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"I don't have to agree with you to like you or respect you."― Anthony Bourdain

Chapter 28: Heartfelt disagreement

After leaving Jesse's house, the three hunters continued on with their strange ongoing investigation. Eventually they returned back to the motel they were staying at. Within an hour or so of being there, Sam decided to go out into town to do some investigating on his own regarding Jesse. While Dean and Ava stayed at the motel and stuck with online and book research.

At first Dean was the only one doing online research, but after an hour of searching things on the web, Ava convinced him to pick up a book. By now it was obvious to the huntress how much the oldest Winchester hated to read. Especially dusty old books. The research part of figuring out a case wasn't Dean's specialty, but it was hers. Reading old textbooks had never bothered Ava before. Like Sam, she leaned towards being the studious type. Being raised by Bobby was the reason for that. She had no complaints with her upbringing though. Well not really. A lot of Bobby's habits just stuck with her, reading being just one of them. It's not like she disliked reading, she actually enjoyed it. As the years passed, reading had become a soothing hobby for her. In fact when she was as a kid she loved reading more than watching TV.

Although it's not like she didn't watch any TV growing up. She had been a kid after all, and what kid didn't like watching TV, even in the slightest? When she was younger she really enjoyed watching cartoon shows like, Teen Titans, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ed Edd n Eddy, Invader Zim, and Recess. She liked those shows because they distracted her from her supernatural life. Along with the other non-cartoon shows she liked to watch, which were, Malcolm in the Middle, Even Stevens, Drake & Josh, Lizzie McGuire, and That's So Raven. To this day she still watched re-runs whenever she found the time. Which sadly was rare. But back then, whenever she wasn't reading or working on school work or focusing on a hunt, she watched TV shows like a normal kid her age. Except it wasn't just TV shows, she also watched movies as well. Movies like The Land Before Time, Balto, and Matilda, were just some of her favorites to watch growing up. And even though she wasn't a huge fan of Disney, she had to admit that she did like a handful of Disney movies. They touched a special place in her heart. Except for the cliche princess movies. Ava never really liked those kinds of movies. As a kid she found the idea that only a prince could save a princess to be lame. If she were any of those princesses she would have saved herself. She didn't need no man to save her. But she guessed that was just the huntress in her talking. But the Disney movies she particularly liked were Lilo & Stitch, Mulan, Meet the Robinsons, and last but not least the classic one of Peter Pan. Hence her fascination with fairies, specifically Tinkerbell and the group of misfits called, The Lost Boys.

Ava found it extremely odd how she was having a nostalgia moment. It was random, but she figured that it was because of the case they were working on. They were dealing with childlike prank incidents, so it made sense to why she would think back to when she had been a kid. Although, she didn't have the greatest childhoodon the account that she didn't have any friends and that she felt like a outsider at schoolshe had to admit that she missed being a kid. To be more specific, she missed the feeling one had when they were younger. The feeling that you could do anything and not really worry about the consequences. And even though she wasn't that old, with the life she has lived Ava felt a whole lot older than she really was. Being eighteen years old was just a mere joke to her now. With all the stress, worry, and heartache, the huntress felt more like a thirty year old. Yes, she hated being called a kid and wanted to be treated as an adult, but on some days, when she was feeling extra down, she wished she could be a kid again...or to at least have that same feeling she had when she had been a kid.

The huntress thoughts came to a stop when she heard the motel door open and close. Not only did it catch her attention, but Dean's too. They both looked up from what they where at. Ava from the small kitchen table where she sitting at, and Dean from where he was laying on one of the motel beds. Both hunters saw Sam making his way inside, coming closer to stand in the middle of the room. The youngest Winchester held a folder that had several different pieces of paper. "So, I dug up what I could on Jesse Turner. It's not much. Uh, B student, won last year's Pinewood Derby. But get this. Jesse was adopted. His birth records are sealed."

Jesse was adopted? This caused Ava to frown. Her expression softened and her eyes fell towards the ground. A sense of understanding and sadness went through the huntress. If anyone knew what it felt like to be adopted, it was her. This new gained information made it a personal case for her and for some reason the need to care for Jesse increased. She was going to ask further question regarding the adoptions, but Dean beat her to it.

"So, you unsealed them, and?" The green eyed hunter questioned.

"There's no father listed, but Jesse's biological mom is named Julia Wright." Sam replied as he read from the file. "She lives in Elk Creek, on the other side of the state."

After he said this, Dean closed the book he was reading and tossed it to the side of the bed. Ava closed the book she had and with a sigh got up from where she was sitting at. Looks like they were finally right back on track on trying to solve this case. Not to mention learn more about Jesse's background.

Elk Creek, Nebraska

A few hours later passed, and the three hunters were now standing in front of the house that belonged to Jesse's biological mother, Julia Wright. The house was so old looking though that Ava found it hard to believe that someone actually lived there. Perhaps the address that was given to them on information Sam had received was wrong. However this doubt didn't stop them from making their way closer to the house. They came to stop once they were in front of the door. Ava was now in between Sam and Dean, but was the oldest Winchester who rung the doorbell to old abandoned looking house. They figured that no one would answer, but the three of them were surprised that someone had actually responded back.

"Whatever you're selling, I'm not interested." A woman's voice, presumably Jesse's mother, Julia, came from behind the front door.

"We're not salesman, we're from the FBI." Dean answered firmly. "Agents Page, Plant, and Stark." As he said this the three of them raised and showed their badges near the peephole that was on the door.

"Put your badges in the slot." Julia said with a wary tone of voice.

The hunters exchanged looks with each other, but they complied by putting their badges in the slot. A few seconds of awkward silence passed before the front door slowly opened. Standing shyly behind the door was Julia Wright, a dark blonde haired woman who looked to be in her early thirties.

"What do you want?" She asked nervously, as she handed them back their badges.

Ava noticed that Julia's hands shook a bit when taking her badge back. She tried to appear amiable to lessen her nerves, but it didn't work, and Julia was still looking at the three with caution and mistrust.

Sam was the first speak. His tone of voice was far away from sounding sharp. "Thank you." He told her as he put away his badge inside his suits jacket. "We just had a few questions. About your son."

Ava right away noticed, that whatever small ounce of composure Julia had vanished once hearing that question.

"I don't have a son." Julia snapped back.

Ava gave her a meaningful look. "Yes, you do." She softly told her.

Julia gazed at her and almost instantly did her eyes lower to the ground.

"He was born March twenty-ninth, nineteen ninety-eight, in Omaha You put him up for adoption." Sam easily reminded her.

Julia lifted her gaze but remained defensive. "What about him?"

"We were just wondering, um, was it a normal pregnancy?" Sam asked her, but way he asked, sounded as if he wasn't so sure of the question himself.

Dean decided to elaborate on this. "Was there anything strange?"

The three hunters were suddenly thrown off by Julia trying to slam the door on them. "Stay away from me!" She yelled. Clear panic could be heard in her voice and be seen on her face.

Ava was the first to act quick out of the three of them. She had managed to catch the door before it fully slammed shut on their faces. Using her strength, she let the door hit wall, and the three of them went inside the house, quickly following Julia's panicked trail.

"Mrs. Wright, wait!" Dean said trying to get her to calm down. "We just want to talk!"

They came to a stop when Julia ran into the kitchen. This time Dean was the one who opened the door. As soon as the door was shoved open, a large amount of salt was thrown on them.

Ava scrunched up her face spitting out the salt that went into her mouth. Ugh. After shaking off the rest of the salt that got on her, Ava gave Julia a look that held shock and confusion. It was exact the same look Dean and Sam were throwing at her.

Julia's mouth was agape. "You're not demons?" She asked, confused, yet relieved.

"How do you know about demons?" Dean asked, narrowing his eyes.

That was a question that both Ava and Sam wanted an answer to as well.

After that whole chasing around the house and throwing salt ordeal, all four of them were now sitting down at the kitchen table. They each had a warm cup of tea, that was made provided by Julia. Ava took a sip of hers and quietly let out a hum. Dean and Sam hadn't really touched theirs and Julia was taking nervous sips from hers. Once again Ava noticed how the older woman's hands were shaking. She saw how Julia took another sip before placing it back on the kitchen table. Julia then lowered her eyes, shamefully.

"I was possessed." She spoke, finally getting into her story. All three hunters attention were on her. "A demon took control of my body and I hurt people. I killed people." Her voice wavered in guilt.

Sam gave her a soft reassuring look. "That wasn't you." He of all people should know what being possessed is like. He still remembered when Meg had possessed him. It may have been a while back but the memories lingered.

"When a person gets possessed by a demon they have no control over there body. You had no control over your body." Ava said in hopes in trying to lessen her guilt. Unfortunately, it didn't seem like this tactic of hers was working. Julia still appeared to be remorseful.

"But I was there." Julia said with a shaky voice. "I heard a woman beg for mercy. I felt a young girl's blood drip down my hands."

"That's how you knew about the salt." Dean pointed out.

Julia nodded her head. "Yeah, I picked out some tricks. It was in me for months." She explained, lowering her gaze once again towards the ground.

Dean held a concerned bemused expression on his face. "How many months?" He asked her.

"Nine." Julia replied lowly.

Ava's eyes widen a bit once she finally understood.

Oh dear...

"So your son?" Sam drawled on unable to finish his sentence.

"Yeah." Julia answered him. "The whole time. The pregnancy, the birth. All of it. I was possessed." She told them, keeping her voice steady. "The night the baby was born, I was alone and the pain was overwhelming. I screamed and it came out as a laugh because the demon was happy." She swallowed the lump that was in her throat. "It used my body to give birth to a child. When it was over, something changed. Maybe the demon was tired, or if the pain helped me fight it but somehow, I took control." She briefly closed her eyes, as the memories of that dark time surfaced. "The demon wailed in me, it pounded against my skull. I thought my head was going to explode but I knew. I knew how what I had to do." She took a deep breath, and then spoke again."So, I swallowed a mouthful of salt and I got the demon out of me. But when I was alone with the baby, a part of me wanted to kill it." She said in a firm voice, but then she shook her head. Her eyes held so much emotion. "But God help me, I couldn't do that. So I put it up for adoption and I ran."

"Who was the father?" Dean finally asked the question they all wanted to know.

Julia shook her head slowly. "I was a virgin."

The idea of sex might have not interested Ava in the slightestwell except if she were thinking about Cas. But the sex-ed class she took in high school allowed her to learn about the repercussions of having unsafe sex. And although the class put to her to sleep most of the time, that didn't mean she was stupid or naive when it came to intimacy. She knew what sex was. And she knew what sex lead to, especially unsafe sex. So to hear that Julia had been a virgin and yet still had a child, was well...not normal. And it worried Ava because Julia had been possessed when she got pregnant. So something supernatural and bad had caused Julia's pregnancy. But Ava was beyond puzzled. She had met Jesse, and even though their encounter was brief, she sensed no real danger from him. He was just a young boy with a wild imagination.

"Have you seen my son? Is he human? " Julia asked, her voice filled with concern.

Ava's eyes soften at the older woman. She nodded her head. "Yes, he is." Which technically wasn't a lie. He was human. At least he appeared to be. So far he acted nothing like a demon. He wasn't malicious...he was just a kid.

"His name is Jesse." Dean answered her as well. "He lives in Alliance. He's a good kid."

Julia looked immediately relieved after hearing that from them.

Once they bid a farewell to Julia, and were out of the house, Sam turned to glance at Dean and Ava as they made there way to the Impala.

"So what now?" Sam asked them.

Dean let out a exasperated sigh. "We need help." He said and then gave Ava a meaningful look.

Ava right away knew what his look meant. She nodded her head and took put her cellphone, ready to call the one person who would be able to help them out.

Ava was genuinely surprised that Cas didn't answer her phone call. He always tended to answer within the first or second ring. So for him not to answer right away was well...odd. But to lessen her worry, Ava inwardly told herself that he was just busy with the whole searching for God mission. After all that was something that needed his full attention. Still, she and the boys had left him individual voicemail's. When she left him a voicemail, she was somewhat amused. Cas' voicemail was still the automatic one. She definitely needed to help him change it. As she has come to know, it was always better to personalize your voicemail. Along with picking a awesome ringtone. At least to her it was.

By the time they made it back to the motel they were staying at in Alliance, the sky had turned dark. After that hours long drive, the huntress wanted more than anything than to get out of her FBI clothes. She had taken off her blazer just as Sam unlocked their motel room door. The three of them walked in, but froze once they saw Cas standing in the middle of their room.

A small relieved smile appeared on Ava's youthful face. "Cas!" She exclaimed happily. Her smile faltered however when she noticed how stiff Cas was. He appeared to be more stiff than usual. She threw her blazer onto her bed and was about to make her way towards him, but due to how serious he looked, decided to sit next on the chair she had been siting on earlier. She noticed how Dean was discreetly watching her from the side, but didn't think much of it.

"I take it you got our message." Sam said as he started to walk further into the room.

Ava was about to take a seat on the chair, but she halted in her movements when Cas' came towards her. "Yes." He hurriedly answered, but his attention was then on her. His blue eyes gazed deeply into her brown eyes. "Are you alright?" The angel asked her as he thoroughly examined her for any injuries.

Ava frowned slightly due to how worried he sounded. "Cas, I'm fine." She said trying to lessen his worried state. "See?" She said doing a half spin.

Castiel wanted more than anything than to bring her into his arms. Especially since she had been near dangerous territory hours earlier. But given that they weren't alone, he thought such intimacy would cause an awkward atmosphere. So although wanting her close, Castiel managed to back off a bit. His gaze then went towards the Winchesters' who were looking at them with bemusement. Castiel disregarded their stares, but Ava couldn't. The huntress was fighting the blush that wanted to show on her cheeks. "It's lucky you found the boy." Castiel said, letting Ava hear that gruff voice of his that she liked.

Momentarily forgetting what he just saw, Dean scoffed half halfheartedly. "Oh, yeah. Real lucky. What do we do with him?" He asked him as he threw the motel keys on the kitchen counter.

Castiel expression became stern. "Kill him."

Ava brown eyes widen in shock and her mouth opened a bit. Had she heard him right? Did he just suggest to kill Jesse? "What?" She uttered.

Dean and Sam were just as taken back by this. Sam especially. The youngest Winchester was ready to argue, but all he got to say was "Cas―" before the tan trench coat wearing angel spoke again.

"This child is half demon and half human." Castiel earnestly said to all of them. "But it is far more power than either. Other cultures call this hybrid cambion or katako. You know him as the Antichrist." After he said this he took a seat on the chair Ava was going to originally sit on. Once he did though, loud obnoxious farting noises filled the room. Sam and Ava got confused expressions on their faces, while Dean fought to the urge to full on smile.

"Who put that there?" The green eyed hunter asked innocently after the farting noises ended.

Ava noticed how bashful Cas appeared to be. The angel was avoiding eye contact with all three of them. "That wasn't me." He said as pulled out the whoopee cushion from underneath him. Awkward silence then filled the air for a few seconds. It ended though when Ava finally realized that whole whoopee cushion thing had been set up as a prank. She now understood why Dean had been staring at her when she was making her way towards the chair. She turned to throw Dean a glare. "You jerk! I was going to sit there!" Her sudden yelling made whatever sort of embarrassing feeling Castiel had to go away. He moved his gaze towards all three of them now.

Dean suppressed the urge to laugh at a time like this. He instead continued to act innocent, and shrugged his shoulders. "I know that's why I put it there."

Before they continued their immature, yet some would call amusing banter, Sam spoke up. "Anyway...I don't get it, Jesse's the devil's son?" He asked getting back on track. He was severely thrown off by what Castiel had just said.

Castiel let out a sigh. "No, of course not." He threw all three hunters a pointed look. "Your bible gets more wrong than it does right. The Antichrist is not Lucifer's child. It's just demon spawn. But it is one of the devil's greatest weapons in the war of heaven."

Now taking the whole conversation seriously, Dean frowned. "If Jesse's a demonic howitzer, what's he doing in Nebraska?"

"The demons lost him." Castiel answered back. "They can't find him, but they're looking."

"And they lost him because?" Dean drawled on.

Castiel was quick to reply. "Because of the child's power. It hides him from both angels and demons for now."

"So he's got like a force field around him." Dean replied sounding less panicked. "Well, that's great. Problem solved."

Castiel however did not feel the same way. "With Lucifer risen, this child grows stronger." He strongly voiced out loud. "Soon he will do more than just make a few toys come to life. Something that will draw the demons to him. The demons will find this child. Lucifer will twist this boy to his purpose, and then with a word this child will destroy the host of heaven."

That certainty shocked Ava. Jesse was that powerful? A innocent boy with a wild imagination would be able to do all that if Lucifer got a hold of him? Crap. She ran a hand through her hair as she further processed everything she had just heard.

Dean's eyes widen. "Wait, are you saying Jesse's gonna nuke the angels?"

Castiel gave him a firm look. "We can not allow that to happen."

"No...no." Ava vehemently shook her head. After taking everything Cas had just said, she finally spoke up. "We're not going to hurt him. Let alone kill him."

Castiel firm expression softened once he saw how affected Ava was by all this. "Ava― "

"Cas, we're the good guys." Sam interrupted, siding with Ava. "We don't just kill children."

Castiel didn't like the idea of hurting a child, but this child was no ordinary child. He was a powerful being that would be able to destroy everything he cared about, including a special human that meant a lot to him. With this in his mind, his determination to protect Ava grew. He turned his attention towards Sam. He stood up and made his way towards him. He narrowed his eyes towards the youngest Winchester. "A year ago, you would've done whatever it took to win this war."

Sam clenched his jaw. "Things changes."

Ava wasn't the only one sensing the tension, Dean was too. He came in between the angel and the hunter who were now having some form of glare off. "Okay. Hey, look. We are not going to kill him. Alright? But we can't leave Jesse here either. We know that. So we take him to Bobby's, he'll know what to do."

"I agree to that." Ava said raising her hand. "Bobby would be able to help."

Castiel however did not agree to this. The last he wanted was for the boy to close to Ava, He sent Dean a glower. "You'll kidnap him? What is going on in this town is what happens when he's happy. You cannot imagine what it will do if it's angry." He informed him, and then looked towards Ava. His anger fell when staring into her brown eyes. "Besides, how will you hold him? With a thought he could be halfway around the word."

That put a halt in Dean's plans. "So we..." He drawled on, unable to come up with a plan.

"I'll talk to him. One on one." Ava quickly offered. "I'll convince him to come with us."

Castiel immediately shook his head. "No." He stressed out. "Ava, you can not be anywhere near this boy."

"What? Why not?" Ava asked with a frown.

"Because he can kill you." Castiel bluntly informed her.

This made a knot in Ava's stomach. "Kill me?" She questioned.

"Kill her?" Both Dean and Sam repeated at the same time. Under any other circumstances, Ava would have laughed at how funny they sounded when talking at the same time, but right now she was too focused on what Cas had just told her.

Castiel nodded his head. "Yes, kill her."

Ava frowned. "But why?"

"Because of your pure soul." Castiel explained to her. "He must have been drawn to you when you first saw him. Was he not?" He asked her and he studied closely to see her reaction. Right away did he saw how a look of realization flashed through her brown eyes. "He'll want that power your soul provides, and he'll kill you for it. Well that's if Lucifer doesn't get to him first and convinces him to help get you to him."

The more Lucifer was mentioned, the more Ava's heart raced in fear. However, she still didn't see Jesse as a threat. "No...Jesse wouldn't do that."

"So he didn't stare at you?" Castiel questioned her.

"I mean, I guess..." Ava uttered, in hopes that he would stop looking at her with that worried expression. She let out a huff though when his expression didn't change. She then threw arms in the air, exasperated. "Okay fine. So he stared at me, big whoop? That doesn't mean anything. He didn't hurt me, Cas."

"Not yet." Castiel said with a serious expression on his face. "But he stared at you because he senses your soul. The warmth of it."

Ava cleared her throat. "Okay, well like I said, he didn't hurt me when I met him. If anything we got along pretty well." The huntress continued to shake away her fears. Something inside told her not to think badly of Jesse, and for some reason she trusted this feeling.

"Yeah, Cas. Me and Sam were there. She wasn't in any danger." Dean said as he crossed his arms over his chest.

Even with the green eyed hunters reassurance, Castiel's protectiveness over the huntress didn't falter. "Well I wouldn't try to have a second encounter with him." He told her with a gruff voice.

"Well that's not really up to you, is it?" Ava smartly retorted back. She let out a sigh once she realized how harsh she had just been with him. "Look, Cas. Jesse, won't hurt me. He's an innocent kid. He doesn't even know he's doing all this."

Her tone of voice, had thrown him off for a bit, but he quickly got a hold of himself. "All the reason to take precaution." Castiel firmly replied. "The boy is unaware of what he is capable of. He could kill you." He stressed out in worry.

Sam was quick to add in his thoughts this time. "So then we tell him the truth." He suggested. "You say Jesse's destined to go dark side, fine, but he hasn't yet. So if we lay it all out for him, what he is, the apocalypse, everything. He might make the right choice."

For a few seconds there Ava thought that maybe, just maybe, Cas would have agreed with Sam. But then she saw how with a hard look in eyes blue eyes, Cas leaning towards Sam. His expression dead serious. "You didn't." He reminded him, and Ava saw how Sam was losing his cool. Castiel though didn't care that he was stepping all over Sam's composure. The angel shook his head, determined. "And I can't take that chance." His blue eyes landed on Ava. "Not again." He said meaningfully, and without another word he disappeared from the room.

"Damn it!" Sam angrily shouted.

Ava didn't waste any time. "Come on we gotta get to Jesse first." She said already making her way towards the door. Dean and Sam were right behind her. They quickly got of the motel room and got into the Impala, and not even a minute later they were already racing towards Jesse's house.

They needed to get there first before Cas did, and they needed to talk to Jesse.

As much as Ava cared for Cas, she couldn't let him kill Jesse.

She just couldn't. It just didn't seem right to end a child's life. Even with a usual background like Jesse's. The boy was unaware of his history, let alone of what he was able to do with the powers he had. He was completely innocent.

The mere thought of the blue eyed tan trench coat wearing angel she cared immensely for, hurting a child of all people, made an ache within Ava's heart.

An ache that would probably never go away, if Cas actually followed though with what he said he was going to do.

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