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"Hello"-Normal Speaking

"Interesting..."- Nightmare Moon speaking.

'Huh'- Normal Thoughts.

'All mine...'-Nightmare Moon's thoughts

Having placed his trunk at the end of his bed, Harry sighed as he flopped back onto the lumpy mattress. "Well... I guess that we're back for a few weeks at least..."

With a sigh of her own, Luna laid down beside him and placed her head onto his shoulder as the two stared at the ceiling. "We got so many plans and so little time to do them in... we should probably set up a schedule of some sort tomorrow in order to get ready." A grunt caught their attention and while they turned toward the source, Luna caught sight of something. 'Did Harry's ears just move toward the sound? No, no... must be my imagination. Human ears can't do that.'

Both of them noticed Nightmare where she sat on the desk next to a cage with Hedwig in it. "You both seemed to have forgotten about our plan to give our fine feathered comrade here some extra freedom over the summer. Which she so richly deserves."

The two friends shared a look before they turned to Nightmare and Harry spoke up. "Should we really go through with it now, though? We could wait until tomorrow after all when Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia might be a bit more agreeable..."

However, Nim only shook her head and sighed a bit. "Yes, but striking now when he wants to get us out of his hair is better. Hay, he'd be more agreeable due to what we came up with involving the plan after all. It would make us look more... normal in his view after all. Which would offset what happened on the platform."

Harry shared a look with Luna before he shrugged a bit and gave his opinion. "She does bring up a good point actually. He's not too happy that I'm here and I suppose that tossing him a bone in a sense would probably help matters quite a bit..."

A sigh escaped from Luna and she nodded before both her and Harry got up. "I suppose that it would be best to handle it right now then... like pulling off a old bandage on a wound."

Smirking, Harry glanced at her while his eyes looked far into the distance before he shook it off. "An apt description of them at times if there ever was one..."

Once they were gone, Nightmare waited until they were out of earshot and then scrambled off the desk. She looked up at the suspicious Hedwig and wagged a hoof at her. "Now no telling them what you're about to see, hmm? It'll be our little secret." Without having waited for a reply, the plush reached the trunk and threw open the lid as she looked inside. "Okay, the coast is clear now."

To Hedwig's surprise, Myrtle floated out of the trunk and looked around her. After a moment, her expression turned to one of distaste. "You weren't kidding about how they treated Harry... this is awful."

All Nightmare did was nod. "Yes, yes... rather awful and all that." She then looked up at her friend. "So then, you know what to do?"

With an annoyed expression, Myrtle nodded and rolled her eyes. "I'm to hide somewhere else until a week has passed, then I can reveal myself. That way, it will be much more unlikely that anyone will be able to send me back to Hogwarts and we'll know if they notice if I am missing as you and Harry are the first two they would ask." The ghost then looked around with a bit of a frown. "It'll be rather interesting to see how things might have changed in the Muggle world since my death..."

There was a grin on Nightmare's face by the end. "Good, good... now, you should get going before they come back..." Then to Myrtle's surprise, she shivered. "Just... stay away from any large, abandoned mansions in the park, okay?"

Myrtle just looked at her oddly for that. "Sure... though one day you'll have to give me the story about why you kept giving me that warning after we came up with this plan..."

However, the plush just waved her off. "One day, maybe..." After Myrtle left, Nim shivered and looked around the room which had seemed to have darkened. "... But more likely not..."

Having come downstairs, Harry waited to gather himself before he entered the living room. For several moments, his uncle tried to ignore him as he sat on a chair and watched television. However, when Harry finally cleared his throat, Vernon gave him a slight glare. "What is it, Boy?"

With a frown, Harry took a breath as Luna hovered nearby and unseen by all but him but still lending her silent support as she placed a hoof on his shoulder. "Uncle Vernon, I'm just letting you know that I'm going to let Hedwig have run of the room and ability to fly outside when she wants."

As he turned red, Vernon gripped the arms of the chair until his knuckles turned white and glared at Harry. "You'll do no such thing under my roof, Boy! That ruddy bird can stay in it's cage!"

Having caught sight of Petunia listening in, Harry rubbed the back of his neck. "What if I could give you an excuse that you could use that not only would be rather... normal and not involve the M-word, but also one that would make you look rather good to the neighbours?"

Now slowly turning puce, Vernon grunted as his mustache bristled. "Boy, there is no such possible excuse."

Strangely enough, it was Petunia who came to the rescue. "Let's at least hear the Boy out... just in case..."

Though he knew why she was looking around nervously, Harry ignored it in favor of explaining. "Well... I was thinking that if any of the neighbours ask about Hedwig, you could use the excuse that I'm learning falconry at school using an owl and she's being let out to hunt down mice and such nearby. Killing pests and all that."

For a moment, Vernon stared as he shifted between different colors. "Falconry, eh..." He seemed to be chewing something as he fought between not allowing it to make Harry miserable, the fear of Nightmare visiting him in his dreams, and how it might increase his standing in the neighbourhood if people thought that. "Noble sport and all that... Don't think that I like it being associated with the likes of you though."

Luna grumbled next to Harry. "Oh, I am so tempted to ask if Nim wants some help next time that she decides to give them some lessons..."

However, she was ignored by Harry. "Well, I actually read up on it, so I can bluff my way through it if anyone asks." He glanced at his aunt Petunia. "And me learning it might be something that the others on the street could be jealous of..."

For a few seconds, Petunia thought it over and imagined the reactions of the neighbours. In fact, Harry could practically imagine the gears as they turned in her head. "Vernon..."

A huff escaped from the walrus like man as he knew what the expression on his wife's face meant. "Boy, can you actually act the part."

Knowing that he had won, Harry nodded. "I have some hide gloves and such that I can use. Hedwig is also trained so I can use her that way as well if someone decides to try and get me to prove it."

Grumbling, Vernon finally nodded. "Fine, if you can pull that off I'll allow it. But first bloody time that ruddy bird does something unnatural, it's going into its cage and being locked in there. Do I make myself understood, Boy?"

Though he knew it to be an empty threat, Harry nodded in agreement while his aunt sniffed. "And it better not make a mess of my home, Boy. And if it has an... accident, then I expect you to clean up after it."

Giving another nod, Harry made sure not to smile as he moved away from the two. "I'll make sure of that, Aunt Petunia... Uncle Vernon..." Soon after, he was making his way upstairs. "Well... that worked out better then we thought."

With a sigh, Luna smiled. "Much better... we barely had to argue it at all. Much better then to threaten them with using magic on them and Dudley." The two re-entered Harry's room and blinked as they noticed that Nightmare had been watching out the window. "Something the matter?"

The plush jumped a bit before she turned and smiled at them, though she ignored the glare that Hedwig gave her. "Oh, nothing at all... just thinking about some things is all." She then glanced at a clock and frowned a bit. "... Isn't it dinnertime yet?"

Harry shared a look with Luna before he sighed and shoved his hands into his pockets. Just as he was about to say something, he heard a car door slam and the three glanced out the window to see Vernon's car leave. "... I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that we're likely on our own for dinner..."

More then slightly annoyed, Luna closed her eyes as if to ward off a headache. "Of course we are..." Once she took a deep breath to calm herself, she opened her eyes and looked at Harry with a raised eyebrow. "So... you still have the Pounds that we converted from some of the Galleons in your vault?"

Now interested in where she might be going, Harry slowly nodded. "Yes... I do, why?"

A smile bloomed on Luna's face as she bounced on the bed. "Then let's go out ourselves and get some PIZZA!"

There was silence as both Harry and Nightmare looked at her before the plush raised an eyebrow at her other half. "... Seriously?"

While she huffed, the alicorn crossed her forelegs across her chest as she nodded. "I have not had any for the past almost ten months. And while the food at Hogwarts is good, I still missed things like the gooey goodness of pizza among other things..." She reached up and wiped some drool from her chin before having given Harry a smile. "Besides, the pizza place is next to the grocery store and we can stock up on some items while waiting... like Nutella!"

Once more there was a silence before Harry reached up and rubbed one finger on the side of his forehead. 'Should have really expected that...' With a sigh, he reached down for his backpack. "Well, we should get going then... And I have never been so thankful that Tonks expanded the inside of some of my pockets in my backpack, we're going to need them if we want no one to know what we got..."

The next day, after they had made sure that the Dursleys had left, Nightmare frowned as she leaned against one hoof. "Okay... Could you explain to me once more what exactly it is that you two are doing?"

With a sigh, Luna rolled her eyes as she took position behind Harry. "We're doing an experiment right now." She then raised a hoof. "We know that when Harry pumps his magic into me while I focus on using my own that I become more solid and can do things like eat and drink, even though I should not be able to." The Night Princess then tapped Harry on the shoulders. "By the same account, when I pump my magic into him, it can give him a boost or recharge him. On the moon, it also seems to make his spirit form more solid then what it normally is which is exactly like what his magic does for me in such an instance."

It was then that Harry took over. "The question now though is what would happen if Luna channeled her magic into my body and at the same time, I channeled mine into hers."

Still, Nightmare continued to frown. "Yes... But isn't that still rather dangerous?"

Harry just shook his head and gestured at her. "And that is why you are here. If something goes bad, you can break us up." He then chuckled some. "Though, all we're doing is combining the two. And neither of us have been hurt before by simply channeling our magic into the other."

As she chuckled, Luna closed her eyes. "Anyways... Time to begin." In front of her, Harry closed his eyes as Luna placed her hooves onto his shoulders and began to channel magic into him. "Remember, Harry, we need to synchronize our flows otherwise, it won't work." While she felt his magic as it began to flow into her, Luna frowned as she felt something else. 'Odd... My hooves feel like they're sinking into something... Why-'

Her thoughts were then cut off as she felt a clicking sensation regarding hers and Harry's magics and she felt herself fall forwards into darkness. Nightmare however shouted as she watched as Luna seemingly disappeared and Harry pitched back. In a moment, she leaped to his side as she looked around for Luna, but couldn't see her as she then turned to Harry, whose eyelashes fluttered. "Harry? Harry? Speak to me!"

Harry's eyes snapped open to reveal that they are no longer an emerald green, but something between that and teal before he sat up and spoke in a flanged sounding voice that was both male and female in nature. "Harry's hurt?! Where is he?!" It was then that Nightmare recognized that part of the flange was from the sound of Luna's voice coming through Harry's mouth alongside his own. Her next clue was that "Harry" had noticed his hands and stared at them. "What the hay!?"

The plush just fell on her butt as she stared. "Oooh boy..."

After a few moments as the body that she was in shook, Luna clutched Harry's hair as his pupils shrank to pinpricks. "This can't be happening! This cannot be happening! This cannot be happening!"

She felt a tap to the knee and looked to see Nightmare there who was watching her. "Calm down now..." She then gestured with her hooves as she pantomimed breathing. "Now just follow me... Breath in... Breathe out... Breathe in... Breathe out..." The plush waited for a few moments until she felt that Luna had calmed down enough. "Okay now... First things first... I need you to look inside yourself and see how Harry's doing..."

Luna nodded and then closed her eyes. "He's... Freaked out a bit, but doing okay..."

She then heard his voice as it echoed up from deep inside her mind. 'And now I know what a rubber glove or bodysuit feels like!'

The alicorn just gave her darker counterpart a sheepish grin. "Um... Yeah... He's fine..." She then frowned, or rather, Harry's body frowned, as she looked around. "This body is so different..." She flexed her new fingers in thought before she wiggled her toes. "Definitely."

Just then Nightmare rubbed her jaw as she noticed that Luna had her translucent wings sticking out of Harry's back. 'I wonder...' She then trotted around to behind Harry/Luna. "One moment..."

When she tried to turn her head around to see what Nightmare was up to, Luna winced as it could only go so far compared to her normal neck. "What are you-OW!"

The doll leaped onto Harry's back and grabbed hold of Luna's wings and pulled as hard as she could. "Come... On!"

As the back of the body she was inhabiting curved from Nightmare's hind hooves digging into her/his back, Luna felt tears in her now human eyes from the pain in her wings and back. "OW OW OW OW OW! STOP IT!" Nightmare tumbled off and Harry/Luna reached over and gently rubbed her wings. "Ow... why the hay did you do that!?"

With a sigh, Nightmare shook her head. "I was seeing if I could pull you out of his body..." She then facehoofed. "You really are stuck in there..."

She was shot a glare by Luna as said alicorn growled... which sounded weird coming from Harry's mouth in a flanged tone. "You think!?" Suddenly, she realized something. "Wait... why do I still have my wings?" The alicorn then frowned. "At least with the way they look that means that their invisible to everyone else..."

Luna heard Harry snort from the depths of her mind at that. 'Yeah... one good thing...' She then heard him sigh. 'So... until we solve this, we got three issues...' He felt Luna nod and continued. 'One, you have to act like me so that no one knows that something is wrong. That also means acting like a human.'

The alicorn smiled at that. "That is rather easy, I have hung out around you long enough that I can do a passable imitation of both."

With a mental roll of his eyes, Harry continued. 'Two, is part of that. You need to learn how to walk like a human and also do something about that voice... that is a rather big give away that something is really wrong.'

For a moment, Luna closed her/his eyes and nodded. "Yes, that is something that should be taken care of rather easily." She waited for a few moments for him to continue and then cleared her throat. "Harry? You said three things? What's the third?" Luna raised an eyebrow as she felt that Harry was both embarrassed and mortified. "What is it?"

Seconds later, Harry made a choking noise, despite how impossible that could have been as it was inside the mental realm. 'Er... Luna? Um... I'm a boy... You're a girl...'

It took some thought, but it hit Luna what he meant as she paled and blushed heavily at the same time at the implications of what he had said. "Oh hay no!"

Nightmare raised an eyebrow at her actions and made a noise like she had cleared her voice. "Mind explaining to me what is the matter?" After Luna explained to her, Nightmare was silent for a minute or two...

And then promptly fell off the bed laughing despite the glare she was given.

Once the plush got her laughter under control, she jumped back onto the bed as Luna scooted close to the edge using Harry's body and placed their feet onto the floor. "Okay... now what?"

Deep inside their shared mindscape, Harry blinked and then mentally sighed. 'You stand up obviously.' Her reply asking how to do that caused him to mentally sigh even deeper. 'You push off the bed with my hands and then straighten your legs and back.'

The alicorn bit their lip before she took a breath. "Okay.. I can do this... I've seen you do this a thousand times before..." She then pushed off from the bed and stood up straight with an expression that turned triumphant...

And then turned to horror as she kept her forward momentum as she cartwheeled their arms. Nightmare just winced as she saw Luna fall on her face with a crash. "Ouch... that had to have hurt..."

She then began to laugh and fell over again as Luna growled at her. "Shut it." She then got on all fours and crawled to the bed and then climbed back up onto it. After several more tries, the possessed human glared at Nim while the plush continued to laugh as Luna's wings flared behind her. "It's harder then it looks!"

Inside her mind, Harry groaned. 'This is going to hurt tomorrow...' As she stumbled back onto their feet, she took a step and then began to fall once more as Harry shouted at her mentally. 'USE YOUR WINGS! USE YOUR WINGS NOW!'

As she cartwheeled her arms and flapped her wings desperately in an effort to try and balance, one of her legs stuck straight out as she rotated in place, Luna shouted. "I'M TRYING!" She then began to tip forward and squeezed their eyes shut. 'Not again!' However, Luna soon opened them as she fell against something softer. There, cushioning the body she was in, was none other then Nightmare in her larger, plush form. "Nightmare?"

The alicorn plush snorted and rolled her eyes. "It was funny the first few times, but I would rather that Harry wasn't harmed too badly." Her horn then glowed as she righted Harry's body and placed it back on two legs. "Now then... just lean against me and we'll work on this."

Luna nodded with a smile. "Okay." She then took a breath and nuzzled Nightmare as well as she could without tipping over. "And thanks."

While she looked away, Nim cleared her throat. "Yeah, yeah... whatever." Nightmare had to hold back a snort as she saw that Luna tried to take a step forward, a tongue poking out of her mouth as she concentrated...

After the day that she had, Nightmare grumbled as she woke up on the moon. "Finally... this horrible day is over..." She then felt Luna as the smaller alicorn stirred against her side. "Hap...py now?" The alicorn trailed off as she noticed that Luna's eyes instead of their normal teal color were instead more of a shocking emerald. "Ah, horsefeathers..."

"Luna" then spoke up with a flanged voice that leaned toward the more masculine of the spectrum. "Mmm? Nim?" She then stiffened before she looked down at her hooves. "Wait... where are my fingers...?"

As the alicorn began to hyperventilate, a voice deep inside it's mind spoke up and began to calm it. 'It's okay, Harry. I'm right here with you.'

After a few moments, Harry spoke up. "Lu...Luna? You're here?" He felt her nod mentally as well as being calm. "Are you... angry?"

A melodic laugh drifted up from the depths of his mind before he felt her shake her head. 'Not at all, Harry. Why?' She then figured it out and snorted again. 'Harry, listen to me. This is nothing like what happened with Nightmare, okay? Besides...' Harry could feel an amused smirk in his head from her. 'I suppose that it is only fair for you if you are in control of my body for a while since I was in control of yours.'

Having finally calmed down, Harry looked over toward Nim who watched him with one eyebrow raised as he felt his face heat up. "Sorry..."

She just waved him off though. "It is nothing to be sorry about, I suppose that something like this is rather... a large change." He then noticed that Nightmare's lips twitched. "Though this looks like it will be as amusing to watch you try to walk as it was for Luna..." She then tapped one wing which swiftly closed tightly against Harry's/Luna's body. "Not to mention you trying to learn how to fly..." A few minutes later, Nightmare leaned against one hoof as she watched Harry as "he" looked over his current body and then flushed deeply and groaned as he tried to cover his eye. "Oh, what is it now?"

With one hoof pulled away from his eye, Harry squeaked. "I'm naked!"

The large alicorn blinked and then snorted as she covered her eye with one forehoof. "Really!? Is that what you are so concerned about?!" At Harry's hesitant nod, she snickered. "Harry, that is nothing to be worried about." With a sweep of her foreleg, Nightmare gestured at herself. "Just look at me! I've been naked since day one besides my armor!"

Harry groaned and tried to settle even deeper into the lunar dust. "Not... Helping... Nim..."

Inside his head, Luna sighed. 'It is not a big deal Harry, truly.' She then mentally rolled her eyes. 'That nudity taboo that humans have is just too weird. Even after you explained it, it still makes no real sense.'

With a mutter, Harry shook his head. "But Luna..."

She gave him another mental eyeroll. 'We are a pony as of this moment, Harry. Things such as nudity really do not matter to ponies and should not matter as of this moment.' Luna then muttered herself, though he heard it. 'And besides, we have much more important things to worry about right now...'

Not having given it a thought, Harry leaped up and stood on his hind legs while he threw his forelegs out to the sides. "IT'S THE PRINCIPLE OF THE THING, LUNA!" He then suddenly blinked as he realized what he had done before he started to fall backwards. "GAH!" Wind milling his forelegs while also flapping his wings in a panic, Harry tilted back and forth as he stumbled and hopped around. But the result was the same as he finally fell onto his back and smacked his head into the ground. "Ow..." Nightmare just watched with a perfectly straight face, though for a brief second it screwed up as she let out a snerk. Harry, for his part, just raised a shaky hoof at her from where he laid on his back. "Don't... you... dare..."

And then Nightmare promptly fell over onto her back. "BWA HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Harry rolled over before he slowly raised his back legs and hindquarters up and smiled, only for that to be wiped away as he pushed up too fast only to do a summersault. "Ooof!"

From where she laid, Nightmare smirked. "Should have known that you would have... flipped."

A scowl crossed Harry's face as Nim used a spell to create the sound of drums and a cymbal. "Ha. Ha. It is to laugh."

Inside Harry's head, he could hear as Luna cheered him on as he made another attempt at being able to stand. 'Come on, Harry! You can do it!'

He slowly nodded as he slowly stood up. "I... can... do... this!" Harry grinned as he felt his legs straighten... only for his eyes to widen as he realized that only two on one side were safely on the ground before he tipped over. "Ugh..."

With a grin, Nightmare raised a hoof. "You know, if you were going to try and be bipedal while in that body, you really should stand on your back legs, not two legs on one side of your body! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!"

In return, she got a glare from the smaller alicorn...

As he concentrated, Harry ignored the snickers from Nim as he took a breath. "Right... this time I know that I can do this! I can feel that this will be the time!"

Having grinned, Nightmare waved a hoof around. "Well, I suppose that the one hundredth time is the charm after all..."

Shakingly he slowly stood up as he pointingly ignored Nightmare's comments and snickers, while inside his head Luna gave a mental blink. 'Why am I hearing "Eye of the Tiger" playing...? And where is it coming from...?'

Despite his legs having continued to tremble, Harry let out a breath as he straightened all four legs underneath him before he grinned widely. "YES! I did it!" He then turned as he heard Nightmare as she gave him slow applause, only to raise an eyebrow as she smirked. "... What is it now?"

Nightmare just cocked her head to the side with an odd smile. "Oh... just congratulating you on managing to stand..." She then chuckled as she looked away with an amused expression. "Now you just need to learn how to walk..."

The alicorn began to laugh her flank off as Harry shouted up at the stars above. "OH COME ON!"

Her laughter only increased as his shout caused him to tip over. After she stopped, Nightmare glanced over at where Harry laid in the dusty lunar soil only for him to give her a baleful glare. That, of course, set her off again. "I haven't had this much hilarity in years!"

Once more standing, Harry took a breath as he picked one shaky hoof up and then put it forward as Luna whispered to him in his head. 'That's it, Harry. Just like that.' She gave a mental nod. 'Just put one hoof in front of the other.'

Harry gave a nod. "Right... one hoof in front of the other..." He took a few more shaky steps before he tripped and began falling forward, though he kept stumbling as he tried not to fall. "No... no... no... NO... NO! NO! Gah!"

For her part, Nightmare looked down as Harry came to a stop just below her and in front, his muzzle partially buried into the lunar dust as he gave her an even look. "So, have a nice trip, see you next fall." His annoyed glare just set her off into gales of laughter once more. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HAVE A NICE TRIP, SEE YOU NEXT FALL! GET IT?! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!"

As his eyebrows twitched, Harry snorted which sent a cloud of dust into the air. 'Once this is over with... I am going to so get back at her...'

Nightmare watched as Harry walked back and forth before he sped up into a trot and then full out gallop. "Ah, so nice of you to have finally gotten it." She ignored how he glared at her before she looked up at the sky. "And it took you what...? Almost all night to do it in?"

The smaller alicorn just continued to glare at her. "It would have helped is someone had lended a hoof and not just laughed her flank off!"

After she tapped her chin in thought, Nightmare shrugged. "Maybe..." She then grinned and leaned forward. "But it would not have been nearly as much fun as it was. Besides, you are an alicorn and therefore much tougher then a human." The alicorn then leaned back with a sigh. "And tomorrow night, assuming that you have not fixed the problem, looks to be even more hilarious." At his questioning look, she snickered. "Mainly because you'll be learning how to fly with those wings you have." She then waved a hoof around. "It should prove to be most amusing indeed if we do that."

Harry just gave her an even look, despite how his ear and eyebrows twitched. "Buck you."

With her head cocked to the side, she smirked. "Mmm... never knew that you were into that sort of thing, to be frank." Still with that smirk, Nightmare leaned in toward him as she made a motion with her hoof. "After all, Luna and I technically share blood and you're in her body... and that would make it..."

The boy turned female alicorn just sputtered with a completely red and heated face as he tried to come up with a response not that Luna was much better in their currently shared mindscape, though he soon scowled as Nim fell to the side and began to laugh again. Then it was time for them to wake up...

Having left Privet Drive for the day and with a thoughtful expression, Luna looked down at the flyers in her hand, the eyes in her current body going back and forth between them. "Hmm, these... 'Krav maga' lessons look to be most interesting, Harry. And since they're at the other end of Little Whinging, there is less chance of your relatives somehow finding out about them."

Inside their shared mindscape, Harry mentally shrugged. 'Sounds interesting, I guess. Though once we've solved our little issue we'll need to visit the library and do some research on it.'

Slowly, Luna nodded. "Sounds good."

A moment later though, Harry brought something else up as they walked through the outskirts of town. 'By the way... why did you grab the flyer information for the swimming lessons?'

Luna gave a soft smile which just looked odd on Harry's face as she looked around with their shared eyes. "Well... it would be an ability that could come in useful someday in the future, Harry and wouldn't hurt to learn. Besides, it's only a few days worth of lessons so it won't eat much time for such a useful subject."

There was a snort that drifted from the backpack and the two could hear Nightmare pipe up from in it. "Besides, a lot of ponies don't really learn how to swim." Having sensed the confusion that she knew was Harry's through her connection to Luna, Nightmare sighed. "A large number of ponies outside of some jobs such as fisherponies and crew on waterborne craft never learn how to swim. They just don't see a real reason why... hay, it took Luna and Celestia centuries before they decided to even bother to learn some other methods than paddling as best they could."

With a slight blush on her face, the currently human alicorn coughed. "Yes, well... just the same, it turned out many times to be very useful skill to have nonetheless. Hence why, now that we have some money, it's a skill that you should learn." After some thought, Harry decided to get one of his questions answered and asked why they were out and about. "Simple, the less time spent with your relatives or, really, anyone else that might know of us the better. And if we stuck around the house much longer then chances are that your aunt would give us chores."

All that got was a mental blink from Harry. 'Ah...' Suddenly, they entered a flat grassy area by a stream and Luna sat down on a rock as she began to pull off Harry's trainers 'Er, Luna? What are you doing?'

However, she just smiled as she pulled off the socks and placed them into the trainers and wiggled their toes. "It's something that I've always wanted to try ever since I saw it as a scene on the television..." She gave a look around and then slowly stood up. After a moment to make sure that her balance was still good, Luna grinned and held out her arms as she ran through the grass. Their feet were tickled by the blades of grass as underneath them, Luna could feel the warmth of the earth. "Whee!"

From her vantage point sticking her head out of the backpack, Nightmare raised one eyebrow as she stared as if her other half had gone insane. "What... are you doing?"

The Princess of the Night twirled around a bit and laughed gaily. "What does it look like? I'm having fuuuuunn! Oof!" As she winced from her fall, Luna rubbed her behind before she smiled. "I've always wondered about what it felt like to run through the grass without a care, the grass beneath my feet." With a sigh, Luna laid back and stared at the clouds as they drifted by and reached up with one hand. "No offense, Harry... but..."

A laugh sounded from her mindscape and a moment later she could hear Harry's voice. 'Don't worry about it, Luna. Have some fun with it like I've been having with your body on the moon.'

Both of the blinked before they turned to where it seemed like Nightmare was choking on something. After a few moments, the plush waved them off. "It's... nothing... nothing at all, just a thought that occurred to me is all..."

Having raised one eyebrow, Luna slowly nodded. "Ookay..." However, she soon shook it off and laid back. "Mmm... without fur you humans' skin is just so sensitive... I can feel the sun directly, feel the breeze on my bare skin, the grass underneath me... it's... amazing..." Inside of their head, Harry gave a nod before Luna opened her eyes with a bright smile. "Now for the next thing on my list!" She climbed to her feet and then pointed at a tree. "I am going to climb that tree!"

There was silence for a few moments as she stood in that pose before Harry commented. '...Really, Luna?'

With a snort, Luna nodded as she crossed Harry's forearms. "Yes, I'm serious, Harry!" Their head tilted back as she observed the lower branches before Luna flexed her fingers. "I've always wondered what it would be like to climb a tree... and now I'll know!" With a purposeful stride, Luna soon reached the tree she had chosen and reached up toward the lower branches. Her fingers closed around them before she slowly pulled herself up with her tongue sticking out between their lips. 'Just a bit more... there!'

Inside their shared mindscape, Harry watched as he could feel the sense of accomplishment as Luna made her way up the tree. 'So what are you going to do next, then?"

As she hummed, Luna lifted herself up onto a branch and looked down to see a full sized Nightmare looking up at her. "Whew... that's harder then it looks." After she wiped away some sweat, Luna decided to answer him. "Well... there's that stream nearby. I want to know what the water in it would feel like on bare feet and legs instead of hooves and fur."

Still with a raised eyebrow, Nightmare snorted. "Or... you could just take a bath or shower when we get home." She rolled her eyes as she noted the slight blush on Luna's face as well as the mortification that came from Harry. "Oh, get over yourself..."

Finally, after four days, whatever kept the two in the same body stopped and they woke up in Harry's world in their separate bodies. For a few moments the two laid there in bed as an amused Nightmare watched them before they patted themselves down. Then, Luna turned to Harry as he did the same as the human coughed. "Are we...?"

Slowly, Luna nodded. "I... think we are..." She moved around her hooves some as she stared at them as if they had been the most interesting thing that she had ever seen. A smile then broke out on her face. "We're... in our own bodies again..."

Both of them flopped back onto the bed before Harry shot a fist toward the ceiling. "YES!" More minutes passed as the two stared at the ceiling of the room before Harry spoke up. "At least we learned some things..."

With a hum, Luna just blinked. "Yes... We've learned that we can possess each other by cycling our magic between our bodies. I've learned both what it is like to be a human and a boy..."

Harry then finished the sentence. "And I've learned what it is like to be a female alicorn..."

The two of them then spoke at exactly the same moment. "Let us never speak of what has happened over this week ever again."

Meanwhile, Nightmare watched them as her expression only grew more amused. 'Mmm... yes, never speak of it again. That just makes it so much better for blackmail material when needed...'