Falling Into Oblivion

RATED: T for ages 14 and up! CONTAINS: self-harm, suicidal thoughts, character death?(Not sure yet)


Summary: Takes place after the camping trip where Amaimon attacked the exwires and exorcists, and where all the cram students found out that Rin is the Son of Satan. Assuming that Yukio never knew that Rin was the Son of Satan, a demon, Yukio finds out the truth. All the people that were important to him, distance themselves and shun him. His own brother hates him for being a demon, and he is left alone all by himself. Rin tries to act as if nothing happened and tries to show his friends and his brother that he isn't a threat, even being the Son of Satan. What will happen as Rin is being constantly pushed away by all the people that he thinks he can trust? Rin starts going back to his bad habits of beating up guys who do horrible things, and he even produces other life-threatening habits. Will Rin be able to be saved? Or will he completely fall into oblivion?

Chapter 1

Rin was in his room on his bed, thinking of all the events that passed. After the events that passed during the camping trip, everyone found out that he was the Son of Satan, a demon. They all started the shun him and have fear in their eyes, whenever he would try to approach them, talk to them, or even look at them. I mean he was always the same person as he always was, demon or not. It's not like he had a choice at the time, it was either draw his sword and turn into a half demon, or let his father: Father Fujimoto die. Of course he chose to draw his sword and save his father, knowing of the consequences and how his life would change forever, not letting him to be a human but rather a demon, for the rest of his life. His father had warned him to never draw his sword, that he would change into a half demon and that he would never have the same life ever again. He couldn't just let his father die as he was getting sucked into the Ghenna Gate, so of course he drew his sword, changing his life forever.

Recently due to the chain of events, all the cram students avoided him and especially the Kyoto group showed their anger by talking constantly about the Blue Night that occurred at their temple, whenever he was around. Yukio expressed how much he hated him, now that he found that he was a demon and not just any demon, but the Son of Satan. Their relationship furthered and Rin moved out of the room he was sharing with Yukio to another dorm room that was on the other side of the building, not wanting to bother his twin any more than he already has. He rarely talked to him unless it was about what he should cook, Yukio constantly reminding him that he needed to pass his class, and when they would go to sleep or wake up. This was pretty much all they talked about.

Due to all of this, Rin had at one point constructed a mask, covering all of his true feelings. To them, they saw the same happy, cheerful, and goofy raven haired boy they didn't see all the pain and suffering he went through. They never saw, all the burden he was carrying, all the choices he made, and how his life was so limited. Lately, Rin fell into the habit of cutting his wrists, upper arms, and legs with any sharp object he can find. At first, he started snapping rubber bands on his wrists but he slowly started to cut his wrists with a razor blade. The pain of the cut helped him relax and release any negative emotions that he kept suppressing since he had no one to talk to, and his demon healing always reminded him of who he was. No one knew that he did any of these things, he made sure that he would keep them hidden, not that anyone really looked at him or even cared about him. Each time he made a cut, no matter how deep, no matter how much the pain, his demon healing would always heal it, only leaving a thin red line.

"One, two, three..."Rin counted each cut he made, feeling more relaxed, only feeling the pain and not feeling any emotions. He watched as the cut blossomed red, as crimson droplets dripped down his wrists each time making the cut deeper and deeper. Rin turned on the sink water, cleaning his wrist and bandaging it up for no one to see and walked out of the room to his secret safe haven. He opened the room with a key, revealing many artworks, instruments, and a wide variety of arts and crafts. Rin discovered how he was not only good at cooking but also anything that had to do with art, which caused him to turn one of the bigger rooms of the abandoned boy's dormitory his art studio. Yukio and him never used any other rooms so he set up this room for himself. Without this room, he would've already killed himself or have gotten killed. This room was the only thing that was really prolonging his life and keeping him alive, and sane. He picked up the violin out of it's casing and positioned it under his collarbone, playing a sad melody. The violin was the only instrument that he really liked to play, because it was the only instrument that actually portrayed the feelings that he was feeling now, into a melody. The melody of the instrument resonated throughout the whole building.

"I'm glad, Yukio isn't here today because of a mission. I wouldn't want anyone finding out about this room, or about me playing the violin."

After hours of playing, Rin was satisfied and put the instrument carefully back into its casing. He exited the room, and changed into his uniform and opened the door with the magical key that led to the school. He got there before anyone else, not wanting to see anyone's face filled with fear only emotionally crushing him, and now sitting in the back of the classroom all alone. As time passed and the cram students started filing in, he made the mistake of staring at Shiemi as she was entering the classroom. Within eye contact, he could see her green eyes filled with fear and she looked as if she was going to cry.

"Che. Of course, what else did I expect. I mean, nothing's going to change today."

Rin slept through the lectures like always, not bothering to pay attention and only waiting for class to end so that he can leave. He now forgot how having friends was, the memory was distant from not having any human contact or conversation in the past month. He felt more comfortable alone, rather than in a big group of students. Due to this, he was diagnosed with anti-depressants and medicine to help with his insomnia.

Okay, this is it for now since I have to go to sleep. Sorry this is really short... heh. I haven't really typed or written my fantasies on paper or computer before, only replaying the scenes over and over again in my head. I mean it's pretty hard, like I know how the scene's going to be in my head but when I come to type it, it doesn't really construct the way I want it to. (Hence, mostly narrating and barely any quotes or characters talking.) Hope whoever reads this will enjoy, leave a review, and if I made any errors to comment.

Rin: Hey, why are you making me suicidal with depression and insomnia?!

Writer: I just wanted to. I can do whatever I want right?

Rin: Of course not! I want my life back! Give me back my friends!

Writer: Sorry but right now, you're left by your friends.

Rin: Why? Why would you do this?

Writer: Why? Because I want to. This is my imagination of how things play out okay?

Rin: Fine... Whatever. You better not kill me off or something.

Writer: Well... (*smirks*) I don't know actually.

Rin: (!) What! You can't just do that! (*Lunges*)

Writer: Yes I can! (*Runs away, laughing evilly*)

Rin: Hey! (*Runs after*)