Disclaimer/Pairings/Translations Page

As usual Sailor Moon does not belong to me. I have just borrowed the Sailor Moon world to play in. This story can most likely be considered a multiple crossover as I have borrowed a few people from the SeraMyu, Inuyasha, Yu Gi Oh, WWE, and X-Men worlds. I hope you like how I bring a few of the Greek Gods into this as well. The disclaimer, translations and such is getting their own page simply so I don't have to put them at the start or end of every chapter. As I feel that detracts from the feel of a story. As a reader I don't want to see that every time i read a new chapter in the same story. Once should be enough to legally cover everyones butts. I want to get straight to the story. Since the past, present and future is mentioned in this story, I am separating the pairings into first, second and third generation listings. First generation meaning the Moon Kingdom, Second the present and third the future. It took me a year and a half to write this, as my emotions were in control most times when I sat down to work on it. Other times the creative bunnies in my head just would not come out of hiding. It then sat on my computer for over two years waiting for me to break it down into readable chapters as I could not decide were to break it up at. Hell I am still having trouble with that one. So as a result some chapters might be very short, and others very long. Italics will mean telepathic communication, writing in a journal, animals speaking, etc. Some grammatical errors were deliberate to emphasize emotions. Please be respectful with any flames. If you are respectful I will respond just as respectfully. If you are not respectful, you will get a big flaming Bite Me sent back to you.

Also a slight warning for all writers out there. If anything ever goes wrong with your computer, take it to the nearest Staples to have it worked on by one of their licensed technitions. It will cost a little more but you will be saving time, headaches and money in the end. I made that mistake once, and wound up paying out an extra 150 dollars to have it done right. The idiots I took it to first, failed to not only reinstal Microsoft Works onto my computer after supposidly repairng it, they kept my reinstal disc claiming it was theirs. God I miss using Word Perfect. The grammar and spell check features are the bomb. WordPad which I now have to use is pathetic in comparison. It has no usefull features. If you do take it to some other computer repair shop, before they even touch your computer, make them prove they are a licensed computer tech. Now one last thing. If you don't like foul language, group or lesbian sex, don't read this story as it will have a good deal of it. And thanks for letting me vent about idiotic computer repair shops that claim to know what they are doing. Also, I can't remember the name of the story or who wrote it. But the senshi oath in the story has been stuck in my mind for a very long time. I hope they don't mind I borrowed for Molly to use to bind herself into service as the new Sailor Mars. For the oath, ALL credit goes to them.

First Generation Pairings:

Queen Serenity/Miranda (Sailor Uranus)

Princess Serenity/Princess Haruka


Second Generation Pairings:










Queen Serenity/Miranda (Eternal Sailor Uranus)

Kareinai (Katayama Sayuri)/Seikaru (Ono Hikari)/Taikoru(Takagi Nao)

Shingo (Prince Tranquility)/Queen Nehelania

Makoto/Hikaru Kurotsuki (SeraMyu Character played by Ono Hikari)

Third Generation Pairings:

Amara/Serena (As Siblings)

Michelle/Darien (As Lovers)


Hikaru Kurotsuki - Black Moonlight

Hara Kiri (Seppuku) - Ritual Suicide

Koneko - Kitten

Odango Atama - Dumpling Head

Gender-Morph - Magical ability to take on the fully functioning form of the opposite sex.

Yogurt Spitter & Mushrooms - Slang for Male Genitals

Chibi Hikari - Little Light

T.M.I. - Too Much Information

Koi - shortened form of Koibito and if I am remembering what I was taught correctly it means, My Love

Kudesai - Please

Eating at the Y (Slang Term) - For those that don't know, it means a woman is getting her privates licked and suckled

Crotch Rot (Slang Term) - Yeast Infection

Ginzuishou - Silver Crystal

OhTube - Fictional version of Youtube

Onegai - Stronger form of Please

Hai - Yes

Konban wa - Good Evening (I think)

I.A.D. - Internal Affairs Division

Moshi Moshi - Hello (Used when answering a telephone)