Homecoming and Prank Wars

Chapter 33

Kidoumaru lay back in his chair, reading. It was quiet in the house, Shikamaru and Shikato were asleep and Yoshino had gone out with friends. The only time he could stay still was when reading or sleeping, ADHD, the doctor called it. If he wasn't distracted by games, books or fighting, Kidoumaru would become jumpy and fidgety. He stood up and stretched, then set his book on the table and walked off, heading toward Sakura's house.


Zaku walked into the house carrying a large web bag filled with rocks of various sizes and shapes, Eiji close behind him,."

I see your hunting was successful." Akira smiled.

"Yeah! We had a great time!" Zaku grinned and started down the hallway to his room.

"You boys better get washed up and change, you're covered in dust!" Tomoe said, "And put those clothes in the hamper!"

They were both covered in a fine layer of dust and sand.

"I'll get a shower first, while you're putting your stones away," Eiji said, and moved off to his room for some clean clothes.

"Find anything interesting?" Kin smiled and walked over to Zaku.

"Yeah, I even found a little copper! Wanna' see?"


"Shika's asleep," Kidoumaru called out as Tayuya walked by.

"He's always asleep! Don't worry, I'll wake him!"

Kidoumaru shook his head and walked on. As he walked up to Sakura's door it swung open, "Hey Babe. You look nice . . ."

Sakura threw her arms around his neck and kissed him, "You look pretty hot today yourself, Pretty Boy."

"Mmmmmm . . . Well, let's go look at each other better." Kidoumaru grinned and picked her up, then carried her into the house.


Zaku, Kin and Eiji began carefully placing the various rocks on Zaku's bookshelf, where his Lava Lamp and the crystal Kankurou had given him already resided.

"We may have to get a new bookshelf, Wind Bag."

"Yeah, I think you're right, Granny."

Eiji laughed, "Never insult a man holding a large rock, kid."

"Ha, you're not much older than I am."

Eiji nodded, then turned slightly, "Kin, you'll never guess what I found."

Kin Leaned back against the wall, "What did you find?"

"There's a temple in Suna with some of the most impressive bells in the world. We'll have to take you to check 'em out."

Kin smiled, "I think I'd like that."

Zaku groaned, "But Suna is so HOT!"

"They also have some world-famous caverns, open to the public . . ."

Zaku grinned, "Let's go then!"


Tayuya walked into the room and smiled. Shikamaru was sprawled out, fast asleep, clad only in his boxers. She sat on the bed next to him. He's so #! cute like this . . . She considered smacking his backside to wake him, but decided to watch him sleep instead. After a few minutes Tayuya grew tired, curled up next to Shikamaru, and was soon asleep herself.


Kidoumaru and Sakura sat on the roof of her house, looking up at the stars.

"It's amazing, that things can be so peaceful in this world." Kidoumaru said softly, "I'd forgotten what it was like . . ."

"It is amazing, and I hope it stays this way."

"There will always be fighting, as long as there are greedy, selfish and hateful people out there. But, as long as there are good people to fight them, things will turn out alright."

A bright orange flash lit up the sky, and fireworks began exploding overhead. The bright colors began to play off of the new-fallen snow.

"Mmmmm, Romantic, eh Babe?"

Sakura answered with a kiss.

The End . . .