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"System reboot in progress… Please stand by…"

Saffron sighed for what seemed to be the hundredth time. She was currently trying to start up Xi-14's combat routine. A program that was riddled with bugs.

"I really wish we hadn't done that with those two… Nu-13 was designed for combat while Xi-14 was designed for personality testing…" Saffron says. Her ears flatten. "At this rate I might not be able to retrieve Nu-13…"

"Error… System reboot file has failed at forty seven percent completion." Xi states. Saffron motions with her hand. Xi nods before stepping forward.

"Reinitialize personality protocol." Saffron says. Xi nods.

"You do realize that gives me a headache every time we try to activate my armor." Xi says. Saffron calmly stands up and picks up an arbalest that is lying against the wall. "What are we doing?"

"Retrieving Nu-13 and fixing her." Saffron says. Xi pauses before opening the door. The duo calmly walks down the sewer tunnel that leads away from Saffron's makeshift base. "I've been monitoring the NOL Survilence system. It seems something happened that removed most NOL members from the city. In two days time it seems the NOL will have new soldiers on the ground here."

"So retrieval of Prime Field Unit Nu-13 is of priority?" Xi asks. Saffron nods before pointing to the door on the NOL office. Xi nods before lifting her left arm up. She stabs the metallic claws into the door. Her claws glow with raw Seither. The door is blasted off its hinges.

"Ars Magica's only know weakness is overloading it with too much fuel. Although I doubt the door was locked." Saffron says. Xi calmly walks up to the nearest lift.

"Activating Ripshock initialization key." Xi says. Her claws shift into a more chainsaw like appearance. She pauses as Saffron activates the lift. She shakes her head as Saffron pulls out a MP3 player. "You know what… See you at the bottom."

Xi jumps off the lift and down the shaft. She activates the gravity dampener system as she reaches the floor. She hovers forward towards the silent Nu. Nu calmly looks up.

"Reboot complete… Scanning… Individual recognized as… Xi-14… Error… Combat system… Currently… Offline…" Nu drones. Xi calmly walks up to Nu.

"Command; Shutdown." Xi says. She smiles as Nu shuts down.