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The rest of the group was slightly tense as the three saiyans floated down with an unconscious Goku. Raditz rolled his eyes and asked if they had any of those Senzu Beans. Krillin quickly placed one in Goku's mouth before hesitantly offering one to Vegeta, who took it with a slight scoff.

Goku instinctively swallowed and soon sat up. It only took a moment for him to realize what happened. "Damn, I lost," he said, rubbing his head sheepishly.

Raditz snorted. "Did you think it would be that easy? Vegeta is our leader for a reason." He paused. "Still...you did very well, brother. I'm impressed."

"Thanks Raditz! But it was partially because you helped me train."

"Only partially," Raditz confirmed. "But that technique you've learned was not one that I even know of. Was it something you learned in Otherworld?"

"Yeah, King Kai taught me! It's really useful, but I still can't go beyond the Times Three Kaioken without damaging my body."

"Now that's interesting," Nappa commented. "Hey, Vegeta, I wonder how it would hold up against your Galicken?" Vegeta's only response was to shoot him an annoyed look.

"It's unwise to discuss our trump cards in the company of others, Nappa," he rebuked.

Nappa shrugged. "Yeah, you're right. My bad." Paranoid as always…

"I'm more curious about the threat you mentioned," Raditz stated. "What made you think enemies were approaching the planet?"

"Well, that was what Kami said. He's the guardian of earth, so sometimes he gets visions regarding its wellbeing. He was convinced we'd have to train for some threat that looming over the horizon, but he didn't know what it was."

"Not very helpful," Nappa muttered. "Unless…" He turned to Vegeta with a frown. "Do you think?"

Vegeta was as emotionless as ever, but Piccolo could detect the tension in his posture as he pondered what he'd been told.

"If it's really them, we'll be prepared," he said with a note of finality. Immediately, Nappa and Raditz adopted grim expressions.

"Looks like vacation is over," Nappa said gruffly.

"Wait, do you guys have some idea of what's coming?" Krillin asked.

Raditz turned to Goku. "Kakarot, you remember the enemy I mentioned, right? The one we've been evading, and came to recruit you in the fight against?"

Goku nodded. "Yeah, but I'm still not going to leave earth. At least not permanently. I can help you guys out since we're tight and everything, but after that it's right back home to my family."

Raditz decided to ignore his naivety at the moment.

"We'll take you up on that offer. But in the meantime, we'll need to help you protect this little mudball. Am I right to assume this planet doesn't get visitors often?"

"I'd say that's accurate," Yamcha supplied. "The last one before you guys was Goku."

"Than the fact that your guardian sensed a threat approaching now likely isn't a coincidence," Vegeta stated. "Most likely, whoever is coming is after the three of us."

"And we think we know who it is," Nappa added.

"Do you think you can handle them? Who are these guys exactly?" Tien asked.

"They call themselves the Ginyu Force," Vegeta said. "They're an elite fighting force that works under Freeza."

"Freeza? Is that the guy you guys have been at war with?" Goku asked.

Vegeta's expression darkened. "Yes...as well as the one I will kill, without fail." Not even noticing the effect his intimidating words had on some the Z-Warriors, he continued. "Freeza is the heir to a galactic empire run by the Cold Family. Reaching out to the stars using the Planet Trade Organization, they rule over most of the known galaxy with an iron fist. Years ago, we managed to escape his sphere of influence, but it's possible that on our way here—"

Suddenly, Piccolo gasped. "They're here!" he shouted, casting his gaze up to the sky.

Vegeta glared at being interrupted, but made use of his newfound ability to confirm the Namekians words. Biting back a curse, he began to track their trajectory based on which way their ki was moving. He quickly signalled Nappa and Raditz before taking off in a seemingly random direction, which they didn't even hesitate to follow in. The others looked on in confusion, before Piccolo flew off as well, and Goku signalled for the rest to follow.

When they arrived at the crash site, the members of the group native to earth were relieved to see that the newcomers had landed in an unpopulated area. They doubted that these invaders would be as relatively discreet as the saiyans had been.

Said saiyans were now having a standoff with five bizarre looking aliens. It wasn't their looks that got their attention though. Their powers were simply huge, easily rivaling those of the saiyans. As Vegeta stared stoically at a smirking horned, purple alien who looked to be the leader, Goku broke the staredown.

"Hey, so you guys are those Ginyu guys, right?"

Captain Ginyu regarded him with obvious amusement. "So you told the locals about us, Vegeta? I hope you don't think it will make a difference in your fate, or theirs. Perhaps it didn't appeal to your sense of honor to let us purge the planet without at least warning someone we were coming?"

Vegeta was stonily silent as his eyes flickered across each face of the invaders. His silent observation seemed to unnerve one of them, a small green one who, on second notice, had a significantly lower power level than the others. Piccolo silently plotted to take that one out first.

Eventually, Vegeta smiled coldly. "You know, I was a bit worried about this encounter. The last time we escaped you fools, we would not have fared very well in a straight up fight. As much as it didn't appeal to my sense of honor, we were forced to flee. But now...I wonder how you five will fare against the three of us."

In response to his words, Nappa and Raditz both got into fighting stances, causing Ginyu to burst out laughing.

"Oh, this is adorable! The little monkeys have grown fangs, after all this time! Do you dirty saiyans really think whatever pultry improvements you've made to your feeble techniques will be enough to survive this encounter?"

"I guess we'll just have to see, won't we?" Nappa replied with a confident smirk.

"Such confidence," Ginyu mused, still smiling. "I'll enjoy destroying that along with this planet."

"Since you seem fairly confident as well, would you care to make this interesting?" Raditz asked.

"What, the stakes aren't high enough for you?" one of the others spoke up, a tall blue one. "You're already gambling your lives away. What more could you suicidal saiyans possibly ask for?"

Vegeta caught Raditz' eye, and a silent conversation seemed to pass between the two. Vegeta finally nodded.

"One on one fights," Raditz stated, catching the Ginyu Force's interest. "We will both put forth one opponent at a time. Once one is finished, the next will come forth, and so on. If we lose all our members first, you're free to purge this planet. If you do, well..." he chuckled. "Then that's that, isn't it?"

"An intriguing offer," Ginyu stated, despite the short red one next to him narrowing his eyes in suspicion. "But if we're going to make a game of this, I should point out that your side does have more players." He nodded at the earthlings.

"I wouldn't worry," Vegeta spoke up. "They won't be taking part."

This ignited shocked protests from Tien, Krillin, and Yamcha, as well as a growl from Piccolo. Vegeta ignored them all and turned to Goku. "I hope you don't mind, Kakarot. But seeing as it's our fault they're here, it's only right that we take care of this."

Goku hummed. "Well, I really wanted to fight, but I suppose I'll sit this one out if you promise me a rematch later!"

Vegeta smirked. "Then we're in agreement."

"Are you sure about this Goku?" Tien asked. "These guys aren't pushovers."

"It'll be fine, Tien," Goku assured. "Let's just see what those three can do for now, alright?" Tien reluctantly nodded and stood back, along with the rest of the group, minus the three saiyans.

"Of course, the moment one not fighting should interfere, this game is over," Ginyu warned smugly.

"Naturally," Vegeta said with a smirk. "Who's up first on your end?"

"Ah, give us a second, would you?" Ginyu said. The Ginyus decided to play a five member game of rock paper scissors, much to everyone's bemusement, though Vegeta simply rolled his eyes and waited. The short green one was eventually chosen to fight.

"Right. Raditz, you're first," Vegeta commanded. The long haired saiyan strode forward without a word.

Guldo nervously hit the button on the scouter, and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the number it displayed.

"1200?" Burter burst out laughing. "Is this some kind of joke Vegeta? You may as well send out a Saibaman to fight!"

"Talking shit is easy," Raditz said, unfazed. "I assume that's why you do a lot of it. Are we ready to start?"

Burter growled, but Ginyu held a hand up to silence him. "Suicidal may have been an accurate description. I don't know what you're playing at Vegeta, but seeing as you won't live long to regret this…yes, I think we're ready."

"Very well," Vegeta said, as Guldo got into a ready position. "Go."

The only sign of what was coming was a warning beep from the scouters, before Raditz appeared, arm outstretched, behind Guldo, and the latter's head fell from his body, landing on the ground with a dull thud. His body soon toppled over as well.

The Ginyus looked on with wide eyes, while the earthlings weren't particularly surprised. It had been fairly easy to tell that Raditz had been suppressing his ki, but the enemy's scouters seemingly couldn't detect it. They all took note of that advantage.

"I suppose that ends round one," Vegeta said emotionlessly.

"What—what just happened?" Recoome stuttered. "His power level is still at 1200! How could he have done that?"

"Guldo let his guard down. That fool!" Burther yelled. Jeice had his teeth grit.

Captain Ginyu's face was stony as he observed the results of the fight. "They can hide their power levels," he said finally, shocking his remaining three men, who all looked back at Raditz.

The long haired saiyan grinned smugly as he stopped suppressing his ki, causing a series of beeps to come from their scouters.

"20,000!? That's Impossible! No saiyan is that strong!" Burter exclaimed.

Piccolo smirked as he observed the events unfolding. Raditz' ki still wasn't maxed. He was still leading the enemy to believe they were weaker than they really were. Loathe though he was to admit it, these saiyans had their strategy down to an art.

Ginyu sighed. "Recoome, you're up next," he commanded. The giant red haired man snarled and stomped forward.

"Alright then. We'll be making a substitution now," Vegeta informed. "Nappa, it's your turn."

"What!? That wasn't part of the rules! You said we keep going until we're finished!" Jeice shouted.

"I said no such thing. I said that once one of us is finished, another takes their place. I never said we couldn't switch out before that."

Jeice growled. "Captain, I'm against this. These saiyans are trying to play us for fools!"

"Shut up, Jeice," Ginyu said, effectively silencing his second in command. "We may have lost Guldo, but he was by far the weakest among us. There is still no possibility of us losing this fight. If any of us are weak enough to lose to these saiyans, that just means we need new members!"

Ginyu's three followers swallowed heavily hearing this, while Nappa inwardly cheered. Ginyu was getting annoyed, and it was causing him to think less clearly. If they kept this up, they could win this without a single casualty.

"Go, Nappa," Vegeta commanded, eliciting a nod from the tall saiyan.

Recoome hit the button on his scouter out of habit. "6000...but I'm willin' to bet that you're hiding your power as well, aren't you? Not that it matters. You're gonna be hurtin' all too soon—"

Nappa decided not to let him finish as he rushed forward and elbowed Recoome right in the nose. A loud snap could be heard as the cartilage shattered, and Recoome roared in pain before taking a wild swing at Nappa that was easily dodged. The saiyan followed up with a punch to the stomach which doubled Recoome over, but the Giny warrior quickly regained his bearings and launched a right hook at Nappa's face, which managed to connect. Nappa nearly lost his balance, but caught himself. Ignoring the ugly bruise on his face, he grabbed Recoome by the arm and slammed him against the ground like a rag doll.

"Captain, his power level is at 40,000. The same as Recoome's," Jeice stated gravely. Ginyu's only response was to continue watching the fight.

After another exchange of blows, Nappa swung Recoome around by the leg and launched him into the air. He followed up by firing a ki blast from his mouth, which engulfed Recoome in a blinding flash of light. When the light faded, Recoome was revealed to be hovering in the air, burned badly with his armor nearly gone but still very much alive.

"It may interest you to know that while their power levels may be the same, Nappa's fighting style and technique is much better honed," Raditz spoke up from the sidelines. "In other words...this won't end well for you."

Meanwhile, Krillin listened with wide eyes. He's lying! Nappa is still suppressing his ki a bit! It's like everything they say is meant to throw their opponents off! I really would not want to fight these guys.

As Nappa rose into the air to pursue his opponent, Recoome dived towards him to meet him halfway, but Nappa twisted around mid air and elbowed him in the skull, dazing him momentarily before he grabbed him in a body bind. Recoome started struggling to escape, but Nappa didn't give him a chance, diving towards the ground and pile driving him into the earth headfirst. He rolled and skidded across the ground as the recoil of such a move took its toll, before he straightened out. As Recoome started to work himself free from the dirt, Nappa held his palm out, offering no respite. He sent a huge ki blast at Recoome before he could get free, which exploded on contact, scorching the earth for miles.

The observers took a moment to regain their bearings, some having ducked for cover from the resulting shockwave. Much to their surprise, Recoome emerged from the blast standing on his feet once again, though he looked much worse for wear now.

"You're tough to put down, I'll give you that," Nappa stated, spitting out a wad of blood from his mouth.

"And you really know how to run away," Recoome stated. He followed the backhanded compliment by holding his arms out in front of him. But just try to dodge this!" His ki started to spike as he gathered energy for a wide area of effect attack. Nappa simply smirked and mimicked the movement.

Jeice stared in horror as Nappa's power level rose again, finally settling at 45,000. "Recoome! Don't!" he shouted, but his comrade either didn't hear him or didn't take head as he let loose his blast. Raditz grinned as Nappa did the same, and the two blasts met in the middle. Slowly, Nappa's blast gained ground, and Recoome was unable to get out of the way in time as his attack was overtaken. He shouted in pain as the ki blast engulfed him, slowly roasting him alive. It felt like an eternity before the attack finally faded into nothingness, and he fell towards the earth with a loud crash. His flesh was charred all over, and it felt like every bone in his body was broken. He feebly attempted to rise to his feet as Nappa landed next to him, panting heavily. The tall saiyan sent a mocking salute towards the rest of horrified Ginyu Force, before sending a quick ki blast through the downed warrior's chest, ending his life instantly.

A/N: Power levels:

Guldo: 9000

Raditz (suppressed): 1200

Raditz (max): 28,000

Recoome: 40,000

Nappa (suppressed): 6000

Nappa (max): 45,000

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