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Gargoyles Time's Changeling - Episode Six: Awakening Part I

By Celgress

"Well I see the fields burning because hell is coming through."

"Well I feel the river rising. Devil's coming up for you. I can't stop the dogs of war."

Dogs of War (2014) Blues Sacarceno

September 29th, 2014 Castle Wyvern exhibit Chicago, sunset

Slowly consciousness returned to Elisa. After an eon of nothingness the first subtle stirrings of internal change were almost imperceptible. Within seconds however these ripples of renewed perception had built one upon the other into a roaring storm of renewed self-awareness. Giving voice to a mighty roar Elisa broke free of the stone shell that had imprisoned her for over a millennium followed in rapid succession by her mate, four comrades and their beast.

The seven bewildered gargoyles surveyed their surroundings. They were obviously standing amongst the towers of their ancestral home Castle Wyvern. Elisa slowly remembered the conditions of the Magus' spell, as the trio of younger gargoyles chatted excitedly nearby.

"How can this be?" Elisa muttered to herself. "We were to remain in stone sleep 'until the Castel moves across the sea'. How could such a condition ever be met?" While her Latin was never the best Elisa but was certain the Magus said such. Elisa's musings were broken by the voice of her mate.

"My love we are alive." Goliath said embracing and twirling her around joyously.

"Aye it is good to see ye both again." Hudson said firmly grasping Goliath's arm then Elisa's once the two hard parted.

"It is good to be seen my friend." Goliath replied squeezing his mentor's arm firmly releasing his grip while turning to the address the others Goliath continued with a smile. "No matter what may happen from this point forward the important thing is that we are awake once more and we are together." The other six gargoyles nodded and the beast barked in affirmation. The Gargoyles continued talking back and forth for a few more minutes. Suddenly they heard several soft footsteps off to their left which made them whirl around to collectively face their apparent company.

"W-What i-in…..?" A auburn haired young woman dressed in a pale blue blazer, matching knee length skirt with black chunky heeled pumps stammered before fainting dead away. Brooklyn caught her before she impacted with the cold stone floor.

"I wonder who she is?" Broadway said eyeing the strange woman.

"What are these she's wearing?" Lexington said snatching Veronica's eye glasses off her face.

"They're called glasses they help certain humans see clearly who otherwise couldn't." Elisa said.

Goliath glanced at his mate but said nothing. He'd long ago learned to accept Elisa's unexplained intuition at face value. More than once since Goliath had met her when they were both mere hatchlings Elisa had demonstrated incredibly accurate knowledge of persons, places and events which she had little to no obvious familiarity with. In fact it was Elisa who had given his mentor, the trio and the beast their names months before the tragic demise of their clan. She, and their mage Bluestone, had explained her actions by stating the names would help the youngsters and their mentor better relate to humans. Reluctantly the trio, Hudson and Bronx had accepted their new monikers. Although they still prefered to only go by their formal names in the presence of humans.

"What should we do with her?" Brooklyn asked cradling Veronica in his arms.

"Put her down monster," ordered a deep male voice.

Hearing a loud click the Gargoyles turned around. They were confronted by a young, clean shaven African American man dressed in grey slacks, purple dress shirt and black dress shoes. He was holding a glock handgun with both hands. Bronx snarled at the intruder his eyes turning solid white.

"The rest of you make a threatening move towards me, I'll shoot." The man warned. "Put her down gently Red, then all of back away until I tell you to stop."

"We mean you no harm." Elisa said holding her arms instinctively in the air palms facing the stranger. Something about this situation seemed oddly familiar to the tan female.

"You can speak?" The man said astonished. "What are you some type of freaky mutants?"

"Of course we can speak." Elisa said calmly inching her way forward. "We are not mutants. In fact I am unfamiliar with the term. My name is Elisa this is my mate Goliath, these are my clan members Brooklyn, Broadway, Lexington, Hudson and our watch beast Bronx." Elisa gestured at her companions. "What is your name?"

"Stop," The man shouted suddenly realizing Elisa was attempting to distract him. "I see what you're doing, get back now!" Elisa backed up several paces. "Put her down Brooklyn is it. I won't ask nicely again."

Brooklyn placed the auburn haired young woman on the ground. Growling softly he backed away along with the others save Goliath who stood stock still. Noticing the large male's defiance the young African American man waved the glock with his hand at Goliath.

"You too Goliath, or should I call you big ugly," The young African American man said sharply. Goliath's eyes turned solid white. He growled deeply, but didn't budge.

"Goliath do as he says." Elisa said her voice full of trepidation. "His weapon could seriously hurt you. Believe me I know."

"Listen to her freak, back off!" The young African American man warned leveling his glock with Goliath's wide chest.

Quicker than something so large should have been capable of moving Goliath lunged forward. The young African American man fired several shots at Goliath, all but one of which missed. With a bullet now lodged firmly in his left shoulder Goliath roared in pain. Scrambling away in fear the young African American man stumbled over a raised cobblestone falling flat on his ass. In an instant Goliath angrily grabbed the man's gun crumpling it between his powerful fingers.

"Go ahead kill me. Please let my friend go. She hasn't done anything to you. Punish me if you must." The young African American man said.

"We don't kill defenseless combatants in cold blood be they human or gargoyle." Goliath said clearly offended by the very notion. By now Goliath's eyes had lost their white glow and his posture had visibly relaxed.

"Goliath don't you ever scare me like that again!" Elisa said running to Goliath's side she tenderly inspected his injured shoulder.

"Gargoyles," The young African American man mumbled his eyes growing wider as he spoke. "There were seven stone gargoyles present when we bought the Castle. We then had those stone gargoyles transported across the Atlantic Ocean here to Chicago, no it can't be."

"Mmmmm," Whimpered the auburn haired young woman. She was beginning to stir. Her eyes fluttered open. "Where am I, what happened?" She moaned rubbing her head.

"Its' okay Roni." The young African American man said regaining his footing. "I think you may have passed out from the shock."

"Passed out from the shock of what Nate?" Veronica Summerfield said getting unsteadily to her feet.

"Our friends here," Nathan 'Nate' Foxx said gesturing at the Gargoyles as he allowed Veronica to lean against him for support.

"It would appear we have much to discuss." Goliath said rubbing his bleeding shoulder.

Veronica squeaked grasping Nate's arm tightly. "Its' okay Roni they mean us no harm, I think."

"Humans," Broadway said shaking his large head.

"If we meant ye harm ye'd be harmed by now." Hudson said folding his arms across his chest.

"If you seven were the stone gargoyles why did you only become active now? Were you in some form of hibernation?" Nate asked.

"Not exactly," Elisa said.

"They are our stone gargoyles?" Veronica said uncertainly.

"Apparently," Nate said.

"I think I feel faint." Veronica said.

"Again," Brooklyn sighed heavily. "This is going to be a long night."

"If you weren't in hibernation why did you remain inactive until now?" Nate said. "It literally took years to transport your castle here."

"We were under a spell laddy." Hudson said.

Nate burst out laughing then stopped when he noted the withering stares he was being shot. "Sorry, I thought that was a joke." Nate apologized.

"Such powerful sorcery as enchanted us is no laughing matter human." Goliath rumbled.

"What year is it?" Elisa inquired a sinking feeling gripped her.

"2014 of course, what other year would it be?" Veronica said without hesitation. The Gargoyles gasped in surprise. "Was it something I said?" Veronica wondered at the creatures' distressed responses.

"Over a thousand years have passed since we were first enchanted." Goliath said after doing the mental calculations.

"No way," Lexington said in awe.

"When were you 'enchanted'?" Nate said working on a hunch.

"The year 994," Goliath said.

"Of course," Nate said experiencing eureka moment and letting go of Veronica in the process. "Sorry Roni." Nate shrugged at his colleague offering an apologetic expression.

"Don't mention it Nate." Veronica scowled almost tripping. "I'm fine." Veronica said smoothing her wrinkled outfit. "According to available written records Castle Wyvern was sacked by a roaming war band of Vikings under a chieftain known as Hakon the unlucky, who reportedly perished shortly thereafter."

The mere mention of the hated Hakon and his followers provoked an instant reaction. The seven Gargoyles, including their beast, snarled loudly their eyes glowed solid white expect the female's whose eyes turn bright red. Of such intensity was their display of anger that Nate and Veronica backed away in fear.

"W-what's wrong, was it something I said?" Veronica finally managed.

"Hakon and his fellow Vikings slaughtered most of our clan, our family." Goliath said his eyes still disturbingly white. "In rightful vengeance I slayed Hakon and the man who had betrayed us, captain of Castle Wyvern human guards."

"How could Vikings, using primitive weapons, slaughter a large number of gargoyles?" Nate said curiosity getting the better of fear. "From what I've seen you are very formidable opponents." Nate remembered how easily and effectively Goliath had disarmed him.

The Gargoyles exchanged a quick series of looks but did not immediately reply. "We'd rather not say." Elisa finally answered.

"Until we're sure we can trust you." Goliath added.

"You honestly think we'd take advantage of any weakness?" Nate asked troubled by Goliath's comment.

"We do not know you well enough to be sure." Goliath retorted. "Humans have done so before."

"Touché," Nate said.

"Huh," Lexington said.

"It basically means good point," Nate said.

"Oh," Lexington said upstanding dawning up him a smile spread across his face, "nice." An awkward silence then descended on the group.

"When transporting the Castle did you find any eggs." Elisa asked using the opportunity to press forward her own burning concern.

"Excuse me," Veronica said initially confused by Elisa's question.

"Did you find any eggs, large eggs here in the Castle?" Elisa repeated.

"No," Veronica said shaking her head. "We didn't find anything of the sort."

"What about in the cave underneath the Castle site?" Elisa said still hopeful.

"I personally inspected the cavern system, there were no eggs." Nate said suspecting why this was such a great concern of the female's he added. "I'm terribly sorry. Understand if we had found anything of the sort it, they would be here now. We've never seen or heard of anything remotely like you before expect perhaps in myth." Nate had to turn away the expression on Elisa's face told of terrible lose. It was heartbreaking.

Goliath folded his wings around Elisa. Nate and Veronica watched the touching display. It tugged at their heartstrings.

"Goliath now I know we are truly alone I feel, empty inside." Elisa said between sobs. "I had hoped."

"Hush my love." Goliath said. "Everything will be alright."

"Yeah Elisa," Broadway said. "You have us."

"We're a family." Brooklyn said.

"We'll be together forever." Lexington said.

"Aye lassie," Hudson said. Bronx barked.

"Thanks," Elisa said emerging from Goliath's embrace. The seven almost at once entered into a group hug.

"Anyone up there," called a man's gruff voice.

"That's one of our night watchmen Franco." Nate said. "It would be best if he didn't see you, at least for now. You ah better hide."

"Can they," Veronica questioned quirking a thin eyebrow. "They aren't exactly small or inconspicuous."

"Lassie we know this Castle like our own tails." Hudson said. "We can easily conceal ourselves within her walls."

"You'd better hurry I hear Franco coming." Nate warned.

"Do you think they really can hide from Franco?" Veronica said skeptically turning her attention away from the Gargoyles.

"I'd think they have a fair chance." Nate said grinning.

"What makes you so sure?" Veronica said noting what she called Nate's victory grin. He always sported the cocky smile when certain of success. Nate pointed in the Gargoyles direction. Veronica turned back around. "Impossible," She said softly. The seven creatures had vanished.

"Hello Mr. Foxx, Ms. Summerfield," Franco said tipping his hat at Veronica. Franco was dressed in his typical spotless, navy blue uniform.

Franco Acosta was an older Hispanic man with grey hair and mustache. A hardened ex-policeman Franco had taken the position as head of museum security after being forced into early retirement by a lucky young punk using a Saturday night special. While he'd survived, unlike his partner, his right leg would never be the same. "What are you two still doing here? I thought everyone had gone home."

"I forgot my purse." Veronica said telling a half truth. It was indeed her forgotten purse that he brought her back up here after the gala had ended although it was the noise caused by the Gargoyles chatting which had made her investigate the Castle courtyard.

"I see," Franco said. "One of my people could have fetched it Ms. Summerfield." Franco usually, other than when he was agitated, referred to everyone by their surnames in spite of knowing many of his fellow employees for years.

"I know I didn't want to bother your department with something so trivial Franco." Vernonica said.

"It would have been no problem Ms. Summerfield. However suppose one of my younger, inexperienced guards stumbled upon you two up here and panicked? Things could have gotten rather messy rather quickly." Franco said. "Many of our younger recruits these days severed multiple tours in Iraq of Afghanistan." Franco's expression became one of distain. "Poor people came out of those hell holes not knowing which side is up. I freely tell you both what good all these 'superheroes', meta humans and mutants, we got running around today do when they refused to deal with problems like the Middle East or own our issues with the South Side. Bah those spandex wearing show offs are beyond worthless in my estimation. The government should regulate the lot of them. They should all be properly train then pressed into civic service where they can be carefully monitored."

"Slavery you mean." Nate said. This was an old argument between the pair. The older more pragmatic Franco was a dyed in the wool conservative while the younger more idealistic Nate was a fierce liberal.

"Nobody expect you mentioned the S word." Franco said.

"But that is what you meant." Nate said not backing down.

"Regulated community service isn't slavery." Franco contended.

"Depends if it is coerced or not." Nate said. "If it isn't given willing it is enslavement."

"Bah," Franco said. "Watch attitudes like that will one day bring our great country to it's knees. The freaks will take over and the rest of us will then screwed."

"If we treated these 'freaks' with respect I'm sure they'd reciprocate." Nate said. "Many already help out their communities voluntarily."

"I wouldn't exactly term their antics 'helping out'." Franco sneered. "They cause more problems than they often solve, including but not limited to massive property damage. I bet you're against the Hunters too, huh?"

"The Hunters of present day are no different than the Ku Klux Klan of fifty years ago." Nate said his voice increasing in volume. "Franco the Hunters are racist monsters. How can you of all people possibly support their methods?"

"Because their methods get results," Franco said his own voice growing louder.

Veronica stepped in sensing things were growing hostile. The Hunters were a semi-religious paramilitary organization of assassins allegedly created in Medieval Europe to quote 'protect the human race from all threats'. Since their inception the Hunters according to legend had ruthlessly supressed the vampires, werewolves and other legendary creatures of Eurasia. The modern incarnation of the cult, which boasted at least partial descent from it's Medieval forbearers, had experienced a resurgence in recent decades due to the sheer number of meta humans and human mutants who had entered public life as 'superheroes'. Last thing Veronica wanted was another shouting match between Nate and Franco to break out especially over the Hunters with her impressionable new friends potentially watching, wherever they may be hidden.

"C'mon Nate we best be going." Veronica said tugging in Nate's arm. Nate reluctantly acquiesced.

"Roni what about…." Nate trailed off remembering Franco.

"We'll come back later." Veronica whispered.

"Ms. Summerfield, Mr. Foxx a pleasure as always." Franco said with another tip of his hat.

Once Nate and Veronica had departed Franco get out his flashlight. Swinging the high powered halogen beam back and forth across the dark courtyard he whistled while patrolling. Noticing a reflective glint of light on a metallic surface he stooped low. Picking up the offending object he inspected it carefully turning the object over several times in his free hand.

"What the hell," Franco murmured, in his hands he heled the badly mangled remains of a semi-automatic handgun. If not for his years of familiarity with firearms he doubted he'd have identified the piece of metal as such. His mind was boggled by the implications of what he saw. What could have caused it's violent destruction was beyond him. He shuddered to think about the brute force required to achieve such a result.

South Side of Chicago, later that night

On a street corner stood three young African American men drinking from a communal liquor bottle waiting anxiously for anybody they could readily victimize to happen by. Such gatherings of young unemployed men were a tragically common sight on many South Chicago street corners. This one would have been unremarkable if not for an odd scarecrow type figure who shuffled out a darken alley towards the three young men. The figure was clad in a black body stocking, tattered grey boots, gloves and a stocking mask with jagged eye & mouth holes that revealed nothing but darkness. On the figure's head was perched a dusty, broad brimmed, black hat which partially shadowed his sock puppet face.

"Yo what da hell are suppose ta be?" One of the gangbangers asked the rapidly approaching figure.

"My name is Ankou, I bring salvation for all lost souls brothers." Ankou said extending his gloved hands towards the gangbangers.

"Halloween isn't 'til next month prick." The second gangbanger laughed.

"Yeah get yer creepy ass away from us motherfucker 'for we waste ya." The third gangbanger threatened Ankou brandishing his sawed off shotgun menacingly at the bizarre figure.

"Feel my essence and be saved." Ankou said.

Luminescent yellow mist flowed from Ankou's outstretched fingertips. Before the trio of gangbangers could react they fell to the ground choking. Their eyes rolled back in their heads as they crawled at their constricted throats. Soon the three lay still their lives extinguished.

"Three more lost souls join our ranks." Ankou said with grim satisfaction. "Arise my newest servants. In death you shall find the purpose that cruelly eluded you in life. Be filled with my will."

The zombies rose to their feet. Ankou glided away hovering two inches off the ground. The three zombies shambled blindly after him.

To Be Continued

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