A/N - When I wrote the first two chapters back in March, I never really thought I'd have trouble continuing the story. But aside from Expiration Date and Fighting Shadows, we weren't given much significant Densi to go on in the second half of the season. I debated marking this complete last week but since I never intended Ch 2 to be the end, it was bugging me to mark it complete without actually adding more. Thankfully, this little inspiration struck.

This picks up right after Deeks and Kensi get back from Mammoth.

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"Do we have to go back to work tomorrow?" Deeks groans as he drops himself next to Kensi on the couch.

She gives him a pointed look, "We were lucky we got the five days off that we did – we've never gotten that many before."

Turning to look at her, his gaze drops to her mouth and he leans forward until their faces are just inches apart, "But going back to work means I can't do this–" he closes the gap and kisses her soundly, "–whenever I want to."

"No," Kensi laughs, a shy smile on her face, "No you can't. Not while we're at work anyway."

She shifts in her seat so that her body is tucked into her boyfriend's side, his arm instinctively wrapping around her as her head rests on his shoulder. She's never dreaded going back to work after a vacation as much as she does right now. The memories of what happened the last time they tried to take this leap keep coming back to her no matter how hard she tries to tell herself that it's different now.

Last year, they weren't ready for this - she wasn't ready for this – it was spontaneous and driven by a desire that was too strong for either one of them to think rationally about the aftermath. They hadn't had time to talk about how to make them work as partners in the field and partners at home – hell, they hadn't even had time to get her a different shirt – and it had nearly destroyed them.

Now, Kensi's pretty sure that she couldn't be more ready. She's spent most of the past few months thinking of little else. And yet, something about tomorrow scares her. They won't be able to pretend they're just a boy and a girl, with all the time in the world. They're going to be thrust back into the dangers of their job and face situations that are hard enough when you aren't in a relationship with your partner.

"Kens?" Deeks' voice breaks her out of her stupor.

Wordlessly, she reaches for his other hand and weaves her fingers with his, "Tell me again that all hell isn't going to break loose tomorrow or next week or next month."

Deeks pulls her even closer and rests his head on top of hers, letting out a long, deep breath, "You're not second-guessing this – us – right?" He wishes he didn't sound so scared of that question, but it's been his biggest fear for the past week – that she's going to have some epiphany and realize that this may not be worth it. "No regrets?"

"What? Deeks, no!" Kensi's stunned reaction is oddly comforting as her eyes dart to his and she exhales. "Absolutely not," her voice a tad more controlled, "It's just…"

"History isn't on our side," he finishes her thought and she nods in agreement.

If Deeks could wipe a good eighty percent of the past year from his memory, he'd do it in a heartbeat. That night he had asked her on a date without actually asking her on a date was equal parts amazing and doomed, right from the start. They didn't really think and they definitely didn't talk – all they did was act on years of building sexual tension that had eventually teamed up with actual feelings that he's pretty sure could only be described as love.

The day after had been a disaster, the five months after that were basically horrible, and even after Kensi had come home, it took them a while to fall back into a rhythm with each other. Both traumatized in their own way about that entire year, they had finally gotten to this point and he's feeling confident that they're ready to take on this thing of theirs now.

"I promise you," Deeks drops a lingering kiss to her temple, "it will be different. We're ready to make this work."

"All we have to do is talk about it, right?" Kensi adds, a slight smile flitting across her face.

Talking about anything meaningful has certainly never been a strength for them, but after everything that's happened in the last year, it suddenly seems almost easy.

"And kiss," Deeks mumbles against her skin as he peppers kisses along her jaw.

"Kissing is going to make this work?" Kensi snorts and tilts her head to the side, giving him better access to her neck as he continues to drag his lips over her exposed flesh.

"Well," He lifts his head and smiles cheekily, "it certainly isn't going to hurt."

"You ready for this?" Deeks reaches across the center console and squeezes Kensi's hand before they move to get out of the car.

Kensi had been nervous about carpooling into work – afraid they were showing their hand before the game even got started. She didn't want to face questioning looks and silent exchanges between their teammates as soon as they walked through the doors.

Deeks had argued it was more common than not for them to arrive at work together in the morning, even before their mornings included waking up in bed together.

The "discussion" had ended about as quickly as it had started when he pinned her to the mattress, methodically kissing his way down her half-naked body, seeking out the very-recently discovered sensitive spot on her hip.

"If you don't want to carpool, I'm going to have to stop doing this so that I can go home and get ready."

Her breathless whimper was the only admission of defeat Deeks had needed.

Taking a deep breath, Kensi nods, "Let's do it."

Closing her eyes, she instantly regrets her choice of words. Without even looking, she can see the cocky grin on Deeks' face and the mischievous glint in his eyes.

"No," she's shaking her head as she quickly exits the car, grabbing her bag from the back seat, "Just, no."

"I didn't say anything!" He's trying – and failing – not to laugh as he grabs his own bag and meets her at the back of the car. He loves getting her all flustered. "Though I'm not surprised you can't stop thinking about it. We certainly did a lot of it the past week. You know, we might have time, if we—"

"Oh my God. Deeks. Stop."

Stepping into her personal space, he grins at the impatient look she gives him and keeps his voice low, "You didn't want me to stop this morning."

Kensi's eyes snap to his as her hand flies to cover his mouth, "Would you be quiet? Someone might hear you."

Deeks presses a quick kiss to her palm before she pulls it away. He tilts his head, regarding her softly, "Relax, Fern, we're on the same page. No one needs to know about us yet. One day at a time, remember? Let's get through today."

She flashes him a grateful smile, "Then tomorrow. Then the day after," she responds and turns to walk towards the oversized doors of the mission.

"That wasn't so bad," Deeks plops down on his couch after they get home from work.

Dropping her bag on the floor, Kensi glares at him, "Speak for yourself. I had to ramble on about a relaxing spa retreat that I didn't go on."

"Hey!" he shoots her a look of faux-outrage, "I didn't do most of what I told the guys I did, either! Since when is Sam so curious about snow conditions? It's not like I could tell him I was only focused on getting in a couple of runs so that I could get my girlfriend out of her snow gear as soon as possible."

With a good-natured roll of her eyes, Kensi ruffles his hair and makes her way into the kitchen in search of take-out menus.

The work day had been quiet, which of course only seemed to make it harder to hide the change in the status of their relationship. At least when they're on a case, they spend good chunks of the day by themselves, which would make it less-than-pertinent to watch what they say.

Sitting around the bullpen most of the day, however, was awkward at best.

Kensi startles slightly when she feels a pair of strong arms wrap around her waist from behind, a shaggy head coming to rest on her shoulder.

"We were fine," Deeks assures her and presses a kiss to her neck.

"I felt like they could see right through us," she sighs, relaxing into his embrace.

"That's only because you know things are different," he shrugs nonchalantly. "They don't know anything."

Kensi turns to look at him, opening her mouth as if to say something before closing it again.

"Now," Deeks continues, a smug grin on his face, "there is something about today that we need to talk about."

She eyes him suspiciously, "What…?"

Pinning her against the counter, he leans forward and presses a languid kiss to her lips. When he pulls back to speak, his voice is slightly breathless, "You may want to limit how often you ask me to spar with you in the gym if you're hoping to keep us a secret."

"Oh?" The amusement in Kensi's eyes betrays the look of confusion she's trying to give him.

"Mm-hmm," he steps back and there's a devious spark in his eyes, "I know you just couldn't wait to get your hands…your legs…and your body all over me, but next time, I can't make promises that my behavior will remain work-appropriate."

"Well, Detective…" Kensi bites her bottom lip and she looks at him seductively before she brushes past him and makes her way towards his bedroom, "it's a good thing you don't need to be work-appropriate now."

Deeks chuckles and quickly follows her down the hallway. Their laughter fills the apartment as he wrestles her to the bed.

One day down.
Bring on tomorrow.