Hello fellow Castle fans. This is my first fanfic and it is completely AU. I have decided to start with a simple story. In this story Castle is 28, Kate is 26 and Alexis is 4 (Meredith has been gone for a year and Johanna died when Kate was 17). So without further ado, I hope you enjoy…

Ohh and I don't own Castle I have just borrowed the characters

Kate Beckett never dreamed of working in a wonderful house like this while on her 3 months leave from the force. She had just been promoted to detective at the 12th precinct and her captain Roy Montgomery had given her 3 months celebratory leave.

She had originally planned to come to the Hampton's with her father but he had decided as he had only been sober for 3 months that he wanted to stay as close to his sponsor as he could. Kate didn't push him as she knew how hard it had been for her father after her mother passed.

So Kate drove to the Hampton's on her own. She was staying in her regular hotel next to the beach as it was the beginning of July, so she could go into the sea whenever she pleased.

Even though she had come for a holiday, she found herself applying and receiving a job as a maid for 2 months. She never much like sitting around doing nothing all day, also it wasn't like it would take up the whole day to clean one house. Would it?

Kate was standing on the front steps of a huge, half white, half brick colored house… no wait mansion. She looked around in owe as the house stretched long across the lawn and high into the sky. She had a week at this house before the owner came to stay and it had to be immaculate.

1 week later

For some unknown reason Kate's heart was beating out her chest as she reached up to ring the doorbell to the now familiar house.

As she stood there waiting, Kate could feel here once calm persona quickly slipping from her. What didn't help her was the fact when the door finally did opened, she was stood face to face with not only a very handsome man, who also happened to be her favourite author, but the mind that dragged her from the hole her mother's death left her in.

Kate swallowed hard before calmly speaking "Hi my name is Kate Beckett". When he just stood there staring at her blankly she decided she should maybe elaborate a bit. "I'm your maid for the next 2 months" she added a polite smile to the end.

They stood staring at each other for a few minutes until Kate caught a glimpse of red in the hallway, then a tiny voice "Daddy its rude not to let people in now let the pretty woman in" she cast a sideways glance at Kate and smiled.

Kate gave her a small one back before squatting down to her height and addressing the small girl "Hi my name is Kate and what's your name is little one"

The small girl waved her tiny hand and replied shyly "I'm Alexis and this rude man is my Daddy Rick"

At this point Rick cleared his throat "I'm sorry… I'm Rick, as Alexis pointed out," Rick held out his hand for Kate to shake "I'm sorry again for my little pause there my mind isn't quite awake this morning." he then let out a 100 watt smile that had Kate buckling at the knees.

"I am here for as long as you need me each day, so…" Kate didn't want to be rude and outright ask to enter his home so she gave him a hint that she was waiting for him to tell her what he wanted her to do first.

"Please excuse my failure to produce a complete sentence" Rick said as he hit the palm of his hand to his forehand. "Please come in" There was a short pause as he let me in. Before Rick could say another word Alexis grabbed Kate's hand and dragged her to her baby pink room because she wanted to show Kate her beloved monkey bunkey that she loved so very dearly. Kate and Alexis stayed in Alexis's room for about 30 minutes when Alexis said she had to go do something and ran out of the room.

Kate sighed "I have to admit Castle you have a very lovely house and a wonderful little girl, but isn't it a bit big for the two of you?" Kate commented as she walked back to the landing where Rick was standing waiting. She raised her right eyebrow to suggest she was actually quite curious as to whether there was anyone else in the house with him and his little girl.

"Well I want Alexis to have the best because yes as you said she is the best thing that has ever happened to me, also my mother is around here somewhere" as Rick said this he turned looking for the person he just mentioned. "Anyway, hang on did you call me Castle? I'm pretty sure I didn't tell you my last name!" The smirk that was plastered on his face was what caused Kate to roll her eyes, blush and bite her bottom lip.

'What the hell is wrong with you Kate? He is your employer, not a man who would want anything to do with you outside of the professional capacity! He also has a small daughter and you know he has just gone through a tough divorce. That was a year ago… STOP' Kate's mind turned as she chided herself. What she didn't realise was the fact that the man on her mind himself was doing the same thing.

'Get a grip man! She is here to work for you and that is all. You have just got out of a horrid marriage (okay a year ago now but who is actually counting) and have a fricking 3 year old daughter to think about. Well Alexis could use a woman in her life… NO don't even go there!' Finally pulling his head out of the clouds he talked to the woman on his mind "Can I get you something to drink? Iced tea? Water? Coffee?"

'Be spontaneous Kate' "You know what Rick I would love a coffee" She flashed him a small, brief smile.

"Okay right this way"

He led her down the corridor straight ahead of them. About halfway down the corridor Kate realised they hadn't seen a certain little red head in a while. "Rick where is your daughter"

"Oh she'll be in the kiddie's room. She loves it in there" the smile that quickly spread across Ricks face was so genuine that it was infectious and soon Kate felt her own lips lifting as if they had a mind of their own as she stared at the man in front of her. Wiping it of her face quickly as he turned to ask her how she had her coffee. The last thought Kate let herself have was one that shocked her, even though it was in her own head.

'You're in trouble Kate. The big good-looking, best-selling author kind of trouble'

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