Crescent Rose swung in a wide arc before slicing through the fading shadow of her opponent.

Yet, before Ruby had even finished her full motion, her semblance activated, as she dashed off to one side, narrowly missing Blake's blade as it swished through the rose petals, her amber eyes already darting after her.

It was something of a game at this point; whenever one would get close enough for a hit – when they weren't running around each other, firing as they attempted to kite each other – the other would just semblance out of the way for an immediate counterstrike only for the other to do just the same.

For anyone on the outside, it would have looked like Ruby and Blake were swinging at each other's after images in a never ending stream of motions, each one flowing into each other culminating in a endless loop.

Dodge. Swing. Jump. Parry. Strike.

Ruby knew that to Blake she just looked like a flurry of red and black swirling, twirling around, as she tried her best to score a hit on her. Yet that didn't stop the faunus from knowing precisely what she was doing.

Parry. Dodge. Fire. Jump. Dodge.

Her best attempts failed outright as her girlfriend effortlessly danced around each swing of the scythe, having long grown accustom to each of Ruby's moves. Which was a two way street, as Blake was equally unsuccessful on trying to land a single strike on her girlfriend – Ruby darting away with her semblance whenever she got too close, leaving a mess of rose petals behind.

Blake on the other hand was the opposite of Ruby; the black shimmer of her aura barely visible unlike the conflagration that made up Ruby's form. Her semblance only enhanced that particular quality of it. Gambol shroud closer to a barely visible shadow then Crescent Rose's spinning twister.

Yet it was precisely because of that shadow that Ruby was particularly… excited about this little match.

There was something peculiar about Gambol Shroud that Ruby had noticed.

The Variant Ballistic Chain Scythe had an odd quality to it that seemingly made itself know to her whenever she was close to Blake. In fact, she almost guessed that sometimes the weapon had a mind of its own.

Almost, without fail, whenever Ruby was around Gambol Shroud, she'd end up wrapped up in it… with Blake.

Every time before, it'd been an accident; something that was more of an inconvenience, albeit a happy one, but an inconvenience all the same.

Ruby was hoping that it wasn't going to be an accident this time around. In fact, that might have been why she was doing her best to keep spinning – to have any and every excuse to just 'accidentally' get wrapped up in the weapon's long ribbon.

Which had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Ruby wanted an excuse to kiss her girlfriend.

Like a lot, a lot.

The moment presented itself when Blake threw out her weapon in its chained mode, trying to hit Ruby from across the arena.

Putting more power into her semblance then she'd ever done safely before, Ruby all but flew towards Blake, intent on closing the gap and getting the two wrapped up in the thick black ribbon…

…only to trip and going skidding, face first, across the ground until smashing into one of the walls of the combat arena.


The automated voice of the computer-based announcer rang out as Ruby felt Blake gently pulling her to her feet. "Are you alright?"


"Want to go for another round?"


Ruby let herself lean against Blake, the taller teen gladly accepting her girlfriend's sulking weight. It was while sulking, an idea struck her… the kind of idea that would make her big sister proud.

If it can't accidentally happen, I could always… help it along?

"Hey, can I see Gambol Shroud?"

Wordlessly, Blake handed over her weapon, without as much as a questioning glance.

Making a big show of looking at the blade, inspecting the firing mechanism… Ruby flung the weapon sideways, yanking hard on the ribbon, causing it to wrap around the two of them.

"Ruby?!" There was a mixture of confusion and surprise in Blake's voice as the two unceremoniously toppled over and onto their side, only for Ruby to place a quick, chaste kiss on her lips. "…really?"

"…I wanted a kiss…"

Blake rolled her eyes, as her arms pulled Ruby closer. "You're such a dork sometimes."

"What's th-mmph!"

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