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Iris was exhausted. She dropped her keys into the jar as she entered her and Eddie's apartment, switching on the lights. Of course, Eddie wasn't home… again. She had spent the day and a good chunk of the evening, writing and reviewing her article on the women's shelter. She was exhausted because Mason was on her back about her investigation into Star Labs and what she had discovered.

Iris sighed as she collapsed onto the lounge. Whenever she most needed someone to talk to, to vent, there was no one. Eddie was never home anymore, always on another investigation and Barry… Barry had been distancing himself from her ever since he woke up from his coma.

The truth is, she had not been able to figure out a way to get inside without raising suspicion. She had already driven herself there and stood outside the main door, which had been locked up, tight. She didn't see anybody else there, not Wells, Caitlin or Cisco.

Did she feel terrible for investigating her friends? Could she even call them friends? They were more Barry's friends then hers. Frankly, she had only talked to them a couple of times. No, she decided she didn't feel bad. A lot of people, like Caitlin, Cisco, Barry and even her dad were lying to her or hiding things from her and she was going to find out why.

Picking up her phone, she dialed Barry's number, hoping that maybe this time he would pick up. The phone kept ringing and ringing. Damn. She was getting so irritated. What was Barry doing? She was preparing her verbal tirade for voicemail when Barry finally picked up.


"Yes Barry, it's I..." Iris rolled her eyes. "Of course it's me, who else would it be?"

"Yeah, hey… um. Did you need something?"

Iris couldn't believe it. "You know, maybe I just wanted to chat because that's what best friends are SUPPOSED to do! But no, I can only call if I need something now. What's up with that? What's up with you? I asked you months ago what was going on with you and you assured me that everything was fine. Well, it sure as hell is not fine because we don't talk. We just … don't." Oh crap, she was crying now. "We're not. Argh..I can't do this anymore!" And with that, she pressed end call, taking deep breaths and trying to still her shaking hands.

Her phone instantly started vibrating and just as quickly she pressed ignore. She felt the walls caving in and just needed to get out of the apartment to get some well-needed fresh air. Iris all but ran to the door, grabbing her keys on her way out.

She made her way to Jitters for no other reason except that it was familiar. She no longer worked there, but so much had happened there. Barry had come here just after he woke up and she couldn't remember a happier day in her life. In that moment, everything had seemed to settle down with the stress of the past nine months dissipating and being replaced with an overwhelming sense of relief. It was also the place she had first met the Flash.

She made her way to the rooftop and sat down. Maybe she had overreacted to Barry on the phone, but she just could not bring up the emotions to care. She was tired. Tired of the way life was heading, feeling alone and in her own world while everyone around her actively withheld secrets. Secrets. Too many secrets.

Barry hung up the phone, distressed, rubbing his hands across his face. Iris was not responding and he felt awful. He could tell that she was crying.

She was right. It was true that there relationship, something so important to him had changed. He had to admit that he had been distancing himself from her. His focus had been stretched from trying to find his mother's killer, keeping his identity secret and living with the knowledge that Iris didn't return his feelings.

The chasm between him and Iris was ever deepening and getting wider. It was up to him to shorten that distance as much as possible. He had to find her.

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