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Gargoyles Time's Changeling - Episode Eight: First Fight

By Celgress

Courtyard of Castle Wyvern Exhibit Chicago mid-October 2014, evening

"They certainly eat a lot." Veronica said scrunching up her nose at the mess caused by the Garoyles' feasting. They'd proved especially messy eaters leaving meat juice all over everything in sight.

"And leave behind a big mess." Nate said observing the remnants of their nightly meal.

"Hey let's explore that abandoned movie theater we found on the south side a couple of nights ago?" Brooklyn suggested to his rookery brothers ignoring Veronica and Nate's musings.

"Sounds like a plan." Lexington said enthusiastically. "Maybe there will be something I can tinker with, could be a projector or maybe a popcorn machine."

"Long as we can get a snack on the way home I'm in." Broadway said smacking his lips together.

"We just ate." Brooklyn said slapping his forehead in disbelief. "How can you possibly be hungry already?"

"I'm not. I'm thinking ahead." Broadway huffed.

"Be careful make certain you are not seen." Goliath advised.

"Don't worry we'll be careful." Brooklyn said he and the others waving goodbye.

"Come my love we'll patrol the north side this fine evening." Goliath said taking Elisa's hand in his own.

"What about Hudson and Bronx?" Elisa asked glancing at the old gargoyle and gargoyle beast.

"Don't worry about us lassie. We'll stay here watch the television our new friends have kindly brought us, right Bronx?" Hudson said scratching Bronx behind the ear. Bronx barked happily.

"Remember watch out for Franco and his men. They'll be by patrolling later." Nate warned.

"Aye laddie," Hudson said he and Bronx retreating towards the small room at the top of one tower which had been turned into a computer/TV room for the Clan.

Outskirts of Chicago

The sprawling Victorian era estate loomed out of the darkness like a single star visible in an otherwise dark sky. Situated upon a steep hill somewhat removed from an otherwise deserted neighborhood of similarly ancient structures the aged house's lit windows glowered down like a sinister jack-o'-lantern daring any to approach. This fearsome dwelling was called home by an elderly disgraced geneticist named Dr. Anton Sevarius former head of biological research at Cyberbiotics in New York City. Inside Dr. Sevarius sat in his parlor piles of notes haphazardly spread out across a large round table. Dr. Sevarius jotted down a series of incomprehensible, to anyone else, equations peering through his glasses at the confusing array of papers.

"Dr. Sevarius your special guest has arrived." A large man with short cropped blonde hair dressed in a black suit said.

"Thank you Sven." Dr. Sevarius said looking up from his work. "That will be all you may go."

Sven nodded before leaving. Several seconds later a blue skinned, red haired female gargoyle entered. This time Dr. Sevarius didn't bother looking up from his work. He knew his strange visitor all too well. They struck up a rather complicated working relationship over the past two years.

"Hello Demona." The grey haired scientist said. "To what do I owe the pleasure of your company this fine evening?"

Demona scowled before answering clearly angered by Dr. Sevarius' flippant treatment. "Project Resurrection, it has been six months since you've contacted me. I require a progress report."

"There has been no progress to speak off." Dr. Sevarius said continuing to write on his pad. "I've told you before if I am to deliver results I need viable genetic material. The stone fragments you've provided me with are insufficient, most of the DNA strains proved fossilized. Without viable genetic material at best I can only create a reasonable facsimile of your species."

"There is no other option human!" Demona said her eyes turning red. "My species is all but extinct."

"Not my problem." Dr. Sevarius said waving Demona away. "I'm a genius Demona, not a miracle worker. Want results locate better samples."

"If I could do that I'd have done so already!" Demona screeched.

Dr. Sevarius put down his pen and pad and stared at Demona intently. Dr. Sevarius steepled his fingers leaning forward slightly he said. "There is however an alternative, one which I've already alluded to I could create a new type of reasonable substitute organism instead."

"No they must be gargoyles, true gargoyles not some synthetic pretenders cooked up in one of your laboratories! I will not have it!" Demona continued raging.

"Fine, then provide me with what I need or our deal is off." Dr. Sevarius said. Demona snarled at the arrogant doctor before storming out of the room.

North Side of Chicago, wee hours.

Chicago night life is legendary. Many of the seedier bars and nightclubs cater to tastes both subtle and perverse. Traps can easily be sprung in it's plethora of dark alleyways on the innocent or unwary. One such trap was slamming shut on a group of six mildly intoxicated young people who had exited a club five minute earlier. Getting lost the out of town group soon found themselves on a dead end back street. Turning around they were soon surrounded by another group of apparently unfriendly individuals of varying ethnicities.

"We don't want any trouble." One of the frightened young men said putting up his hands in a gesture of submission.

"Yeah we just want to leave, okay?" A young woman standing next to the young man said.

"Please let us go." Another young girl said.

"We ain't seen nothing." A second young man said.

"I'm afraid that won't be possible." Günther said grabbing the lead young man by his throat. "It has been a long night we hunger."

"What the hell is wrong with you man!?" The second young man blurted out.

Günther said nothing instead he smiled his features assuming their vampire configuration. His companions' features likewise metamorphosed in front of the young peoples' startled eyes. Growling deep in their throats the eight amber eyed monsters circled the six frightened young people like beasts stalking their prey. Without warning two blurs swept in, one lavender the other brown, knocking half the vampire horde off their feet.

"What was that?" A still standing male vampire wondered aloud his eyes darting back and forth.

"Release these innocents vampires or suffer!" Goliath rumbled landing in the middle of the two groups his eyes solid white Elisa her eyes a blazing crimson by his side.

"Well, well what do we have here?" Günther said in his thickly German accented voice. He tossed the frightened young man aside. "My fellows could it be? Are these creatures what they appear? Are they truly, gargoyles?"

"Gargoyles are extinct, they live only in legend." A female vampire said.

"I assure you vampires we are very real." Goliath said.

"Destroy these two interlopers." Günther commanded. "Bring me their bodies. I wish to taste them."

Hissing three of the vampires circled each gargoyle while the stunned humans watched. The vampires charged Elisa and Goliath took to the air easily avoiding contact. These vampires being relatively young proved no challenge for the much stronger and more experienced gargoyle warriors. Spying a disused wooden fence Goliath swooped down breaking off two long pieces of wood, one of which he tossed to his mate, Goliath landed then staked the nearest vampire through her chest. The vampire squealed in pain then exploded into dust. Gargoyles usually avoided killing most opponents however there were exceptions. The unrelenting threat posed by vampires made them one such exception. Vampires by their very parasitic nature remained a mortal threat to all living creatures until their termination. Elisa dispatched two vampires in short order Goliath did the same. Their final assailant retreated to Günther's side. More than half their number gone Günther delivered a string of German profanity directed at Goliath and Elisa.

"You'll regret this, I promise." Günther vowed, Günther and his remaining troops beating a hasty retreat away from the gargoyles.

"Thank you." One of the young women said.

"You saved our lives." Another young woman said.

"It is what we do." Elisa said. "We are gargoyles, gargoyles protect."

"Go there may be more vampires nearby." Goliath said. Needing no further encouragement the young people fled the scene. "It felt go being of help again after such a long time." Goliath said smiling at his mate.

"It sure did big guy, it sure did." Elisa said smiling back.

"It would appear this city is suffering from a vampire infestation." Goliath said.

"We'll have to warn the others." Elisa said.

"Indeed," Goliath said. "They must be informed of the situation both for their protection and that of others."

"Speaking of the others, I wonder how the boys are doing? If they have had an eventful night, like us," Elisa said.

Outside the abandoned Movie Theater South Side of Chicago

Katana had been trailing the three you male gargoyles for the better part of two weeks now. Whenever she had free time Katana would follow the males watching their adventures from afar. She couldn't understand why but there was something about the carefree nature of the trio that she found appealing. Katana knew her master would never approve of her interest. She was a honed warrior a powerful tool in her master's arsenal. She had no time for frivolous concerns. Sometimes however she wondered if there was more to life than following orders and completing missions the trio seemed so happy. Could she be happy living as they lived if she tried? Then she'd balk at the idea. She owed her master everything. He'd taken her in taught her how to survive, provided for her when she couldn't take care of herself. Yes she owed the old Scotsman everything. She could never betray MacBeth's trust no matter what may happen.

Inside the theater, which surprisingly had power provided by a still half full generator, Lexington was working diligently at the projector he'd found. He'd finally gotten it working although it had taken most of the night. In the meantime Brooklyn had found a film reel of a movie called "Showdown" he wanted to watch. It was sub-labelled "Western", whatever that meant?

"I've got it working, I think." Lexington said happily.

"About time Lex," Brooklyn said.

"True, I'm hungry." Broadway said.

"We'll have to watch the movie tomorrow night, sorry Brooklyn." Lexington said. "There isn't enough time left tonight, sun will be up soon."

"You're right, much as I hate to admit it. We better head home." Brooklyn said.

"Without a snack," Broadway said frowning.

"I'll get you something on the way, okay?" Brooklyn said.

"Promise," Broadway asked.

"Sure," Brooklyn said.

"Deal," Broadway said.

Deep under Chicago, near dawn

Günther knelt on one knee his head bowed before a Rastafarian type figure who sat upon a golden throne atop a stone dais. The lanky dark skinned vampire wearing a multicolored robe regarded Günther coldly. Surrounding Günther was a virtual mob of vampires. They stood a respectable distance away from Günther better to avoid being caught in the crossfire of any physical punished intended for the German that way. Large wax candles filled the rough-hewed rock chamber casting about eerie shadows.

Time stretched on tense silence holding sway. Finally Günther found the courage to speak. Raising his head he said. "My sincerest apologises Master Matías. I have failed you, it shall not happen again. In my defense the intervention of two gargoyles on behalf of humans is unprecedented in modern times."

"Are you sure they were gargoyles my servant? Could you have been mistaken?" Matías said his voice filled with a noticeable Spanish accent, neon yellow eyes focused on Günther.

"There is no doubt Master Matías. They were gargoyles. I would risk my afterlife on that point." Günther said.

"This is a troubling development." Matías said gnashing his long fangs together. His vampire appearance (what could be seen of it around his thick, brown, corn rolled beard which matched his long hair) being more monstrous than the others present due to advanced age. Unlike those that coward around his throne Matías was several centuries old. In fact only Günther who he had outlived already by a factor of four came even close to his age. "The ancient ones will no doubt be troubled by this news. Gargoyles have always been amongst our deadliest of traditional enemies. Only a vampire as relatively advanced in years as myself can hope to stand against an enraged adult gargoyle. Thankful those fools the Hunters have done our kind a great service by exterminating gargoyles wherever they have found them. Granted they have also preyed upon us unlike gargoyles however we can easily replenish our numbers. The loss of a nest is nothing to a master vampire such as I fledglings are quickly replaced whereas the destruction of their eggs due to their very slow breeding cycle can doom the future of a gargoyle clan."

"Master Matías should we no allow the ancient ones to kill the gargoyles for us? Surely the ancient ones have the power to do so." Günther reasoned.

"Not until we have exhausted all other options." Matías said. "I'd rather not directly involve the ancient ones unless absolutely necessary. I want to show them we can handle serious obstacles on our own."

"I understand Master Matías." The bald vampire said once more bowing his head.

"Put the word out amongst our kind. Whoever brings me the head of these two gargoyles will be richly rewarded with exclusive control of a city sector, including hunting rights, of their choosing." Matías announced. "See that it is done Günther."

"They will be done Master Matías." Günther stated assuming vamp face. With a flourish of his long, black leather coat Günther walked out of the audience chamber.

To Be Continued