Two Sons


Lelouch Vi Britannia, son of current Emperor Charles Zi Britannia, after the assassination of his mother, Marianne "The Flash" Vi Britannia, suspects foul play and accuses his father of negligence in failing to protect her, and actively aid in the suspects continued freedom before the court of nobles. Lelouch and his younger sister Nunnally, who was crippled and blinded in the assassination, are in turn handed over to the Japanese Prime Minister as bargaining tools.

Embittered and betrayed by his remaining family, Lelouch begins to grow the seed of hatred inside his heart… until one faithful day it gives birth to the flower of rebellion.

John is a Mercenary, the leader of the infamous Diamond Dogs, a successful group that associates itself to no one nation, that is loyal only to it's leader and it's next paycheque. An older man, weathered, tired and long without purpose, becomes involved in the growing discontent of Area 11 and it's population, in turn he is attracted to a young student who's idealism, charisma and ruthlessness in combat remind him of a long dead mentor.

Old curiosities and a sense of familiarity drag John from the depths of his darkness to once again stand in the light of day as Big Boss.

This is the story of how an entire world can be shaken and an empire toppled by an angry young man and too long lived mercenary.

Two Views

2017 A.T.B, Tokyo Settlement outskirts.
John "Snake" Miller, In pursuit of Hijacked Britannian WMD.
The combat helicopter was surprisingly quiet inside the cockpit, the muffling plating beneath the armored hull made for an extremely quiet ride, only the constant shaking of the rotating blades was any indication the things were still there. John was partially impressed, but that wasn't what had his full attention right then. It was the truck speeding through traffic right below them being pursued by a pair of local Britannian Armed forces choppers along with two transport trucks.

The trucks were left in the proverbial dust however, since the number of totalled vehicles behind the initial truck left little room for them to move, so it would entirely up to the choppers to stuck that vehicle before they reached an underground route into a tunnel where they couldn't be followed by air.

John glanced at the radio and flipped it on. It scanned the airwaves before the com chatter from the normally secure lines of the Armed Forces filtered through.

"Truck is still on central highway going North-West! Aerial unit 021 and 211 are still in pursuit! Ground pursuit forces are stalled!" The operator was obviously being pressured because a man sitting on such a comfortable chair away from the battlefield shouldn't sound like he was about to piss himself. "Clovis is authorizing the mobilization of the Pure Bloods!"

"The Pure Bloods, huh?" John glanced to the side to see his blonde compatriot, Kazuhira "Kaz" Miller, who's normally relaxed and carefree face was now a grim frown of confusion. "Not fun guests at a party like this, what do you think is on that truck that's so important, boss?" His long time friend looked at him.

The Mercenary leader shrugged his shoulders and turned back down to the pursuit. "Not a clue, must be something bad if Clovis is willing to mobilize the Purebloods to retrieve it."

The Pureblood Faction, a group dedicated solely to ensuring Britannian rights stayed Britannian and not to be "corrupted" by the Honorary Brittannian system that was recently created as a "testing" phase in the ever resistive Area 11. It worked… to a point, but John knew that a nation such as this who's military power hadn't been entirely lost to war would resist for decades, perhaps even centuries, to come. Such was human nature, afterall.

"We're getting hailed, boss." Kaz informed him.

"Attention unidentified chopper you are currently invading the air space of a Britannian military operation. Identify yourself immediately or be shot down." The Operator was doing his best to sound threatening. It would have worked too if John and Kazuhira were lesser men. "This is your only warning."

Kaz snorted and regained his carefree attitude to grin at John. "Well, took em this long to see we were up here, may as well give them the news, right?" at John's nod, the blonde tapped the receiver. "This is Commander-In Chief Kazuhira Miller, sorry for the invasion, we were out and about for a ride when we saw the commotion, thought we'd tag along and see if you boys needed assistance."

"Commander-in-Chief of what unit?" The question was a bit terse, likely because of Kaz's obviously Japanese first name.

"Diamond Dogs, Private Military Corporation, Her-" The blonde got no further.

"We don't need Mercenary dogs like you getting in our way, vacate the airspace immediately or I'll order your shoot down on principle alone, you filthy eleven." The Operator hissed.

John took this time to patch himself into this little conversation before Miller's laid back attitude actually got them shot down. "This is John Miller, Commander of the Diamond Dogs." His voice was rough, as if explaining to a child that water was wet. "Currently employed by the Office of Secret Intelligence of Britannia."

A pause, a very long pause.

"I…I need to verify that, please send verification phrase." The Operator clearly didn't want them to because he had just mouthed off to people who were so far above his pay grade that John didn't doubt he could shoot him, piss on his body and then drag it to be eaten by dogs and get away without a slap on the wrist.

"So let his Wisdom guide our way," John began easily. "As we go forth and seek glory.."

Another pause before the Operator returned, sound about like a kicked dog. "Forgive me, my lords… I wasn't aware that you were… well, you… I can patch you through to Prince Clovis if you're seeking orders to deplo-"

"That won't be necessary," John cut in sharply. "We're just observing. Afterall you seem to have the situation well in hand."

"A-Ah, of course, M'lords. Have a pleasant day!" The com quickly went out.

Kazuhira burst out laughing just then, looking over John saw the man raise his sunglasses and wipe away some nonexistent tear from his eye. "He sounded like he was going to piss himself, that was great, boss." A charming grin was flashed at John then. "Gotta say, you do the whole "I can kill you and get away with it" voice real good."

"They wrecked." John said, ignoring the compliment from his subordinate.

Sure enough, the track swerved off the main highway and into a construction zone after almost smearing a pair of Britannian students into paste on a motorcyle. A cloud of dust was kicked up, obscuring much of the scene from the pairs eyes. But he did see one of the students rushing towards the truck. "A Britannian student going to lend a hand?" John mumbled. That was strange.

The dust cleared enough that he briefly saw the student climbing the side ladder to get atop the truck when it suddenly pulled into reverse. The student disappeared into the upper hatch. John frowned slightly.

Kaz was more verbal. "Whoa, would you call that a hit and run?"

Neither noticed the other student pulling the bike along sneeze.

"I'd call it kidnapping." John replied as the truck plowed forward again and disappeared into a tunnel as the pursing choppers circled around back for a pass at their once immobile target. If John had to guess they hadn't fired because the vehicle had "crashed" and they were asking if they were still to engage.

Idiots. Your objective should have at least been crippled.

Still. "They'll have cover from the choppers in there." John said, glancing at Kaz. "Take us to the other side quickly. That tunnel has only one exit and I don't want to risk losing them now."

"Oh?" Kaz blinked behind his shades. "Feeling concerned for the student?"

"He's an innocent, at the very least I can save him from being shot for being an accomplice to terrorism." John replied.

Kazuhira nodded and their chopper sped up, the man grinned. He was an excellent pilot. Sure enough, they were just clearing the tunnels cover when the truck emerged… and the two military attack choppers were right on it to fire a volley. The truck was centered right in the center of the road, no traffic meant it could swerve left or right without fear then… but the choppers anticipated that.

"They're gone." Kaz said, all hints of amusement gone. Now it was just time to watch those terrorists go up in flames.

John grunted but didn't otherwise verbally reply, instead he watched as the truck that contained whatever Clovis was after opened the rear loading doors… and out came a Slash Harken that immediately destroyed one of its pursuing choppers. John raised his brow and leaned forward slightly. "A slash Harken…" He said, tone slightly more interested.

"A Knightmare frame." Kaz confirmed.

As that was said the rear doors opened fully and out blazed a custom painted Glasgow, an older Knightmare model, in fact it's age put as more an outdated relic than anything really substantial. But even an outdated Knightmare Frame was more than a match for a single combat chopper. As proven when a second Harken destroyed the remaining chopper.

"No other armaments," John noted the frame's empty hands. "It's only ranged weaponry are it's Slash Harkens then, that pilot is either very skilled or very desperate." He reached down into one of the pockets at his chest, since he was wearing a TacVest over a simple grey shirt. He withdrew a cigar.

"Aw come on, boss, don't light that in here," Kaz whined.

John lit the cigar anyways and brought it to his lips between two fingers and took a long drag before exhaling just as slowly, eyes never leaving the scene. Then his eye caught movement in the sky and he saw a Knightmare transport.

It was carrying a Sutherland. The Purebloods were on the scene.

"I'm not sure what trash heap you dug that outdated relic from!" A voice laced with amused contempt called over the open channels for all with a military grade radio to hear. The Sutherland disengaged from the transport. And in a move of Pre-emptive striking the Red Glasgow fired it's Harkens to try and end one fight early.

The Sutherland however simply swatted one to the side while the other was intercepted by the Sutherland's own harken. It landed and the pilot finished his insult. "But an outdated Glasgow is no match for a Sutherland!"

John and Kaz knew that was right. Compared to a Sutherland, that Glasgow may as well have been a tank. In terms of specs. The Sutherland had an AK-03 Rifle. Which a quick shot from its 60mm grenade cannon destroyed the too slow Glasgow's right arm. John was against partially impressed, that shot had been intended to hit the cockpit but the pilot had blocked it.

Had the Glasgow been wearing a shield, then maybe the follow up Slash Harken strike wouldn't have jammed. But it wasn't and so it did. Ahead, John also saw a second Sutherland deploy to stop the truck… and unlike the choppers, the pilot didn't hesitate and just put a burst of its 12mm machine-gun rounds into the driver canopy.

Must have missed because the truck turned and continued on strongly into the old subway system heading towards one of the Ghettos. If John remembered correctly, they would appear in the Shinjuku ghetto. A haven, like the other Ghettos, for Eleven terrorist cells. Things could get bloody out there really fast.

"Whoa!" Kaz grinned and drew John's attention back to the Glasgow as it made it's escape. "That pilot has got some moves. Using the ejected arm as a distraction, not an easy move to pull in the heat of battle."

John knew that. It was both impressive and worrisome. Whatever was in that truck must have been important for both sides since they were fighting pretty hard to keep it and get it back. The military got involved rather than police forces, and there are a number of observational jets in the air. John lifted his gaze to the small air fleet approaching. His solder's mind working to piece together what could be so important. If it were military files a truck that size wouldn't be necessary. If it were an experimental Knightmare frame the Glasgow pilot would have used it.

It had to be a WMD of some kind. A bomb, perhaps?

"Boss, look down there!" Kaz turned the chopper to give them a better view. "You seeing that?"

John narrowed his only eye and now, he could see them. How had missed that? The entire approach to the ghetto was blockaded by the Britannian military forces. Tanks, infantry and Knightmares were being deployed en mass. The airforce as well if the large fleet of transports and bombers coming in from the two local air fields near the settlement were any indication to the massive operation about to be unleashed.

This was too much firepower to handle a simple WMD, it wasn't a bomb. If it were they wouldn't bring their forces so close together like this. It had to something airborne, something, while deadly, they could defend against or contain. There were too many unknowns here.

Only one way to know. "Kaz, get us patched into the Military command lines, I want to know what's going on down there on the ground." John ordered.

"Sir, yes, sir." Kaz flipped a switch, twisted a dial and typed in a seven digit code. Then they got reception.

"By order of our Prince Clovis, all units are to deploy and destroy Shinjuku Ghetto!" A new operator, this one John and Kaz knew as General Bartley, Clovis' right hand man and advisor. "These Elevens are garbage and don't even have a hope of becoming Honorary Britannians, wipe out each and every one of them!"

From their overview of the playing field John and Kaz watched as rows of tanks provided bombarding volleys of explosives shells on the tallest buildings, bringing to collapse, created massive clouds of dust. He could see people, tiny as ants, scurrying for cover, hundreds… no, thousands of them. Running for any safety they could find as the military encroached from all directions in a slow, methodical massacre.

"It's…" Kaz's words died in his throat. Unable to voice anything on what they were seeing. "Boss… this is wrong."

John could agree. He could feel something for what he was seeing, but as he watched, expression unchanging as he took in the sights of the explosive shells, the screams of machine gun fire. He could see everything and nothing as the Britannian military tightened the noose on Shinjuku. He simply said, "We can't do anything, Kaz."

Even their affiliation with the OSI couldn't countermand a Princes orders, especially if said prince was Viceroy of the area. No, John knew and understood this was something he nor Kaz could stop. All they could do was watch.

Then a cloud of dust near the center of the Ghetto drew their attention, away from any of the approaching forces. John narrowed his eye as something, his gut, told him that had to be where the truck was. The whole thing to this madness was there. "Kaz, get us there and on the ground." He turned to his subordinate. "Now."

"Got it!" Their chopper took off towards the cloud. "We're being pinged." He informed him.

"Flash our clearance and tell them to politely piss off." John replied, reaching down and pulling his handgun from its holster. An older model from the earlier 1900s.

The M1911. A large caliber handgun originally designed by the former North American Armament Corporation before it went under and was absorbed into the Britannian empire. It wasn't innovative, it wasn't very "pretty" and in all reality it was outshined by many newer model weapons.

But it was reliable. Dirt, water, mud. The gun would fire five out of its seven rounds without jamming covered in the stuff. And it was easy to un-jam, maintain and with such few moving parts and a simple system it was easily mass produced. John chambered a round. It was a good weapon, but he wished he had his MARS rifle.

His sidearm would have to do.

"Boss, are you sure about this? We go down there and there's a good chance we can get caught in the crossfire." Kaz said to him as they flew.

"I know," John said simply and aimed down the sight line of his handgun before nodding in satisfaction. "That's why I'm going down there alone. You'll be on standby for when I need extraction."

"But, Boss-!"

"That's an order, Miller!" John raised his voice and it stopped the blonde cold. "I'll be fine. You however will have the harder task of keeping the military off your ass while I go down there to try and secure the student." His voice softened to its normal gruff neutrality. "Understood?"

Kazuhira looked ready to protest further, but finally nodded looking non too happy about the order though. "Sir. I'll be on the radio then." A sigh as John stood and moved to the back of the chopper, hooking himself up to the micro-fiber rappel line. "We're over the drop zone now." Kaz informed him as they began to hover.

"And Snake," When John looked at him, Kaz flashed a grin. "Be careful not to die, alright?"

John rolled his eye and gave a thumbs up. "I'll be fine. Just don't get shot down." He tugged the hook and then the side hatch opened. John stepped out without a moments hesitation, for a moment he was in freefall… then he clenched his hand around the line and his gloves hissed, slowing until finally he hit the ground.

Dust kicked up slightly from the boots he wore. But otherwise he was unscathed. Another tug and the line snappily withdrew back up to the chopper. John drew his 1911 and flicked the safety off. It was on. He looked at the building… it was an old subway station. The building, like those of it around, was weathered from time and war. It's windows were barely whole anymore and those that were all held a thick layer of dust and grime.

He moved up the stairway into the open double doors and flicked his handgun over the interior before moving down into the subway level itself. He briefly caught voices, from the muffled tones they were wearing helmets. Probably Honorary Britannian recon forces.

Snake gripped tighter his handgun while his support hand reached up and drew his Close Quarters Combat Knife. He gripped them together and moved more quietly down the stairway. Normally he'd show himself, but if Clovis was willing to massacre thousands to keep this thing a secret, then John had no doubts in his mind that the prince would have him and Kaz killed than marked as casualties of the ensuing conflict.

So he skulked through the shadows and saw three uniformed, but unarmed, honorary Britannian soldiers, each was handling a number of mangled and charred bodies. The uniform pit them as Royal Guards. Forces directly under the control of Prince Clovis. What are the Royal Guard doing here? That didn't make sense. They were to be guarding the Prince aboard his G-1 Command Center. And yet there their bodies were.

At least seven were dead. A flaming wreck of a truck still smouldering with flames, the hole in the ceiling leading up into the surface told John that had caused the explosion. And then open truck trailer. He saw it was empty sides an opened High Pressure containment unit.

Whatever was being transported inside was now out. He jumped over a low rail and went belly flat behind an overturned pillow just as one of the Honorary Britannian soldiers swept his gaze over the area.

"What?" One of them, a woman, asked.

"I thought I saw something." Replied the one who had almost spotted Snake. Then louder he called, "Is someone there?! Come out! We won't hurt you."

John didn't stand, didn't move. He stayed still as the shadows around him.

A scoff. "You're seeing things, not lets get these bodies sorted." The woman said dismissively. A shuffle. "Damn this ones heavy… give me a hand will you!"

"S-Sorry!" Rapid footsteps.

John crawled along, following the pillar until he was at its end, then, he moved into a crouch and spotted one of the bodies yet to be collected. On it's uniform was a radio, the key to the Royal Guard's private channel and their involvement in this massacre. And it was right there in the burning light of the flaming wreck of a truck in plain sight.

He took a breath, picked up a rock and then chucked it over to another pile of them at the opposite end of the station. It struck… and causes several others to fall, the three Honorary Britannian soldiers stood and turned to face the possible threat. John broke from his cover and sprinted to the body, sheathing his knife he reached down and took the radio.

The three turned and he looked back at them, their night vision obscured him in the light of the flaming truck behind him. "You there!" One shouted, raising his hand to lift his goggles off his eyes. Only for John to raise his handgun and fire off a three rounds at them. On instinct they dove for cover.

He turned and jumped down into the track way and ran. He glanced down at the radio and saw it was damaged, that was fine. He didn't need all of it. First he had to lose those three that would be giving chase soon. His ears picked up the footsteps. They were indeed approaching behind him. He turned a corner, then saw a grate leading into a drainage system. Large enough for him to fit through.

He glanced upwards then hummed in thought. Nodding finally.

And when the three showed up, they saw the drainage opening, they stared. "No way he went in there…" One said, crossing his arms. "He could pop up anywhere in the Ghetto's waterways with that."

"We can't just give up, if we lost an enemy combatant it's our asses!" The woman argued.

"We did have him on the run." The third piped in.

"Fine, follow him!" One by one they slid into the drainage way and disappeared from sight. Their muffled curses and speech as they rushed along to follow their prey.

When nothing could be heard. John dropped down from the overhead pipes with a grunt and sighed, withdrawing his cigar, he took a drag and held it between his lips while his hands worked on taking the radio apart. "There you are," He said when he saw the decryption chip. He pulled it free and examined it.

He grabbed his radio. "Now, let's see what Clovis wants so badly." He mumbled.

Lelouch ran. That was all he could do thanks to the brief, but needed distraction that had saved his and this mysterious woman's life. This woman! Lelouch stared at her face, eyes still closed and unconscious… he threw her to the ground roughly and glared at her. "What the hell are you?! All of this… Suzaku… Me… this ghetto!"

All of it was being laid to waste because of this woman. What was she?! Why was she so important that they would do this to retrieve her and keep her a secret? Lelouch's mind, one that could think twenty steps ahead after making a move, was at a total loss for what to make of this situation now. This was a massacre… the gunfire and explosions. The distant screams.

It was hell on this already rotten earth.

The woman didn't stir. She didn't wake and answer his questions, he doubted she ever would. She could be dead for all he knew, he hadn't checked her pulse in the… excitement. But slowly, he collected himself and inhaled slowly, very slowly. He had to calm down. They hadn't caught him yet and so he just had to keep moving. He rolled his shoulders and looked at the woman.

I should leave her. He thought to himself. She'd only be a danger to me further if she's what the military is after. But if he did that, he'd giving Britannian exactly what they wanted, moreover. He'd be giving up what Suzaku had… had died for. The thought sent new bile rising up Lelouch's throat, but he swallowed it back and grit his teeth. No, if I did that I'd be letting my first friend down.

He walked over, scooped the woman up in his arms and stared down at her. You better be worth it, woman. He thought with narrowed eyes. Suzaku died for you, and I'm risking my own life. That thought in mind, he turned and jogged along towards the only exit he could find in this old subway. The woman stirred in is arms then.

He looked down at her, only half mindful where he was going as her eyes began to open and when they did he was greeted to a pair of golden gems. They made him stop slightly, they widened… then slowly fell a calm half lid. She didn't speak.

"Who are you?" Lelouch asked as he moved along. "What are you?" He repeated his questions.

She didn't respond.

Had it been her voice he'd heard in the truck? The one that urged him to try and help? No, she was inside a High Pressure container, she couldn't have been conscious… let alone talk to him. Yet… as she stared at him he felt as if she could see through him, peel away his layers and see his soul.

Even as he ran with her in his arms she never once took her eyes away from his face. It was more than a little disconcerting.

They reached the end, the rest of the tunnel was barricaded and Lelouch couldn't advance further that way. He'd have to risk moving up to the surface and trying to get out of the ghetto there. He looked at her, then to her bound legs. Finally he spoke. "If I unbind your legs, can you walk and run on your own?"

She didn't reply for a moment before nodding. He set her down and undid the straps of her arms, then her legs. The first thing she did was undo the ones binding her mouth and take a fresh gasp of air.

Lelouch didn't expect the next words. "Thank you." Her voice was smooth as silk, but she sounded so bored. As if the current events, her rescue, this massacre. Her voice sounded as if all that was beneath her.

It made him angry. "Thank you?!" Lelouch snarled. "Is that all you have to say for what you've caused here? People are dying in droves! Suzaku… Suzaku was…" He looked away, unable to finish that sentence. It seemed even afterall these years Lelouch couldn't stand the thought of losing someone he cared about… even if years had kept Suzaku and him apart.

Smooth fingers touched his cheek and he turned sharply to stare at the woman who was now on her feet and her face was inches from his. Her warm breathed fanned his lips. "He's not dead." She whispered softly.

Lelouch slapped her hand away and glared. "You can't know that." He growled.

She looked at her hand, then back to his face. Her lips curled into a mischievous smile but otherwise she didn't react to his flurry of emotions. For a minute they stood there. Lelouch, angry and mind racing. The woman, calm and uncaring. Finally, he scoffed. "We should focus on escaping for now."

He took the sleeve of her coat. "Let's go."

And so they went up the stairs. Only for Lelouch to stop and put a finger to his lips when they heard the bark of automatic gunfire. People screamed, and Lelouch had to cover his ears as it continued. Gunfire, people screaming. People dying. He closed his eyes and willed it away, even as the gentle touch of the woman landed on his shoulder.

He glanced back at her, she didn't speak and her expression was blank. Her eyes weren't even warm, no other signs of comfort outside of that gentle hand on his shoulder. Strangely, it was enough for him. He took a slow breath and gathered his wits.

A child cried. More gunfire and the child no longer cried.

"Mindless murder…" Lelouch whispered flatly. "Indeed."

"Are you sure they'd come out here?" Lelouch recognized that voice. And it made his blood boil anew. That was the commander who had shot Suzaku in the back for declining to shoot innocents. That was the monster!

"Yes sir, our maps of the old system specify this as their only viable exit."

Maps?! Lelouch's eyes widened and then narrowed. So, me and the woman never really had a chance, did we? He clenched his fists. He refused to believe that this was a situation he couldn't beat somehow. He had to think, if they doubled back maybe they could find another exit inside the subway, something he overlooked in his hast-

Riiiiing! Riiiiiing!

Lelouch shut off his phone and closed his eyes. Please, please don't hear that. He preyed, fist closing around the phone.

"Well, well…" Lelouch looked up into the scarred and smug face of the Royal Guard commander and four of his men. Their rifles pointed at them. "Schoolboy, we meet again so soon." He looked to his men, "Grab the girl and restrain the student."

Lelouch stood against the wall, he wasn't guarded at his sides but he was facing an execution squad of twelve armed men and their commanding officer. Only two had been assigned to guard the woman, who was watching the scene with that unchanging boredom of hers. Lelouch wondered if she even felt anything for him, who had saved her… but then, she'd still been caught anyways.

Some savior I am. He thought, lips forming into a small sardonic smirk.

"Sorry to say, schoolboy." The Commander spoke, drawing him from his thoughts. "But this is the end of the line for you." The man raised his handgun. The same that had ended Suzaku's life not a half hour previously. The monster smirked. "No pun intended, of course."

His finger closed on the trigger. Lelouch closed his eyes.

"No!" A woman cried. "He mustn't die!" A gunshot.

Lelouch opened his eyes and saw briefly the staggering figure of the woman from before, her arms spread and her hair fanned out around her as if a breeze had hit her. Then… she fell onto her knees and slumped to the side face up.

He saw the bleeding, neatly little hole in the center of her forehead and it's tattoo. Slowly… his senses came back and realized what she'd done for him. "You shot her…" he said, rather numbly as he fell to his knees and tried to check to see if the woman was alive… if she could be saved despite the foolishness of the thought.

No one could survive a shot to the head. She, like Suzaku was dead.

Why do I care so much? Lelouch thought as he felt cold loss grasping his heart. This woman hadn't meant anything to him. And yet her loss hit him like Suzaku's, and their pain combined was enough to force the usual stoic boy to bit his lip and fight back the growing moisture at the corner of his eyes.

Nonetheless. They were both gone.

"Shame," The Monster said, sounding hardly phased by what he'd just done. "We were told to bring her back alive, no matter… We'll just tell our superior that we found the terrorist hideout, but the prisoner had already been tortured to death." A chuckle. "What do you think of that, schoolboy?" Absolute mocking dripped from that voice.

Lelouch closed his eyes tighter. I'll kill them! The former prince clenched his fists as he cradled the woman's head. I want to kill them! Someone! Anyone! "Please…" He whispered. I can't die here! Nunnally… My sister still needs me! I have to protect her. No one else can! "Please!" He shouted in desperation.

The woman's eyes, impossibly, opened and stared up into his own. Suddenly, Lelouch was no longer in that warehouse of death and doom. He was in darkness, pure darkness. He glanced around. It was so endless.

"You want to live?" He turned and saw under a light the woman was standing, unscathed.

"How… you're alive?" Lelouch asked, mind whirling again.

She ignored his question. "Do you want to live? You seem to have a reason to." She asked again.

Lelouch stared, eyes wide. Slowly however her words registered and finally he nodded. "I want to live. I have… to protect my younger sister." He said, tone soft and distant before it hardened like his eyes. "I need to crush Britannia. They killed Suzaku, they killed my mother. Crippled my sister!" Each offense was a new nail in that accursed nations coffin.

The woman tilted her head to the side, sending her hair flowing. "I can give you the power to help you." She said with a coy smile. "But for that, you and I need to form a contract."

"A contract?" Lelouch asked. "Power?"

"Yes, a deal must be struck. I give you this power… and in exchange, I want you to grant my wish." She stepped forward with each word until she was standing in front of him. "As for the power, I sense you will be a King… as such, the power of the King will be yours…"

"Power… of the King?"

She gave that coy smile again. "It's better if you figure it out for yourself, just know that it will aid you. Save you and continue to help you on your quest." Her smile dropped and her eyes narrowed. "But be warned, boy… this power, the King's power will leave you in solitude, it will drag you through the darkest depths of your heart and test your resolve time and time again. If you accept this power it will change you."

"So I ask you, will you accept the terms of this contract?"

"You haven't even told me your wish." Lelouch countered while standing his ground to the shorter woman.

She smiled. "I will tell you… in time." Her features hardened. "Do you accept?"

Lelouch didn't like it. It was too vague, her wish could have been anything and if this were a contract that he had to fulfill then there would probably be consequences to it if he chose not to follow through with it. But if I don't accept it, I die here and now without ever knowing. He rationalized.

"I accept the terms of your contract!"

The woman reached up and gave a sigh of bliss as she cupped his face in her gentle hands. "And so our contract is…" Before he could question her actions, she leaned up and pulled him down so their lips met in an intense kiss that honestly surprised Lelouch so much that he went as still as a statue.

Is… is that her tongue?!

She pulled back and her eyes opened, lips smirking. "Complete." She whispered. "Until next we meet, Lelouch Vi Britannia."

"How do you know my na-" Lelouch suddenly yelled as he fell into endless darkness before it gave way to blinding light, colors never imagined surrounded him. He saw his life, his past. All that lead to now. Everything. He was bare to himself. He looked down and saw a strange symbol. It was the same as the woman's tattoo.

It approached… and he was suddenly awake again.

He was staring down into the woman's face, her eyes were closed and the wound on her head was still there. Had I been hallucinating? He thought, then his left eye felt… weird. It was on fire, almost… but not a painful fire. It was a fire that felt good. Felt right.

It felt powerful.

"Hehe…" He chuckled slowly. "Hehehe…" He put the woman's head down and slowly rose to his feet, shoulders shaking in gleeful chuckles as he realized his eye was changed. He couldn't see it, but he felt it. And it felt wonderful. He looked up slowly, eyes shadowed by his hair… almost. But the subtle red glow from his left wasn't lost to him. Nor to the soldiers who suddenly looked like they were seeing hell itself rise to meet them. "Tell me…" He spoke.

"How should a Britannian who hates his country live?"

His question seemed to catch the commander off guard. Finally, he said. "What are you? Some sort of radical?"

"Like you said," Lelouch's tone could freeze ice and mock it. "I'm just a schoolboy." He raised his hand and brushed his hair away to reveal his eye in its entirety to the frightened soldiers, who gasped. "But… as Lelouch Vi Britannia!" He flourished his other arm widely, gesturing to them all. "I command you, all of you!"


Lelouch could feel and see it. Their eyes became ringed by his power. To them, he was their king. Their everything. Their god. His command was their bliss, their heaven, their pleasure. "Happily, your highness!" The Commander said, pointing his pistol to his the side of his head. The others withdrew their side arms and mimicked him. "For his highness!"

"For his Highness!"

A multitude of simultaneous gunshots rang out across the ruined warehouse and Lelouch watched, eyes wide as each and every man executed themselves with adoring smiles on their faces. Their bodies slumped down onto the floor until only the distant sounds of battle were all he could hear.

They did it! Lelouch's mind slowly caught up with him once the euphoria began to wane. They followed my command! They died as I told them! His maniacal smile slowly fell as he came to the realization that he just had several men kill themselves smiling with only his command. His power. He swallowed and inhaled slowly.

The woman… she had been truthful. He'd been given a great power.

He looked down at her body. Her expression was serene, as if she were only asleep. He leaned down and checked her pulse. She was dead. "You said we'd meet again." He whispered to her, suddenly exhausted. "I doubt that now. But… thank you." With this power, I can destroy my father's empire. I can kill any threats to Nunnally's safety. He thought.

The young man stood and looked up to the sky through one of the many holes. He smirked. "I'm coming for you, father." He spat the title. "Are you ready, I wonder? To watch your empire crumble and burn around you."

John, thanks to the radio he'd recovered, now had the location where the Royal Guards were going to intercept the student and the apparently all important package, a woman, of all things! This massacre was due to a single woman. What made her so important to order all this? He wasn't sure. But he was intent to find out.

He ran along, the sounds of combat were drawing closer now. It wouldn't be long before aerial and tank fire brought down the buildings around him. Then the infantry and Knightmares would come in for mop up duty. Black Operation in all but name.

The sound of a Sutherland tearing up the ground reached him and he ducked behind some rubble in time to avoid it's main camera as it passed him, away from the location the royal guards were supposed to wait. The paint scheme put it as a Pureblood Sutherland.

He frowned, but turned and made for the warehouse. When he reached it's entrance, he found it filled with bodies. Royal Guards, neatly lined up… and all dead via self inflicted gunshot wounds to the head. Against the walls and floor were dead elevens. Women, children and men alike. John narrowed his eye as he observed the scene. Only one standing was a regally dressed woman, staring at a wall.

And off to the side where a stairway lead down? A woman wearing a prisoner's uniform. A gunshot wound to her head from he could see. He frowned, moving into the building, eyeing the woman who hadn't acknowledged his presence in the slightest as he creeped towards the downed body of the green haired woman.

Snake kneeled and moved her hair out of the way to see the wound more clearly. He froze when the saw the symbol across her forehead. "Geass…" He whispered. There was no doubt. It was the mark of the Code. The sign of an Immortal. This woman was an Immortal. "I can see now why Clovis wanted you so badly." He whispered, leaning and scooping her up into his arms after sheathing his knife and holstering his handgun.

He stood and turned to leave just as the woman who had been staring at nothing came back to her senses with a gasp.

"What the?" She glanced around and caught sight of him, her confusion faded and she drew her sidearm and levelled it at him. "Who're you?! Where's my Sutherland!?"

John stared at her with his single eye, unafraid of the gun in her hand he stared right into her eyes. "Don't do much weapon's training outside of your Knightmare, do you?" He spoke, ignoring both her questions. "You haven't even removed the safety from your weapon."

"Bullshit." She hissed.

He only arched a brow as if to say "oh yeah?". When she moved to check it, there was a click and a tick of her brow in annoyance. "To answer your first question, I'm John Miller with the OSI. I've been tasked with a Priority Alpha level mission, retrieving this girl," he lifted said woman up as if to further show her. "Or rather, her body now. And return it to it's proper authorities."

Before the dark skinned woman could ask, he added. "Who are above your pay grade, so don't bother asking. And since you lost your Sutherland, I can't even bother telling you the Authentication phrase to prove I'm OSI." He explained, seeing her brow tick again at the reminder of her failure. "I've got an extraction waiting on me. If you need a lift, I can take you to the local military forces forward command post, but from there I need to drop you off and handle my own mission."

Of course John was lying about the mission. But if the Purebloods were anything it was gullible if it came to high ranking Intelligence agents who could probably get them elevated, or lowered, in rank with a few choice words to those in the proper positions of power. And it seemed the woman accepted this as she holstered her sidearm and nodded.

"Miller," John said into the com. "I've got the package, and a straggler from the Purebloods, seems her Sutherland was stolen." He had a pretty good idea who had stolen it, but he wouldn't know until casualty reports were in. "Sending my location now."

"Gotcha, boss. On my way! Miller out."

"Come on," John nodded the woman over and moved for the exit. When they were outside, he paused, then said. "I don't suppose I get a name to the face?"

"Viletta Nu." She was curt and to the point, obviously still vexed about her Sutherland and his suspiciousness. But she wasn't willing to be stuck in this massacre without a radio. When Miller lowered the chopper, John stepped inside, and soon Viletta as well. The chopper lifted off back into the sky.

"Whoa, Boss… You not only got the package, but she's a beautiful wom-" Kaz stopped when he saw the hole in her forehead. "Oh…" He frowned and sighed, then looked at Viletta, who he lowered his shades to eye more… appreciatively. "Well, hello there." He smirked, glancing at John. "Brought me a date too? How thoughtful."

"She's a Pureblood, Kaz, so straighten up." John said, setting the green haired woman down as comfortably possible inside the cramped carrying space of the chopper. The wound on her head was already beginning to close. He covered it with her hair so Viletta wouldn't notice and ask uncomfortable questions. "Miss Nu requires a ride to the forward command post." John said as he slid into the co-pilot seat.

"FOB, huh? Alright. I bet the local forces will be glad to have us out of their airspace." Kazuhira chuckled. They were off, being pinged again by the local forces, who again demanded they either vacate the airspace. Kaz sighed. "Look, we've got a high value person on board and a Pureblood, who we're returning to your FOB, from there we will be departing the operations area."

"So let us do our sight seeing and you can all go back to your Urban Renewal." Kaz finished, hanging up the com with a roll of his eyes. "Damn Britannians…" He muttered, "Stuck sons of bitch-"

"You're not Britannian?" Viletta asked, narrowing her eyes. "And yet you work for the OSI?"

John sighed. Damn Kaz and his mouth sometimes. "we're nor really part of the OSI officially, but we're affiliated with them because we're currently employed by them as hired soldiers and armor. While officially we're not part of the OSI, our employer thought it would be best that since myself and Miller aren't Britannians, nor a recognized national force, that OSI level clearance for operations and freedom of movement, was more efficient for us." John explained to her without looking at her. "That's why we're allowed to carry sidearms inside the settlement and why we can fly in the airspace of ongoing military operations."

"Makes sense, but why would the OSI hire people like you?"

"You mean non-Britannians?" Kazuhira turned to her and arched a nicely groomed brow. "I'm half Britannian thank you. Boss here is… " He paused, then looked at John. "What was it? A quarter Britannian?"

"My mother's side." John shrugged then withdrew his cigar as they approached the FOB. "And Miss Nu, they hired us because we're not just mercenaries." He brought it to his lips and took a drag, exhaling slowly and opening his eye as he finished.

"We are Diamond Dogs."

End of Prologue

That was a long Prologue… in fact it was the first damned episode of the Anime! As you can see I'm going to put a bit more focus on John (AKA Snake AKA Big Boss AKA One Eyed doom Snake!), since we all know what Lelouch is doing most of the time, and for the story details, I will be combining aspects of CG and MG, But will mostly be CG, and it will diverge at points from the main story of the anime.

That said, I wanna get this out of the way right now. This is Code Geass and Metal Gear, some pretty dark stuff abound because I don't like making stories all fixed up, nice and pretty and happy endings for all, I like my stories bittersweet because war is hell, and hell is more interesting to me than "save all the people. Everywhere".

So, yeah… there will be death, torture and other such things. Because the reader's feels are punching bags when Code Geass and the newer Metal Gears are concerned.

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