It was a few months after the Titan war. The campers were busy building the new cabins and satyrs came back everyday with a ton of new demigods. The shrouds for the fallen campers had been burned and everyone was healing. Thalia was busy with the Hunt, and Nico was almost always working in the Underworld. Percy was now one of the senior counsellors, and had a lot of responsibility. It was getting near Christmas, and Percy wanted to spend it with his mother. He thought that everything could be better, now that the war was over. He couldn't have been more wrong, for, just before he left camp, something happened that would change his life in ways unimaginable.

Percy stormed into the apartment in a silent fury. He didn't greet his mom like he usually would. He just walked straight into his room and slammed the door behind him. Sally knew that there was something wrong. Her usually optimistic, cheerful, and generally happy son was never so dark and moody, and angry.

His appearance was also something that worried her. His jet black hair was messier than normal and his bright sea green eyes were abnormally dull and red. His Camp Half-Blood shirt was torn and wet with tears.

Sally went to his room and gently knocked on the door.

"Percy, love, can I come in?" she asked softly. There was a muffled reply and Sally took that as a sign to go in.

Inside, she saw Percy laid out on the bed with his face buried into the pillow. The room itself was a mess. He still hadn't cleaned it from the last time he had been here. There were clothes thrown over the floor, and wrappers littered the carpet. Sally went over to the bed and sat down.

"What's wrong my little fish?" she said, rubbing his back and purposely using his old nickname. Percy didn't say anything.

"She broke up with me," Percy finally mumbled.

Sally was confused. "What?"

"She broke up with me. Annabeth broke up with me. She said that it wasn't working out," Percy explained, tears slowly falling down his face.

"What do you mean? You were both so happy!" Sally asked. She didn't understand. They were the perfect couple! How could it possibly not have worked out?

"Apparently we had different dreams and our personalities were too different. She said that her dream was to build something that would last forever, and that I was holding her back. She said that I didn't really care about any of that sort of stuff and that I didn't have the intelligence to be her boyfriend. She said that she was going to help her mother on Olympus and learn from her. She wanted us to still be friends after this!" Percy yelled. The tears were coming at full force now.

Sally quickly pulled her son into a hug and began consoling him as he sobbed into her shoulder.

"I can't go back to camp! Mom, I can't see her again! Please don't make me go there!"

Sally was furious. How dare that girl break her son's heart like that! Sally knew that she couldn't send him back to camp, but he wouldn't be protected if he stayed at home. There had to be somewhere she could send him. She began thinking of all the mythological places she knew. She was about to give up when it hit her.

"Percy," she spoke carefully. Percy looked up at her, noticing the change in her tone.

"Percy, there's something I have to tell you. Now this is going to come as a shock to you and you are going to have a lot of questions so I'm going to ask you to let me finish explaining before you ask questions, okay?"

Percy sat up completely and wiped away his tears. He was the hero of Olympus! He wasn't supposed to be so pathetic! His mother seemed incredibly nervous and he couldn't understand why. He nodded his head and waved at her to continue.

"Percy, remember when I told you that my parents died in a plane crash? Well, that wasn't true. You see Percy, the Greek world isn't the only world out there. Many years ago, Hecate blessed a group of mortals with the power to use magic, just so that she could spite Zeus. But since they were mortals, they needed something that would allow them to channel their magic. Hecate then gifted three of the blessed mortals with the knowledge on how to turn wooden sticks into magical items that could channel someone's power. The mortals decided to call these wands. The mortals then decided to separate themselves from the other mortals and began calling themselves witches and wizards. My mother was a witch. My father was a wizard. My parents didn't really die in a plane crash," Sally finished, closing her eyes as she prepared herself for Percy's reaction.

"What! How does no one know about this! Wait! Does that mean your a witch? Am I a wizard? Does dad know? Whoa!" Percy shouted in surprise.

"First, no one knows about this because the magical community is in England, and also because Hecate has covered the entire magical community in an extremely heavy layer of Mist. Second, yes I was a witch. I am now a squib. Yes you are a wizard. And lastly, yes your father does know. He's the one that told me how the magical community came to existence. He was very surprised to know that we still existed. Apparently Zeus had ordered Hecate to kill all the wizards and witches," Sally answered, slightly relieved that her son was being open-minded about it.

"Wait, what's a squib and how can you stop being a witch?" Percy asked frowning in confusion.

"A squib is someone who has magical parents and carries the magical gene, but can't use magic herself or himself. You can't stop being a witch. The only reason I turned into a squib, was because I used an incredibly difficult spell to contain your wizard magic. The spell used up most of my magic and damaged my magic core, turning me into a squib," Sally explained.

Percy nodded his head and thought about what his mother had told him. He didn't understand why he readily believed her so easily. Then he realised, that on some subconscious level he already knew. He always knew that there was a reason why he was so much more powerful than any other demigod. But he was still confused about something.

"Wait, why are you telling me all this now?" he asked his mother questioningly.

"Well, since you aren't going to camp any more, I have decided to send you to Hogwarts!" Sally smiled.

"Hogwarts! And what would that be?" Percy snorted. He couldn't help it! The place was called Hogwarts!

"Oh, right! Hogwarts is a famous school for wizards and witches! I didn't go there, but I know that it's the best school there is! It was founded by four of Hecate's blessed mortals. The current headmaster is Professor Dumbledore, I believe. It is heavily shrouded in Mist, so you won't have to worry about anything from the Greek world coming there," Sally informed Percy. She was excited that her son was finally going to learn about the other side of his family. And, it would be good for him to get away from all this war and fighting.

Percy nodded his head. It would be good for him to forget about all this crap here in America. He was also very curious in all this wizard stuff. He could do magic! He could just imagine the possibilities! The more he thought about it, the more excited he got.

"Anything else I need to know?" Percy asked his mother eagerly.

"Yes just one more thing. My father is, how do I say this, not well liked in the wizard world. He is evil. Now you must understand, he wasn't always evil. He was the best father in the world to me. But he was consumed in grief, anger, and fury when my mother was killed in a crossfire by a half-blood wizard. Of course no one else knows because their affair was a secret, still, my father loved my mother very much. He has killed a lot of people, so there are many that will hate you for his actions. But remember Percy, he was, and still probably is, a good man at heart. His name was Tom Marvelo Riddle. Maria Jackson was my mother's," Sally sighed sadly.

Percy nodded his head in acceptance. He felt sorry for his grandfather. He knew that love could ruin you. His situation with Annabeth was proof of that. He wasn't going to think badly of his grandfather.

"Now, I'm going to go fill out a spare form I have, requesting to allow you admission into the school. This is also your last chance to change your name if you want to," Sally got up and looked at him with her eyebrow raised.

Percy considered this carefully. He was going to a new place and start a new school. It was a fresh start for him. Did he want to be known as Perseus Jackson?

"Change my name to Percy Tom Riddle."