A/N: Decided its about time I start writing again, then found this in my mass of uncompleted fics. Polished it up a tiny bit, and here it is.


Seeker trines were sketchy things. They formed or they didn't. Someone could spend centivorns looking for their trinemates, while others found their trinemates and bonded before they had even reached maturity.

The royal trines, though always had to be full trines by the time they took up rule.

Vos could not be ruled by a single mech or a pair of mechs. It had to be three.

If ever a trine was only partially formed by the time they had to become Winglord and Wingmates of the Winglord, the Rite of the Storm Flight would be held, in which every unbonded, untrined, physically-able Seeker (and even a few aerial non-Seekers), would take to the skies during the Summer Storms in the most impressive display of aerial ability in hopes of snagging the attention of the to-be-Winglord.

Starscream had been to-be-Winglord for five vorns with his single trinemate Thundercracker. The Rite of the Storm Flight had been held three times, and each time he had been unsuccessful in finding his third.

They were without their third, and, unless they found him by their sixth vorn as the Heirs Apparent, they would be passed over.

They both knew that couldn't happen. The Seeker in line after them, while he did have a trine, was incompetent.

They had one more chance. One more Rite to find their third.