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Severus tried to tie his cravat, but was getting flustered while he tried to get it straight. Even though he didn't need to dress in his full robes, he still wore a cravat every day, because while Hermione and healers did a great job at patching him up, he still had a horrific scar on his neck where Nagini took a bite out of him.

Severus sighed in frustration, and threw his cravat across the room just as Hermione was walking into it.

"You need to relax," she said, coming over and placing a hand on his shoulder.

"I can't relax," Severus said. "Can't we just stay home?"

Hermione shook her head. "No, we can't."

"Can you just go by yourself?"

Hermione chuckled. "No, I can't. And you can blame yourself for sharing your memories with Harry during the final battle for why you need to be there."

Severus sighed and sat down on the bed. "Fucking Potter, still making my life miserable from the grave. And now Potter Junior has latched onto me like a leech."

"You enjoy it, and you know it," Hermione said with a laugh. "And today won't be that bad. You just need to stand up in front of a room full of mostly Weasleys. It'll be over before you know it. Just be glad he and Ginny opted for a small, intimate wedding rather than one befitting of the Saviour of the Wizarding World."

"I still don't understand how out of all of the people in his life, why he chose me to stand up with him," Severus said, standing up to retrieve his cravat from where he had chucked it.

"Because you're one of the last ties he has to his parents. I think he's starting to see you as a father figure."

Severus groaned as he tied the cravat around his neck. "Which in and of itself is troubling."


"Being the father figure to the boy my wife considers a brother? Not the most appealing thought."

Hermione laughed. "It's not that bad. You're enjoying being looked at like the hero for once, and not the villain."

Severus shrugged, smirking. She wasn't wrong there. The last year had actually seemed a bit surreal. After a lifetime of being made to feel less than, as the villain, as the gum on someone's shoe, he spent the last year being greeted with accolades. Potter had not been silent when yelling his innocence from the rooftops. The role he played as spy was announced in every paper. He was exonerated of any wrong doing in the death of Dumbledore. The only thing that took a while was to explain to everyone his and Hermione's relationship. It was a lot of late nights in Grimmauld Place explaining time travel and that they had fallen in love when they were both teens, and that he hadn't abused his position of power and seduced a student. Giving Harry whatever memories he had given him had helped with that meeting with the board of governors.

In the past year he also stepped down from Hogwarts. He had no interest in staying on in any capacity. He and Hermione started a potions business together,and were doing really well brewing special requests, and quickly becoming one of the top apothecaries in Diagon Alley. He and Hermione also married shortly after he was released from St. Mungo's. Rather than having a big to do, they had a small ceremony with just Potter and Weasley as witnesses. It was perfect.

"You're right," Severus said. "I do enjoy being the hero. It's nice to not have to hide in the shadows and maintain my mask for the world anymore."

"Well, I'm glad, too. It's nice to be with you and not have to worry about hexes being thrown at us."

"Especially now," Severus said, walking over, and placing a hand at her barely swelling belly.

Hermione placed her hand on top of his. "Yes, it would certainly be inconvenient now."

Severus looked down at his wife, who was smiling her radiant smile, her eyes filled with love for him, her belly swelling with his unborn child, and he couldn't remember a time when his heart felt so full. And even though his life up until this point had been a living hell, he would not change one millisecond. For if he changed anything, he may not have encountered and married the girl who had fallen from the future. And he would not give her up if his life depended on it.

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