It was the second time Eileen had seen a martial arts demonstration by Pai Chan, and she was once again amazed by what she witnessed. Never did she think that she'd be so captivated by a mere demonstration, but this was definitely an exception. To be able to see the Pai Chan in action was always something to behold. Eileen had only seen her in movies; she was actually a big fan of them. To see the star herself perform all the cool moves Eileen had only seen in the big screen live just took her breath away. It was just like the first time she watched Pai in a demonstration, it was so inspiring to watch her.

"Wow…" Pai's movements were both fluid and powerful. Each step she took, each blow she threw was captivating and had weight behind it, Eileen could tell. It was so worth it to skip practice at her grandfather's martial art studio. Once Pai finished the last motions of her form and was in a basic stance, the crowd applauded. Eileen joined in with them.

She was amazed that Pai was even in China to begin with. There was no announcement of her being in the area, no posters, nothing. As if out of comic book, Eileen just caught Pai performing and a crowd of those who recognized her gathered. It was weird really. Her last demonstration had a lot of advertising behind it, but this one was just way too random. There was no stage or anything, just Pai performing in front of the crowd. Well, it was still a treat to see regardless.

"Ah, thank you everyone, I'm glad you enjoyed the demonstration." Pai said with a bow to the audience. "There's a movie coming out this month I'll be starring in, I'd appreciate you all seeing it." Eileen definitely would. She had seen all of Pai's movies on opening day and saved all the tickets as a token, she wouldn't miss this one for the world.

After a few more seconds of applaud, the crowd dispersed. Most went on with their business, but some came up to Pai and asked for autographs or just meet the legend herself, Eileen was among the latter.

"Miss Chan, that was really awesome!" She said, approaching her idol once the rest had left. "It was just like in the films!" Pai smiled and nodded.

"Thank you, I'm glad you liked it."

"Why are you all the way out here in China anyway? I thought you were mostly in Hong Kong?" Eileen was truly curious about this. It wasn't everyday your idol just happened to be in town. There just had to be some big, important reason.

"Ah, well…" Pai's smile grew sheepish before she began to explain. "The movie coming out is my last one before I go on a hiatus to train." She explained. "I'd rather not go into detail, but it's family-related." That was unexpected. It was hard to remember such a big star had family too. She rarely talked about it in the interviews or special appearances Eileen caught on TV. Now she felt bad to asking.

"Oh, I'm sorry for prying Miss Chan! I was just curious!" Eileen lowered her head in apology.

"It's fine, it's fine. No need to apologize." Pai's lifted Eileen's chin so their eyes could meet. Eileen's face instantly turned red. The Pai Chan was actually touching her, and she actually looked concerned about her. The girl staggered back from the shock.

"U-Um… Uh… I, um…" She was at a loss for words. She tried to say something, but nothing would come out, just stutters and mumbles. Come Eileen, say something! Anything! "I… um… I do martial arts too, my, um, grandfather taught me Monkey Kung Fu s-since I was little." She stammered out, looking away. "I've traveled with an opera troupe to improve my skills too, though I mostly just help with practices…" She looked down as she spoke; fearful of sounding like a hyperactive fan girl. "I-I also entered the World Fighting Tournament, you were actually a big reason why… but…" She frowned after she said that and shied away even more. She regretted telling Pai about that. It wasn't like they met during the tournament or anything. "Well, I just need to train more." When she looked back up at Pai she saw a small smile on her face. Was she seriously impressed by that?

"I see," Pai said, walking a little closer to Eileen. "In that case, mind having a practice match?" Eileen's jaw dropped. Did she hear that right? Did martial arts superstar Pai Chan actually ask her for a match? She tried, she really did try to hold it back, but a loud, high pitch squeal came out moments after Pai's request. She immediately covered her mouth and looked around. That outburst got them a lot of look. Eileen once again lowered her head in apology.

"I-I'm sorry! I'm so sorry about that!"

"Again, it's fine." Though Pai's face was a little red from all the attention she just got. "So, do we have a match?" Eileen's eyes lit up with fire. She'd probably get her butt handed to her, but she'd be damned if she was going pass on this chance to show off her skills to Pai. She'd be able to do what she wanted to in the tournament. What luck! It's like the heavens came together to bring Pai to Eileen solely for this.

"Of course! I know the perfect place too!" Eileen's grandfather a studio in the area that should be finishing up classes for the day. They could fight there without any unwanted attention and without reserve. "Come on, I'll lead the way!" With that, she began jogging to her grandfather's martial studio with Pai right on her heels.

Author's Notes: Well, this is my first fan-fiction after years of not writing a fan-fictions. Hopefully I'll actually finish this one. Anyway, hey there everyone, Dlamp here, you can just call me Allen if you want. This is (hopefully) the first chapter of A Monkey's Journey. I'm really excited about it. This first chapter is just a warm-up to what I hope becomes a series of intense fights, growing friendships and rivalries, character development, and tons of yuri undertones through Eileen's perspective. The fic itself takes place after VF5, and on the assumption that Eileen lost pretty early in the tournament. I'd assume so given her youth. Aoi lost the first round in VF3 if the wiki's right, and she was Eileen's age at the time.

I think Eileen's a good character to write for in my case since I'm very new to the series of VF and haven't kept up with the games. I really want to go into more about Eileen's time in an Chinese Opera troupe and Pai's acting career, but I know very little about the topic of Chinese Operas and martial arts movie acting. Anyone want to help out with that please don't be afraid to send me some links or just general info. Any basics on Chinese culture and etiquette would be nice too since Eileen's, y'know, Chinese and everything. I'll do as much research as I can, but I can't make promises on the characters being culturally accurate. I hope to fix that though.