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Nona's POV

The first event they announced was simply called The Ball Game, the main gist was that each team would send forward a representative, there was a bunch of magic lacrima balls in the center, the goal was to get the balls and score it into the goal, the most points in ten minutes would get the most points and so on down.

"I'll play." I told the others "It looks like fun."

"Alright, if you think you can handle it go ahead." Asuka nodded.

I jumped down onto the field to play ball against Mirai, Elise, Minerva, Millianna, Jenny, Toby and Parasol.

"Seems like it's all us girls." I giggled "Except Toby."

"Don't think I'm gonna hold back on you two." Mirai laughed.

"I plane to show how strong I've become." Elise nodded.

"Such loud mouths on all of you."

The woman from Crater Beasts, Parasol, walked up. She was about my height with long curly blonde hair that rested on her shoulders, she was wearing a white and pink sundress and had a white umbrella resting on her shoulder.

"I, Parasol, will show you how a lady should act on a field of battle." She smirked a bit.

"That attitude will make it easier to kick your butt." Mirai laughed.

"Now girls don't start a fight." Aunt Minerva said "That's for the next round.

Everyone went to their places and we waited for the bell to sound. As soon as it did everyone took off for the center to try and start gathering things up to score with. I summoned my Aera wings to fly forward but suddenly there was a massive gust of wind blowing me back.

"Storm Call!"

Parasol had her arm held out; her magic was generating a massive gust of wind to keep the rest of us from the center of the arena.

"There it is!" The announcer cheered "Parasol's famous Storm Magic!"

"Storm magic?" I gasped "You can manipulate the weather?!"

"The skies and seas bow to my whims." Parasol smiled.

"Except when I get involved!" Mirai ran at the wind "Tempester's Soul!"

Mirai's skin darkened and turned almost wolf like as she used one of her demons.

"WHOOSH!" she yelled holding her fingers to her lips.

Mirai blew out her own gust that counteracted Parasol's and calmed the air.

"Snooze ya lose!" Mirai laughed dashing off.

"I was thinking the same thing." A hand appeared out of thin air and grabbed Mirai, Aunt Minerva teleporting herself into her path.

"Eyes on me little kitty." Millianna shot her tubing out at me.

"Aries!" I yelled

"Yes Ma'am!" the ram appeared and put up a barrier to block for me.

"Sport Armor!" Elise suddenly skated by covered in full pads like she was in some sort of athletic competition "Body Check!"

Elise threw her weight into Toby and slammed him into the wall before scooping up a couple of his points and scoring.

"Oh crap right I gotta score!" I yelled "Aries let's go!"

"Right." She said helping me gather some up.

"Whirling Wind!" the balls I had gathered were sucked right out of my hands by a powerful gust.

"I'll be taking those." Parasol smirked summoning a typhoon to surround us all, pulling many of the lacrima scoring balls to her side "Stealing might be uncouth but I plan on winning."

"Well so do I!" I smiled pulling out a key "Let's see how you handle this!"

I held out my key ring and heard it jingle.

"I need some help!" I yelled sticking my hand into a puddle "Aquarius!"

Water gushed from the puddle and when it subsided the mermaid was there.

"Calling me back again, such a pain." She sighed looking at the stands and smiling "I don't really mind it but…"

"What the hell do you think you're doing summoning me from some dirty ass puddle huh?!" she snapped "You dumb cat!"

"I'm sorry!" I yelped.

"Fishy!" Millianna smiled licking her lips.

"Now then, where were we?" Aquarius pulled her jar out "oh right, throwing these idiots for a loop!"

Aquarius flooded the arena, swirling a whirlpool around to drown the others in.

"Not gonna happen Nona!" Mirai yelled swimming towards me in Torafuzar's form.

"You've soaked me." Parasol growled climbing up on the wall "You insolent feline!"

"I think we only made them angrier!" I yelped.

"So, this ain't a fight right." Aquarius smirked as I felt something bump my leg and she faded away.

I looked down and saw the current of the whirlpool had pulled most of the orbs to my side, I just had to score them.

"Territory!" Minerva quickly swapped the balls to her hand and scored them.

"Come on!" I yelled as Aunt Jenny used her take over to grab more of mine "Stop stealing from me you jerk!"

Before I even had the chance to pick up a single ball almost all of mine got stolen by people with ranged powers.

"HYA!" I slammed a few down just to get something on the board as the buzzer rang.

"Let's see the final tally!" The announcer said.

Looking at the score board the team with the most points scored in that was Sabertooth, followed by Crater Beasts, The B-Team, Blue Pegasus, C-Team, A-Team, Mermaid Heel and lastly Lamia Scale.

"At least it's not last." I sighed having gotten my team 3 points.

So, before the battle portion of today the scoreboard said.

Sabertooth- 8

Crater Beasts- 7

Fairy Tail B- 6

Blue Pegasus- 5

Fairy Tail C- 4

Fairy Tail A- 3

Mermaid Heel- 2

Lamia Scale- 1

Asuka's POV

"Not bad Nona, you did well." I said seeing her pouting.

"I coulda done better." She huffed "I gathered a bunch up but I did a real crappy job scoring them fast enough."

"We'll just get our points back in the battle portion." Cornelia said "We get ten if we win."

"I wonder who we'll be competing against?" Nona hummed.

We looked up at the board as it displayed the matchups for today's battles

It would be Team A vs Lamia Scale

Mermaid Heel Vs Crater Beasts

Team B vs Blue Pegasus

And Team C vs Sabertooth

"We're up first." Rex said "I wonder who they'll say is our fighter."

The organizers picked the fighters for the battle rounds.

"Up first from Fairy Tail, the beautiful blonde with bomb like magic, Cornelia Heartfilia Alberona!"

"Looks like it's me!" Cornelia said hopping the barrier.

"Try not to make a mess." I sighed.

"And her opponent from Lamia Scale is-!"

"No! No! No!" a girly voice interrupted "That sort of intro won't do at all, let's start over.

Suddenly the arena was covered in artificial darkness and one of the tunnels was pouring out fog. Spotlights appeared lit up the battlefield as the voice kept talking.

"I wanna hear those cheers everyone!" I said "Get loud for me, I need your support!"

A very upbeat musical number started playing over the loudspeakers the voice followed up and sang along.

"Hmm~" she moaned "Love lasts forever!"

The lights kicked back on and showed a girl standing there in a sparkling red and pink idol dress with butterfly like wings on the back, her pink hair was done up in a long pony tail with some yellow ribbons tying it. Her body was petite but curvy enough to seem desirable.

"I should have known that was you." Cornelia groaned "What's all this crap, Shelia!"

"Just my way of showing the crowd me Love." She winked.

"YEEAAAHHH!" the crowd cheered.

"Lamia's Scale's reserve member stepping in for the injured Toby it's the beautiful chart topper, Love Slayer Shelia Heartfilia Blendy!"

Shelia Blendy, our sister via Aunt Sherry. She's 15 and very cute, as with most of her family she has an odd obsession with the concept of Love. She does have a beautiful voice so it wasn't much of a surprise when she started putting on shows and blew up as an idol.

Shelia, like some of our siblings with Mother's from other guilds, technically has dual membership, in her case she's a member of both Fairy Tail and Lamia Scale, Michael has Dule membership with Sabertooth, Lindsey with Mermaid Heel and Hannah with Blue Pegasus, though most of us spend our time at Fairy Tail anyway.

"Little Sister or not, I'm gonna smash you into bits." Cornelia smirked.

"I plan to show you all my Love Big Sis." Shelia smirked as the two stared each other down and the gong rang.

"Let's put on a good show my lovelies!" Shelia put her arms up.

"Here it comes." Nona shivered "Her magic, it's hard to believe someone like Shelia would use it."

Cornelia ran in and Shelia smirked a bit.

"Lovebug Magic-." Shelia mad a summoning circle appear "Gargantuan Wasp!"

A huge hornet like bee appeared and flew right at Cornelia.

"Let's go!" Cornelia charged her fist up.


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Lucy's Kiddie Corner

Shelia Heartfilia-Blendy- Age- 15, Mother- Sherry Blendy, Magic- Insect Summoning Magic, Voice- Sarah Wiedenheft.

The daughter of Lucy and Sherry, Shelia is a popular new idol singer that's touring around Fiore providing her own unique entertainment and songs about love. Like the rest of her Maternal family she believes strongly in the power of LOVE, especially the familial kind. Despite her cute appearance she uses the rather grotesque Insect Summoning Magic, or as she calls it Lovebug Magic, this magic allows her to call forth insectoid beasts from another dimension similar to Celestial Spirit Summoning magic. She has a rather intense rivalry with her sister Marine who's older by a few months, Marine believes strongly in the merits of classical music and finds that Shelia's pop songs are nothing but nonsense and drivel.

Sorry the Story was off for so long; I was in a funk in terms of new ideas but I'm back now and have some more of the GMG planned to show off. In other news I also went back to fix/touch up the older chapters, mostly it was stuff like grammar and spelling, I also added a Kiddie Corner for Marnie since I forgot to do that last chapter.

ONE LAST THING, in going back to edit the old chapters I added some extra dialog here and there in order to tease a change I'm planning to make to Cyrus character, I want to do something interesting with Cyrus but in order for it not to feel weird and out of nowhere I had to go back and add some scenes to foreshadow this rather notable change that will be coming for him in the next couple chapters.

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