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It was a sunny afternoon as luffy was laying on the deck looking at the sky.

'Ace i really...' he trails off.

"Hey Luffy what you up to" questions Nami.

"Just thinking" replies Luffy.

"Thinking" Nami questions confused.

"About what" she continues.

"Ace and my hometown and our crew" he replies.

"About ace..." Nami mutters " I have a question Luffy" she says.

"Hmm yeah Nami" he responds.

"Do you ever you know regret becoming a pirate" she manages to ask .

"Regret becoming a pirate... no i... i don't ever regret becoming a pirate" he eventually answers.

"Oh" she says.

"I do however regret many things" he continues.

Nami sits there quietly waiting for him to continue.

"I regret not saving you guys at sabaody...i regret not finding you guys afterwards..." he says and pause and glance at nami then returns staring at the sky.

"Everyone has regrets" whispers Nami.

"I regret many things, i regret not protecting you all during everything thats happened or bringing us all back together after the war" he says.

"You wanna know two of the things i regret more than anything though" he breathes.

"I regret not stopping Sabo and letting him die" he all but yells.

"But i regret not saving Ace my big brother he should be here not me " he says as he starts to cry.

"Oh luffy" Nami whispers as she makes her way over to Luffy.

"He... always said live life with no regrets but i cant i regret so much" he whispers.

"That's not you fault Luffy" Nami insist "everyone makes mistakes".

"Yeah well mine are fatal" he says.

"You have nothing to regret we are still here you don't need to always be the hero Luffy so never regret not saving us never" replied Nami.

"But I'm your captain I'm suppose to protect you all, I'm suppose to protect my nakama" pleaded Luffy.

"Would you do it over again if you could would you change meeting us if given the chance" Nami suddenly asks.

"W-what" stutters Luffy.

"Would you do it over again you know go back to the beginning and change meeting us if given a chance to" Nami restated.

"Do it over...if i was given the chance to do it over no i wouldn't i have amazing friends and amazing family i wish i could have saved Sabo and Ace but no i would never do it over again" Luffy replied looking Nami right in the eyes.

"Then remember you are not always responsible to pull us out of trouble sometimes we have to figure it out for ourselves never regret something you cant control Luffy" Nami replied.

"Okay Nami okay" Luffy says.

"LUNCH IS READY" they heard Sanji yell.

"MEAT" screamed Luffy.

"Seriously luffy and his stomach" laughed Nami as she made her way to the kitchen.

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