Hey guys so I decided to write another supernatural story. This one actually taking place during season 4 and so on hopefully. I really wanted to write a story were Bobby has an adopted daughter and that also has a brother and sister type relationship with the Winchester boys. :) So I hope you guys like this story because I'm having really fun writing it! If you're wondering who I picture as my OC I'd say Crystal Reed. Check out my profile for the links I have for my polyvore account and the images for Ava as well.

And yes this will be a Cas/OC. Eventually.(:

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"Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated." Lamartine

Chapter 1: Dean is it really you?

Archery had always been my go to activity when ever I needed to relieve stressful emotions. Ever since I was twelve, when my dad gave me my first crossbow, archery had been that escape route.

Taking a deep breath, I narrowed my eyes as I readied and stilled my aim focusing on the target in front of me.

After a minute of me just concentrating, I let the arrow fly watching it hit the target perfectly right in the bulls-eye.

I let a smile grew my face as I took out my earphones, ending the song that was currently playing. Which was Violet by Hole.

Walking up to get my arrow back I almost expected to hear someone cheer me on from behind, like they always usually did. Except there was no cheers nor claps. Only then did I remember that Dean wasn't here anymore. Sadness take over again, making my smile instantly go away. Tears began prickling in my eyes...

I miss him so much...

It's been four months since he died and I still couldn't get over the fact that he wasn't here anymore.

No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't...well of course I couldn't get over it...He was like a big brother to me and along with Sam. Except now Dean was gone and Sam left to who knows where to do God knows what. He just said it was an important thing he needed to do. That was months ago and since then I haven't seen him...

The funeral we had for Dean, had to have been one of the saddest days of my life. I mean, watching Dean get buried? That just didn't seem right. This was Dean Winchester we're talking about! The same Dean Winchester who taught me how to shoot a gun or who saved me countless times on hunts. Who treated me like a younger sister, who taught me how to drive, and let me ride shot gun in his car while listening to Metallica with him...but now he was just gone...forever...and I hated that so much.

For the longest time I tried to convince myself that this was just a nightmare. That I would finally wake up, and forget about everything bad that happened. That Dean would still be here with us and everything was okay. Except the nightmare never ended making me finally face reality.

My dad and I grieved his death together and while things weren't the exactly same as before...not that I think they would ever be...things did seem to get better little by little. We told ourselves that we needed to keep moving forward, that we were still alive and shouldn't give up.

Though to be honest I think one of the reasons why I hadn't given up in life would be because of my dad. He gave me motivation to keep moving forward letting me know that there was still people out there that needed help. He would also tell me that Dean would have strongly disliked if I was mourning instead of living my life. It worked both ways though, my dad gave me motivation, just like I gave my dad motivation as well.

Since at a young age he had always told me I was a ray of sunshine, that I was able to light up a room with just my presence and smile.

Though I didn't really believe him on that statement exactly, I didn't want to argue with him and tell him he was wrong seeing as his mood was starting to improve. We were all that we had left and I would make sure to cherish that with all my life, because if there was one thing I learned from being a hunter is that family was indeed everything.

I took a deep breath making the tears that were threatening to leave my eyes go back in to hiding. I wouldn't cry. I've cried way to much already. After a few more rounds of just shooting my crossbow, I finally began to feel better even if only by a little, at least it was a start.

My stomach began rumbling letting me know I was starving. Which didn't surprise me it was almost dinner time. Not to mention I had skipped out on breakfast this morning. Grabbing my crossbow I headed inside to start working on dinner for my dad and I. It's been a while since I made dinner for us and I wanted to surprise him. Besides we both needed a home cook meal. I was really getting tired of eating take out food.

About an hour later I was almost done with dinner, when dad walked into the kitchen. "Hmm that smells good, what you making there Ava?"

"Chilli, I figured we'd have a home cooked meal. It's been a while since we've actually had one." I said smiling at him taking in his appearance. As usual my dad was wearing his trucker hat along with his typical everyday attire.

He gave me a small smile and came up to give me a hug. "Thank you honey, I appreciate it." He paused and the let out a heart felt sigh. "I know it's been a hard time...but I promise we will get through this."

I gave him another squeeze before letting go and told him. "I know we will."

When the food was finally ready, I set the plates on the table and served the both of us as we sat down together.

It was silent at first making me think that maybe I should have ate in my room, but the silence soon ended when dad told me a joke making me laugh. After that we both stared to tell each other other jokes as I started making funny faces at him.

"You know if you keep making faces like that your face is permanently gonna stay that way." He said in a joking manner.

Instead of stopping, I just continued to make funny faces at him, and his laughter only increased.

My smile brighten when I heard his laugh. It's been a while since I heard him laugh that like. I honestly thought things were looking up.

It wasn't until the next day, that I got the surprise of a lifetime...

I was upstairs in my room cleaning, when all of a sudden I heard my dad yell. That immediately caught my attention. I made my way downstairs to check on him and when I got there I saw him hang up the phone. I wondered who called that made him so angry?

"Dad is everything okay?" I asked with a raised brow seeing at how angry he was at the phone. "Who called?"

"Everything's fine honey, just some prank callers looking to get their asses beat." He grunted as he sat down on his chair taking his hat off.

"Alright." I told him, he looked really mad so I went back upstairs to let him cool down a little. I just hoped who ever called wouldn't call again. I didn't like seeing my dad in a bad mood. Especially now when things were finally getting back to normal...well as normal as they could get.

I went back to my room and continued to clean, putting away all my clothes back in the closet. Looking at all my clothes on the floor I started thinking about my style of clothing. For an eighteen year old girl my choice of clothing was not like the typical all american girl. I never really cared for fashion, never really got into the whole dressing up kind of thing. My whole life I have been surround around men so I grew accustomed with their style of clothing. Which consisted of t-shirts, flannels, jeans, and boots. I got use to wearing the hand me downs from the boys, like Dean's and Sam's old t-shirts. So in a way I guess I have always been a tomboy, not that it bothered me or anything. It's not like I can go out hunting with heels and a skirt. Although now thinking about it I'm pretty sure I have a blouse and dress hidden somewhere deep in my closet, but I only wore those unless I absolutely had to. I sighed and looked around my room, noticing how everything was still the same way from when I had first decorated it.

Dean had helped me picked out the color and kept insisting in helping me paint the room saying I wasn't able to do all by myself. So I let him help me paint the room the color I wanted. Which happened to be a light color blue. It reminded me of the ocean for some reason and after it was finished I immediately feel in love with the room. I remember thanking him and his response just being a shrug saying, "It's no problem, kiddo." Even though I always hated it whenever he called me kiddo, I would give anything just to hear his voice again...

I immediately shook my head away from that memory and thoughts...

Choking back the lump I had in my throat, I quickly moved around the room focusing on anything to get my mind away from thinking about Dean. I eyed my dresser opened it and began shoving my clothes in there, not caring if they were folded neatly or not. There clothes it's like they would care either way.

The knock on the door downstairs made me stop from the task I was doing.

I lifted my head up and furrowed my eyebrows together inquisitively. Who was knocking? I started going over my in head mentally if we were having any visitors over today but no one came to mind.

My question was answered as soon as I heard his voice...I let out a huge gasp dropping the remaining clothes I had in my hand onto the floor. I knew instantly who that voice belonged to...but it couldn't have been possible he was dead.

Without even giving it a second thought I quickly picked up my crossbow that was next to my bed and ran downstairs taking a stance next to my dad.

Looking up to see who was in front of me, made my body suddenly become frozen with shock and disbelief. A feeling of aghast hit me hard in my stomach.

There in front of me looking alive as ever was Dean.


No! I shook my head thinking this was him, it had to be some sort of shapeshifter.

Frowning I pointed my crossbow ready to shoot the impostor.

His eyes widen in panic and lifted his hands up in a surrendering gesture. "Whoa whoa! Don't shoot it's me I swear!"

When I didn't lower my crossbow he continued. "Your name is Ava Singer, your real last name though is Faye! Bobby saved you when your parents died from a demon attack! You grew up alongside Sam and I, I took you out on hunts with me! I taught you how to drive and I've even let you drive my car remember! It was on your birthday and I never let anyone else do that! You're the closest thing I have for a little sister!" He said giving me a pleading look. "Kiddo, it's me I swear..."

After listening to everything he just said I froze and lowered my crossbow down a little.

The only people who would know all that information about me would be my family. As for the car one only Dean knew about that because I had been sixteen at the time and I remembered I kept begging him to let me drive his car even though he kept saying no. He eventually caved in and gave me permission to drive, it was one of the greatest memories I had of us together. Not to mention he knew I wasn't Bobby's biological daughter, and knew my real last name as well. He even called me kiddo...

"Dean...?" I said my voice quivered letting tears blur my vision.

He gave me a warm smile. "Yeah, Ava its me."

Before I could say anything else though my dad lunged at him with a knife. Dean immediately got a hold of it though.

"You're a revenant then!" Dad exclaimed to him.

"If I was either of those could I do this with a silver knife." Dean said while rolling up his sleeve proceeding to cut himself.

We waited to see if he burned or hissed but nothing happened.

I immediately dropped my weapon not caring for it as I ran up to him giving him a bone crushing hug.

"Oh my god, it's you! It's really you!" I exclaimed letting the tears fall down my face and onto his shoulder.

He hugged me back and lifted me off the ground spinning me a little. God, I missed his hugs...

After a few minutes of us hugging he put me down on the ground as he gave me a kiss on my forehead. "Yeah, Ava it's really me, I really missed you."

"I've missed you too, Dean." I admitted to him with tears rolling down my cheeks. "I can't believe your really here!"

He put his hands on my faces and used his thumbs to wipe the tears off my cheeks, giving me a smile before my dad came up to us. I then watched as he gave Dean a hug of his own.

"It's good to see you boy." Dad said with a smile.

"Yeah you too." Dean said putting a hand on his shoulder.

"But...how did you bust out?" Dad questioned him. I was wondering that myself as well, how did Dean bust out?

"I don't know, I just uh woke up in a pine bo-" Dean said before dad threw holy water into his face.

Dean then turned to him with a annoyed face. "I'm not a demon either, you know." He said while spitting out the water that got into his mouth.

My dad only shrugged and gave him a sheepish smile. "Sorry, can't be to sure."

I tried not to smile but failed. It was just amusing to see Dean and my dad together. It was the old times, before Dean went to hell. It seemed to good to be true, and it made me wonder back to the original question we all had. which was, how did Dean get out of hell?