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~Yes, Naruto, Everyone Knew ~

~By: Mists~

~Damn it, Sakura!~

"SAKURA-CHAN!" yelled Naruto as he ran up behind the pink-haired kunoichi out for her morning walk. "Wait up! I REALLY need your help!"

"What, Naruto?" she snapped irritatedly. They hadn't gotten back to the village until really late the other night and the near destruction of all shinobi kind hadn't helped her find peace either. "I've got to go grocery shopping right now so this better be important!"

She made her point every clear as she brandished her fist at him. It had been a very rough night.

"It is!" Naruto whined as he grabbed desperately at the sleeve of her coat. "I can't mess this up Sakura-chan! She'll never forgive me if I mess this up!"

Sakura pinched the bridge of her nose and let out a long laboring sigh. "What on earth are talking about, Naruto?"

"MY FIRST DATE WITH HINATA!" he yelled at the top of his lungs and then clamped his hands over his mouth, looking nervously about.

"Seriously? That's what you're flipping out about?" questioned Sakura with a raised eyebrow of surprise.

Naruto just blushed as he slowly removed his hands from his mouth.

"I... well, yeah," he whispered in a much more subdued voice. "I mean, I almost screwed it all up once already. I can't do it again! I-"

Naruto then got on his knees and bowed to Sakura begging, "Please, Sakura! I haven't go a clue where to even start! Please tell me what to do!"

Sakura just shook her head sadly and reached down to help Naruto out of the snow.

"Baka," she exclaimed endearingly as she brushed off the snow from his coat. "Get her some flowers, take her out to eat, and give her a good night kiss. Do all that and you'll be fine."

"I- really? That's it?" asked Naruto with hope in his voice. "Well, I can get some flowers at Ino's family shop I guess. And everybody likes Ichira-"

Sakura slapped him up the side of the head before he even finished that sentence.

"Not, Ichiraku's, Naruto!" screamed Sakura clearly at the end of her patience. "We go there as FRIENDS all the time. You need a nice quiet place where you can just talk and be alone."

"Ahhh!" exclaimed Naruto as he rubbed his aching head. "See! That was a big help. Thanks, Sakura-chan!"

Sakura just shook her head. "You're welcome, Naruto. Just make it a nice night that Hinata will remember, because dear Kami after all these years she deserves it!"

"Yeah, I- hey... Sakura... I was wondering..."

Sakura just looked at him oddly, Naruto wasn't usually so hesitant to speak his mind.

"I- when did you, well you know, know-" said Naruto nervously as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Know... what, Naruto?"

"That- that Hinata liked me?" he asked shyly trying not to look Sakura in the eye.

This just caused Sakura to burst out in uproarious laughter, holding her stomach as if it would burst.

"Sakura! Come on that's mean!" whined Naruto a little hurt at her reaction.

"Gomen, gomen," she apologized trying to get her reaction under control. "You asking just took me by surprise is all."

Naruto simply pouted and waited for her to get it all out of her system.

"Anyway, well..." said Sakura with a nostalgic sigh, "I've known for a really long time."

"Really?" asked Naruto in surprise.

"Yeah, it was kind of obvious; even back during our time at the Academy," answered Sakura thinking that there was no harm in telling Naruto this now. After all, he and Hinata were together, it couldn't hurt.

"I-" said Naruto in surprise, "Wait, WHAT?! You knew she liked me THEN?!"

"Well..." she said hesitantly as she began to see that pained look start to appear on his normally smiling face. "I... kinda wasn't the only one..."

"What do you mean?" asked Naruto as his skin grew kinda pale.

Sakura immediately backpedaled. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to tell him now. "I- oh, forget about it Naruto! You know woman's intuition. It's in the past anyway, it doesn't matter now," she said nervously hoping Naruto would stop looking for answers.

Her fleeting hope proved to be futile though, as Naruto's face now became determined.

"No, Sakura! You were going to say something. I'm not as big a baka as you all seem to think I am!"

"Naruto, I really-" she stressed, but the blond wouldn't listen.

"NO!" interrupted Naruto, "I want to know. I'm a grown-assed man! Tell me!"

"Fine!" yelled Sakura indignantly. "You want to know so bad?! Everyone! That's right, Naruto! EVERYONE KNEW! Except you!"

"I... if that's true, why didn't any of you tell me..." he asked, clearly hurt.

"It- wasn't our place, Naruto," replied Sakura softly. "We all hoped that one day Hinata-"

"I- no, no," whispered Naruto softly in shock. "That's- no! That's not true! That can't be true!"

"Naruto-" groaned Sakura as she internally cursed her damn explosive temper.

"No! I don't believe you! And I'll prove it, Dattebayo!" exclaimed Naruto determinately as he ran off to find his other friends.

He was totally going to prove Sakura wrong!

"Oh, dear, Kami. What the hell did I do?" asked Sakura regretfully as she watched Naruto's quickly fleeting back.

To Be Continued...

Author's Notes: Promise the next chapter will be funnier! This was just the set up. Next time! Naruto finds Shino and Kiba. And they aren't too happy to hear someone has told Naruto about the their team's biggest S- class Non-secret, secret! All this and more next time! Please remember to read and review!