Notes: Since I fail at drabbling some minor plot crept into my smut. Hope nobody minds! This takes place after Caroline flipped the switch so TVD stuff applies. TO canon however, does not. No Hayley, no baby, no resurrections or extra Mikealson's that no one cares about. Title is from the Chet Faker song of the same name (I also fail at titles).


Part 1: Stages One Through Three

She's a vision of black and gold when he finds her.

Klaus has been scouring the country for months, ever since her useless friends called him, back in February. From what he'd gathered the Bennett witch had insisted Damon call him, after the Salvatore's had tried (and failed) to track Caroline down. Her mother had died and she'd flipped the switch. Tracking spells had proven useless (and he'd be interested in learning how she'd pulled that one off). The Salvatore's had exhausted their contacts and news articles on mysterious deaths were too for them to handle on their own. Damon and Stefan had wasted more than a month before asking for his help, overconfident in their own abilities. Caroline had eluded them at every turn.

Damon's motivation to find Caroline was a combination of obligation, to the memory of Liz Forbes, and his susceptibility to Elena Gilbert's incessant nagging. Damon had been incredulous that Caroline had been able to stay several steps ahead of him. Dismissive of the need for Klaus' help on the phone. The elder Salvatore thought far too much of his meagre intelligence. He was completely blind to anything beyond the wants of the doppelgänger he was currently obsessed with. Damon, still convinced that he and Stefan would be able to track Caroline down, only made the call to Klaus under duress in the form of the threat of magical aneurysms.

Klaus had been livid, and wished they'd thought to make their plea in person. It had quite clearly been far too long since Damon Salvatore had been properly tortured, and Klaus was itching to remedy that. Perhaps he would finally, finally, manage to teach the other vampire the value of keeping his mouth shut.

As it was, to maintain his temper, Klaus had only stayed on the line long enough to demand to speak to Stefan, and for Stefan to relay the necessary details. Caroline had led her friends on a merry chase across the eastern seaboard. It was an impressive accomplishment for the girl who'd never left her small town. They'd underestimated Caroline, but then they always had. Her pretty, perky, outer shell caused a lot of people to miss what lay inside. A sharp mind and ruthless heart made Caroline a magnificent vampire.

He'd never underestimated her, though. Klaus had seen it, right from the beginning. When she'd glared, and spoken disdainfully, to him, her only hope of surviving the night, from her deathbed. Without on ounce of fear or even a hint of entreaty.

Klaus had hung up on The Ripper, not bothering to assure Stefan that he'd find, and return, Caroline. He would find her, obviously. Nothing would stop him. But Caroline didn't belong in Mystic Falls and Klaus would never make her return somewhere she did not want to. The Salvatore's had provided several leads. Klaus had wasted no time in compelling half a dozen vampires to assist him in searching. He'd briefed Elijah, Rebekah and Marcel on what needed accomplishing in his absence.

He'd been on a flight out of New Orleans less than three hours after the call had come in.

Five of the six vampires Klaus had compelled had required replacing. Three had died by Caroline's hand, and two by Klaus'. The first he'd killed quickly for being utterly incompetent. The fool had let his neck to get snapped, and allowed Caroline to make a getaway. The other had died rather more gruesomely, because he was an imbecile. He'd been seduced, bedded and then ditched by the blonde vampire he was tracking. Klaus had never handled disappointment well.

But he'd been careful to choose somewhat less attractive replacements.

It was actually the survivor of the first batch, Martha, a petite brunette, turned in the 1940's, which he was set to meet. She had proven to have something of a knack for going unnoticed, and had sent him a message that she had found Caroline twelve hours ago. Martha had been tailing Caroline ever since. She was motivated, having had two close calls before, one in Toronto and another in Miami. Both had resulted in Caroline managing to slip away. Martha was well aware that this would be her third strike.

Klaus had promised a reward, a healthy sum of cash, if Martha managed to keep eyes on the target until he could get there. And the threat of imminent death, if Caroline managed to slip away again, was implied.

Klaus met Martha at the location she'd texted him an hour ago, the bar on the second floor of an upscale vampire club in Las Vegas. Upon finding her he'd raised a single eyebrow in question. Martha had simply pointed towards the dance floor that made up the first story of the club in reply.

He did enjoy it when things went his way.

Scanning the floor, he'd found what he was looking for. Klaus laid eyes on Caroline Forbes for the first time in more than a year and a half. In the center of the crowd, she was dancing provocatively with a couple who appeared to be a good ten years her senior.

He gripped the rail in front of him, feeling the metal give under his strength. His body is reacts, to the sight of her, despite his best efforts. Lust sparks in his gut, kindles in his limbs. He'd been smitten with Caroline's light, back in Mystic Falls. He'd liked her kindness and her loyalty just as much as her quick wit and fearlessness.

But he'd also found the little hints of darkness fascinating. She was a fighter, a killer, fierce when she had to be. It was the girl who'd taken to vampirism with such alacrity, that covered her monster with sunny smiles, that most intrigued him.

Klaus had fantasies about Caroline that started much like this, the two of them on a dancefloor bodies pressed together, heating up. They ended with the two of them in a bed, skin to skin, feeding and fucking until they were both too exhausted for more.

Klaus sensed someone coming up on his left, but kept his eyes on Caroline's rolling hips. It was only Martha, who followed his line of sight and remarked, "She's pretty."

"Stunning," Klaus corrected. Because pretty was far too bland a word.

"What'd she do to piss you off bad enough to chase her around the continental United States, Canada and Mexico?"

Klaus smirked, "That is none of your business and beyond the scope of this arrangement, my dear." He caught her eyes to release her from some of the compulsion he'd used, "Your task is complete. You are no longer obligated to track Caroline Forbes. You are no longer obligated to contact me every twelve hours with status reports."

Martha would, of course, still be unable to speak of him to anyone and she would forget her precise task, and Caroline's existence, as soon as she left his presence. One could never be too cautious.

"The money I promised," Klaus continued, "and a bonus for your most excellent work, will be deposited in the account you provided tomorrow afternoon."

Martha nodded and waited for him to speak again. This one would make an excellent underling, and he'd remember her in the future, "You may go now," he dismissed.

Without a word she disappeared into the crowd and Klaus turned back to watch Caroline. He ordered a drink (bourbon, and no, he wouldn't be needing blood at the moment) from the waitress that appeared.

He couldn't see her face, at that moment, but he'd know those waves of blonde hair just about anywhere. Caroline's not dressed in the colors and prints she favors, but that happens to a vampire that turns off their humanity. The tight black dress leaves much of her back bare. The flashing lights spark off the gold of her jewellery. He'd wager that she's wearing heels both sky high and come-hither.

Without emotions a vampire's existence narrows to needs and wants. They still need blood, and they still want sex. The miles of tempting skin Caroline is displaying is a purposeful and effective lure. Humans will gladly offer her their blood and their bodies, all for the privilege of touching her.

The curvy redhead grinding on Caroline's thigh, as the blonde feeds from her neck, seems quite content with the arrangement. The redhead's male companion's hand is just beginning to wander beyond Caroline's waist when Klaus decides it's time to make his move.

Draining the bourbon while descending the staircase Klaus knows he has to get her out of the building. The pheromones are flying and there are far too many people bleeding to have any sort of rational conversation.

He comes up behind the threesome on the dancefloor. His trajectory is obvious and the male sends him a glare that is meant to be intimidating.

Silly human.

The redhead takes no notice of him, engrossed in Caroline, panting and moaning.

Klaus presses himself to Caroline's back, sweeps her hair over one shoulder and murmurs into her ear, "You're a difficult woman to find, Caroline Forbes."

She doesn't fight him, quite the contrary, she allows her body to melt back into him. She grinds her backside into his cock. He is half hard behind his zipper, just from watching her. After a moment Caroline unhooks her fangs from the woman. She tips her head back, against his shoulder, presses her face into his neck and purrs, "Hello, Klaus."

She's not the least bit surprised that Klaus is here.

For one, surprise is an emotion, and emotions aren't really things that she does at the moment. And for another, Caroline had managed to swipe the phone that belonged to the brunette vamp chick, who'd been on her ass for months, five weeks ago.

So Caroline's not surprised. She's just satisfied her plan is falling into place.

Brunette chick's name was Martha, Caroline had learned, and she reported to a 'KM' at least twice a day. Any idiot could have figured out who that was, going through the texts and emails, and Caroline was no idiot.

Caroline was on a schedule and Klaus, sending random compelled lackeys after her, was screwing with it.

Pilfering her stalker's phone had been the first stage of the plan. Caroline had an adorable little compelled computer nerd she'd met in San Francisco on speed dial. He'd worked his magic so that any calls or texts Martha received from Klaus were duplicated and sent to Caroline. The phone had been slipped back into Martha's bag, all in under ten minutes, and right under her nose.

Yeah, Caroline really was that awesome.

But seriously, Milton was a gem. She was totally going to turn him next time she saw him.

Stage two had been allowing Martha to catch a glimpse of her in Vegas, and pretending to be oblivious to the woman following her ever since.

Which hello, Caroline had been in danger pretty consistently for literally years now. She'd developed superb situational awareness, thank you very much.

Sure enough, Martha had informed Klaus of Caroline's whereabouts. She imagined him cringing upon hearing she was in Las Vegas with all of its gaudy neon and well-advertised strippers. Klaus had texted Martha early this morning asking for picture confirming that she'd found 'the target' (AKA her) and had sent several more texts throughout the day with updates on his travel progress.

Caroline had received the text Klaus sent to her shadow saying he'd arrived at McCarran International twenty minutes ago and she had been waiting on his arrival ever since so she could consider stage three (direct contact with Klaus) complete.

The thing was Caroline wasn't very good at waiting. She'd met Jordan (or was it Jason?) and Anne VanSomethingorother from Madison, Wisconsin who were celebrating their third wedding anniversary. They were pretty obviously hoping to celebrate it with her.

She was wearing leather so it was kind of traditional, Caroline supposed. She'd bought a couple rounds of 'congrats!' shots for the happy couple and then invited them to dance.

Jordan was the kind of dreamy she'd been into as a teenager. Anne moved well. Caroline decided they were a decent enough diversion.

The couple had been stiff and nervous to start with, but Caroline had brushed up against them both, encouraged the touches with coy little smile and Anne gradually grew bolder. Jordan was more into watching, staying behind his wife, only brushing his hands along Caroline's waist occasionally. So Caroline had focused on Anne, sliding their bodies together in rhythm with the heavy bass. She'd listening to the acceleration of Anne's heartbeat, and eventually slipped her leg in between Anne's and pressed upwards. The other woman had been more than happy to rub herself against Caroline's thigh leaving a damp trail on her skin as they danced. Anne had then slipped her hand under the side of Caroline's dress and thumbed a nipple to an aching peak and Caroline had taken the opportunity to satiate another kind of hunger.

Anne's blood was delicious, some of the best regular old human blood she's had. Note to self: eat more people from Wisconsin.

But she only got a couple of mouthfuls when she felt a familiar warm, hard chest at her back, felt those long calloused fingers in her hair, and his breath on her neck. She let herself relax against him. He was definitely happy to see her, if the bulge pressing against her ass was anything to go by.

Stage three was looking like a success.

Caroline didn't resist the urge to press her nose to Klaus' throat, reacquainting her senses with the smell of him. Some blood smeared from her lips onto him and she licked it off.

It tasted even better on his skin.

Klaus groaned, his hands clamped down on her hips, stopping them from moving against him, and consequently stilling her movements against Anne, who mumbled a protest.

The poor thing looked painfully close to getting off.

Klaus quickly removed Anne's hand from her breast, "Say goodnight to your nice human friends, Caroline."

"Nope," she said. Caroline was ninety-five percent certain that Klaus wouldn't have sex with her in her current, humanity-free, state so he couldn't begrudge her a good time, could he?

"Fine, I'll do it."

Ugh. Apparently he could.

Klaus reaches out, faster than the humans would be able to process, and grabbed Jordan by the neck, and pulled him in, mashing the four of them together, "You're going to leave this club and forget everything that happened inside of it and you're going to take your girlfriend,"

"Wife," Caroline chimed in.

"And you're going to take your wife with you. Take her to one of those horrid buffets."

Jordan repeated the compulsion and he drew Anne, weakened from blood loss, away without a fuss.

"Happy anniversary!" Caroline called to the retreating couple. She pouted, and turned to face Klaus, resting her hands on his chest. "You could have at least compelled them to have superhot anniversary sex, you know. Since they won't be having it with me."

"How was I to know it was their anniversary?"

Caroline shrugged, "Don't you know everything? I thought that was your M.O."

"If I knew everything, Caroline, would it have taken me this long to find you?"

"Exceeding expectations is kind of my thing. Plus, I lived with Katherine for a while and she was chock full of helpful 'how to be a kickass vampire' tips."

"I'm sure Katerina would find it thrilling to know she managed to be a nuisance to me from beyond the grave."

"Probably. So what do you want?"

"You know what I want, love."

Caroline rolled her eyes, "You want me to turn my humanity back on. For reasons I don't care about. It's not going to happen. I thought killing and fucking your minions made my thoughts on the subject pretty clear. Now, do you want to help me pick out my new entertainment for the night? I'll share if you ask real nicely," she ran her hands slowly down his chest but he stopped her exploration before she got to the fun parts.

"Your night is finished, Caroline."

"You're a fun sucker, Klaus."

"I'd apologize, love, but I would be lying. Now, where are you staying?"

Caroline licked her lips, "Are you asking for an invitation back to my hotel room? What kind of girl do you think I am?"

Klaus let out an exasperated huff, "I know exactly what kind of girl you usually are, and that's what we're going to talk about at your hotel room."

The sigh that Caroline released was annoyed, "Fine. We can talk. But I'm on vervain, so you can't compel me."

Klaus raised a brow, "Were you expecting me then?"

"Eventually, yes."

"You know there are ways around the vervain in your system."

"Are you going to bleed me, Klaus? Maybe lock me in a room for a few days? That will put a major damper on those intentions you harbored for me."

"Harbor, love. Present tense. And no, I don't plan on bleeding you, holding you against your will, or even compelling you. Your friend Bonnie told me not to, do you want to tell me why?"


Klaus studied her and she met his gaze impassively, "Maybe someday?" he asked quietly.

"Who knows?"

"I'm persistent. Now, your hotel?

"The Chairman Suite at The Bellagio."

Klaus chuckled, "Impressive."

"I had a lucky streak in the casino."


"A little, at the poker tables. And one big, risky, roulette spin."

He nodded, "Well, my car's outside. After you, Caroline."

"The hotel comped me a very fancy bottle of champagne. We'll crack it when we get there. Since that's our thing, right?"

"I thought we didn't have a thing," Klaus joked, one hand on her back, ushering her to the front exit.

Caroline merely smirked, but did not reply. He really was playing right into her hands and step four was going to be amazing.

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