A/N: Okay this story is going to be a bit out of character for Sheldon but not for Amy. The Sheldon in this story is based on the unaired pilot Sheldon and if you have never seen it, look it up on YouTube it is in 7 parts. There are pieces left out but you will get the gist. The Sheldon in that show was not a virgin and had seen 7 naked women. He also had a collection of magazines in his sock drawer featuring women with larger rear ends. He also did not seem as concerned about germs in the pilot as he had people taking food off his plate. I am going to kind of combine some of those traits with the ones we know and love now as well as bringing Amy into the story just as she was when we first met her.

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Knock knock knock "Penny"

Knock knock knock "Penny"

Knock knock knock "Penny"

"What do you want Sheldon?" Penny asked as she opened the door to reveal him standing at her door. She had been living there just a little over a month and had no idea what this man was all about.

"I need your help in a matter of semiotics." He said.

"I'm sorry?" She questioned.

"Semiotics, the study of signs and symbols. It's a branch of philosophy related to linguistics."

"Okay, sweetie, I know you think you're explaining yourself but you're really not." She said to him.

"Just come with me." He said and led her back into his apartment. He walked down the hall towards the bedrooms. He stopped outside Leonard's bedroom. There was a tie hung on the doorknob.

"Well?" He asked her. He had no idea what this meant.

"Well what?" She was confused. She saw this all the time in Nebraska. She even saw it once at her own apartment. That happened to be when she caught Kurt cheating on her.

"What does it mean?" He asked

"Oh come on, you went to college." She said to him.

"Yes but I was 11." He said to her.

"Alright, look, a tie on the doorknob usually means someone doesn't want to be disturbed because they're, you know, getting busy." She said to him.

"So you're saying Leonard has a girl in there?" He asked.

"Well either that or he's lost his tie rack and gotten really into Bryan Adams." She answered him. At that point they heard a female's voice calling Leonard a magnificent beast.

"We really shouldn't be here." Penny said and she made her way back into the living room with Sheldon following

"This is very awkward." He said.

"Oh come on, Leonard's had other girls here before, right?" She asked.

"Yes but usually there is planning and advanced notice. The last time I happened to be out of town seeing a lunar eclipse."

"You left town because your roommate was having sex?" She asked shocked. "I need to ask. Have you ever seen a naked woman?"

"What kind of question is that?" He asked her appalled. The truth was he had seen 7 naked women, 3 of whom were not even related.

"Well you just answered that for me." She said.

"No I didn't. I just don't know why you feel the need to ask me."

"Sheldon, this should not be an awkward situation for you. Leonard has been with other girls. Just because you haven't, doesn't mean it isn't normal." She said to him.

"Why do you assume I have never been with a woman?" He asked. "First you think I have never seen a naked woman before and now you think I am a virgin."

"Are you?" She asked seriously.

"No I am not." He answered.

"Really? I just assumed. You seem so uptight right now about the whole situation; I figured you were uncomfortable with the topic."

"Well truth be told I am more uncomfortable because of who Leonard is with." Sheldon said. He had heard the unmistakable voice of Leslie Winkle just a few minutes ago.

"Who is in there?" Penny asked.

"Well there is Leonard. And he's either with Leslie Winkle or a 1930s gangster." He answered picking up her violin case.

"Why does that matter?" She asked him.

"Well I know Leslie and I despise her. I really don't want him to start a relationship with her. Although if her past is any indication she won't want to be in one with him."

"So are you saying that Leslie is using Leonard for sex?" Penny asked.

"Yes." He answered quickly

"How would you know that?" She asked.

"Oh um, I just know the type." He tried. He was a terrible liar and he was hoping that he could get away with it this time.

"What type?" She asked still pressing the topic.

"The type that will come over to your place after you have effectively won her over at a Star Trek convention by portraying a Vulcan in the Pon Farr mating fever that she has to say yes."

"Oh my God, you had sex with Leslie!" She screamed.

"I didn't say that." He said. "I said she was that type of girl."

"What happened?" Penny asked not wanting to argue with him even if she knew it was the truth.

"Fine I will tell you." Sheldon said exasperated. "About 5 years ago, I was in the cafeteria at work. Leslie had just started at the university. She seemed like a nice person at first. We really hit it off. I found out that she was really into Star Trek and had a bit of a crush on Wil Wheaton. I told her how much I loved him back when he was on the show and then told her the story of how he became my mortal enemy."

"Your mortal enemy? What the hell does that mean?" She interrupted.

"That is a whole different story but let's just say he was supposed to be somewhere and he didn't show up and I have hated him ever since."

"Ok." She answered

"So anyway, there was a Star Trek convention coming up and I invited her to go along with me. She agreed and then like I just said we were both in costume and one thing led to another." He said.

"So then what?" Penny asked.

"What do you mean, then what?" Sheldon asked.

"I mean what happened afterwards?" She asked

"Well I woke up the next morning and she was gone. She left a note on my refrigerator saying that she had a great time but wasn't sure it could go anywhere."

"Oh that is so sad." Penny said. "Was she your first time?"

"No." Sheldon said. "I dated a girl briefly in Germany when I was a visiting professor. We were each other's first."

"Wow I never would have guessed." Penny said. "You seem so robot like. Does Leonard know about you and Leslie?"

"No. And I am not sure I want him to find out either." Sheldon asked. "He knows about the girl in Germany but that is it."

"Have you been with anyone since Leslie?"

"No, and I don't think I want to be either. I have decided to dedicate my life to science. I don't need to give in to my baser urges."

"Oh come on I bet there is someone out there just like you and will be your perfect girl."

"Oh I doubt it." He said.

"I bet there is a smart and wonderful woman out there just waiting for her Dr. Sheldon Cooper to come along."

"Well maybe but I don't see it happening. A girl like that probably is married to science and would never want to engage in a relationship." Sheldon said to her.

"You might be surprised. I bet you could charm a girl into liking you if you showed her your boards. I know I was impressed. Just think what someone who understood what you wrote might think of you."

"You know Penny you might be right, but I think I want to work on my research right now. I don't have time in my life to pursue a relationship. If there is someone out there for me, we may just have to let fate take its course."

"You believe in fate?" Penny asked shocked.

"No that is why I said it. I am not looking for a relationship. There are more important things in this world than finding the perfect mate."

"Okay keep thinking that." Penny said.

"I will." Sheldon answered. "Thank you for your help on the matter. Please don't take this the wrong way but it is my bed time."

"Okay Sheldon goodnight."

Sheldon went to bed that night thinking about what Penny said. Maybe there was someone out there for him. He couldn't imagine it though. He thought that Heidi had been a real sweet girl and he could have pictured a life with her but he was still a teenager then and young love never lasts. Leslie was great at first but broke his heart with her blasé attitude towards sex it never would have lasted. The last thoughts he had before falling asleep were about a woman with no face and beckoning hips.

Okay I know that Sheldon and Leslie sound extremely far fetched but I didn't want to invent too many new characters. It was explained that in the show that he had sex with a fellow coworker at a Star Trek Convention. We never met Gilda so Leslie seemed like the way to go. It would also explain his hatred. I noticed when watching the episode this chapter was based off of, Sheldon called Leonard and told him to give his best to Leslie. It didn't seem as if he started to hate her until later in the show. So maybe this could be a good reason for the hatred.

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