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Lucy couldn't fight it. Don't get her wrong, she desperately wanted to. Every cell in her body screamed to stop, begged her to not do this. But she knew she had no options. This was the cost of her soul. For a second, she nearly wavered. The screams of the family are what caused it. Usually she was alone with the victim. Usually the family screamed after she'd left. But they were here, actively begging her to stop. To have mercy. She wished she had the option.

With sudden force, Lucy drove the tip of her sword through his gut. He'd been on his knees, hands tied behind his back, looking at her with grim determination. Now though, that fake confidence faltered as blood leaked from his wound. She yanked her sword out.

He didn't look at his family as he died. Instead, he slumped to the floor, and stared at Lucy until the light finally drained from his eyes. The begging stopped, only to turn into desperate sobs.

His eyes accused her as they stared, convicting her to an eternity in hell once she finally died. She knew it to be true. She yanked her eyes from his, heart clenching painfully.

Focus, Lucy, she told herself.

Lucy slowly grabbed a cloth from inside her clothing and wiped the sword clean. The cloth had been used too many times. The once white cloth was now a musty black, completely disgusting to look at and smell. Despite this, she neatly folded it and tucked it back in her clothing.

Disgusting it may be, but it was a reminder of every victim. It held the memory of every person killed, every life taken. Every blood spilled.

Dimly, she realized the sobbing had stopped. The people from her guild had taken them away she guessed. She prayed they didn't kill them.

Sensing a familiar presence by her side, Lucy took a deep breath and looked up, steadying herself. Even in front of a friend, weakness in this business was looked down upon. She could not be weak.

She looked up at Virgo with heavy eyes, but still managed a small smile. Virgo was a woman made of steel, with eyes as solid as brick. Lucy had never seen her smile, but she'd also never really seen her frown. It was always blank. Lucy was envious.

"Miss, the master is requesting your presence."

Lucy fought down the bile that threatened to rise in her throat. Gritting her teeth in determination she nodded, but not before glancing at the sky. It was dark now. When it had it gotten so late? When she'd tracked the man down it had barely been 6 o'clock. How long had she been standing here? Sighing, she set off on the cobblestone walkway.

Once she moved from over the body, the men who'd watched from the shadows of the alleys went forward and snatched the body. She did her best to fight the nausea. There were some unsavory people in this town. They took the bodies for spoils, body parts, she never knew for sure, but as she'd killed the man she'd felt their eyes on her the entire time.

Her town, Bornsting, despite its dark unerbelly, was usually a lively town. Poor, but lively. Tonight though, the shoved together houses were shut firmly, and not a dog was left on the street. No doubt it was her fault.

The walk was a winding one as they traveled to the outskirts of Bornsting. Slowly the quality of walkway and houses descended, until they knew they were in the poorest part of town.

They came to a stop in front of a tiny house, so small it could hardly be considered a home. Virgo shoved open the heavy, practically broken door and walked inside, Lucy falling closely behind. Once Virgo had shut it Lucy sighed. She'd felt the eyes of the people in the houses watching her through the windows. At least here, she had a tiny bit of privacy.

The house consisted of one room. There was no furniture, not even a chair. In the center of the room there was a hatch on the floor, the handle lined with gold.

Virgo inserted a key into the lock and slowly pulled it open, gesturing for Lucy to enter the stairwell. Sighing, she did, grimacing at the darkness. There was a torch, farther down, she could tell by the light in the distance, though too far to be truly of any help down the steep stairs.

She heard Virgo lock the hatch behind her.

As they descended, Lucy keeping a careful hand on the wall, she felt the rugged stone turn to smooth marble.

She let out a breath when she finally reached the bottom of the steps and the light source. She stood in a large, circular room with torches lining the wall. Directly opposite her was a large door, once again, lined with gold and gems. Two guards stood on opposite sides of the door, eyeing her.

"Virgo," Lucy said, turning to glance at the woman, "stay outside."

Steeling herself, and desperately wishing to run back up the stairs into the open air, she walked towards the doors and pulled them open with a heavy grunt.

The guards said and did nothing to help her. But she was used to that.

She walked in and let the doors slam shut behind her. It was a large room, bigger than the one before it. Everything shined and shimmered. It took the appearance of an office, with bookshelves making up part of the walls and sharp couches next to a fireplace. She had a hard time picturing her father sitting on the couch, enjoying the warmth of a fire.

Immediately her gaze fell on him, sitting at his large, and too big, desk. He was staring directly at her, frowning. He sat stiffly, with his hands clasped, elbows resting on the shiny surface. A number of papers laid atop the desk.

"You took too long," he said sharply.

"Sorry, father," Lucy murmured, doing her best to look demure and apologetic. It was a bit hard. He only frowned further.

"The job?" he asked, leaning forward a bit. Lucy bit back any questions on why he was so curious, and why he'd commanded her to kill the man on the streets. She usually preferred to do it in private, so his interest in this case was curious. She knew though, that if she asked, she'd only be reprimanded and it wasn't worth it.

"Went as planned," she waved off. "Why did you call me here?" She knew it wasn't just to ask how her job had gone. He had people watch her so he damn well knew. There was something else. A small part of her wondered briefly if he'd found out, but she shut it down immediately. Such thoughts only brought trouble.

Jude Heartfilia scowled at her immediate dismissal of his question but decided he had more important things to discuss then her lack of respect.

"I've got another job for you," Jude said. Lucy nodded, though slightly confused. Usually her jobs were communicated to her through Virgo or Capricorn.

Jude Heartfilia ran the Heartfilia Home, one of the biggest assassin's guilds in Fiore. Jude justified it by saying they rid society of disgusting vermin, but she knew better. They'd take the highest pay and didn't give a thought to who it hurt. Jude had decided long ago that if he was to have a daughter, then she would earn her keep.

No one, not even the police, dared oppose Jude. He had complete control over the town and was as rich as Fiore's king. The biggest criminals in the entire kingdom owed him favors.

Lucy took a few steps closer when he remained silent, almost seeming to brood on his own thoughts.

"What is it?" she finally asked, patience snapping. Whatever this was, it was big. Calling her in for a secret meeting was rare, and the way he stared at the desk was at least mildly concerning.

He glared at her for speaking.

"You will travel to Magnolia, and kill the prince of Fiore."

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