Blake hated eye exams with a passion. It wasn't that she didn't understand their necessity. It was more along the lines of the aftermath.

Eye dilation.

The bane of her existence, it kept her from reading for hours. This was unacceptable in Blake's book. Really? I need to stop listening to Yang, Blake sighed at her own pun. The only reason she did it, was because she couldn't imagine losing the ability to see well enough to read altogether. Hence she went to the eye exams, begrudgingly. Sure she could opt to not have the eye dilation, and pass it over to the next exam, but what If she had some kind of mission going on then and needed to be able to read for the mission? Her old source of salvation had been taken away recently, the eye drops that sped up the eye dilation removal, the doctor citing it was 'too costly to keep in stock'.

Sighing, Blake closed her book, as she stared dejectedly at the title. The title itself was so blurry, she couldn't even read that. I was really hoping to spend the weekend reading, but that doesn't seem likely, now does it? She had been looking forward to reading it too; supposedly it was one of the great scions of its genre, which made Blake need to read it. The problem was now she couldn't.

"Um... are you okay Blake?" a curious voice asked. Blake turned her head to see a redhead peeking over the bunk bed, Ruby. Blake's team leader, and her partner's little sister, the red themed scythe wielder had decided to stay inside to finish up studying for a upcoming test. Not by her choice, but when Weiss threatened her cookie supply, Ruby had gotten serious.

Blake responded in a quiet, small voice, "No".

"Are you sick? Do we need to get a doctor? Should I go get Yang? I think she knows what to do, I mean she is sorta better at taking ca-"

"I can't read" Blake interrupted, frustration high in her voice.

Ruby stared at Blake with large eyes, full of shock, "W-what?"

"I had my eye exam today, they dilated my eyes. I can't read" Blake felt like crying, she had a good book in front of her, and a whole day off. She had finished her homework and studying last night, but completely forgot until this morning about the eye exam.

"I could read it for you!"

Blake tiled her head, "Huh?"

Determination entered Ruby's eyes, "Yang used to read me stories all the time! I could read you your book!" gesturing to the thick paperback that Blake held.

Blake thought about it; it'd be a lot slower than reading it myself, but, well it's not like there is anything else for me to do, plus it might be fun? She scooted over on her bed before patting a spot next to her, "Sure".

"Yay!" Ruby jumped up onto the bed, and plopped down next to Blake, picking up the book. "So where were you?" she asked, flipping through the pages.

"I got… here" Blake pointed, hoping she judged the words, or rather the squiggly lines accurately.

"It was a warm night at Castle Caladan, and the ancient pile of stones that had served the Atreides family…"


Ruby told a story of family and woe, tragedy and action to Blake, making hilarious voices for whenever a character talked, horribly mispronouncing every noun. But Blake didn't care. It was more fun then what she thought it was going to be, she stopped trying to read the words on the page hours ago, contently listening to Ruby's interpretation of the story.

Cracking an eye open, she realized the dilation had worn off, as she could read the words on the page. Ruby gave her a glance at Blake's movement, before doing a double take;

"Hey your pupils are back to normal size now!"

Blake looked at Ruby, then the book and back at Ruby. "I still can't read, would…would you mind reading some more for me?"

"Of course!" Ruby nodded vigorously before going back to the tale of Muad'Dib.

Blake felt no guilt over that lie as she listened to Ruby's voice. Maybe getting my eyes dilated wasn't a bad thing? Blake pondered to the sounds of tale.

AU: Hey look random fluff inspired by an eye appointment! I may write some more, and turn this story into a collection of fluff. Which would be entirely based around Ruby/Blake, Pyrrha/Ruby and Blake/Pyrrha. Also, I'm working diligently on chapter 10 for Skyros, I swear I'm not slacking off! Have a good one!