Code Geass: Resist and Bite

Chapter 1: The Britanno-Hellenic War

Nothing is ever as easy as it looks. The soldiers of the 1st Infantry Regiment of Larissa and the tankers and gunners of the 25th Armored Brigade made it so. Held up in the north, their Britannian enemies expected a quick victory, and have their men home by Christmas, but five Christmases have passed since the war began in this one country.

As they expected a quick victory, the Britannians gave the country a number thinking they would face little resistance. What they encountered were the few remaining soldiers in the army, a mere 700 rifles strong with machine guns and four tanks with four self-propelled guns as added reinforcement. The most striking thing is these soldiers are female. These soldiers were so feared by their Britannian foes for their bravery and ferocity in battle that they were given the nickname 'The Amazons of Pelion'.

To the Britannians, the country was called Area II. To it's people, it was called Greece. When the Britannians invaded it became known as the 'Reign of Terror'. Britannian soldiers would invade a village, shoot the men and throw the bodies in the river. They would then go on to rape and kill the women before burning the village to the ground. One story told of a little girl crying over the bodies of her dead parents after the sacking of Kastori. That little girl would grow up into a legend in the hearts of the Greeks.

Her name was Kadri Koliodromos, a lieutenant and a seasoned soldier standing 5'8 and 150lbs. This lieutenant is known for her boyish-cut white hair and her blue grey eyes earning her the nickname of 'Athena' by the other female soldiers that serve under her command. It was in the years leading up to the invasion that the Greeks rearmed.

With war looming on the horizon, the Greeks received donations of arms and equipment from their allies in Britain and Germany. The Germans issued rifles and machine guns to their allies in the form of the HK G36 assault rifle and the MG3 machine gun. With it's folding skeleton stock, the G36 was a compact weapon making it perfect for mountain warfare. The MG3 is a general purpose machine gun used by the Greeks. With a rate of fire of 1300 rpm, this was not a weapon to be on the receiving end of.

It was early in the conflict that the Greeks discovered the limitations and strengths of their military. The armored divisions were decimated in urban warfare by the Britannian Army's superior Knightmare Frames, but every piece of military equipment has a weakness. The remaining Greek forces moved the hills, mountains and forests of the north.

From the British, the Greeks received tanks and self-propelled artillery in the Challenger II battle tank and the AS90 self-propelled gun. The rocky terrain of the mountains and thick surrounding forest made it difficult for the Britannians to use their Knightmare Frames. Armed with an 120mm rifled gun, the Knightmare Frames went from the hunter to the hunted. The AS90 brought mobile artillery support to the frontlines. Commanding what remained of the 25th Armored Brigade was Lieutenant Iva Stephanopoulos.

An experienced tank commander and tactician the same size as Kadri, Lieutenant Iva Stephanopoulos is well-liked for her support and morale she gives to soldiers. She would go on patrol with her tanks around the country roads. Having seen what her tanks do to Knightmare Frames, she describes it like 'a pack of wolves attacking a wounded deer'.

The uniform was a mix of traditional and modern earning them the nickname 'Black Tails' for the black sash on the sides of the blue-grey phareon-style caps worn by soldiers. Officers wear the black tassel around their waists. They wear a tan khaki jacket with four front pockets, and slightly tight fitted pants with side pockets that matched the colors of the mountains, and knee high black leather, steel-toe combat boots. The pants were designed specifically for female soldiers to allow for more movement on the battlefield.

They carry standard equipment in their packs including blankets, a mess kit, a fire starting kit, an entrenching tool, grenades, a Glock 17 pistol, extra magazines and ammunition belts, an SG2000 bayonet, and the Extrema Ratio ADRA dagger. These were well-equipped and well-trained soldiers ready to fight and to die for their country.

Kadri looked over soldiers on the lines. They made foxholes out of shell holes blasted in and around the summit. These are proud soldiers with the Greek flag in their shoulders. She looked at a soldier, only two years younger than her, and placed a hand on her shoulder. Lieutenant Kakos radioed in, "Lieutenant, one of my scouts picked up advancing Britannians, 2,500 strong with Knightmare Frames, prepare your forces," Iva said from the turret of her Challenger II, and taking out a Knightmare Frame.

"Soften up the Knightmare Frames, and the artillery constant," Lieutenant Koliodromos replied back. Using the forest as cover, the AS90s and Challenger IIs were turning Knightmare Frames into burning and mangled wrecks. 155mm shells thundered and pounded the Knightmare Frames while Challengers were utilizing hit-and-run tactics.

"Strength in honor," Kadri said to the young soldier, she nodded a single nod and a salute. The words were repeated to the other soldiers. They loaded their rifles with magazines and under-rifle AG36 grenade launchers or fed belts of 7.62mm ammunition into the MG3s. The lieutenant flipped the safety off her rifle, and looked down the sight at the enemy approaching. Every 100 yards was a machine gun. The rocks also provided cover against enemy fire. For these soldiers, there is no surrender and no retreat.

When the tanks and self-propelled artillery did their work, what was left of the infantry spotted a soldier moving around the rocks and the Britannians attacked, "Artillery!" called out a soldier, and the mountain was hammered by Britannian guns. The order from high command was simple 'fight back and hold your ground'. An artillery shell flew into the lines. A soldier screamed, and was quickly silenced when she was decapitated. Her headless body fell knees first to the ground, and a splash of blood hit Kadri's face.

When they were in range, the Greeks started shooting back with rifle and machine gun fire. The enemy artillery was constant, but these ladies were making every shot count. Lieutenant Stefanopoulos' Challenger IIs and AS90s were still providing support. The rocky terrain was just as disrupting as the precision-aimed 120mm and 155mm shells.

As the numbers dwindled on the Britannian lines, Lieutenant Koliodromos climbed out of her hole, "Follow my lead!" She called out to her soldiers whom had ready bayonets. An artillery shell exploded behind her as her soldiers charged in the line with machine guns providing cover fire. Their fierce battle cries sounded like a pack of harpies coming to hunt. Shooting as they charged, the Greeks stabbed with bayonets and bludgeoned with rifle stocks with artillery fire all around them. These were the Hellenic Army's elite.

Rocks and dirt flew up from exploding shells and shrapnel filled the air mixing in with gunfire. For two days, the two armies fought it out until the Britannians turned tail, and headed back to their camp five miles from the position of the Greeks. It was a victory, but at a price as Lieutenant Koliodromos could see in the face down bodies of the dead.

The Britannian assault took it's toll on the Greeks. Out of 700, the Greeks lost 150 while the Britannians lost 2,000 due to lack of knowledge of the terrain. Knightmare Frames were useless in battle. This meant the Britannians were going to have to use infantry to suppress the resistance. Lieutenant Koliodromos and Lieutenant Stephanopoulos saw to the wounded. The screams of the wounded echoed in the mountain air. There was even one that lost the entire bottom half of her body with her intestines on the ground.

She saw the Lieutenant and grabbed her by the sleeve, and looked into her blue-grey eyes, "Shoot me," She muttered in her last breaths, "mother...," with that she died on the field of battle. Her white eyes staring back at Kadri. The lieutenant closed her eyes for the dead soldier. Others lost arms and legs, and were being tended to by medics.

The medical saw was reaping a bloody harvest despite the fact the medics were running low as anesthesia, "NOT MY LEG! PLEASE NOT MY LEG!" A soldier screamed as loud as she could in agony. Her shrapnel-filled leg was cut off by a bone saw. These ladies had husbands and brothers, lovers and fiancées. Kadri knew there was no way they could get reinforcements. She and Lieutenant Stefanopoulos and their tanks and soldiers were all that were left. One by one, the Britannians ravaged through Europe like a storm.

As a soldier, she and her soldiers have orders. She went back to her position putting her bayonet back in it's scabbard, 'We are Greeks, we will not surrender, we will not retreat,' Kadri thought looking out at the battlefield, 'I will not lose hope in my soldiers, but we need more to reinforce the line,' One option came up in her mind. On a recent trip to Area XI, she made friends with a member of the Black Knights, 'a single weight can shift the balance, one soldier can mean the difference between victory and defeat'