Chapter Eighteen:

Since The Tomorrow People had been taken care of by making them all humans, Jedikiah's job had become a lot easier. Now there were no more resistance movements, only the odd breakout, he had a lot more time to study the data. In the past twenty years, there had been a noticeable steady decline in the amount of breakouts. The mutation that gave them powers had been deemed less favorable in the grand scheme of things and was slowly phasing itself out. He knew that was partially to do with the dozens that ULTRA had turned human but he didn't regret his decision. And after presenting the data to the Founder, he got the Founder to agree with him to allow the remaining individuals with the mutation to either keep their powers or live a semi normal life or to take the cure. ULTRA was done with the covert operations and more importantly the killing. After all these years it was finally doing what it had been designed for, helping the people with the mutation cope.

Roger eventually made up with Marla and Luca but Stephen and John still held a grudge, which made Charlotte also hold one out of loyalty to the two of them. Using all the money John and Stephen made from working at ULTRA they bought a small house, where the three of them were now living happily. Charlotte was still finishing her schooling and was planning on becoming a psychiatrist. John and Charlotte had both joked that they could finally get some sleep now they had their own rooms and didn't have to put up with Stephen's snoring.

Cara and Russell had eventually came and asked John and Stephen for their forgiveness and they reformed their friendship. Now that they were all able to relax, they went out and enjoyed life. Now that Cara and Russell were human they both had gotten jobs, as self defense instructors and were learning what it was to be human. It didn't stop them from always complaining about the traffic though.

Jedikiah had never been happier. He still visited Marla, Roger and Luca but he could often be found at Stephen and John's house. They had kept their weekly movie tradition going. John had slipped more than once since they had moved; calling him 'Dad' and Jedikiah's heart had almost burst from his chest. He told John that he was honored for him to call him Dad, as he had always thought of John as his son. They had hugged after that and John had started calling him Dad more frequently.

That night as John sat back and looked at Jedikiah, Stephen and Charlotte as they were all in the middle of a game of monopoly he smiled. To think if Stephen hadn't found him when he was drunk that night, none of this would of happened. He wouldn't have a job, a place to call home and more important than anything else, a family.

The End.