U.S.S. Sea of Tranquility

After what seemed like an eternity of being hunted by Klingons merely for being a Starfleet vessel after the Klingons had become aware of the fact that Starfleet had launched a search for Carol Marcus, the aged starship was being pursued at close range and the fight looked as though it would be lost.

Loud alarms blared and red lights flashed as Captain Harriman ran through the heavily damaged ship, pointedly ignoring his burned uniform. His heart pounded in his ears as he came to a stop in front of the Sickbay and found nothing but fires, debris, shattered glass, and bodies in the path before him.

"Lara, Johnny?!" Captain Harriman shouted anxiously as he forced the damaged doors open and cautiously made his way into the ruins of Sickbay. "LARA! JOHNNY! WHERE ARE YOU?!"

For a moment, silence was the only reply and then Captain Harriman heard faint coughing coming from the far end of Sickbay, near the area where the Chief Medical Officer would keep first aid dummies for medical staff or their growing son to practice first aid on. Swallowing hard, he made his way through the debris to the back and was horrified to see a pile of debris covering what looked like two bodies.

Silently praying that he wasn't the only member of his family left, Captain Harriman anxiously dug through the debris and was horrified to see his son, Johnny, holding tightly to the lifeless body of his beloved wife while alternating between tears and coughing, "Johnny," he breathed anxiously.

Johnny looked up, revealing a bad gash on his forehead and burns on his face, "Dad?" he asked softly.

"Come on, we're under attack!" Captain Harriman said anxiously as he reached a hand out to his son.

Johnny coughed and shook his head, "M-my leg hurts, Dad," he replied in a semi-hysterical voice.

Captain Harriman nodded and anxiously cleared the debris away just enough so he could pull Johnny gently into his arms, "W-what about M-mom?" Johnny asked anxiously as he was hauled off the floor.

"I've got to get you out of here while I can, kiddo," Captain Harriman said in an anxious voice as he carried Johnny around the debris and out of the Sickbay. "You're shivering; just huddle against me."

Johnny whimpered, but did as he was told as his father carried him down the corridor to their quarters, which had also been severely damaged by weapons fire. Captain Harriman kept his son in his arms as he gathered a blanket, an emergency pack that had rations, first aid supplies, and a weapon, and a stylus that contained every single personal and legal document that had ever belonged to the Harrimans.

After taking a final look around the quarters he never expected to see again, Captain Harriman carried his injured son and the supplies from the room, not stopping until they were at a room filled with escape pods, "We're about ten days from Earth, but I think you'll be okay if you just use the supplies," he said in an anxious voice as he opened a pod and carried his son inside. "I know you hurt, but just stay calm."

"What about you, Dad?" Johnny asked anxiously as he was sat down and covered with the blanket.

Captain Harriman set the pack and stylus next to Johnny, "Son, we're being attacked by Klingons and I don't know why, but I've got to stay and take care of the ship and everyone else," he replied in an anxious voice as Johnny began to cough. "Save your voice and I want you to wear this for a while."

Johnny trembled anxiously, but didn't argue as his father grabbed a breathing apparatus off the wall of the pod and placed it over his pale, burned face before securing him in the seat with the buckling of a safety belt that was neither too tight nor too loose, "I love you my boy, and I hope we'll see each other again," Captain Harriman said in an anxious voice as he kissed Johnny's forehead. "Live a full life."

Tears streamed down Johnny's face as Captain Harriman climbed out of the pod, closed it, and launched it from the heavily damaged ship without a second thought, "Captain Harriman to Bridge, status of the pursuing vessel?" he asked in an anxious voice as he pulled his communicator out and opened it.

There was silence and then the ship rocked violently, "Captain, we're caught in a tractor beam!" an anxious voice yelled as explosions could be heard in the background. "The Klingons have got us!"

Swearing under his breath, Captain Harriman only took a second to shed a few tears for the loss of his wife and the escape of his son before he ran out of the room, determined to face death on the Bridge.

A rush of cold wind shot through the cell and Captain Harriman's eyes slowly opened, once again reminding him that the Klingon-Romulan Alliance had caught them nearly three years ago and had sent most the crew to Rura Penthe to die. About half the crew had died during and after the attack.

His eyes immediately went to Johnny, who laid next to him in prisoner clothes and his ragged Starfleet clothes. Johnny was only just a teenager and it was time for him to be free of this death sentence.

"Johnny, wake up, son," Captain Harriman whispered softly, being careful as he touched his son's head.

2270 didn't seem any different than any other year, Captain Harriman thought as he watched Johnny struggle to wake up, but they hadn't seen the light of day in such a long time, so they weren't sure.

Johnny stirred enough to open his eyes, but did not move from where he lay, "Just stay quiet," Captain Harriman said in an anxious voice as he slowly picked Johnny up and carried him from the desolate bunker where all prisoners slept into the common area. "Just don't attract attention to yourself."

Loud noise echoed through the entire common area and Captain Harriman froze at the sight of Spock and an aggressive looking alien prisoner facing off while Zachary laid in the corner with a pained expression on his face. Carol sat nearby, not allowed to do more than record Zachary's development.

The fight was short and Spock, as happened more often than not, came out of it badly bruised and bleeding, but victorious because he had resorted to Tal-shaya to survive rather than risk being killed and permanently separated from his family, "Commander Spock, are you all right?" Captain Harriman asked in a concerned voice as the battered Vulcan reshrouded himself in the cloak that kept him warm, a cloak that he usually discarded only to defend himself. "It seems you have a new fight every day, doesn't it?"

"I am a Starfleet officer and a Vulcan," Spock replied tonelessly. "It is logical that aliens who have been here for a copious amount of time would want to test my strength in comparison to their own."

Captain Harriman nodded and sighed heavily, "I want to use that broken transporter that the guards have been using to beam dead prisoners out into the cold, but I want to send Johnny to Earth or to a Starfleet vessel," he said in a whispered voice. "I've been thinking about what you said and this…"

"I know of one way, but it will require effort," Spock replied tonelessly. "Please trust me."

Captain Harriman nodded and Spock delivered a swift nerve pinch to Johnny's shoulder, causing the battered boy to pass out, "Klingon guard, this boy is dead!" Spock announced in a gruff voice.

Within seconds, a Klingon guard came over to them, "I request the right to beam the boy into space as I am his father and I require Commander Spock's assistance since my dominant hand is broken," Captain Harriman spoke in as shaky a voice as he could manage. "It is a right granted to prisoners."

The guard studied Johnny briefly and nodded, "Be quick about it, Harriman!" he shouted in an angry voice, barely acknowledging Spock. "Work detail starts in less than an hour and you need to be there!"

Both Captain Harriman and Spock were silent as they walked through the common area to the battered transporter that was left unguarded and used to beam dead prisoners to the surface or into space to rot into nothingness, "Lay him on the pad," Spock instructed as he accessed the console and discreetly altered the destination to Earth and inputted Scotty's transwarp beaming equation from memory.

Taking great care not to further injure his already broken hand, Captain Harriman shakily set Johnny on the pad and stepped away, "Goodbye, my Johnny," Captain Harriman said in a sad voice. "I love you."

Spock shuddered and slouched slightly as he energized the transporter and Johnny disappeared into parts unknown, "Commander Spock, are you well?" Captain Harriman asked in a concerned voice as they turned and began the slow walk towards the work duty area with their shackles dragging behind.

"I am as well as one can be under such circumstances," Spock replied tonelessly, wincing with every step he took that was hampered by the shackles around his feet. "However, I am able to function."

It wasn't long before Spock noticed that Zachary had gotten up off the floor and was now fixing some broken equipment, as the guards had deemed him too young and weak for mining detail nearly a month ago after he was involved in an accident that had resulted in broken bones that had been roughly set.

Of course, Spock silently observed as he watched Zachary work while Carol silently observed and took notes on the boy while ignoring the leering looks she was getting from the guards, broken bones and beatings were nothing new and both he and Zachary had received many over the past three years.

"Commander Spock, we must hurry," Spock heard Captain Harriman say softly. "Work duty waits for no one."

Swallowing hard, Spock nodded and turned away, continuing towards the mines in silence.

Golden Gate Apartments - San Francisco, California

The light of dawn shone through the apartment, but Jim was already wide awake and silently going through notes for the simulation he had scheduled for later that day after his daily family walk across campus, the ceremony, and the small afterparty. As Jim sat at the table in the apartment, he heard soft footsteps and smiled, immediately recognizing them as George's because Lorian didn't wake up early.

Jim shifted position on the couch and smiled as he saw George come into the living room in a shirt and pajama shorts with his prosthetic leg on, "I put it on myself this morning," George stated softly.

"That's good," Jim replied gently, yawning as he smiled. "Do you want breakfast before our walk?"

George shrugged and sat on the window seat, his gaze directed at the sunrise outside and choosing to leave his youngest to meditation, Jim silently moved into Lorian's bedroom. Lorian was in bed, sound asleep with a PADD on the bed that Jim assumed was his speech for his upcoming college graduation.

"Lorian, it is time to get up," Jim replied gently. "There's quite a bit that needs to be done today."

Lorian opened his eyes and sat up, "Are we walking to the ceremony, Father?" he asked softly.

"Yes, Lorian, we are," Jim replied pleasantly. "It'll give us all a chance to get a little exercise."

Lorian nodded, "I will prepare for the day," he replied tonelessly. "Good luck today, Father."

"Thank you, my son," Jim replied calmly as he exited the room to give Lorian some privacy.

Academy Auditorium

Willard Decker grinned as he sat down in the row where Giotto and Hikaru were sitting together with other officers since all the cadets were in the back rows while officers sat closer to the floor, "Today's the day that the new Captain of the Enterprise is announced," he said in a smug voice. "Everyone who was interested took that class and several exams and I heard Starfleet finally made their decision."

"What makes you think you'll be chosen?" Hikaru asked in a skeptical voice. "A lot of people applied."

Willard scoffed and grinned as both the Academy board and members of Starfleet Command came into the auditorium and took their seats at the front table while President Pike took his place at the podium prompting the room to fall silent, "Good morning, members of Starfleet," President Pike spoke in a grand voice. "With great pride, we call Captain James Tiberius up that we may honor him."

Everyone in the seats smiled and offered quiet applause as Jim came out of the seats wearing his dress uniform and a smile on his face, "Captain Kirk, we hereby promote you to Admiral and bestow upon you the position of Chief of Starfleet Operations along with your Kobyashi Maru duties," President Pike said, smiling as he pinned another pip to Jim's collar. "May you find joy in the positon and its duties."

"Thank you, President Pike," Jim replied, bowing slightly before he returned to his seat.

President Pike smiled, "With Admiral Kirk agreeing to head up Starfleet Operations, Starfleet Command initiated a search for a new Captain for the U.S.S. Enterprise which included a battery of tests and interviews for the perfect candidate," he explained in an official voice. "After an exhaustive search, Starfleet and Academy Command have decided to promote Commander Arianne McCoy to Captain and bestow upon her the Captaincy of the newly refitted U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 as of this moment."

Applause filled the room, but Willard's jaw dropped in shock as Arianne silently walked up to the podium, "Captain McCoy, the Enterprise is now yours to do with what you will," President Pike said in a grand voice as he pinned another pip on Arianne's collar. "Congratulations on your new acquisition."

"Thank you," Arianne replied in a respectful voice, returning to her seat amidst loud applause.

The ceremony was dismissed shortly thereafter and Arianne quickly found herself being hugged by both Jim and Leonard, "I couldn't have recommended anyone better," Jim commented pleasantly.

"Well, a mission to deliver Ambassador Sarek to New Vulcan so he can provide the High Command with an update about his activities on Earth is a good way to get my feet wet in the Captain's chair," Arianne replied in a gentle voice. "Len, Jim, I am so grateful that neither of you are angry about this."

Jim looked amused, "Angry?" he replied in an amused voice. "I'm glad the ship will be well cared for."

"And you won't be alone since I'll be your Chief Medical Officer, darlin'," Leonard replied, a smile on his face as extracted a PADD from his pocket and held it up. "I just got my orders earlier this morning."

Arianne smiled and Jim sighed, "Well, I hate to hug and run, but I've got to run by Starfleet Operations to visit with Scotty and Pavel," he said in a cheerful voice. "They had to keep an eye on things."

As Jim walked off to fetch Lorian and George, Arianne noticed Willard push through the crowd and come over to her and Leonard, "I thought I'd congratulate you on your new position," he said in a dark voice, giving Arianne a stern look. "I guess being the daughter of the Starfleet President has advantages."

"Will, I took the same class you did," Arianne replied in a concerned voice, sighing as Williard walked off.

Leonard scoffed and shook his head, "Listen, I've got to get over to Starfleet Medical, but I love you and I'll see you at the Enterprise re-christening ceremony tonight," he replied softly. "You okay for a while?"

"There's no school today, so I was thinking of taking Jo, Charlie, and Kathy down to the aquarium for a while and then for a walk in the park," Arianne replied softly. "Everything on the Enterprise is ready."

Leonard delivered a gentle peck to Arianne's cheek before rushing off, leaving her alone to greet and thank the crowd coming to congratulate her and to also find Joanna, Charlie, and Kathy in the crowd.

Starfleet Operations – Transporter Room

Keenser grunted and Scotty sighed as he studied the cards that he was holding, "Yer not gonna win, ye know," Scotty said in an amused voice, giving Keenser a grin as he shuffled his hand. "Go Fish."

Pavel, who was sitting on a bench near the Transporter studying, chuckled as Keenser muttered a swear word in his language and reached for another card, "I vonder how ze ceremony vent?" he asked softly.

"I cannae expect that it was easy for Captain Kirk to give up the Enterprise and become an Admiral even if it was tae be there for his boys," Scotty commented, scowling as Keener asked for a card that he had.

Pavel shrugged, "Ze keptin ees wery careful to make decisions zat vill be for ze best for heem and hees family," he replied calmly, making a note on his PADD. "I asked to be ze Chief of Security zere."

"I'm sure Joanna will be proud," Scotty replied, scowling as he handed a few cards over to Keenser.

Pavel smiled and as he continued to study his PADD, the transporter console suddenly beeped and alarms sounded, "Transwarp transport in progress," an automated voice suddenly reported.

"What?!" Scotty shouted as he anxiously got to his feet, dropping his cards all over the floor as he raced over to the console and saw that it was active. "How canna transwarp transport be in progress here?!"

Pavel's eyes were wide, pocketing the PADD as he stood up, "Initiate ze transport and I vill Stun eet eef eet prowes to be dangerous," he replied, quickly pulling his phaser off his belt and setting it to Stun.

Scotty's hands trembled anxiously as he quickly energized the incoming transport and swore out loud, nearly vomiting as a pale, unconscious form clad in rags and chains appeared on the transporter pad.

Swallowing hard, Pavel pocketed his phaser and cautiously crept on to the pad and knelt down next to the unconscious form, "He eez alive!" Pavel exclaimed as he saw the figure breathing very slowly.

As Scotty got on the emergency channel to call for Medical, the doors slid open and Jim came in after promising to meet Sam, Aurelan, Peter, Lorian, and George at the fountains after he briefed Scotty and Pavel on the ceremony. Jim froze, however, at the sight of Pavel standing over a body on the pad.

"Keptin, this boy is alive," Pavel spoke in an anxious voice. "He badly needs ze hospeetal now, zo."

Jim frowned and he quickly went for his communicator, ready to perform his first act as an Admiral.

Downtown San Francisco

What seemed like hours later, Jim found himself at a café in downtown San Francisco, having a later breakfast with Sam, Aurelan, Peter, Lorian, and George for company, "It's strange not being in command of the new Enterprise, but I'm glad someone I can trust is in charge of her," Jim commented, sighing as he watched Lorian, George, and Peter ate from plates of oatmeal, toast, and eggs. "But I am content."

Before Sam could reply to Jim's comments, Jim's communicator went off and he quickly answered it, "Admiral Kirk, President Pike here," President Pike's voice spoke out. "I know that I said Security and Medical were handling the John Doe situation, but you're really needed at Starfleet Medical."

"I'll be there right away, President Pike," Jim replied anxiously. "Admiral Kirk out."

Giving an apologetic look to Sam, Aurelan, and Peter, Jim stood up, "I apologize, but President Pike needs me at Medical," he said in an anxious voice. "Lorian, George, we need to hurry back there."

"Jim, why don't I take Lorian and George out to the park with Sam, Peter, and I?" Aurelan offered in a gentle voice as she frowned at her brother-in-law. "It's a beautiful day and you have lots to do."

Jim nodded, "Lorian, George, I promise we'll do something together later, okay?" he asked softly.

"Father, may I go to the Academy library?" Lorian asked tonelessly. "I want to read something."

George looked eager, "Can I go with Lorian, Daddy?" he asked eagerly. "I love books a lot."

"Tell you what, we'll all go to the library," Sam commented as Jim silently hurried from the diner.

"Are you sure this plan will work?...Goodbye my Johnny. I love you."

Broken voices slowly replaced the sound of his father's voice and Johnny froze at feeling someone touching him, "Doctor McCoy, I think he moved," he heard a concerned voice say anxiously.

Another hand touched him and Johnny's eyes flew open, shocked when he found himself unable to scream because there was a tube in his throat. The sight of masked men and women in blue confused him, but all he could do was try and move his hands to try and keep the strangers away from him.

"Hey, hey, it's all right," Johnny suddenly heard a dark-haired man say in a concerned voice as he noticed a tube on his hand and tried to shake it off without success. "Can we get more anesthesia?"

Anesthesia. The word echoed through Johnny's mind and he wondered if he had been dragged out of the mines by the guards instead of being rescued like Commander Spock had promised and was now undergoing experimental surgery as punishment. Panic rose through Johnny and he tried frantically to move, but he found his legs were held in place and tubes and wires were connected to his arms.

Alarms blared and Johnny moved his head frantically to try and dislodge the tube by vomiting it out, "Get that anesthesia now!" the dark haired man yelled. "He's awake and panicking really badly."

There were soft words spoken and Johnny saw the dark-haired man move closer, "Hey, kid, you need to calm down, all right?" he asked in a concerned voice. "We can't give you more anesthesia because of your injuries, but we'll give you something that might help you feel better. Are you in a lot of pain?"

Johnny blinked and the dark-haired man nodded, "Okay, we'll take care of that," he replied in a gentle, reassuring voice. "I just want you to just relax, though, okay? It'll make this a lot easier on you."

Pain suddenly shot through Johnny's abdomen and he felt himself getting woozy as the dark-haired man kept shouting orders to the others. Hands were touching his frail body as he slowly lost consciousness.

Presidential Mansion

"Captain McCoy, may I have a word?" Arianne heard a toneless voice ask. "Or are you busy?"

Arianne looked up from the book she was reading with Charlie and Kathryn and saw President Pike standing there looking calm, "Ambassador Sarek has requested his return to New Vulcan delayed in light of this John Doe incident," President Pike explained calmly. "I would actually like to ask a favor of you since you were a certified counselor long before you became a Captain. If it's too much trouble…"

"It's no trouble, sir," Arianne replied calmly, sighing as Charlie stopped reading and looked at her.

Charlie sighed softly, "Mom, can I go for a walk in the garden?" he asked in a somber voice.

"Sure, honey," Arianne replied, smiling as Charlie stood up. "Why don't you take Porthos with you?"

Nodding, Charlie left the room and Kathryn snuggled close to Arianne, but kept reading quietly, "I was hoping you'd visit Starfleet Medical and talk to our young John Doe once he's out of surgery and cleared for visitors?" President Pike asked gently. "I'm sure it won't be for a few days, yet, so you can be on board the Enterprise when Commander Sonak arrives. I am intrigued as to your selection for a First Officer, as I would have thought you would have selected someone from the many applicants."

"I need a reminder of Spock there," Arianne replied calmly. "Spock is very much like my brother and I need that logic and calmness there when I can't seem to find it. Admiral Kirk agreed with me."

President Pike nodded, "I do have to say that Doctor Sonak is very grateful that you offered him a chance to serve as a Starfleet Commander," he replied calmly. "Have you thought about who the other members of your senior staff will be? I understand that quite a few people have expressed interest."

"I want Doctor Sonak to know that I hold no anger against him for the way he helped Doctor Phlox saved Zachary's life and I feel that this is the best way to do it," Arianne replied calmly. "Scotty has requested to be Chief Engineer as long as Keenser can come with him, Pavel wants to work Security on the Bridge under Giotto, I still need a Navigator, Sulu wants to be Chief Helmsman, and my Science Officer…"

Arianne sighed, "Maybe I'll ask Doctor Sonak to do that as well since the Sickbay will be fully staffed with Leonard, Doctor M'Benga, and several nurses and med-students," she commented softly. "I've also got a boatload of cadets coming aboard as part of the practical parts of their Academy training."

Before President Pike, who was pleased with how much work Arianne was putting into both being there for her family and for her new ship, could reply, Michael came into the room looking worried, "Mama and I were walking around the garden taking care of the plants and we saw Charlie and Porthos walking around," he reported softly. "He was crying, but I knew if I went near him, he'd run away, so I didn't."

"Ah," Arianne replied softly, her eyes filled with compassion. "He doesn't cry in front of anyone."

Michael swallowed hard and President Pike's eyes narrowed, "Uh, Charlie saw me watching him and he tied up the dog and ran off out of the yard," Michael said in a nervous voice. "Mama called him, but…"

Arianne sighed heavily and got up off the couch, "I'll start calling people around campus and tell them to be on the lookout for Charlie," she said in a tired voice. "He hasn't gone far before and he won't now."

Starfleet Security

"I don't understand why I'm here if there's nothing telling us who this child is or where he came from," Nyota commented as she pulled on a pair of gloves and reached for the chains on the table.

Giotto sighed and silently ran his gloved hands across the clothes and cloak, "This material was made for very bleak conditions from what I know of it," he stated in a concerned voice. "In one of my courses, we briefly studied alien gulags and prisoners were given attire so they could survive any kind of conditions, but those were treated like privileges; if a prisoner misbehaved, they were often sent to die."

"Zat is wery brutal," Pavel commented softly, not wanting to comment that he had lived in similar barbaric circumstances before Captain Pike had rescued him. "How does anyone survive zat?"

Hendorff gave Pavel a look, "Sheer willpower," he replied calmly. "From what I saw, that kid looks to be the same age as Charlie and Zachary McCoy and not every 12 year old can survive such a terrible…"

"I heard the mission to New Vulcan was postponed," Nyota said in an anxious voice as she hurried into the evidence analysis room and saw Pavel, Giotto, Hendorff, a Vulcan scientist, and several other Security officers working away at analysing the evidence. "I was just going to ask the new Captain about that because I had wanted to express my interest in being Chief of Communications since my family…"

Pavel sighed, frowning as he received a message on the PADD he kept out at most times in case an emergency came up, "Keptin MeeCoy eez busy trying to find Charlie," he replied in a concerned voice as he looked up at Nyota. "Charlie vas upset zees morning and ran away vhen Michael saw him crying."

"Ah, I need to visit with Captain McCoy and she needs to give me a tour around the Enterprise," Doctor Sonak spoke up in a toneless voice, quickly discarding his gloves. "She appointed me First Officer of the Enterprise and I would be considered very rude to not express my gratitude and get to work."

Nyota looked surprised, "Arianne was appointed Captain of the Enterprise?" she asked softly. "Wow."

"Eet has been a hard sree years for her vith both Spock and Zachary meeseeng," Pavel commented in a compassionate voice. "Seence Joanna, Charlie, and Kathee are all growing up, she zot it vould be a good thing for her to try and it vould be a vay for her to keep her family togezzer since zey could serve zere."

Nyota nodded and smiled, "I think I'll call her and see if I can help find Charlie," she replied softly, knowing how hard it had been for the boy to accept the loss of Zachary. "Maybe we can talk later."

Pavel smiled, "By the way, I heard about the John Doe at Starfleet Medical," Nyota continued, her gaze travelling to the clothes and chains on the table. "Is that what he was found in?"

"Ze boy showed up on ze transporter and Meester Scott has barricaded heemself and Keenser in ze Engineering offices to try and figure out how and vhy," Pavel explained patiently. "And ve are here."

Nyota nodded, "Ambassador Sarek is spending time with his grandchildren today, so maybe I'll go over to the Presidential mansion to see if I can help somehow," she commented as she left the room.

"Look at this metal, Giotto," Hendorff suddenly spoke up anxiously. "There are symbols on it."

Both Giotto and Pavel quickly turned their attention to the chains, which featured aggressive looking symbols on the shackles, "Chekov, look through the database for those symbols," Giotto ordered.

Starfleet Medical

It was nearly late afternoon by the time Leonard finished the surgeries on the John Doe and he found himself sitting in the foyer, silently relaxing with a cup of hot chocolate to soothe his nerves. Just as he was going to go to his office and lie down, however, Charlie silently came in through the front doors.

"Papa, hi," Charlie spoke nervously, quickly wiping his face with his sleeve. "I…I was just trying to…"

Quickly recognizing that Charlie had caught someone watching him cry and had run off in embarrassment, Leonard sighed patiently, stood up, and walked over to his eldest son with an arm extended to give a side-hug, "You know you just can't run off when someone catches you crying, Charlie," Leonard said in a calm, but firm voice. "I understand things get hard for you sometimes, but when they do, don't be afraid to talk to someone about it. Anyway, I can take you home in a few minutes after I check on a patient that just came out of surgery and is recovering in Peds ICU."

"Can I come, Papa?" Charlie asked curiously, his sadness fading. "Maybe I can help somehow."

Even though Leonard seriously doubted Charlie could be of help to a semi-critical youth who was just in the process of recovering from surgery, he nodded and the walk up to the Pediatrics section of the large hospital was quiet. The moment that they entered the hospital room, Charlie froze and studied Johnny carefully while Leonard went over to the bed and silently studied the bio-monitor. Johnny was unconscious with one leg in a cast underneath some clean hospital pajamas while his head, hands, abdomen, and chest were bandaged and several drip-boxes, tubes, and wires surrounded his body.

"What happened to him, Papa?" Charlie asked softly, inching to the end of the bed. "He looks bad."

Leonard sighed heavily, "He transported here, Charlie, but nobody knows from where or why," he explained in a patient voice. "We don't know who he is, so Starfleet's named him John Doe for now."

For a moment, Charlie was silent and got his personal PADD out, ignoring the trembling in his hands as he accessed the many photos he kept there until he could afford holo-frames, "Papa, I went to school with him," he said in an anxious voice, feeling sick inside as he recognized the battered pre-teen as a friend who had helped him in his early schooling. "He's Johnny Harriman and his dad was a Captain."

"Are you sure?" Leonard asked in a concerned voice, turning to face Charlie. "How do you know?"

Charlie silently held out his personal PADD for Leonard to see, "Class pictures," he replied softly.

Leonard silently took the PADD Charlie held out and studied it, "Papa, why has Johnny got so many bandages and a tube down his throat?" he asked in a worried voice. "What happened to him?"

"I don't know, but I need to call Starfleet Command and share what you just told me," Leonard replied as he got his private PADD out of his pocket and typed a message. "You actually helped quite a bit."

Starfleet Security

Having just got Leonard's message on his way to check the progress of the investigation, President Pike sighed and pocketed his PADD as he entered the evidence room. Pavel and Nyota were busy at the computer while Giotto and Hendorff were studying the chains and Dr. Sonak was studying the clothes.

The entire room went silent and President Pike was about to speak when Jim hurried into the room, "Sorry, it was hard to get a bus back from downtown," Jim said anxiously. "I got your message, sir."

President Pike nodded and sighed, "Well, firstly, Charlie is safe with Doctor McCoy at Starfleet Medical and Captain McCoy is on her way there now," he stated calmly. "Secondly, thanks to Charlie McCoy, we have a positive identification on the John Doe that was admitted to Starfleet Medical this morning."

Jim, Nyota, Giotto, Pavel, Hendorff, Dr. Sonak, and the others all looked at President Pike with expressions of astonishment, "The boy's name is Johnny Harriman and he is the son of John Harriman, Captain of the U.S.S. Tranquility and Lara Harriman, Chief Medical Officer of the U.S.S. Tranquility," President Pike explained in a somber voice. "His condition is currently stable, but very serious."

"Vat happened to ze Tranqeeleety?" Pavel asked in a worried voice. "How did Johnny end up here?"

Jim sighed, "That's what we have to find out," he spoke up, knowing he needed to tell Arianne about the Tranquility and about the Harriman family soon. "All of our answers lie in young Mister Harriman now."

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