud of, got him a criminal record and he found it impossible to get any employment even in the non-magical world. Arthur was at least freed from the ICW's charges, the organization being abolished by the queen. But as was possibly expected, most purebloods were offended that non-magicals were attempting to control them. Arthur might be legally free but he was socially ostracized by the magical community of Britain.

Albus Dumbledore himself had been charged by the new government put in place for a very long list of crimes. Most related to Harry Potter and Sirius Black but they were not by any stretch the only ones. The man who had so long been deemed the greatest wizard since Merlin found himself in a prison cell not all that far from Tom Marvolo Riddle with a surprisingly identical prison sentence- life in prison with no possibility of parole.

The prison was state of the art. It used a combination of magical and non-magical technology to restrain the two dangerous men. Ancient Egypt and Japan were experts at binding powerful people to a space, and experts in those cultures had been brought in to do just that.

The cells themselves were bleak. A toilet, a bed, a sink. Nothing else. Voldemort spent his days at first staring at the walls but then one day a guard brought him his meal- Spam and eggs. After that the former dark lord began singing:

Spam Spam Spam Spam
Lovely Spam! Wonderful Spam!
Lovely Spam! Lovely Spam! Lovely Spam! Lovely Spam!
Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam!

Doctors came in and pronounced him insane, and Voldemort's days were spent singing the song until the final horcrux was destroyed. Within a week of its destruction Voldemort was dead.

Dumbledore served eight years in the prison before he died. They were the most horrible years of his life. He had no visitors, but was permitted the newspaper. That was perhaps a worse punishment than anything else as no matter how hard he searched, his name was never mentioned. The focus was on magical Britain's rebuilding and the renovations being done to Hogwarts and its curriculum. Even in Hogwarts articles, Dumbledore's name appeared nowhere. Not even as the former headmaster. He'd have no portrait on the wall of Headmasters. His grand tomb he'd planned to place on Hogwarts' grounds wouldn't be happening either. Albus Dumbledore's greatest fear was to be forgotten. And it had happened. Living like that aged him far more than his hundred+ years on Earth had. He died eight years after his imprisonment and was cremated before his ashes were buried in an unmarked grave.

Harry Potter collapsed on his bed. It was three in the morning and after hours sitting in chairs at the hospital, he was exhausted. It didn't matter if you used a cushioning charm. Hospital chairs were probably designed to be uncomfortable. Daniela was still in labor but Sirius had sent everyone home, promising to call if the baby came. Hermione pulled the sheets back, "Up Harry."

He obeyed, helping her move the blankets back before she entered the bathroom. He got undressed and slid on some boxers before climbing into the bed, sighing as the mattress enveloped him. "How was your day?" Hermione called out from the bathroom.

"Okay," he said. "I never wanted to be this good at managing our fortune. It's incredibly dull."

His wife's laughter made him smile. "The school is looking for a quidditch referee. It's a part-time job and you'd be good at it."

"No one wants to be a referee love," he sighed. "Besides I like flying really, really fast."

"Well aware of that," Hermione said as she entered the bedroom. Harry looked at her and his mouth dropped. She looked really good in that sheer nightgown. "You okay Harry?" He nodded, swallowing and licking his lips as she approached the bed and lifted the sheets to slide into her side. "I suppose we should get some sleep. I have classes tomorrow."

"Or we could stay up for a bit," he said, his eyes dark with lust.

She raised an eyebrow, "Why would we do that? To talk?"

"I guess you could call it a form of communication," Harry said, tilting his head.

She laughed and he grinned, leaning in to kiss her. "You're ridiculous Harry."

"Yet you married me anyway."

"I'd claim temporary insanity but I planned our wedding about three hours after you asked me to be your girlfriend," Hermione grinned, pulling him down onto the bed as they kissed.

"Took you that long?"

"Was a bit busy trying to save your cute arse," she mumbled as she yanked his boxers down past his hips.

Harry wiggled out of them and swiftly divested her of her nightgown, "You did a great job of that."

"Well I couldn't let my future husband die," she teased, earning a chuckle from him. A wave of her hand lowered the lights in the room and Harry happily lost himself in their lovemaking. They might not have a child yet but damn if they didn't have fun trying.

Draco Malfoy and his mother had ended up in the United States of America. After graduating from school he'd become an employee of Katabisi. He was very good with numbers and enjoyed the work, which had surprised him. Draco had nothing when they'd arrived, and the only reason they hadn't starved was his mother's cousin Sirius Black. He'd given them a stipend each month that paid for their living expenses and Draco's schooling until they had managed to get on their feet. Even with his mother finding work, which was minimum wage and part time at first as she'd never worked before in her life, they couldn't afford clothes, school for Draco, or even much food. Without Sirius Black they'd have died.

He was grateful for the help. Draco'd never really been in a position to feel gratitude before but he had then. Draco had put more effort into his schooling in the States, and he graduated with high grades. His father would have been horrified. Draco had met a muggleborn at work and fallen head over heels for the woman. After a year of dating he'd proposed and one year after that they'd been married.

Luna Lovegood, who had also moved to the United States with her only remaining parent, ended up moving to Brazil after school. The rainforests of the Amazon seemed the perfect place for unknown magical creatures and she ended up exploring the forests thoroughly over the years, finding and documenting new magical creatures.

Harry and Hermione woke to the news that Daniela had delivered a little girl. After a quick shower and breakfast they headed to the hospital together. Daniela was awake but looked exhausted. "Hola," Hermione said, smiling at the older woman.

"She's already preventing me from sleep," Daniela said, smiling at the younger couple and relinquishing the newborn to Hermione.

Harry looked around, "Where's Rafael?"

"My parents took him to their place last night so Sirius could stay with me. He's getting me some breakfast right now. Say hello to your goddaughter," Daniela smiled. "Juanita Harriet Ramos Black."


"It was Harry's sage words that had Sirius committing so strongly and so quickly to me. You said if I was half as great as Hermione he should never let go," she smiled at him, "We were always going to name a boy after Raffy and Raphael and we were always going to name a girl after the two of you. Juanita for your middle name, Hermione, and Harriet for your first name, Harry."

Hermione gazed at her goddaughter, "You are going to have your daddy wrapped around your finger," she smiled.

"Already does," Daniela grinned. "You should have seen Sirius with her. He's worse than he was with Rafael."

Harry couldn't wait to see that. Sirius had treated newborn Rafael like he was going to break if someone breathed too hard on him. Hermione had theorized that Sirius was afraid that Daniela would kill him if he in some way harmed their child but Harry thought it had more to do with Sirius afraid of losing this wonderful life he had. That was a result of Azkaban that was never going to go away and Harry knew that.

He felt similar because of the Dursleys. He never forgot an anniversary, birthday, or other holiday out of fear that if he did Hermione would leave him. It was an absurd thought; Hermione wasn't that shallow and if she was Harry wouldn't be interested in her. But he felt that fear no matter how irrational it was and he went out of his way to show his appreciation for Hermione on those days. Some things you just couldn't shake, his therapist said. Harry definitely agreed. Hermione had slowly acclimated Harry to physical contact and loving touches to the point that Harry initiated such contact as well but there was nothing either of them could do to soothe that childlike fear of him losing her because he wasn't good enough or he screwed up.

Hermione passed Juanita to him and he gazed at the little girl. She looked alot like the baby pictures he'd seen of Daniela, which would no doubt have Sirius watching her like a hawk. She was adorable though. "I can't wait to buy her her first broomstick," Harry said.

"Hermione slap your husband please," Daniela said, closing her eyes. "I'm too tired."

Hermione smacked Harry on the back of his head, "This is why I'm godmother. Someone has to be responsible."

"I'm responsible," Harry pouted.

"In most things," Hermione said. "Flying is not one of those things though." Harry smirked. She wasn't wrong. He loved an incredibly fast broom. And he did particularly stupid things on those fast brooms. Nothing to get himself killed but he'd had plenty of broken bones.

Remus Lupin had believed in Albus Dumbledore up until the old man's death. He just could not even begin to consider that the old man could have been wrong or evil. Even when faced with his crimes Remus rationalized Dumbledore's actions. Someone was framing him or it wasn't that bad or Dumbledore himself had been deceived and had he known, he'd have fixed whatever was wrong. There were many people who thought similarly, and there were enough to keep the pious image of Albus Dumbledore alive even after his death. Then the details of his crimes were released, crimes that had never before been discussed.

Remus' faith in the old man was unshakable, but not everyone who still believed in the old man felt the same. What he'd done to Harry Potter had come out in more detail than ever before and it horrified most of them. Very few held to Dumbledore's greatness and goodness after that. Remus did, though, and he found himself more alone than ever as a result.

Minerva McGonagall, on the other hand, had her image of Albus Dumbledore utterly shattered when he'd thrown her under the bus for following his directions regarding the situation with Mr. Potter and Miss Granger. She'd had no problem testifying against him. It might not fix what had happened to those he'd victimized but it did ease her conscience and guilt regarding her refusal to stand up for Mr. Potter and Miss Granger and if she could redeem her soul for following his bad advice, she knew that making sure Albus Dumbledore got what he deserved was the only way. Minerva moved overseas to the United States and taught at the Salem Academy for twenty years before retiring. She might have blindly followed Dumbledore but she was a master at Transfiguration and she loved teaching. She never had as much power as she did under him again but that suited her just fine.

Severus Snape found himself arrested for his many crimes and with no Dumbledore to save him he was sentenced to Azkaban. He did not leave the island alive.

Their visit with Daniela was short as Hermione had to get to work. Harry drove her to school, kissing her goodbye when they arrived. "I love you," he whispered.

"I love you too."

"While I was waiting at the hospital yesterday I thought maybe we could escape for a weekend to Switzerland. Avoid all the grandchild talk and just spend some time together in that chalet."

"That sounds like heaven," she smiled. "You are the best husband ever Harry," she kissed him again. "El Clásico is this weekend so the school's having a three-day weekend. We'd get an extra day."

Harry liked the sound of that. "I'll have Winky make sure the chalet is ready and I'll arrange for our travel. You just worry about your wardrobe."

"Or lack thereof," she whispered into his ear before saying goodbye and exiting the car. Harry gazed after her. That hat had to be under some sort of spell or something to place his Hermione in Gryffindor instead of Slytherin. On the other hand, he mused as he headed to Katabisi to arrange their weekend, Slytherin might not have been able to handle a true Slytherin like his Hermione. She'd have embarrassed all of them thoroughly.

-Epilogue to the Epilogue-

Three years after the birth of their goddaughter Harry and Hermione finally had their own pregnancy. And to their surprise it was twins. Aidan Drake Granger-Potter and Melisandra Cassidy Granger-Potter were born to two happy parents, two ecstatic grandparents, and three euphoric house elves.