Blake flipped open her scroll as the ever familiar vibration of a new message lit up the screen. Naturally the message was from Ruby, as all of the previous texts of the day had been.

Blake's lips quirked upwards into a faint smile as she read the message; Ruby had evidently gotten to the next twist in the book she'd suggested and in turn the text was filled with mostly surprised or shocked emoticons, with the only words – well, words that weren't some form of face, that is – merely read out the title of the next chapter.

While Blake would have much rather had been with her girlfriend, watching her reactions – between reading her own book, naturally, whilst having Ruby cuddled up in her lap – she was sadly pulled away from her team leader on this particular day. Or rather, less pulled away, and more… shanghaied, to be more specific, by said girlfriend's elder sister, i.e. Yang.

"Blaaake, we're hanging out!" The blonde pouted with a fake sadness, mirth ever present in her eyes. "We're not at the dorms so Ruby doesn't distract you!" The statement came out more accusatory than Yang probably intended as lilac eyes pointedly focused on the scroll in Blake's hands.

Yet Blake stood her ground, amber eyes steadily staring back in defiance as she typed out a quick response. "So I should ignore your little sister, is what you are telling me?"

Yang let out an exasperated sigh, chin slumping off her hands and thudding against the table. "No, but c'mon on Blakey! You said you could hang out, and we're even at this fancy tea place that you like so much, but every time Ruby texts you, you go straight to your phone."

Blake's lips quirked into a thin line. "Sorry, what were we talking about, again?"

"We WERE talking about bumblebee, remember?" Blonde hair swayed as she shook her head. "Anyways, I was thinking about supercharging the engine, especially after-"


Blake's hand automatically started to reach for her scroll, only to find empty air as a yellow streak flashed, before coming to rest in Yang's seat, now in possession of the faunus' scroll.

Blake rolled her eyes. "Give it back Yang."



"Yes, Blak- hey!"

Yang pulled back just in time, dodging by twisting her body by reflex as the dark shape of her partner lunged at her, narrowly missing by a very slim margin. "Nope!"

A scowl settled across Blake's face. "She's going to get angry at you if you don't let me text."

Yang gave an uncaring shrug, eyes closed. "Eh. She'll be fine for ten minutes. Probably." One eye opened, staring at Blake with a certain calculating nature. "Unless you're the one who can't last for ten minutes…"

"I can go for ten minutes," Blake retorted in a stand-offish tone, already defensive. It was a tone that didn't go unnoticed.

"I'll bet you ten lien that you can't." Yang playfully stuck out her tongue before settling into a infuriating smirk.

Amber eyes narrowed. "That's easy."

"Well then, put your money where your mouth is."

"Fine." That's enough to buy a new book, this will be way too easy.

"Great! Anywho, as I was saying, bumblebee-"


By instinct Blake started to reach out towards her pocket, only to find nothing, her thoughts catching up to her a moment later. Control, you can do this Blake. Just ten minutes, it'll be easy.

Her partner, however, continued talking as if she hadn't noticed that the scroll that she was holding was vibrating so loudly it sounded almost like its ringer was set on loud. Yet Blake could tell that Yang was sizing her up, seeing if she was going to crack under the pressure. Which she wasn't. The feline Faunus was made of sterner stuff than what her friend was giving her credit for, and so she ignored the sound.

Yet as Yang went on about her thoughts of what to do to her motorcycle, the words went in one ear and out the other… well, one of the others, as Blake was lost in thought. What if Ruby got to the part where the heroine's father comes back only to die? Or when she rescues the man trapped in the boat? Or when the cat comes to the heroine's rescue, saving her from certain doom? It was very much an instance of curiosity killing the cat, as the thoughts bombarded Blake, the torturous curiosity making it seem like ten minutes had become an entirety.

While the inquisitiveness to where Ruby was at was quite high, it paled in comparison to Blake's want to see what Ruby thought of each of these events. To see how her adorable girlfriend reacted to one of her favourite books – outside Ninjas' of Love, of course. That was what was getting to Blake. The want to know if she enjoyed the book as much as Blake did, to see if she should start digging out the rest from her bookshelf, or if she should steel herself to never talking about it again. Conversely, if Ruby was going to become as much of a diehard fan as Blake had become.


Amber eyes pivoted to the device, eyeing it with something almost resembling fear. Hopelessness. Defeat. This is torture!

Blake quietly slid Yang a ten lien note, before snatching her scroll back, practiced fingers already flicking the display open, her eyes already reading the reactions she had missed.

It was worth the ten lien.

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