Marks of the Demon Queen

Chapter 8

Recap of last chapter

I call upon the forces of the underworld

With the contact I have

I summon the lord of souls and death

Do my betting and destroy anything in my path

I command you to be my side

The Grim Reaper


As soon as those words left her mouth, the skull that was in the sky gave a sick laugh escaped its mouth. The sky darkened and the wind picked up.

Natsume and everyone who were on the ground and not turned to stone (Ahem Koko Ahem) looked at the skull in the sky. The face looked like it was sucking itself in.

The face twisted itself right in the middle then a boney skeleton hand emerged. Out of the skull after the hand came a hideous bona-fide monster. Soon it was all visible.

It was 90 feet tall. It was completely hairless and its skin was burned black, brown, and red, it was wrinkled like a shriveled prune and smooth like the head of a blister at the same time.

The skin was folding and peeling in some places. It body was long and you could see its ribs. Like someone who hasn't eaten in years.

Its feet were long and the toes were pointed. Its ears were bent and one was missing. It was wearing a black ripped up shirt and black ripped up pant. It had a sick smile on its face. Its eyes were gone, only black hole were there and it looked like it was swelling up the light.

Its knees were pointing on all directions, kind of like a diamond.

It was holding a jet black scythe. The handle had Egyptian words printed on it. To where the blade connected to the handle, on the back was a skull. Blood coming out of its eyes and mouth. On the blade there was blood splattered on it in a fore like design. At the top of the blade tiny beets of blood was dripping.

The guys who were on the round palled at the sight of it.

"You have got to be kidding me!" shouted Ruka. Just then Mikan moved he hand to the air like she was the one holding the scythe. In the air the Grim reaper made the same movement.

In the ESP's Office

"Mindy, where is that barrier?"

"It was put up just like you asked, sir."

"Then why is it not working?"

"She is too powerful for the barrier to stop."

". . . I see. She's too powerful huh. Then I guess it's up to them to stop her, or try to defend the best they can."

Back Inside the Gym

Mikan gripped the handle of her invisible scythe. The Grim Reaper also tightened his hold on the scythe. With fast movements she brought the scythe down.

The Grim Reaper following her example. The scythe came down, cutting the air as it made it's decent.

Ruka closed his eyes and waited for the pain to come but it never did. He opened his eyes only to be met with that very scythe only inches away from his face.

As he stared at the scythe his mind wondered to someplace else.

Then as scarily as it appeared it disappeared. He looked back up at Mikan, who was floating towards the door.

He looked around only to meet with student's bodies and a crying Anna, who was holding a petrified Koko. He wondered when she was going to realized that the spell was only temporary. But knowing her she wasn't going to let this down.

~Time Skip Night Time, Mikan's Room~

The rest of the day went uneventful. By time she was supposed to switch classes the news about gym had already spread about the entire school. When she went to her last class she could hear the whispers of everything.

And she could have sworn that Anna was giving her death glares behind her back. Through the whole class period she was praying for the bell to ring.

And when it did she bolted out of the class before the teacher could assign homework.

So now she was in her room. She sighed as she plopped her bag down on the couch and made her way to the shower. She turned the water all the way to red and stared to undress.

As soon as the water hit her ghostly white skin she felt tranquil. She reached for the strawberry scented shampoo that was somewhere in the room. After she finished washing her hair she heard a noise come from the living room.

She sighed as she knew who was there. She gathered her hair, parted it into two and brought them up front. If you were in the shower or say her back you would see the tattoo that was there.

The tattoo was in the shape of a pointed oval. On all sides were lines that were leading towards the middle of her back. But the lines don't connect, instead they stop near the center and there was a big circle. Inside the circle was another. And in that was another.

Mikan turned off the shower and walked out, only wearing a bra and underwear. (It was a strapless bra that went around her body, not the normal ones.) She left a track of water because her hair was still wet.

When she made it to the living room she was greeted by the sight of persona reading a book.

"What do you think you're doing?" Mikan demanded. Persona looked up from his book and gave her a blank stare. Mikan returned it with one of her own. Soon they were having a staring contest.

Mikan heaved a sigh and sat down on the couch. A comfortable silence washed over then, but was promptly broken by Persona.

"That was incredibly foolish," he stated. He always gets right to the point Mikan thought.

"I know but-" she didn't get to finish because she was interrupted by Persona, who looked like she was going to go into a lecture.

"Do you know what council will say? No, much less your father and mother. Don't even get me started on your grandparents. And - are you listening?" Mikan looked up from her tablet and shook her head before returning to her anime.

She was currently obsessed with World Trigger. Persona gave her a blank stare. "Why are you trying to rush the plans?" he questioned. At this Mikan looked up. She sighed, turned off her tablet and gave him her full attention.

She was silent for several seconds then she answered. "Because I don't have time. People say we have all the time in the world, but I don't. I need this done as soon as possible."

"Look" Persona started, "I'll be honest with you. I have no idea what you're going through, but you can't rush things in this world. They'll get suspicious. And maybe if you would take the medication that Miki has been sending you then it won't spread." Mikan rolled her eyes at that. To tell the truth she Hated Miki. She was always the perfect one.

Miki was her late grandmother's sons' daughter. So she was her aunt. And every time they meet she just had to rub it in. Miki would also force her to call her aunt. So she told - "Then that means that you'll get old real quick." Ever since then Mikan would call her aunt and she would freak out. Check her makeup then do it again.

Miki was a great fortune teller. She got her powers from her grandmother. Lisa. She also dabbles in potions and black magic, but that was a secret that only she knew about.

Yeah, yeah I know. Now get out. I have to dry my hair. Pulse, I need my beauty sleep" She stated.

Persona snorted at that. "You? Beautiful? I beg to differ" a tick mark appeared on her head as she recognized the teasing in his tone. Along with something else.

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?" Mikan demanded with her hands on her hips.

"It means what it says. Never in a million years will you be beautiful. It's as much as a fact it is that the earth is round," he joked.

"Whatever!" she screamed. "Just get out. I'll see you tomorrow" now she was pointing at the door. Persona chuckled as he made his way to the front door. He heard her huff before he was out the door.

"Time huh" he muttered as he was about to descend the stairs. He stopped because he heard her door open.

"Hey. That was some good acting back there. If you wanted, you know when this whole thing is over, your free to go" she said shyly.

Persona's eyes widened slightly before he turned around and walked away. Without looking back she put a thumbs up before he disappeared. Mikan smiled to herself before she closed her door. She walked to her room and jumped into bed.

"Well may as well go to sleep, those nightmares aren't going to dream themselves." she muttered before she closed her eyes.

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