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Chapter 1.

This was not a good idea. This was in fact a very bad idea. A very very bad idea. On a scale of 1-10 on the scale of bad ideas, Sarah felt that this was at least a 50.

Sarah stared at the screen in front of her, shoulders slumped slightly back and arms hanging loosely down her side as her lips moved in silence trying to voice to the General how bad a plan this was, but nothing would come out. Her mind was blank. The only thing that would circle around her brain was: 'this will not end well."

Glancing over at Casey briefly she could tell by his widened eyes and tight jaw that he was thinking along the same lines as her, which was a comfort at least. At least she wasn't alone in this.

"General, I'm not one to question orders, but-"

"And don't start now Major Casey. This is what needs to be done." The General stated firmly. Sarah gave a grim expression before glancing quickly at Casey again. It was obvious the General had already made up her mind on this and wasn't going to change it any time soon.

"What about our covers General? I'm sure if anything Bartowski's overbearing sister will notice Walkers missing." He argued. Sarah felt herself mentally face palm her forehead.

She didn't even think about the covers, all she could think about was Chuck and how he would take it. It was yet another reason to be grateful for having Casey as her partner. He at least thought of the things she's been increasingly forgetting. Thought she will deny it to her grave that her new relationship with Chuck had anything to do with it.

"That's been considered as well Major. You are being recalled to active duty so that will excuse you from your, well, other job. Agent Walker will be back on the east coast taking care of her ailing father." She paused to gage their reactions before continuing. " You two will be working with Agent Larkin to bring down the Fulcrum cell as quickly as possible and then return to Burbank to continue your assignment of protecting the asset." General Beckman informed them.

"What about Chuck ma'am. He can't be left alone, without protection with Fulcrum getting closer to us." Sarah blurted, finally getting her voice to work. She cringed slightly at how panicked it sounded, but kept her impassive expression still on while praying to whatever ditey that was listening to not have Beckman mention the word 'bunker'.

"I am well aware of that Agent Walker and that has been taken into consideration as well. Two Agents will temporarily be assigned to watch Chuck." Two photos of the Agents who will be taking their place appeared on the screen below Beckman's.

One was of a woman about 28 with dark brown eyes and straight hair down to her shoulders that had blonde highlights. She was somewhat short but looked very capable of taking down a guy Casey's size or larger. The other photo was of a handsome male around 33 years of age with short sandy blonde hair grey eyes and a slim but muscular build.

Sarah internally blanched as she saw the brunette who would be taking her place, while a small amused grunt came in Casey's direction, apparently thinking the same thing as Sarah. But she blinked a few times and turned her eyes away from the pretty brunette with the dark brown eyes, exactly Chuck's typical type. She wouldn't be jealous, she had no reason to.

"This is Agent Mira Coleman and Agent Andrew Leyan. They will be taking over protection duty for the asset for the foreseeable future. They will be staying at Major Casey's apartment posing as his brother and sister-in-law who are house sitting and looking for their own place in the area while Major Casey is recalled."

Casey let out an annoyed growl at the prospect of having other people invading his personal space. Sarah agreed with him, silently making a note to offer assistance in store all his favorite guns away so the new agents can't play with them.

"How much will they be cleared to know?" Sarah inquired. "Will they be going on missions?" Beckman eyed her for a moment, before letting out a slight sigh, obviously disliking her answer.

"They will not be cleared to know he is the Intersect and therefore will not be going on missions. With Fulcrum becoming a bigger problem it's been decided that we cannot risk that information being spread to anyone else. Therefore they will just be aware that he is a high level CIA asset in need of protection. He will also not be going on missions until such a time as you two return from this assignment. Since they will not know about his special skill there will be no reason for him to go out." She gave them a hard piercing look as her mouth went thin conveying her next point. "That said, I suggest the two of you get this assignment finished as quickly as possible. As much as I hate to admit it, this team even with the Intersects unorthodox methods is one of this nation's most successful teams, and we would like it to stay that way."

"Yes General." The both of them said solemnly, both secretly pleased at her veiled compliment.

"With that said we of course want to utilize the Intersects ability still and we also want to keep tabs on the watchers, therefore you two will still have access to the asset via secure conference in Castle as well as daily calls from Agent Walker for updates on the situation in Burbank as well as keeping with the cover." She stared at them a few moments longer, seemingly wanting to say something but decided if she wanted to or not. Whatever it was, she held both Sarah and Casey's interest. "I want you to keep up with him, make sure everything stays…problem free." She said

Both Casey and Sarah looked at each other momentarily in confusion before turning back to their boss who obviously looked slightly uncomfortable at their scrutiny. However to her credit she stared right back at them dead on, a raised eyebrow waiting for their inquires.

"Are we expecting trouble?" Casey asked her. The General relaxed a bit and sat back in her chair a bit with an annoyed little huff.

"I'm not expecting it but with Bartowski anything is possible." She said. Sitting up straight she leaned over her large desk obviously trying to convey something important to them. "As much as we don't like it Bartowski is the single most important intelligence asset in this country, possibly the world. I don't like leaving him with just anyone.

"However this cell is one of the biggest we've found and taking it down has to be our first priority so unfortunately I have to use you two. I expect you to appreciate the situation and to get done quickly."

"So you don't trust these two agents with the Intersect?" Casey clarified crossing his arms over his chest. Beckman just stared at him quirking her eyebrow at his statement.

"I don't trust anybody Major Casey. Especially with two unknowns and especially with an unpredictable asset. Just keep an eye on things best you can from your assignment. Keep in touch with the asset."

With that she finally closed off the screen leaving the two of them staring at it in silence. Sarah wasn't sure what to say, focusing mainly on her breathing at the moment.

Temporarily reassigned.

She didn't like it but at least it was only temporary, she hoped. She understood the importance of the assignment, taking down this cell would bring them one step closer to defeating Fulcrum. They've become a menace for too long and it was time for it to end it. However she wasn't without her reservations. For the first time in her life, Sarah Walker, CIA Agent, was not excited to go on a mission.

Her life had seemed recently to all come into place, giving her things she never really thought or ever hoped for and now she was reluctant to allow any of it to slip away from her. She was of course thinking about Chuck.

After everything they've been through over the past year and half Sarah finally gave in, and just in time too. Just after the Jill debacle and Christmas being a disaster with Fulcrum taking the Buy More hostage and Chuck witnessing Sarah kill someone in cold blood, Sarah had thought long and hard about their situation. She understood what Chuck was going through, she wasn't heartless. She knew that he had fallen for her, was in love with her but she couldn't bring herself to really confront it so she kept pushing him away.

But after a lot of talking and understanding after the Tyler Martin mission Sarah couldn't do it anymore. She couldn't keep pushing Chuck away. She wanted him and everything he offered her so she gave in and they had spent a wonderful night together, and a wonderful morning once she was able to quail his fears that she was going to regret it and it was all going to end before it even began.

A slight smile crossed her lips as she thought about that morning. How he had held her tight and kissed her hard after she was finally able to convince him that she didn't regret what they did and she was honest with how she felt about him. That she wanted to start something with him and not just push him away.

"I'd wipe that smirk off your face Walker or someone's gonna know something they shouldn't." Casey's voice broke through her thoughts bringing her back to the present, back to the problem they were currently facing.

"This is not a good idea." Sarah finally voiced out loud. "This is not going to go well." With that she slumped into the chair she had stood behind for the past hour while they were being briefed on their new mission. She leaned her elbows on the table and placed her head in her hands.

Casey grabbed the folder that was sitting on the table and flipped it open looking over the specs of it. Sarah ignored him for a few moments, letting her mind wander yet again to Chuck, always on Chuck. She wasn't sure how she was going to tell him or what exactly. It's only been a few months and she didn't know how long they were going to be gone.

"You're going to tell him about the assignment right?" Casey prodded across from her. Sarah let out a breath and nodded her head still buried in her hands. "Good. As much fun as it would be to see his reaction I really don't want to listen to his whining when you tell him it's with Larkin." He snickered, turning away from the table as Sarah dropped her head upon it.

She lifted her head slightly to glare at his retreating form as he went into the armory to begin pack and most likely start locking stuff up. Giving in to a groan she stood up from her slouched position and walked over to the nearest console to begin the security lockdown on everything in Castle to a certain clearance.

She wasn't looking forward to talking to Chuck about this. Not at all. They had a nice quiet evening planned, just the two of them. She knew she had the briefing with Beckman but then they were going to order a pizza and stay in her hotel room and watch some TV. Or "TV" with the quotation marks in her head.

Closing down the computer she was on she stood and stretched her body out. She was stalling, she knew that but she didn't really care at the moment. She had a horrible task to do and she was going to take her time.

Turning around she headed to the back where Casey was and watched him from the door as he began locking up all the weapons they weren't taking with them. She peaked inside the bag that was sitting on the table in front of her and rolled her eyes slightly at the amount of machinery they were taking. Chances are they wouldn't even use a quarter of what he was taking with them.

"Leaving anything for the other kids to play with?" She teased him with a crooked smile. Casey gave a grunt as he lifted the bag up and moved it to another table.

"No. Beckman said full lock up. They aren't going to be doing anything and last thing we need is Bartowski getting into something he doesn't need to be getting into." He grumbled. Sarah nodded her understanding and continued to stand there watching him. "Lock up the computer systems?"

"Yeah, they're down to GS4 clearance but Chuck will be able to access anything if we need him to. Everything's secure for our departure." She stated. They stood there for a few moments in awkward silence as Casey arranged weaponry under Sarah's glazed stare. Casey gave an annoyed growl grabbing her attention.

"Shouldn't you be doing something Walker? Like telling the asset of our departure?" He hinted at annoyed. Sarah pretended to ignore him before letting out her own annoyed huff.

"He's not going to take it well at all Casey. This isn't going to end well. This whole assignment is just…" She couldn't finish her sentence but Casey seemed to understand.

"He'll be fine Walker. He's tougher than he looks." He said, strangely encouraging. Sarah nodded her head in agreement and stood up straight to head out. "But it wouldn't hurt if you reassured him a little. You take care of the moron, I'll take care of the rest of the packing." He stated.

Sarah got the hint, giving him one last nod before heading up the stairs and through the freezer of the Orange Orange. She got his message loud and clear. Casey frequently turned a blind eye to Sarah and Chuck's relationship status, as long as it didn't interfere with the work or the safety of the Intersect. At that moment she was glad of it, that while he complained and ignored it that he at least seemed a little supportive of what was going on with them.

Exiting out of the building Sarah glanced around the area, a habit of being a spy, seeing nothing out of place she walked quickly to the side where her beloved car was. She slid into the driver's seat and just sat there for a moment or two trying to catch her wits.

She had a lot to do tonight. They were leaving by eleven the next morning and she still had to pack but she knew that tonight would be busy trying to explain to Chuck why she had to go on this mission and reassuring him that she was coming back and wasn't running away with Bryce.

"Oh! God damn it Bryce." She cursed silently to herself as she started up the car. She ran over the scenarios in her head on how to tell Chuck, what to tell him. He would be over at her place in an hour for their date night and she wanted to have what she wanted to say ready.

She supposed it probably would have been slightly easier if it wasn't Bryce Larkin she was going on the mission with. Granted Casey would be there them the whole time and Sarah would be sure to inform Bryce of their status as only partners the moment she saw him, but Chuck wouldn't focus on that.

All he would hear is that his cover girlfriend who was his real secret girlfriend was running off on some exciting new mission with her ex-lover and his ex-best friend who got him kicked out of school and slept with his girlfriend (she didn't believe Jill). He'll be hurt, but he'll accept it. He'll be understanding about the situation, placing complete and utter trust in her and suggest they spend the rest of the date as planned.

However she was well aware that on the inside he would be insecure, lonely, and depressed thinking and fearing the worst. That while he trusted her and doesn't believe she would purposely betray him he would compare himself to Bryce Larkin and automatically lose. The same old story he'd been through all through college and over the past six years since then.

But he would be wrong. He was nothing like Bryce Larkin. Not even close. He was better.

But that's not how Sarah really wanted it to go if she were honest with herself. She wanted him to be angry about the situation and at her. Angry that she would have to leave him. They've only been truly together for a couple a months and their relationship was still rocky and new. She didn't want him to just accept this fate and move on. To stay in Burbank with his two new handlers and mope depressed for the whole time she was gone. She wanted him to want to fight for them, though it would be futile as she would still have to go on the mission.

Her foot hit the break of her car hard as a thought ran across her mind. No matter what she said, Chuck would become depressed while she was away and she didn't want that. She couldn't stop it entirely but she could do something to raise his spirits, to help assure him that she was coming back, to Burbank, to him, to them.

Turning the wheel of her car to make a U-turn she headed back to the Buy More as quickly as she could with a huge smile. She knew what she could do, what she would do. Pulling into the parking lot she swung quickly into the nearest empty spot before jumping out of the car and walking quickly into the store. The soft hiss of the doors opening and the cool blast of air from the AC greeted her as she hurriedly looked around the store for the person she wanted to talk to; Morgan.

She spotted him at the Nerd Herd counter talking to Jeff and Lester and for a moment Sarah thought about coming back later or calling him. It was never pleasant having to deal with anything involving those two. Giving a slight shudder of disgust however she walked forward with a purpose in her step and approached Morgan.

"Hey honey, Chucksters not here right now, but maybe I could help you." Lester offered creepily as she approached the counter. He leaned over it with his tongue hanging out and drool leaking down his chin. Sarah cringed and turned to Morgan choosing to ignore him and not comment.

"Hey can I talk to you?" She asked him politely. Morgan nodded his head and walked away from the Nerd Herd desk, Sarah not missing the middle finger he gave the other two behind his back.

She rolled her eyes at the immaturity of the associates at the Buy More and yet again wondered how the hell Chuck had lasted so long in this environment. He was so different from everyone here, and she wasn't just talking about in looks and intelligence. He just had a nature about him that was hard working and strived to be the best he could. He was stuck in this dead end job and he wasn't happy there but he lacked the confidence to move on.

She gave a sly grin to herself. It was something she would have to work on when she came back. Giving him more confidence. She had seen it in him over and over again over the past year and half so she knew that he had it in him. Everyone did. He just didn't see it himself.

Morgan guided Sarah into the home theater room and closed the door and curtain, cringing internally that the creepy employees in the store probably thought they were in there together cheating on Chuck. Though she knew Morgan would never do that to Chuck, and she would never do that with Morgan, it still would lead to a lot of speculation and comments that Chuck will undoubtedly hear for the next few weeks.

"What up Sarah." Morgan said gaining her attention. She stared down at the small man and decided to sit down so they were more on even footing. She perched on the edge of the coffee table while Morgan plopped down comfortably on the couch like it was his own, which wasn't surprising considering the amount of time he spent in there.

"Morgan, I need to talk to you about Chuck." She started. Morgan immediately sat up straight on the couch and held out his hands.

"Whoa there Sarah." He said. "Before we discuss my favorite topic, Chuck, I need to lay some ground rules." He told her.

Sarah let out an annoyed huff again and crossed her legs leaning forward giving him her full attention. She would hear him out; she didn't really have much of a choice if she wanted him to do her a favor.

"First off, whatever you ask me be aware that I will not break any confidences, and there are many if I may be so bold to declare, that my buddy has shared with me in regards to anything pertaining to you or anything else." He started.

Sarah readily agreed, although if he only knew how much she actually knew of said confidences courtesy of the many bugs placed all around Chuck at all times, some of which even Chuck didn't know about, but she decided obviously that he didn't need to know that.

"Second, whatever you have to say unless it's a surprise for my dear friend I will be forced to inform him due to full disclosure of our friendship agreement we came up with in 2nd grade." He gave a sympathetic expression as he patted her gently on the knee. "You know how it is Sarah, Bros before hoes."

Once again Sarah raised her eyebrow at his statement and tiled her head to the side expectantly. She knew he didn't mean that she was a hoe, but still, she did get some pleasure out of making him squirm and stutter slightly once he realized his mistake. After a few beats she let out a light laugh and then grabbed his arm that he was waving frantically in front of her.

"Morgan, Morgan, its fine. I understand. I assure you I'm not here to break any of Chuck's confidences or gain any secrets from you." Not that she couldn't or needed any from Morgan. "I would never want to do anything that would cause any trouble between the two of you. You've been such a great friend to him."

Morgan relaxed slightly and sat back on the couch looking at her curiously, and slightly worried. It was then that she knew that her idea was a good one. That Morgan would be willing to keep her apprised of Chuck.

"Alright, what do you need?" He asked her hesitantly. Sarah sighed pretending to think and looking like it was a struggle for her to come out to get him to help her.

"I have to go out of town for a while. I'm leaving in the morning." She started; feeling slightly startled by Morgan's alarmed face.

"Oh no. How's Chuck taking it? Badly? Isn't he? Oh he's going to go into a rut again." Morgan began muttering. He went to stand up but Sarah forcefully pushed him back down.

"He doesn't know yet, I'm telling him tonight." She said.

"Where are you going?" Morgan inquired sitting on the edge of the couch and running his hand through his hair. Sarah thought about her cover, hating it already but needing to make is solid.

"I have to go back to DC for a bit. My father is very ill and I have to go take care of him." She lied perfectly.

"Oh, well, just tell Chuck that Sarah. He'll understand that you have to do that." Morgan told her. Sarah already knew that.

"I know but, you know Chuck. I don't know how long I'll be gone, and of course I'll call him every day but, you know how he'll get." She said. "We're just; some things are a bit rocky right now because of the whole Jill thing."

As predicted Morgan's eyes popped wide almost coming out of the sockets at that as he stuttered and tried to deny anything. She knew she shouldn't have mentioned it to him, but she hoped that it would convince Morgan that she was on the level in regards to Chuck. She raised her hand to placate him again.

"It's ok Morgan. He told me about it so you don't worry. I understand."

"You understand that he went out with his ex-girlfriend from college while he was still going out with you?" Morgan asked bewildered for a moment before immediately slapping his hands across his mouth. Sarah had to stop herself from rolling her eyes.

"Yeah. He told me. And while I understand Morgan, and I forgave him he still feels really guilty about it, and we've been kind of rocky since then." She admitted, frowning and looking away. Morgan nodded his head understandingly.

"Totally. Of course he would be honest with you. That's our Chuck and trust me, if anything this whole situation with Jill just reaffirmed how much he cares about you ya know. Besides. It was just a date or two, it's not like he slept with her or anything." He laughed nervously for a moment; stopping abruptly at Sarah's narrowed eyes and thinned lips.

"Yes, I'm well aware of their activities during that time." Sarah said thinly but moved on. "That being said, I'm concerned that with being away he might start doubting us, and I don't want that."

"I agree. What can I do to help?" He offered eagerly. Sarah took a deep breath, deciding if she really wanted to do this or not. That she could be stuck talking to Morgan more than she ever could want.

"While I'm away, I want you to give me a report on Chuck. And honest report." She said. Morgan looked confused.

"Sarah, I already said I wouldn't break-"

"No I don't mean anything like that." She paused gathering her thoughts. "It's just, he will keep saying he's fine and nothing is wrong. And I know it's not true. I just want you to tell me the truth how he is."


"I know, it's probably not great that I'm doing this but-"

"He would never admit when something's bothering him." Morgan finished for her, eyes scrunched up in thought. She waited a few beats for him to reply before talking again.

"Exactly. I just want him to be ok. I don't want to go, but I have to. I don't have a choice." She said morosely.

"I understand Sarah. And believe me, you being here, risking Chuck's trust to go behind his back to his best friend to seek help really gives you bonus points in my book. "He thought an extra moment. "I'll do it. I believe in you and Chuck. You've made him so happy and a bit stressed but mostly happy. You can count on me!"

"Thank you Morgan. And please, anything you can do to help him not focus so much on my absence. I don't' want him to be all you know…"

"Depressed, down, mournful, sad and just playing pathetic while he pines away his days waiting eagerly for your daily calls and for your eventual return?" Morgan nodded "Yeah, typical Chuck. He doesn't handle bad situations well. But that's why he has me Sarah. Don't worry, Chuck will be fine. I'll keep an eye out on him."

Sarah couldn't stop the huge smile that appeared on her face after that. She already presumed that Morgan would help her with this, knowing how he could never turn down anything that could hurt his best friend. She couldn't help but feel slightly jealous of Morgan loyalty to Chuck, never really having a friend like that.

She paused in her thoughts at that, smiling a moment later.

Until now.

Chuck had tried to show her over and over since they met how much she meant to him, and even though she kept pushing him away he always attempted to at least show that he was in the very least her friend. Something she kept rejecting as well. Agents didn't have friends, not really. But Chuck was one of the most loyal people she knew, and regardless if you accepted it or not, he was loyal to you and would always be your friend no matter what. Always be there for you. It was engrained into his very being and just another part that Sarah had fallen for.

She made arrangements with Morgan, exchanging phone numbers with him, something she prayed she would not regret in the near future and left the home theater room, elbowing her way out of the room as the other employees crowded the exit. Rolling her eyes once more she finally exited the store and headed towards her car. She only had half an hour until Chuck would be over at her place with the pizza and she had to prepare and begin packing.

She wasn't sure what she was going to say, but she just prayed that whatever it was that Chuck wouldn't freak out.


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