Fellow readers,

I understand that all of you eagerly wait for updates, and when a "long" gap comes between updates, it can seem frustrating. Especially since quite a few GMW fanfics update quite frequently. Originally when we first started posting, we were hoping there would be enough time for the next part of the journey would be ready by the time the previous one finished. It was looking good.

We haven't left this story. However, life happened and we couldn't do anything about it. It's hard to deliver when you barely have any free time.

I get that you want more. Believe me when I say that we want to give you more, but school has started for many, and this is not an exception for us. When some people say "where's the next chapter?" and tacking on "not trying to be rude" after saying that… you are. We have lives outside of fanfiction, and this is supposed to be fun for the writer and the reader. Personally when I get reviews like that, it makes writing feel like a chore. It shouldn't feel like that, and seeing those reviews hurts us! We want to update, and if we had time to do so, we would. What we need is your support, and please keep this in mind when you review. And while I'm addressing this specifically for The Elite, this applies to fall fanfiction writers. If there's a long break in between chapters, stop and think. If they had the material to update, they would.

I also want to thank all of those who have been very patient in regarding chapter updates. Seeing those reviews means the world to us, and we're hoping to have something up sometime in the future. We're not sure when that will be, but we're hoping that you'll stay with us until that happens.

Sincerely, ~cowgirlangel95 – member of The Elite; writing on behalf of all members.