There was once a world in which Jake Griffin was a trusting man.

There was once a world in which Clarke Griffin was a princess of the sky.

There was once a world in which friendship existed beyond the boundaries of the clouds.

A faceless deity watched such a world in boredom. With a sad, broken smile screaming of mischief a gnarled hand grabbed an ivory bowl. With a tilt the deity sent a spiraling drop of fowl liquid into the universe.

"Go Mania, spread your discord and entertain me."

With a cheshire grin a ghost within the underworld concentrated her influence, "With pleasure my liege."

Jake Griffin stood solemnly beside his wife as he watched the Chancellor step forward towards the airlock. The Chancellor's face was stoney as he regarded a man accused of committing thievery. Jake searched Jaha's eyes, looking for signs of regret. Guards lined the hallowed walls, their faces broken. Jake watched his fellow environmental engineer as he pleaded and cries harsh tears banging his fists against unbreakable glass. Harsh blood smears against the window and Jake winced.

Doubtful thoughts raced through Jake's mind as he watched a man he would entrust his life to beg and grovel beneath the unyielding fist of one of his closest friends. As he spoke of his family and love Jake heart clenches and thoughts race through his mind of his beloved Clarke. He looked again at Jaha's face for a sign of regret, of remorse. He found nothing. One mighty arm reached around Abby and he pulled her closer attempting to heal the hole that now dwelt within his chest.

But with a careless movement that would of been overlooked at any other moment in his existence, Abby unconsciously shoved him away.

Seeing her moment, Mania silently dropped a wee bit of doubt atop Jake's shoulder. A wee bit of doubt that would later lead to massive consequence.

Jake's doubt ran so deep that he began to search for things that otherwise would of remained hidden.

Clarke was eleven when Jake finds out about the Arc's limited air. And in a moment that divides dimensions, he decided that not all of humanity was worth saving.

Instead of a video, he built a one-man drop ship, and he saved the only person that dwelled beyond his doubts.

Clarke was twelve when she comes home to her mother's screaming.

Clarke was twelve when she trusts a friend and that friend seemingly gets her father killed.

Clarke was twelve when she gets sent to Earth, alone.


This story is being completely edited! If you read it prior to February 19, 2017 be in for a surprise. My writing style has changed a lot since I originally started working on this story and I'm excited to revisit and tweak it. Some chapters I plan on removing completely or just combining into two. We'll see how it goes.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!