Skywarp was hanging upside down from the light fixture.

Starscream vented. Thundercracker, who was standing beside him, stared, baffled.

"Skywarp?" the Winglord of Vos asked after a long moment of staring.


"What are you doing on the ceiling?"

"Everything looks so different from up here."


The blue Seeker gave a small chuckle. "No one ever said having a third would be easy. Sure you don't want to throw him back and hand over the title to Redwing?"

There was a loud, "Hey!" from the ceiling, then a pop, and Skywarp was standing beside them. "I resent that!"

The two Seekers that had been standing on the floor to start with exchanged glances and began to giggle. Skywarp joined them with little hesitation. Thundercracker wrapped his long arms around the other two, pulling them into a warm hug in the middle of the Great Hall.

And the trine lived happily ever after.